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Wright Robinson Headteacher

“A&S Landscape kept to their timescale, the project was an excellent, efficient exercise. They do as they promise.”

Headteacher, Wright Robinson College

Five Golden Review Stars

Wolverley Business Manager

“The design and the installation that we got is fantastic quality and the school are really pleased with the canopy.”

Business Manager, Wolverley CE School

Five Golden Review Stars

Premises manager of Haileybury College

“We worked with A&S Landscape closely until we had a gorgeous finished project. Their staff were very helpful.”

Premises Manager, Haileybury College

Five Golden Review Stars

Waterproof Shelters

A&S Landscape is pleased to bring you a high-quality range of shelters. Available in hundreds of configurations, with a host of options and extras our robust and hardwearing shelter systems suit a wide range of environments. The Motiva shelter range covers many applications from entrance shelters through to covered walkways and covered play areas.

We manufacture our Motiva shelters here in the UK and for us quality is paramount. Many of our shelter designs boast galvanised steelwork, unbreakable roofing and aluminium rainwater goods. Waterproof shelters are the ideal addition to any UK school that wishes to get pupils outside despite the unpredictability of the weather. School shelters can provide protection from the sun and shelter from the rain.

Shelters from A&S Landscape

Not only are our shelters of the highest quality but we are regarded within the industry for our efficiency, integrity and reliability. Over many years we have developed excellent relationships with schools, local authorities and property managers. We aim to meet their needs for superior shelter manufacture and installation.

Click here to view recent shelter projects.

Our gallery showcases our range of shelters.

Waterproof Shelter Design Options

  • Yellow shade sails designed for Sprouts Play Barn
Our fabric shade sails add character, dimension and colour to any area. They serve as a bold statement as well as reducing or eliminating harmful UV rays and reducing the temperature.

Shade Sails Click for more info

  • Enclosed dining shelter we designed for St Wilfrid's School
Dining outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures and more and more schools and organisations are recognising the enormous positive impact that eating 'alfresco' can have on their pupils. When considering outdoor dining in the UK we must also consider shelter from the weather. Dining area canopies will create covered seating areas giving students the opportunity to take a sandwich outside and socialise with friends.

Dining Area Canopies Click for more info

  • Playground canopy we designed for The Beacon School
You can rely on A&S Landscape for stunning, high-quality playground canopies designed with children in mind. Our range of canopies and shade sails are ideal shelters for play areas providing children with the opportunity to play and learn outside no matter what the weather, so they can enjoy free flow play as well as outdoor teaching all-year-round.

Playground Canopies Click for more info

  • Entrance canopy we designed for Burlish Park Primary School
First impressions are lasting impressions so providing an attractive entrance is essential. We can provide freestanding, wall fixed or partial wall fixed external entrance canopies to suit all building styles with the option of curved, straight or wave roofs.

Entrance Canopies Click for more info

  • Covered walkway canopy we designed for Haberdashers Aske Knights Academy
We have an extensive range of quality canopies and tensioned fabric membrane structures often used to form covered walkways on school properties across the UK. All of our canopies are made to measure making them suitable for every application.

Covered Walkways Click for more info

  • Covered multi use games area we made for Haileybury College
Multi Use Games Areas or MUGAs as they are known are becoming more popular as schools and councils respect the need for young people to be active outdoors. Providing a MUGA which is covered means that this exercise can continue all year round. Covered MUGAs can also relieve congested indoor areas and get students outside even in bad weather.

Covered Multi Use Games Areas Click for more info

  • Covered dining area we designed for Chobham Adventure Farm
A&S Landscape are pleased to bring you the Maxima range of fabric canopies. Our Fabric canopies add character, dimension and colour to any area making a bold statement of their own whilst reducing or eliminating harmful UV rays, reducing the temperature and greatly increasing the area's functionality throughout the middle part of the day.

Fabric Canopies Click for more info

  • Multicoloured polycarbonate roof canopy at Ysgol Bro Teifi
Brighten up your canopy with coloured polycarbonate now available: 1) Let coloured light stream through your canopy to brighten your play areas and stimulate the senses. 2) Complement your colour scheme or corporate colours. 3) Use moondust or mint green to add a touch of class.

Coloured Canopies Click for more info

  • Red Curved Roof Bike Shelter
A good bicycle storage provision is the hallmark of any environmentally conscious organisation. Our cycle stores lead the way in elegance and simplicity - truly inviting place to park your bike.

Cycle Stores Click for more info

  • Straight roof canopy we installed at Aldersley High School
Straight roof canopies are the standard configuration for canopies located against building elevations but also used for many applications including walkways, waiting and seating areas.

Straight Roof Canopies Click for more info

  • Curved roof shelter we designed for The Gilberd School
Our Motiva Mono, Motiva Duo and Motiva Wave are all curved roof canopies which can be to any radius to suit your design preference. (Designers need to consider water run-off.)

Curved Roof Canopies Click for more info

  • Green cantilever canopy we designed for Bishop Stortford School
The ‘Cantilever’ from A&S Landscape offers back, front or central upright options make this particularly useful for play areas and covered walkways and also where doors or other obstructions restrict upright locations.

Cantilever Canopies Click for more info

Look through some of the shelter projects we have completed

Outdoor Dining Area Shelter for Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School In Surrey

Canopy installed at Queen Eleanor SchoolIt’s not enough to have those school grounds, you’ve got to make the most of them. Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School knew this, and so they wanted to do something with the space they had. They decided they wanted to put in a new outdoor dining area, so they talked to us to look at options for covered spaces. After looking through our range, they saw that the Maxima Tepee was the right fit for them. It offers a lot of coverage and looks great too, making it perfect for a dining area. It allows pupils to enjoy their lunch outdoors, without having to worry about rain. It’s become a great solution, creating more space at lunchtimes and allowing students more time outdoors. It was easier to install than a full building extension, not to mention being quicker. Read more about Queen Eleanor’s C of E Junior School’s fabric tepee shelter.


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Worcestershire Install Straight Roof Playground Shelter

Shelter we installed at St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolSt Mary’s Catholic Primary School had an older timber canopy, that provided cover to their playground for years. However, its days were numbered and eventually it became damaged, meaning it had to be replaced. They knew we provide many different shelters, so they contacted us to help replace it. Having secured a grant to help them fund the new canopy, they could pick the one that worked best for them. They decided to go with a Motiva Linear canopy as a replacement, as it offered so many benefits to them. Being made of Marine Blue coloured steelwork, it’s going to be a lot sturdier than their old canopy. The glazed panels in the front of the canopy keep the wind out too, making play time a lot more comfortable when the pupils go outside. To learn more about the blue playground shelter at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, click here.

Curved Roof Shelter at Tibberton Primary School in Shropshire Helps Cool Classrooms

Shelter we fitted at Tibberton Primary SchoolNo one likes to sit in a hot classroom during the summer. Tibberton Primary School were looking for a solution to help them keep the sun out of the classrooms on hot days. We helped them find the right canopy that would do just that.The school chose to install a Motiva Mono shelters outside their classrooms, as these are more than capable of providing shade to the rooms in the summer months. The curved roof looks perfect next to the building too, as if it had always been there. Plus, the red colour they chose works with the details on the front of the buildings. The school found that the canopy has really updated the look of the school, making it feel so much more exciting and welcoming to their students. Now with that shade, they won’t be stuck in hot classrooms. To learn more about Tibberton Primary School’s red curved roof shelter, click here.

Seahaven Academy in Newport Gives Outdoor Area New Purpose with Straight Roof Shelter

Shelter we fitted at Seahaven AcademyLike many schools, Seahaven Academy had an outdoor space that couldn’t be used all the time. When it was sunny it was fine to use, but during wet weather pupils couldn’t enjoy it. The school recognised something needed to be done, so they looked into canopies that could help .They talked to us, and had a Motiva Linear shelter installed over the space. This canopy sits between two buildings, looking like it was always part of the structure. Now, pupils can use the space no matter what the weather is like. They’re protected from rain as well as UV rays, thanks to the Opal polycarbonate roofing. The weather is no longer a barrier to getting outside. It has given the school grounds a new lease of life. Students can play and learn under the canopy, giving the area new meaning. Read more about the straight roof shelter at Seahaven Academy, click here.

Green Linear Canopy for Bridlewood Primary School in Swindon Creates All Weather Playground

Canopy we installed at Bridlewood Primary SchoolBridlewood Primary School have a great timber decked area for their nursery aged pupils to play on, but they couldn’t use it all the time. If the weather was wet, they couldn’t go outside and play during their breaks. Plus, timber does get slippery when wet so it wasn’t ideal in these situations. Wanting to create an all weather playground, the school turned to us to see what we could do. With our help, they chose the Motiva Linear from our range of shelters. This helped them create a barrier against the rain over the play area, so the children can always go outside and play. As a bonus, the polycarbonate roof protects them against UV rays on sunny days, too. It’s given the play area a whole new lease of life, and the pupils somewhere to play no matter what. To see more about the Motiva Linear at Bridlewood Primary School, click here.

Park Gate Primary School in Coventry Create A Covered Waiting Area with A Curved Roof Shelter

Shelter we designed for Park Gate Primary SchoolWhen parents come to collect their children from school, they’re subjected to everything the weather can throw at them. That includes wind, rain, snow, and more. No one wants to be out in that weather sometimes it is unavoidable. Park Gate Primary School wanted to create a cover for their parents to wait under at home time, so they asked us to install a suitable canopy for them. They chose to use a Motiva Duo for their shelter, which had several benefits. They could choose a bright and cheerful green colour for it, and create enough space under it for all parents to wait. It’s also an attractive addition to the grounds and fits in perfectly with the other buildings on the grounds. Parents are certainly grateful that they now have cover to wait under when they’re waiting for their children. See more about the green curved roof shelter at Park Gate Primary School.

Find out about our featured shelter project

Chiswick School in London adds Outdoor Dining Shelter

Shade sails we installed at Chiswick School

What was the project brief?

Chiswick School, located in the London borough of Hounslow, is a mixed secondary school which has a student population of over 1,200. Expectations of the students are high, with the school operating to exceptional standards. To maintain their level of excellence, it was of critical importance that the school built additional dining space to accommodate the growing number of children that were admitted to the school. The site map showed that there wasn’t enough space for all the students to eat in comfort, or without direct exposure to the weather outside. The school needed to find a solution.

Although space was tight, the school identified areas where they were able to accommodate extra dining space. Once they settled on a suitable location, they called in A&S Landscape to help with the proposed move. Working with a well-known national builder, they prepared to design, manufacture and install a quality shelter that would provide the school with the extra dining space it required.

What was our shelter solution?

Canopies we designed for Chiswick SchoolThanks to their outstanding durability, we decided that four large Maxima StarSail™ canopies would be the perfect fit for the school’s requirements. Each StarSail measures 8000mm x 8000mm and were placed strategically to ensure excellent protection from the weather. Sail shades are always a stylish solution thanks to the choice of coloured fabrics available, and these four were no exception. The school opted for a bright Porcelain Green colour for the waterproof shade cloth, and Grey (RAL 7000) for the Dura-coat™ finish of the steelwork. The visible area beneath the canopies was further transformed with the wonderful addition of picnic benches.

What was the result of their new shelter?

The direct impact of the canopies has been tremendous. The school has shown that even with limited possible locations in their immediate vicinity, they were able to innovate and find a solution. The canopies blend fantastically with all existing structures, and they are highly practical too. The students have taken a special interest in the new shelter system, as they are now able to socialise, eat and study without direct exposure to the elements. The outdoor dining area now firmly has a place on the site map, and the additional improvements to the campus are highly noticeable in the student’s mental health and wellbeing, who now go to lessons feeling refreshed!

About the client

Chiswick School is located in the London borough of Hounslow. With the tagline of ’empowering students to be ambitious and proud,’ the school clearly strives to see each of its students achieve to the best of their ability.

This was clear from working with the staff members too, who were highly communicative, supportive and provided us with sufficient information throughout the entire process. We are incredibly pleased to have provided a suitable alternative location for students to sit at lunchtimes, one that will endure even through times of inclement weather.

Can A&S Landscape help with cycle shelters too?

Blue Cycle ShelterAs well as standard design canopies, A&S Landscape has a popular range of cycle storage solutions that are able to accommodate a large number of bikes, even when the proposed area may have complex turns and angles. With the addition of side screens, cycle lockers and additional security features, we are able to create an ultra-safe place for bike storage.

With the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme and public transport becoming more bike-friendly, cycling has become an increasingly popular choice for both students and commuters alike. Therefore, lack of a decent bike shelter may be a cause of potential inconvenience for visitors, customers or staff.

We have three standard bike shelter options Cyclo City™ a straight roof shelter offering complex configurations, Cyclo Bike™ a simple modular design canopy with a curved roof, and side panel options and the Cyclo Buggy™ a curved-roof canopy with excellent space efficiency.

Each secure structure has its own unique qualities, but all are highly durable, and each one has the potential for certain modifications. If you have a suitable location in mind for your bike shelter and would like further details on how A&S Landscape can work with you, please contact us on 01743 444100.

How can A&S Landscape help you?

Whenever we take on a new project with a local authority, an educational body, or a local town council, we want our clients to make pragmatic decisions when choosing their shelter. That is why we share all important information at each stage of the canopy process, providing an approximate date of completion, so everyone is able to plan ahead. It is our truly impeccable service that makes us stand out from the crowd. Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of what our clients have had to say about us!

With our wealth of expertise on all things canopies, covered walkwayscovered sports grounds, and many more, you are guaranteed to enjoy a long-lasting and high-quality shelter. We will provide a handpicked selection of canopies based on your individual requirements and will work with you to find the perfect cover solution. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

For further advice about any of our shelter solutions, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Sails we installed at Chiswick School

Chiswick School Before and After


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