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Wright Robinson Headteacher

“A&S Landscape kept to their timescale the project was an excellent, efficient exercise. They do as they promise.”

Headteacher, Wright Robinson College

St Wilfrid's Catholic High School Logo

“A&S Landscape are an extremely professional company, they could not have done more to make this project go smoothly.”

Business Manager, St Wilfrid’s High School

Poynton High School Site Manager

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend A&S Landscape. They’ve been marvellous, they really are first class.”

Site Manager, Poynton High School

Entrance Canopies

First impressions are lasting impressions so providing an attractive entrance is essential. We can provide freestanding, wall fixed or partial wall fixed external entrance canopies to suit all building styles with the option of curved, straight or wave roofs.

Entrance canopies provide shelter to visitors on arrival, a place for callers to wait while you answer the intercom, a focal point to clearly define the entrance. Entrance canopies often offer a cost-effective way to ‘lift’ the whole frontage of your building.

With a host of options and extras as well as a huge choice of steelwork and roof colours, our high-quality canopy systems are used on entrances across the UK.

Entrance Canopy Designs

No two entrances are ever the same and thanks to our design flexibility we can offer workable and affordable canopy solutions incorporating a variety of different features to allow for almost any requirement but based on one of our standard entrance canopy products A member of our design team can discuss and suggest the best entrance canopy solution to meet your requirements, outlining our recommendations along with a comprehensive estimate.

Entrance Canopy Pricing

As with all our products, the best way to get an entrance canopy cost is to talk to us or you can visit our prices page for details of how to contact us for pricing. As a basic rule, a straight roof canopy will cost less than a curved entrance canopy and a one-way sloping roof (as opposed to pitched or barrel vault design) will save on guttering (if required).

See just some of our entrance canopy projects we’ve completed

New White Straight Roof Entrance Canopy at Whybridge Infant School in Essex

Entrance canopy we designed for Whybridge Infants SchoolSometimes in the construction of a building, the need to have clearly identifiable areas can be forgotten. This was the problem that faced Whybridge Infant School in Rainham, Essex. Presenting somewhat of a puzzle to visitors, the school wanted to redefine the main reception area to make it much more inviting. The installation of an entrance canopy delivered just that, and a sleek and clearly defined structure was designed to meet their needs. With the use of the A&S Landscape Motiva Cantilever canopy, it was possible to add a new school entrance canopy without additional steel support pillars. This left the entrance door clear and accessible and created an inviting and open feel. Matching the structure to the rest of the school building by keeping the steelwork colour white, it’s almost as though the new porch canopy has always been there. Find out more about Whybridge Infant School’s new entrance canopy by clicking here.

St George’s Junior School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire Install Blue Porch Canopy

Canopy we installed at St Georges Junior SchoolA creative solution was needed for the dilemma faced by St George’s Junior School, Shrewsbury. The staff at the school really wanted to make the entrance way much more friendly, but the space available to improve the area was slightly awkward. Despite its position between two of the school’s existing buildings, A&S Landscape was still able to design a plan to give St George’s Junior School the perfect entrance canopy. To ensure that this school shelter canopy clearly defined the entrance to the school, the steel structure was finished in Ultramarine Blue which fitted in with the school’s branding. And even though the space was tight, with the careful positioning of the curved roof of the Motiva Duo canopy, the new entrance porch fits right in. Find out more about this project we completed at St George’s Junior School and the flexibility of the Motiva Duo canopy.

New Entrance Porch at the Mynydd Mawr Hospital in Carmarthenshire

Shelter installed at Mynydd Mawr HospitalPatient-centred care is amongst the top priorities at Mynydd Mawr Hospital in Llanelli. As part of their continuous efforts to improve the hospital’s environment, they called upon A&S Landscape to assist with the design and construction of a new entrance porch. The aim was to provide patients with a shelter from the elements, as well as a protected waiting area. To deliver on this brief, A&S Landscape installed two Motiva Entro canopies. This provided protection from the rain, but also from the sun’s damaging rays because the Opal effect polycarbonate roofing has added UV filters, another important consideration for this healthcare setting. The hospital was so pleased with the end result that they rated A&S Landscape five stars out of five for the project. To find out more about the Mynydd Mawr Hospital entrance canopy click here.

Sheffield’s High Hazels Academy Commission a New Blue Entrance Canopy

Shelter we fitted at High Hazels AcademyLocated in Darnall, Sheffield, High Hazels Academy wanted to add a school shelter and entrance canopy to their school as part of a larger development project. The Motiva Linear structure finished off the school entrance perfectly. Its functional design provides not only a statement to welcome visitors to the school, but also a practical space that gives shelter from wet weather and shade from harmful rays on sunny days. As shelters for schools go, this one looked great finished off in Ultramarine Blue, picked out from amongst the school’s theme colours. And far from looking like an add-on, it complemented the wider redevelopment perfectly. A&S Landscape has completed many entrance canopies and school shelters, and High Hazels Academy was able to benefit from their extensive experience for this project. Read more about High Hazels Academy’s new entrance canopy by clicking here.

Buxton School in London Add a Straight Roof Entrance Canopy

Entrance canopy we fitted at Buxton SchoolBuxton School in Leytonstone, located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, knows all about continuity. They teach children right the way through from the age of 3 to 16 years. So when it came to developing the campus to provide a seamless entrance shelter, the project had to look just right. Their requirement was for a large entrance canopy that would also act as a school shelter. At nearly 13 metres in length, and just over 3 metres wide, it was important to get it right. With framework from the Motiva Linear range, the canopy was built using grey steelwork and topped off with an opal polycarbonate roof. The finished article provided a practical, yet aesthetically pleasing finish. The continuous line of the entrance canopy matched with its surroundings to give a satisfyingly cohesive look. Find out more about the Buxton School’s new entrance canopy.

Telford’s Randlay Primary School and Nursery Finish Off Refurb with a School Entrance Porch

Entrance canopy we installed at Randlay SchoolThe Headteacher at Randlay Primary School and Nursery had wanted to put the finishing touches to the school, following the completion of an earlier extension project. A&S Landscape is always happy to help with projects like this. We know that we’ll be able to help customers with adding the perfect structure to complement their refurbishment. In Randlay Primary School and Nursery’s case, we installed the Motiva Entro entrance canopy. We particularly love the fact that they chose a blue from the school’s colours to be replicated in the steel framework. The entrance shelter looked fabulous because it matched in with the other blue accents around the building and with the school’s signage. On one hand practical, on the other a visible identity statement, this project shows how school entrance canopies can have a real impact on how a school looks and feels. Find out more about the Randlay Primary and Nursery School entrance porch by clicking here.

Entrance Canopy Design Options

  • Burlish Park Entrance Canopy
The ‘Entro’ is the Motiva entrance canopy. This would normally be in duopitch configuration. Freestanding, wall fixed and partial wall fixed units are all possibilities. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. This is the entrance canopy to make the perfect first impression when someone arrives.

Motiva Entro™ Click for more info

  • White Straight Roof Entrance Canopy
The ‘Entrada’ is the latest entrance canopy from the Motiva range. This modern design with its angled roofline and integral gutter will give any visitor the best first impression whatever the building. The freestanding design has been developed in association with architects and builders looking for a sleek design that doesn’t rely on the building steelwork, interfere with brickwork or breach the thermal performance of the building envelope.

Motiva Entrada™ Click for more info

  • Simon Balle All Through School Shelter
The ‘Linear’ is our monopitch (asymmetric) straight roof variant - this is where one side is higher than the other, the standard configuration for canopies located against building elevations but also used for many applications including walkways and outdoor dining areas. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features.

Motiva Linear™ Click for more info

  • Green Curved Roof Entrance Canopy
The ‘Wave’ is a monopitch or duopitch roof variant, with all the benefits of our standard designs but with a new and funky look. This is a good solution for buildings with low rooflines, where a standalone unit is required or where you need a canopy with that added wow factor.

Motiva Wave™ Click for more info

  • Tadpole Farm Nursery Canopies
Our design, manufacturing and installation capacity allows us to diverge from our regular product designs to accommodate the client's specific preferences, a difficult site or the need for associated products and services.

Bespoke Canopies Click for more info

  • Construction Worker


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Read Our Featured Entrance Canopy Project

Randlay Primary School and Nursery in Shropshire Adds Covered Entrance

Canopy we designed for Randlay Primary School

What was the project brief?

Randlay Primary School and Nursery in Telford, Shropshire, had recently added a new entrance area to their building. However, they soon realised that to give visitors the best first impression of their school, the existing building needed something extra. They decided that a great way to achieve this was to add a canopy. By framing the door, the entrance would appear much smarter and more welcoming to visitors. This is when A&S Landscape was first introduced to the project, who continued their involvement throughout the whole process. Firstly, with help from the design team, detailed sketches were produced outlaying the canopy dimensions. This sketch was then manufactured into the real thing, and finally, the entrance canopy was installed.

What was our canopy solution?

Canopy we designed for Randlay Primary SchoolWe knew that the school’s leading requirement for the shelter was to ensure that everyone visiting the school would receive the right first impression. The attached overhang needed to bring the added wow factor! This heavily influenced our final choice of canopy which was the Motiva Entro™. As you would expect from its name, this is one of our standard entrance canopy designs. These are popular also with other educational facilities such as universities, or commercial premises and healthcare sites. Despite being from our standard range, we were able to fit the canopy to the exact requirements of the school, with additional design features.

With its curved roof and high strength steel frame finished in a blue colour (a standard RAL colour for our Dura-coat™ finishes), the door canopy makes a real statement. The blue perfectly suits the brand colours of the surrounding buildings. Although the roof is built from translucent and transparent panels, the polycarbonate roof sheets effectively filter out the harmful UV rays, making this an effective and stylish structure. This truly is a great entrance canopy and while it measures at a relatively small 3000mm x 2000mm, there is no doubt the astounding difference the defined entrance has made to the whole frontage of the building.

What was the result of their new entrance canopy?

The school feel they now have now created the perfect entrance environment. The stunning curved roof canopy has been a massive improvement to the appearance of the building, giving it the identity that was previously lacking. We are so pleased to have installed one of our quality shelters which offers long-term durability, maximum protection, and is a real focal point for the school. We were absolutely over the moon to hear what the Headteacher had to say about how well the covered entrance had gone down with students, staff and visitors alike.

Testimonial / Client Feedback

“Following a new entrance area and school office being built on our school last year, it was decided to finish everything off by erecting a colourful and welcoming canopy to further highlight the main entrance to the school. A&S Landscape designed, built and fitted the canopy and, without a shadow of a doubt, it has proved to be a wonderful addition to the new build. We are more than delighted with the canopy itself as the design, the quality of workmanship and the finish are exceptional. Parents, children and visitors continue to comment on the canopy and how it has given the school’s entrance area an identity it so long needed. Thank you.”

Headteacher – Randlay Primary School

About the client

Randlay Primary School and NurseryShelter we designed for Randlay Primary School is located in the town of Telford, Shropshire. The team of talented staff are committed to treating each child as an individual and are truly conscious of the role that the surrounding environment plays in this. Thanks to the amazing range of frame colour choices for the additional shelter, they have created a perfect balance of warmth, nurture and welcome when students arrive at school each day.

They were a truly great client to work alongside, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them on all aspects of the process. We are glad to have installed an ideal shelter that has transformed the entire building and will have the much-desired lasting first impression for many years to come.

Should I choose a curved or straight roof canopy?

Covered solutions come in many variations, sizes and with different specifications. Whatever your specific requirements, it may be a curved or flat roof that will prove to be the most effective solution. This is where A&S Landscape can help you with expert opinion and advice. We are always happy to help get you covered! However, you may also want to think about:

What is the intended purpose of the new canopy? 

A canopy can serve many purposes, an attractive entrance is just one possibility! For example, you may want to install a cycle shelter with an additional roller shutter for a better and safer place to store bikes.

Where will the proposed canopy be located?

Depending on where the shelter will be installed, there will be some additional design features that may or may not be possible. Space may be a factor (or it may not be!). Please feel free to discuss your options with us on 01743 444100.

How can A&S Landscape help?

Although there is an extensive range of options available and it may seem daunting. A&S Landscape can help you to find your ideal system, which offers effective design and practicality. We can talk you through wall-mounted options, or how a fabric canopy may suit you over a polycarbonate roofing structure. Whatever your requirements, we have 44 years’ worth of experience behind us to help you find your perfect product.

A right solution exists for your exact design aspirations, we just need to find it! So please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Shelter we designed for Randlay Primary School

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