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Better looking and longer-lasting Canopies, Shade Sails and Shelters

A&S Landscape design, manufacture and install high-quality canopies, shade sails and cycle storage structures, systems and solutions for every type of public building.

Regarded within the industry for our efficiency, integrity and reliability. Since 1976 we have developed a close working relationship with Local Authorities, Architects, Schools, Builders and Property Managers meeting their needs with superior products, enhanced aesthetics, greater functionality and competitive prices.

We manufacture our brand of canopies and shade sails here in the UK. We are proud to be UK shade sail and canopy manufacturers. For us quality is paramount. Many of our canopy designs boast galvanised and PPC steelwork, unbreakable roofing, aluminium rainwater goods and more.

As a canopy specialist, we have every outdoor experience covered with a range of canopies, shade sails and cycle storage solutions to meet any application. It’s our simple, honest, on-time, quality service that builds our ever-growing list of satisfied clients. We’d be glad to include you.

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Bespoke Canopies offer that tailored shelter solution for those tricky outdoor areas.

Whether it’s for a school, commercial property or a public park, it can be difficult finding a canopy shelter that ticks all the boxes. If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for in our wide range of canopy products, then we can go “off-menu” and create a custom canopy just for you.

With our design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, we can build a bespoke canopy shelter that satisfies all your canopy needs and preferences. From the size, dimensions and structure down to the materials, colour and finish, there are a whole host of customisable options, along with various extras including side panels, fencing and signage.

Regardless of the size of the shelter or the difficulty of the site, our flexible and tailored approach means we work closely with you to bring your vision to life. With our extensive expertise and experience, we’re always ready to advise on design issues to ensure that your canopy is the best that it can be.

Our bespoke canopies are made by us, but envisioned by you.

Café & Food Kiosks are reducing the pressure on overcrowded dining areas during lunch and break times.

Serving a selection of hot and cold snacks and beverages, food kiosks are an increasingly popular option for many large schools and colleges looking to relieve congestion in their busy dining rooms while keeping students onsite. They’re also easily relocatable and are available for purchase, rental or lease hire, making them a flexible and cost-effective solution for lunchtime and break periods.

We offer a wide range of fit-outs and equipment to suit your requirements, allowing you to create an excellent outdoor snack area for your pupils. You can choose from a selection of exterior finishes including bespoke vinyl wrap and a painted finish, as well as branded designs to match your school’s logo and colours. Our food booth vendors are available with or without seating, depending on the available space and your preferences.

Your customised food stall will arrive fully finished and equipped with catering equipment of your choice, ready to serve both hot and cold food and drink. All you need to do is connect the kiosk to a power supply and you’re up and running, ready to feed your hungry students!

Cantilever designs are another option where reducing uprights is required.

Canopies we fitted at Welsh Language SchoolA cantilever canopy offers style and shelter with minimal obstructions. With virtually any dimensions available, cantilever canopies’ flexibility, versatility and unrestricted space make them a perfect covered solution for an array of applications, including entrances and doorways, covered walkways, play areas, picnic table and storage areas.

At A&S Landscape, our Motiva Cantilever™ canopies are manufactured with steel framework with genuine polycarbonate roofing (which can be clear, opal or coloured) and a smooth Dura-coat™ finish in any colour of your choice.

We offer a wide range of structural and design options to suit your company’s requirements. The canopy’s upright posts can be positioned up against the wall, creating a clear and open space, or they can be positioned at the front or centrally, whatever works for your space. The cantilever canopy often has a Mono design (curved), but it can also be duo (barrel), linear (straight) or even wave canopy design.

You also have the option of extras such as aluminium gutters and downpipes, wall brackets and cushioned post pads for extra protection.

Improving open recreation areas with canopies for parks and public spaces.

We can all agree that parks are one of life’s simplest pleasures. They offer a place to exercise in the great outdoors, take the dog(s) for a walk, spend time with friends and family, let the kids play and burn off all that energy, or simply relax and unwind in the fresh air whilst catching the sun.

Canopies and shade sails are an excellent addition to any park or public space. They play an important role in making sure these valuable green spaces are accessible all year round. Not only do they provide shade from the sun’s UV rays during the summer (which is especially important for the little ones!), but they offer shelter from the rain, wind and snow during the colder ones. Canopies and shade sails create a dry and covered area where parents can sit and watch their children play, and perhaps even enjoy a nice cuppa if there is a café in the park!

Any fixture being installed in a public space needs to be of the highest quality. At A&S Landscape, our park canopies and shade sails are durable, robust and come with a life-long guarantee while bringing structural beauty to the natural environment. Your options range from the Maxima Umbrella™, which combines solid steel framework with high-strength waterproof PVC fabric, to the Maxima Sail™, a stunning shade sail featuring high-quality knitted fabric shade cloth. With such a vast range of choice, you’re sure to find the perfect canopy or shade sail for your park.

Robust college and university shelters to suit the rigours of student life.

Canopies for colleges, universities and academies need to be extremely robust, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Combining structural durability with architectural beauty is even more important at places of further education as mature students have a greater demand for outdoor covered areas, as well as a greater appreciation for campus facilities and their surroundings.

At A&S Landscape, we offer a comprehensive range of steel, glass, fabric and polycarbonate canopies that work perfectly for colleges, universities and academies. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor dining shelter, an entrance canopy, a covered walkway or even a high-spec sports canopy, we can provide the perfect canopy solution to meet your college or university’s needs.

With a team of professional and experienced canopy experts, we’re here to help you from the design process right through to installation, creating a bespoke canopy that not only enhances your campus, but improves your student experience. Having worked with many colleges, universities and academies across the UK, we’ve become a leading provider of canopies in the higher education sector.

Coloured polycarbonate sheets for added aesthetic appeal.

Add brightness, vibrancy and personality to your premises with our coloured polycarbonate roof canopies. With 20 different colours to choose from in a combination of your choice, our coloured canopies catch the eye, stimulate the senses and lift the mood like no other shelter. Our rainbow-style canopies are especially popular in primary school playgrounds, while two- or three-tone canopies that match your brand colours add a touch of class to any business premises.

However, our coloured canopies aren’t just pretty to look at. Like all of our high-quality canopy products, they’re exceptionally robust, practical and functional. The solid steel framework is durable and long-lasting while the polycarbonate roof provides weather protection and makes your outdoor space accessible all year-round.

We can supply you with a coloured polycarbonate roofing system for fitting to your own structure or even sheets for other applications. Many industries use coloured plastic sheet or coloured acrylic sheet but when it comes to outside structures you need to be using coloured polycarbonate. As a large importer of coloured polycarbonate, we can offer good rates on polycarbonate sheet in a wide range of colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and more.

Commercial canopies for every business needed sheltered space

From factories, warehouses and delivery depots to retail parks, retail showrooms and supermarkets, canopies are a useful addition to commercial properties. Whether you’re looking for a loading bay canopy, a car park canopy, a bin storage shelter, a covered walkway, an entrance canopy, a smoking shelter or a cycle storage unit, a commercial canopy offers shade and shelter for your staff, customers and visitors while keeping your stock/inventory, vehicles and bicycles dry and protected.

An increasing number of companies are becoming more concerned with improving their hospitality provision and a high-quality canopy can help you to achieve this, whether that’s offering a dry and covered walkway between your car park and your building or a sheltered break-out space for your coffee-drinking staff or clients. Commercial canopies provide essential practical value for your employees and operations while helping you to improve the customer experience, increase footfall and boost the value of your property.

At A&S Landscape, we offer a range of well-designed, long-lasting and cost-effective canopy solutions suited to any commercial site. From tensile fabric and steel to polycarbonate and glass, our canopies come in a wide range of materials and finishes to meet your needs and match your company’s branding. All of our canopies can accommodate signage, too, allowing you to clearly signpost entrances, parking or loading bay areas while increasing your business’ visibility.

Covered Multi-Use Games Areas for schools, public realm and sporting venues.

Multi-use games areas (MUGA’S) are becoming increasingly popular in both urban and rural areas as schools and councils recognise the value of providing young people with outdoor spaces to stay fit, active and engaged. Of equal importance is ensuring that these spaces remain accessible all year-round given our unpredictable British weather! This is where a canopy comes in.

Whether it’s for a sports field, an artificial pitch or an outdoor basketball, tennis or netball court, our multi-use games area canopies provide shelter and protection for students and the local community, allowing these spaces to be used and enjoyed even in bad weather. We offer a wide range of surfacing options to make sure the space is fit for purpose, as well as fencing for added functionality and security. We can also install floodlights to ensure the facilities can be used after dark, helping you to maximise your return on investment.

Our choice of multi-use games area canopies offer a self-contained and cost-effective solution for a variety of sports and activities, the Covered MUGA™, an entirely bespoke installation is perfectly suited to smaller areas on primary schools right through to larger sports pitches/games areas that are typically found on private schools, senior schools, colleges and municipal properties.

Define routes, protect users and save costs with covered walkways

When you look outside the classroom window and see it pouring down with rain, the last thing anybody — staff or student — wants to do is step outside. The solution? Covered walkways.

Fixed and functional, covered walkways provide dry access and defined routes throughout your school premises, whether it’s navigating between classrooms and other buildings, car parking areas and entrances, or the main school and outdoor dining or play areas. They work especially in schools that are spread out or have mobile classrooms, helping to connect these segregated sites and foster a greater feeling of unity throughout the entire school. They have also been proven to pay for themselves with reduced snow clearance, gritting and less damaged to your entrance matting.

Our Motiva range offers a fantastic selection of flexible canopy solutions for all your covered walkway needs. You can choose between a wall-mounted or free-standing canopy; a straight roof (Motiva Linear™) or a curved roof (Motiva Duo™, Motiva Mono™); and a variety of colours and finishes to match your school’s aesthetic. We also offer a host of side panel options if you’re looking for added weather protection.

A&S Landscape have provided covered walkways for many schools up and down the country. All of our canopies are made to measure, ensuring they fully meet your requirements.

Canopies with side panels and doors for added functionality

Whether it’s for a new or existing structure, adding side panels and doors to your school canopy is an excellent way of creating an enclosed area for your pupils while meeting Ofsted requirements. Along with various benefits such as increased security, privacy and weather protection, side panels and doors are perfect for a range of practical applications.

They can be used to create an outdoor classroom, enabling your pupils to continue their learning in a healthier and more stimulating environment while still remaining sheltered from the weather. They can create an outdoor eating area, increasing your dining room capacity in a cost-effective fashion. Or they can be used as a discreet play area or a secure storage area.

Compatible with any of our Motiva canopies and the Maxima Tepee™, our side panels and doors offer a range of customisable options to suit your specifications. You can cover all sides of the canopy or just one side; you can choose between polycarbonate or glass panels; and you can even opt for electric-operated roller shutter doors. These shutter doors can either be powder coated in a colour of your choice, or be perforated or part-glazed to allow the light to still shine in.

We also offer a printed polycarbonate option that will truly catch the eye and capture the imagination. Choose from a selection of fun themes including jungle, ocean or sky — or create your own custom design. Having provided side panels and doors to many schools across the UK, we can guarantee that your pupils will love this option!

Curved roof shelters suit many building types.

With an enduring appeal, a href=”https://www.aandslandscape.co.uk/curved-roof-canopies/”>curved roof canopies add shape, style and dynamism to your school premises. They’re also incredibly practical with extra strength in the curve and good water discharge helping to maintain its condition and extend its lifespan. (we can install aluminium guttering and downpipes to your curved roof canopy to deal with run-off water).

At A&S Landscape, we offer a wide range of curved roof canopy solutions that can be made to any radius to suit your design specifications. a href=”https://www.aandslandscape.co.uk/product/motiva-mono/”>The Motiva Mono™ is a monopitch (asymmetric) curved roof canopy, where one side is higher than the other, while a href=”https://www.aandslandscape.co.uk/product/motiva-duo/”>the Motiva Duo™ is a duopitch (symmetrical or “barrel vaulted”) curved roof canopy, where both sides are at the same height.

And then there’s a href=”https://www.aandslandscape.co.uk/product/motiva-wave/”>the Motiva Wave™, the most striking of our curved roof canopies. With this one, the roof canopy can either have a single concave radius or a double “S”-style curve, providing all the benefits of our standard designs but with a fun and funky look.

Whether you’re looking for a covered walkway, outdoor dining shelter, an entrance canopy or a playground canopy, there are many great reasons to invest in a curved roof canopy.

Cycle stores to protect bikes, scooters and buggies.

Bike canopies are an essential fixture for any school, college, university, garden centre, park or commercial property. Providing both shelter and security, a cycle shelter keeps bicycles and scooters dry and protected from the elements (exposure to cold and wet weather can cause rust and decay) while giving cyclists a safe, secure and practical place to park their bikes. With the right bike rack design, they can store dozens of bicycles in a relatively small area, making them incredibly space-efficient.

Furthermore, investing in a bike parking canopy is a fantastic way to encourage your staff and students to cycle to school or work, helping to improve their overall health and wellbeing while doing your bit for the environment. A bike shelter lets everybody know that your organisation is environmentally conscious.

At A&S Landscape, our selection of cycle stores offer elegance and simplicity, security and durability, solid design and superior materials. Our product range includes the sturdy Cyclo City™, which boasts a robust steel frame, aluminum finishing trim and 35mm-thick polycarbonate roof; the Cyclo Bike™, an all-steel storage unit that can accommodate virtually any length, width or height; and the Cyclo Buggy™, a space-efficient solution for bikes and buggies, featuring solid steel framework, a curved roof design, unbreakable roofing and side panels, and an optional keyed or coded gate locking for enhanced security.

Dining area shelters built to suit the space you have.

More schools are recognising the value of giving their pupils a place to eat outside with dining area canopies. Dining shelters allow students to get clean, fresh air while still keeping them protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the hotter months and shelter from the rain, wind and snow during the colder ones. After all, there’s nothing quite like eating lunch al fresco to lift the mood and improve overall well-being which, in turn, has a positive effect on productivity and the ability to learn.

Dining area shelters also help you to reduce congestion during those busy lunchtime periods and keep your pupils onsite while increasing your seating capacity in a much more affordable and cost-effective (not to mention popular!) way compared to extending your dining room. On top of all these practical benefits, a colourful and attractive dining area canopy offers its own relaxing atmosphere.

At A&S Landscape, we have a vast offering of outdoor dining canopies and shelters to suit all spaces and specifications. Our Motiva Duo™, Maxima Tepee™, and Maxima Plaza™ in particular, are perfect for providing shelter over your picnic tables and benches. Having designed, constructed and installed dining area canopies and shelters for many schools across the UK, we have extensive experience in this area and we’ll work closely with you to make maximum use of the space and budget available.

Define your entrance with our entrance canopies above your doors.

First impressions count. Whether you’re a school or a business, an entrance canopy helps you to make the best first impression that you can. Entrance canopies are an attractive yet affordable addition to your premises that offers both a clear focal point and shelter for your visitors. The last thing you want is an important client, customer or inspector getting soaked in the rain while waiting for you to answer your intercom!

We offer a small but stunning selection of specially-designed entrance canopies, with a variety of customisations to fulfill your requirements. The Motiva Entro™ is a duopitch (symmetrical) canopy that can be freestanding, wall-fixed and partially-wall fixed with optional side panels, post pads and aluminium guttering and downpipes.

Meanwhile, the Motiva Entrada™, which boasts a modern look and integral gutter, has been developed alongside architects and builders looking for a sleek design that doesn’t rely on the building steelwork, interfere with brickwork or affect the thermal performance of the building envelope.

Our range of fabric canopies is the widest in the UK

If a steel, polycarbonate or glass canopy doesn’t take your fancy, then a fabric canopy could be right for you. Whether it’s for a park, a playground, a dining area or a terrace, fabric canopies enhance any outdoor area while making a bold statement thanks to their stylish design, sleek character and striking colours.

Our fabric canopies aren’t just style over substance, though. They offer plenty of practical benefits, too. The PVC fabric we use is a high-strength, waterproof, fire-retardant material that offers protection from harmful UV rays, helps to regulate temperature and increase the area’s functionality throughout the day.

Our wide range of fabric canopies include the simple sail designs but also the mighty four-post Maxima Tepee™, the trendy and innovative Motiva StarSail™, and the solid and beautiful Motiva Umbrella™ and now the Maxima Plaza™ With a whole host of colours, finishes and extras to choose from, you’re sure to find a fabric canopy that takes your fancy.

Vehicle forecourt covers increase revenue

Offering a bevy of benefits including helping to drive footfall, improve the customer experience and boost your bottom line, a forecourt canopy is a worthwhile investment for any car dealership. Thanks to their sleek, stylish and striking appearance, they will enhance your forecourt, improve your visibility and present a more upmarket look. Not only that, but a forecourt canopy will help to keep your cars in pristine condition while protecting your potential customers as they browse, keeping them looking for longer.

At A&S Landscape, our forecourt canopies are specially designed to meet the needs of car dealerships. We can create anything from a dedicated canopy for a single car — perfect for showcasing a special offer or providing cover for a designated handover area — through to an expansive canopy that covers your entire forecourt. We can also design and install canopies for your onsite car wash or valet areas.

Our forecourt canopies are available in a range of materials (including tensile fabric, steel, polycarbonate and glass), colours and finishes to match your branding and meet your exact specifications. All of our structures can also be designed to accommodate signage, ensuring you never miss a promotional opportunity.

Happier shoppers and higher returns with garden centre canopies

From improving the customer experience to protecting your products and boosting your sales, a canopy offers plenty of practical and aesthetic benefits to garden centres.

A high-quality shelter provides a dry and covered area under which customers can browse your product range whilst also safeguarding certain garden products such as wooden benches from the damaging effects of wet and/or humid weather. A covered walkway, meanwhile, provides dry access and clear, easy navigation throughout your garden centre.

If your garden centre has an outdoor café or refreshment area, a canopy allows your customers to sit down, relax and enjoy a hot cuppa and a slice of cake under a dry and shaded area while still getting the fresh air. To really make your garden centre family-friendly, why not invest in a play area canopy for the little ones? Having an outdoor covered area also comes in great when seasonal events roll around — think Christmas Grotto, Easter Bonanza or Halloween Spooktacular!

With a range of steel and polycarbonate canopies or fabric canopies in a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, we can create the perfect canopy for your garden centre that truly complements your products and natural foliage.

Healthcare covers for hospitals, surgeries, care homes and other healthcare centres.

From hospitals and surgeries to care homes and clinics, it’s essential that healthcare facilities provide outdoor cover for their patients, staff and visitors. A canopy offers a functional and cost-effective solution to these needs.

Perhaps you require a covered walkway to connect your entrance with your car park, providing dry access and guided navigation for patients and visitors. Maybe you need a canopy system for your ambulance drop-off points, ensuring critical patients remain safe and protected upon their arrival. Or you may be looking to improve your hospitality provision by creating a comfortable and sheltered outdoor dining, seating or break-out area, enhancing the overall wellbeing of your patients, visitors and staff.

At A&S Landscape, we offer a multitude of high-quality, well-designed and competitively-priced canopies and shelters to augment any healthcare site. Having worked with a range of clients in the healthcare sector including the NHS, NHS Foundation Trust, Serco and Jewish Care, we can offer our experience and expertise to ensure your canopy is the best that it can be.

Our hospitality shelters help restaurants, pubs and clubs offer the alfresco dining experience

Whether you run a major restaurant chain, an independent country pub or a small cafeteria, the kind of outdoor cover and shelter you provide plays a big part in the success of your hospitality business, especially over the summer months when people want to enjoy the fresh air. Comfort is something that will keep customers coming back time and time again, making outdoor cover a worthwhile investment.

While flimsy products have been all too common in many food and drink establishments, a high-quality canopy is a far superior covered area solution that offers many unique benefits to hospitality businesses. Combining peerless weather protection, lifelong sturdiness and bold and attractive designs, a canopy system from A&S Landscape can help you to improve the customer experience, attract more people through the door and boost your profits.

With a wide range of fabric, polycarbonate and glass products designed to meet your specifications, we can create high-quality, well-designed and cost-effective canopies that will enhance your site, whether it’s for a small outdoor seating area or a large terraced dining area. Our structures range from charming parasols that cover one table through to fully-enclosed, heated and lit retractable roof designs to allow your customers to dine alfresco with ultimate comfort.

So whether you’re looking for restaurant canopies, pub canopies, café canopies or hotel canopies, A&S Landscape has the solution for you.

Nursery shade sails protect toddlers from the sun and rain

It’s important for toddlers and young children to get out in the fresh air and stimulate their senses. With A&S Landscape’s nursery canopies, you can provide your children with an outdoor play area that is safe and secure, private and protected.

From the Maxima Sail™ and Maxima Tepee™ to the Motiva Mono™ and Motiva Cantilever™, our wide range of nursery canopies offers essential protection from all the elements, keeping your little ones safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the sunny months and sheltered from the rain and show during the harsher ones.

One option that’s especially popular in nurseries is our coloured roof canopies. With a whole variety of bright colours and designs to choose from, they create a fun, inviting and eye-catching atmosphere which your children (and their parents!) will love. Furthermore, many of our canopy options can be designed with additional side panels, creating a private, discreet and enclosed area to ensure the safety of your children.

Thanks to our high-quality materials (including steel, polycarbonate, fabric and glass) and expertly-designed structures, our nursery canopies come with a long-lasting guarantee, offering dependable cover and excellent value for money.

So whether you’re looking to enhance an existing playground or transform a previously unused area into an fun and functional outdoor play space that can be used all year-round, get in touch with A&S Landscape today to create the perfect canopy for your children.

Playground canopies, shelters and shade sails for every school and pupil type

At A&S Landscape, we specialise in creating stunning, high-quality playground canopies, shelters and shade sails designed with children in mind. Whether you’re a primary school, junior school or nursery, our covered area solutions give your children the opportunity to play and learn outside, no matter the weather.

When creating an outdoor space for children to have fun, burn off energy and get some fresh air, it’s important to ensure it’s accessible all year-round. Thanks to our high-quality materials, our playground shelters provide ultimate protection from our unpredictable British weather, safeguarding little ones from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the sunny months and sheltering them from the rain, wind and snow during the harsher ones.

In addition to their many practical benefits, our bright, bold and dynamic canopy, shelter and shade sail designs add colour and vibrancy to any playground, helping to enhance the fun environment for your children.

With a plethora of designs, materials, colours, finishes and optional extras (such as side panels, shutter doors and padded post protectors) to choose from, our extensive range of playground cover solutions are versatile enough to meet all your requirements. Whatever the specifications of your canopy or shade sail, you can be confident in its durability, dependability and value-for-money thanks to our high-quality materials and expertly-designed structures.

Having worked with many schools and nurseries throughout the UK, A&S Landscape is a name you can trust when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and installing playground canopies.

Hundreds of primary school shelters supplied and fitted.

A&S are a trusted provider of attractive, high-quality and cost-effective canopies amongst primary schools across the UK. Whether you’re looking for a playground canopy, outdoor dining area canopy, covered walkways between classrooms and other buildings, an entrance canopy or a sheltered area where parents can stay warm and dry while waiting to pick up their children after school, our superb range of covered solutions and extensive experience means we can create a bespoke canopy fully meets your primary school’s requirements while maximising the space and budget available.

From the functional Motiva Cantilever™ to the mighty Motiva Duo™, our canopies offer ultimate weather protection, allowing your pupils to play outdoors and enjoy the fresh air no matter the forecast. Whether it’s solid steel or fabric, our canopies provide shade and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays when it’s sunny and keeps them out of the rain when it’s wet.

With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, you can complement (or contrast) your school colours and add a touch of vibrancy to your school playground or premises. Furthermore, the robust, durable and long-lasting qualities of our canopies lend themselves to primary schools, offering dependable cover for your pupils and excellent value for money for your school.

Primary schools are one of our largest client bases, making us uniquely equipped to design, manufacture and install canopies within this sector. With many successfully completed schemes and an excellent reputation among primary schools throughout the UK, you’re in good hands with A&S Landscape. Don’t take our word for it, though — just browse our testimonials to hear what some of our many happy clients have said about us!

Canopies for every public attraction from zoos to theme parks.

Green shade sails we installed at Chobham Adventure FarmWhen you have people paying to visit your premises, it’s crucial that you deliver the best possible experience to help them enjoy their day, and that includes providing shelter.

Whether you run a theme park, a zoo, an open farm or a museum, a public attraction canopy gives your customers a covered space that keeps them out of direct sunlight and dry from the rain for when they’re dining, viewing, queuing, waiting, playing or even paying. Outdoor play areas, viewing areas/platforms, outdoor dining areas, covered walkways between buildings and car parks, and picnic spaces are all areas at public attractions that require a covered solution.

Any fixture being installed at a public attraction needs to be robust and durable, which is exactly what our canopies are. Thanks to our high-quality materials and expert designs, our canopies come with a life-long guarantee. As well as being practical and functional, a sleek and stunning canopy can really enhance your space, adding style, elegance, vibrancy and character to any public attraction. In fact, a beautiful canopy can be something of an attraction itself!

At A&S Landscape, our canopies can be designed to provide shelter for a single picnic table all the way through to covering large activity spaces. You can choose from steel, polycarbonate, fabric and glass canopies in a selection of colours and finishes to complement your brand colours. Plus, all of our structures can be designed to accept signage, helping your visitors to find their way around your site.

Quality retractable roofs can make all the difference to a bar or restaurant seating area.

Flexible, functional and eye-catching, a retractable canopy allows you to fully utilise and enhance your external space through modern technology. The main draw of a retractable canopy is its sleek yet robust sun shades, which can be open or closed with the simple push of a button.

When closed, they provide protection from direct sunlight while regulating temperature to keep your customers cool and comfortable. When open, the roof allows the natural sunlight to seep in, creating a warm and bright atmosphere with the added perk of UV protection.

A retractable canopy is a fantastic covered area solution for hospitality venues such as restaurants and hotels. It allows you to increase your seating capacity at a fraction of the cost of extending your premises, meaning you can serve more customers, increase your profits and maximise your return on investment. To make the space fully accessible and create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere, why not add lighting and heating to your canopy?

At A&S Landscape, our range of retractable roof canopies combine stylish and contemporary designs with the latest technology to suit your requirements. So whether you run a restaurant or a hotel, or simply want to improve the hospitality provision of your garden centre, healthcare site or school campus, get in touch with us today.

Our core market has always been school canopies, shelters and shade sails

A&S Landscape specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing canopies for schools of all sizes, types and age ranges. From nurseries and primary schools to secondary schools and sixth form colleges to academies and universities, our extensive range of sheltered solutions are ready to meet the needs and budget of any of our country’s fantastic educational institutions.

Whether you’re looking to provide shelter for an outdoor dining or seating area, playground, entrance, walkway, cycle storage, sports facility, multi-use games area, or create an entirely new learning, play or social space, we’ve got the solution for you. Our extensive product range includes high-quality and well-designed canopies, shelters and shade sails in over a hundred different configurations, ready to be customised to suit your requirements.

Our canopies, shelters and shade sails offer many practical and aesthetic benefits to schools. They protect your pupils and staff from the weather — both from dangerous UV exposure and drenching rain — while enhancing your premises. However, why canopies work especially well in schools is because they help to create a more stimulating environment. Giving your students functional spaces to socialise, stay active and enjoy the fresh air will do wonders for their overall development and wellbeing.

Having provided covered area solutions to a considerable number of schools — from nurseries all the way through to universities — across the UK and developed an outstanding reputation within the education sector, there’s no one better equipped to meet your school’s sheltered needs than A&S Landscape.

Academies and school trusts need quality senior school canopies

With an older, more independent student base and larger premises, there exists a greater demand for sheltered areas at secondary schools. From outdoor social spaces, external dining and seating areas, waiting areas, covered walkways between classrooms and car parks, covered sports pitches and outdoor training facilities, canopies serve many valuable purposes at senior schools.

With a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing a multitude of different canopies for many secondary schools across the UK, A&S Landscape can help you achieve your senior school’s covered area needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From the metropolitan Maxima Plaza™ to the mighty Motiva Duo™, our extensive range of canopies are robust, functional and stylish while being designed to your exact specifications.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve completed many successful canopy projects for secondary schools. Check out our testimonials to see what other senior school staff have had to say about us!

Shelter we made for Blessed John Henry Newman RC College

Shade Sails offer attractive affordable shade and shelter

Based on the tried-and-tested technology of a ship’s sail, a shade sail provides outdoor shade in style. A shade sail comprises flexible fabric tensioned between several anchor points typically its own posts but on occasions using brackets to walls.

Ideal for playgrounds, parks, seating areas, dining areas, picnic tables and other outdoor spaces, shade sails offer a myriad of unique benefits. They’re easy to install and are an affordable shade solution. The high-quality shade fabric that we use is manufactured with UV inhibitors, reducing dangerous exposure to direct sunlight. Our shade sails can also be installed with high-strength PVC fabric, which is a more expensive option but offers the obvious additional benefits of being waterproof but also longer lasting.

Shade sails are incredibly versatile and offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to meet your needs. Despite its easy set-up, installing a shade sail does require expertise, though. Correct configuration involves secure and accurate mounting points so that adequate tension is applied to the sail, enabling correct shape and to prevent flapping in the wind.

With many years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing shade sails for a range of clients, you can be confident in the quality, functionality and durability of your brand new shade sail.

Shelters for every application and building type supplied across the UK

At A&S Landscape, we offer a comprehensive range of shelters suited to any school environment, purpose and application. With an emphasis on high-quality, long-lasting materials and stunning, well-designed structures, our covered area solutions provide functional and accessible spaces that can be enjoyed all year-round, protect your pupils and staff from the weather (both drenching rain and dangerous UV rays), and enhance your school premises.

Our expansive range of Maxima and Motiva shelter systems include everything from entrance canopies, dining area canopies and playground shade sails to cycle stores, covered walkways and multi-use games area canopies. There are hundreds of design configurations to choose from, along with a whole host of materials, colours and finishes. Throw in optional extras such as side panels and doors, guttering and downpipes, and padded post protectors, and you’re sure to find the perfect shelter to meet all of your requirements.

At A&S Landscape, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed shelters for many schools, local authorities and property managers throughout the UK, developing a reputation as an excellent, efficient and reliable provider of covered solutions.

Sports canopies for covering every sport at every level

Outdoor sports facilities provide a valuable service to the community. Whether it’s football, tennis or hockey, these spaces help young children, school pupils and local residents stay fit, active and engaged in healthy social activities while reaping the benefits of clean, fresh air. However, as all sports fanatics will know, our unpredictable British weather can often put a damper on our favourite hobbies.

A canopy is crucial to making sure your sports facility remains accessible all year-round, whatever the weather. Whether it’s a grass field, an artificial pitch or a multi-use court, a canopy provides shelter from rain, snow and ice, allowing your pitch or court to be used not just in the sunny months but during the harsher ones. In doing so, you’re able to accommodate more activity programmes for paying users and maximise your revenue stream.

At A&S Landscape, our sports canopies are constructed with only the most durable materials to meet the highest specifications while ensuring longevity and providing excellent value for money. Floodlights and fencing can also be installed to truly maximise your sports facility’s potential. With a diverse array of applications, our canopies also work great for sheltered spectator stands, outdoor performance centres and all-weather training facilities.

Having worked with several esteemed sporting clients including The FA, Team GB, Archery GB and the Royal Air Force, we’ve got your sports canopy needs covered.

Straight roof designs offer functional cover with smart looks and quick installation.

A functional and no-fuss solution to your covered area needs, you really can’t go wrong with a straight roof canopy. The go-to configuration for canopies situated against building elevations, straight roof canopies are used for many applications including covered walkways, waiting and seating areas, and playgrounds.

At A&S Landscape, the Motiva Linear™ is our flagship straight roof canopy. This is a monopitch (asymmetric) straight roof variant where one side is slightly higher than the other, creating a straight angled canopy. The structure combines an all-steel framework with polycarbonate roof canopies, and can either have a galvanised finish or Dura-coat™ colour finish.

The customisation doesn’t end there. The Motiva Linear™ can be designed to accommodate virtually any dimensions while offering a host of optional extras including side panels, aluminium guttering and downpipes, and clear, opal or coloured roof. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work closely with you to design, manufacture and install a straight roof canopy that’s right for you.

Timber canopies and quality wooden shelters are a further A&S Landscape option

At A&S Landscape, we don’t just specialise in steel, polycarbonate, fabric and glass canopies, but we offer a range of high-quality timber canopies suited to any space and application.

Our wooden shelters and gazebos not only provide shelter and protection from the elements, but they add a warm, rustic feel to your premises, creating a perfect outdoor free-flow learning or play area while complementing the natural foliage. Our timber shelters work particularly well in playgrounds, parks, public spaces, nature reserves, forest schools and outdoor dining areas.

A wooden canopy from A&S Landscape can be designed and built to your exact specifications. When it comes to the roofing options, there is plenty of choice. You can choose between a straight roof or a curved roof variant while we also offer a multicoloured polycarbonate roof to truly catch the eye.

Whatever your requirements and preferences, you can be sure that your brand new timber canopy is highly durable, sustainably sourced and built to last.

Timber frame shelter we designed for King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girl's Academy

How much do school canopies cost?

If you are looking at investing in your outdoor space or garden with the installation of a shelter, then the price of the canopies likely to be a big factor in your decision. At A&S Landscape, our entire product range is made with the highest quality materials and the latest technology to give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best product for your money. Our wide range of canopies are made bespoke to every project so that we can ensure our design meets all of your requirements. This means that we don’t have a standard price list as we don’t stock ‘off the shelf’ canopies.

Instead, we calculate prices for each job taking into account a wide range of factors, including the size of the area, the design you are looking for and what the canopies will be used for. This allows us to not only give you an accurate idea of prices, but we will also suggest the ideal shelter from our range of designs. For schools, our quotes include a range of other services as standard, including the installation of your shelter.

To get a price for your shade structure project, all we need is some photos of the proposed area along with some rough dimensions. From this, we can work on finding the best option for the space and provide you with an idea of how much the work would cost. Our design team has over 44 years of experience, so you know you’re in safe hands with A&S Landscape. Whether you are looking for entrance canopies for your school or retractable awnings for your hotel garden, we have a wide range of products to suit your needs.

We understand that not all of our customers can readily afford our range of canopy products which is why we will always work with you to find a solution. Whether that’s adjusting our finance options to fit around your needs or even helping you to find another source of funding with our grants guide, our friendly team is here to help. So if you are looking for canopies uk prices for your project, get in touch with us by calling 01743 444100 or emailing [email protected].

Dining Area Canopy for a School made with polycarbonate