How A&S Landscape Leads The Way With Outstanding Customer Satisfaction


A&S Landscape enjoys an NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) of 83, which is officially ranked as ‘World Class’. This is almost double the average benchmark for construction related industries (45). 

What does this mean for our customers?

This concise NPS® Summary tells you everything you need to know.

Have You Ever Wondered How “Customer Satisfaction” is Measured?

We’re all familiar with the idea of customer satisfaction. But how do you measure this accurately for the benefit of new customers seeking information about products or services?

One way to discover a company’s reputation is to look at the quality and number of its testimonials (and ours are here). You can obtain further details from review sites or social media, and personal recommendation is usually a good indicator.

This is all highly useful information, but what all these scores, percentages and opinions lack is a universally accepted benchmark for making comparisons.

The Net Promoter Score® provides such a benchmark, and this internationally recognised standard has informed customer decision making for 20 years.

You may be unfamiliar with the name, but it’s likely you’ll have seen this question:

Here’s a sliding scale you can use to register your view about services or goods you’ve received.  It’s a simple, no-nonsense query that makes a clear distinction between excellent services (10) and poor ones (0).

What’s important is that every time a customer fills in such a form, their response really does count.

All the data from every query form is meticulously collected and collated to generate a Net Promoter Score® for all participating businesses or organisations.

As you would expect, the higher the score, the better the customer service received by customers who shared their views.

But what does our high NPS® of 83 mean, and how are the scores calculated?

How The NPS® System Works

Calculating the NPS® begins by grouping customer responses into three categories.

Scores of 9-10 register as Promoters

These are highly satisfied customers — the ones most likely to purchase again, remain loyal, and make positive recommendations.

Scores of 7-8 register as Passives

These are satisfied customers with little or no complaint. For now! Their long-term loyalty is not guaranteed, and they are less inspired to make referrals.

Scores of 0-6 register as Detractors

These are unsatisfied customers with significant complaints.  They contribute to 80% of negative word of mouth feedback and can substantially harm business reputations.

To obtain the NPS® for any business or organisation, the calculation is a simple but effective one.

The percentage of DETRACTORS is subtracted from the percentage of PROMOTERS to give a score between -100 and 100.

This simple calculation provides a universal standard for every business and organisation worldwide. It gives customers vital information about what to expect.

The sliding scale of scores is split into categories to help everyone understand their value.

What this means is that A&S Landscape’s NPS® of 83 indicates a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction across the board. Substantially more of our customers report a positive experience than not, and a healthy proportion of them are happy to make recommendations and book our services again.

That’s great news for us — but it’s also good news for our future customers.

Seeing The Bigger Picture: A&S Landscape as Construction Leaders

The beauty of the NPS® system lies in its simplicity. The same yardstick applies equally to small fleets of taxis right up to international corporations.

Whatever the industry or sector, what matters is customer experience and satisfaction.

Our score of 83 ranks us as World Class  — but what does this tell us about how we compare to others in the construction industry?

To answer that question, we have to dig a little deeper into the data…

Since the NPS® system was introduced at the start of the Millennium, it has become clear that certain industries and sectors tend to rank more highly than others.

As this 2022 data sample shows, consulting attracts a higher average NPS® than cloud and hosting services.

The statisticians will no doubt have a view on why this is so. What matters for present and future customers of A&S Landscape is how we fare against the average for our particular business sector.

This is where we do especially well because our score (83) is almost double the average for our sector (45).

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement because much of the positive feedback we’ve received has been for extensive or difficult projects.

When schools, hospitals or businesses demand safe and effective structural changes, there’s a great deal to bear in mind to ensure everything goes according to plan.

That’s what our customers expect, and that’s what our world class NPR® of 83 demonstrates we can deliver.

Looking Ahead To Future Projects

For customers, a company’s NPS® is a valuable reference point.

For providers of goods and services, this international benchmark serves as an effective way to keep everyone on their toes.

More important, it’s a transparent indicator. Plenty of companies now patrol review sites and social media to bring negative reviews under control.  One way they do this is to request removals that infringe the host organisation’s policies.

With the NPS®, every single zero score contributes to the data. All those low scores count against business reputations, whatever their reason or justification. That’s what makes the NPS® such a reliable indicator of what to expect.

Like most metrics of this kind, the figures can go up or down depending on the results achieved from quarter to quarter.

So maintaining a high Net Promoter Score® is a great incentive for us to ensure we stay true to our own excellent standards of provision.

It’s a hard won achievement, and it’s our personal bar as we bring projects forward from week to week.

Along with our testimonials, we like to think of our NPS® as a measure of our commitment to our customers.


Interested To Discover More About The NPS®?

You can find full details on the NetPromoterSystem website here.