Melland High School in Manchester Install an Entrance Canopy

Our design team were keen to ensure that the options mooted with Melland High School absolutely added to the welcoming feel of the area.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Duo™
  • Size: 10000mm x 5000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Slate Grey - RAL NO. 7015

  • Roofing:
    • Opal

What was the project brief?

Melland High School serves the community of central and east Manchester, and is a National Support School delivering education to pupils between 11 and 19 years. Their students have a diverse range of special educational needs. Assessed as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, it’s an exciting place to grow and learn.

It’s a busy campus, especially at pick-up and drop-off times, with parents huddling around the school gates on wet, windy days. There’s no getting away from the good old British weather, and the school frontage was quite exposed. Melland High School decided that as an investment in the school’s infrastructure, and to make the entrance much more welcoming, they’d explore options for a steel shelter frame. With this in mind, they contacted A&S Landscape to see what options might suit their needs.

What was our entrance canopy shelter solution?

Entranceway shelter we added to Melland High SchoolThe entrance at Melland High School’s grounds offers a lovely green hedge corridor that guides visitors into the main school entrance. It has a warm, welcoming and calming feel, and adding a shelter solution had to enhance, and not detract from, that. Our design team were keen to ensure that the options mooted with Melland High School absolutely added to the welcoming feel of the area. As a result, our recommended canopy cover solution was the Motiva Duo™, a fabulous choice for everything from public shelters to steel walkway designs.

The verdict from Melland High School was that they loved the curve of the Motiva Duo™, and they were keen to proceed. Following a survey and full assessment of measurements, logistics and positioning, the final canopy installation measured a total of 10000mm x 5000mm. Not only did Melland High School customise their canopy with Slate Grey steelwork and an Opal polycarbonate roof, but they also asked us to include an area of panelling to the top of the front end of the canopy. Their plan was to include signage here, and this is a fabulous way to ensure that your shelter solution becomes a truly custom canopy project.

What was the result of their entrance canopy shelter solution?

Not only have Melland High School created a place for parents and carers to shelter at the school entrance in poor weather, but they’ve also enhanced that welcoming appearance. It’s easy to see where the access to the school’s main entrance is with the addition of the canopy installation, but it also draws visitors in and clearly gives an impression of ‘welcome to our fabulous school’. With the lovely, curved roofline of the Motiva Duo™, the canopy itself looks great, and with the colour-way selected by Melland High School, it really compliments the existing entrance area.

Why businesses and schools choose to install entrance canopies and the merits of doing so?

If you want your business to stand out against the nearby buildings, creating a striking aesthetic and visual style while tempting visitors into your building, then transforming your entrance area with a door canopy or porch canopy is a fantastic way of achieving this. Whether you want a basic design or more detailed bespoke designs, whether you want a specific roof variant or to simply smarten up an existing building, entrance canopies are superb for giving a building’s exterior a bit of a facelift.

Want an entrance canopy that displays your business’s branding out to the exterior of your building? This can be an superb way of making an impact on possible customers and passers-by while producing a professional and coherent visual style that shows you are a business that goes the extra mile. Your branding is your public image and it is crucial to how you promote and market yourself. Being able to continue this with great door canopies and porch canopies is an great opportunity for any company.

Find out about the other reasons why businesses choose to install entrance canopies here.

Testimonial/client feedback

Following the installation of their entrance canopy shelter solution a representative of Melland High School told us that it was a:

“Great job. Thank you A&S Landscape.”

When a client takes time out of their busy day to let us know that they’re happy with their canopy cover and the service that we’ve provided, it really means a lot.

About the client

Melland High School is an exciting place for its pupils to learn and develop. With that fabulous assessment of being an ‘outstanding’ school, there are lots of things to commend it as a school of choice for children with special educational needs.  They have an ethos of supporting children to work hard, try their best and to be aspirational. In addition, they value the important part that parents and carers play in supporting the learning process, as well as the input made by the school’s wider networks. All in all, this creates a sense of a warm and cohesive community, without which the school couldn’t deliver the extremely high standards that it does.

Melland High School prides themselves on delivering a broad curriculum which gives its pupils both skills and knowledge to enable them to successfully thrive in the wider world. With a varied curriculum that takes pupils through to sixth form education too, there are lots of opportunities to learn. From maths, science and English as core subjects, right through to media studies, there’s something for everyone. Melland High School has even delivered the BBC Schools News report on more than one occasion!

Why invest in a canopy shelter solution?

Curved roof playground shelter we made for Covingham Park Primary SchoolPerhaps, like Melland High School, your school’s entrance is exposed and less than ideal for waiting parents and carers at school drop-off and pick-up times. But our canopy covers can be used for a multitude of different things. We offer a wide range of shelter solutions, so here are just a few uses for busy school campuses:

So in answer to the question of why you should invest in a canopy shelter solution, the answer is, why not if you need to generate shelter on your school site!

How A&S Landscape can help you

We offer a one-stop shop to schools looking for a shelter solution for their campus. Our friendly team are on hand to answer your questions at each stage of the process. From your initial enquiry, through to booking in a design survey and on into developing a concept and final installation.  Having difficulty visualising what your final custom canopy will look like? We can even help you with that too! To benefit from our vast knowledge and experience of canopy installation on school sites, just call us or fill in our web enquiry form. Even if you’re not sure yet what a canopy cover can do to enhance your school’s campus, we’re happy to talk you through the options and guide you on what you need to consider.

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