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Willmott Dixon Site Manager

A&S Landscape worked in a way that let us get other trades to fit around them. We’re happy to work with A&S again.

Site Manager
Branston Community Academy Caretaker

A&S Landscape was aware of all health and safety considerations and there was no disruption to the site.

Premises manager of Haileybury College

We worked with A&S Landscape closely until we had a gorgeous finished project. Their staff were very helpful.

Premises Manager

Parks & Public Spaces

Parks and public spaces offer tranquil outdoor areas around the country. Places for people to go and enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air. Shade sails and canopies can play a big part in making sure these spaces are accessible all year round.

There are so many different reasons that you may want to add a canopy to a park or public area whether there is a play area, which needs a sail to protect little ones from UV rays or a canopy for wet weather. It might be that there is a café in the park which needs to offer customers somewhere dry and shaded to sit whilst they watch the children in the playground. A public sports pitch might benefit from a covered spectator stand.

Anything installed into the public realm, of course, must be of the highest quality which has always been one of our hallmarks. We only use the strongest materials and longest guarantees backed by our industry-leading service. Our installation team can work around your requirements to ensure the shelter is fitted with minimal disruption so your visitors will hardly notice the work being carried out.

A&S Landscape have a wide range of fabric, polycarbonate and glass canopies and can create bespoke solutions to ensure that your space has just the right design. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects across the country, and we are proud of our ever-growing list of happy clients. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Our Clients

Parks and Public Spaces Clients

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Our Featured Park Canopy Project

Green Fabric Umbrella Canopy Added to Ashcott Playing Fields in Somerset

Canopy we installed at Ashcott Playing Fields

What was the project brief?

Ashcott Playing Fields is a recreational ground consisting of three football fields, a park with play equipment, a pavilion, and changing facilities. It is located in the small village of Ashcott, Somerset, and is used by local sports teams, local residents and visitors. Although the area provided a great place to appreciate the natural environment, they were lacking inadequate shelter. Parents often came to watch their children play football or on the play equipment, rain or shine. Without the weather protection, they either got very wet or risked being burnt in the sun!

This was a real shame, as the recreation ground had much to offer. With the new pavilion added in 2016, largely funded by Viridor credits and the Parish Council, the playing fields came complete with a fully equipped kitchen and a function room. In terms of useful public spaces, the area was almost the ‘full package,’ but it desperately required a shade solution. That is where A&S Landscape stepped in. With 44 years of experience of enhancing playgrounds and outdoor areas, they could help with the entire process.

What was our canopy solution?

The canopy had to be relatively large to allow for people to gather underneath, as a viewing area for parents while their children played in the park, or for the spectators at a sports match. With minimal uprights and measuring at 4m x 4m, the Maxima Umbrella™ would provide the maximum amount of covered space, provide all of the necessary weather protection, while also being a cost-effective solution. The canopy was installed next to the park, providing a perfectly located shelter for parents accompanying their children.

What was the result of their new park canopy?

Canopy we installed at Ashcott Playing FieldsWith a rating of five stars from the team at Ashcott Playing Fields, we think that this canopy may have gone down very well! They are over the moon with the shelter and have already received many compliments from parents, families and friends who can now watch the games under the comfort of the canopy.

The already amazing village facilities have been further improved with the addition of the PVC waterproof fabric canopy, there is now no huddling under umbrellas, or squinting from the sun! Any facility within the public realm must be of the highest quality for the safety and wellbeing of the public, but it has to be said that this particular canopy is one to be rivalled with!

Testimonial / Client Feedback

“We love it, we’ve had lots of compliments about it. People have used it to shelter as they watch the football and we are delighted!”

– Ashcott Playing Fields

About the client

Ashcott Playing fields are a registered charity who are responsible for maintaining and developing the playing fields for the benefit of the public. Facilitating their visitors to enjoy the natural environment is high on their list of priorities, and this was obvious from their canopy project. They were a brilliant organisation to work with, sharing our passion for the great outdoors, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Why invest in a canopy for your park?

Canopy we installed at Ashcott Playing FieldsWith outdoor public spaces, there comes a responsibility to the organisation that manages the area to ensure that they are accessible at all times of the year. Fresh air, natural green space and outdoor exercise all have massively positive impacts on both physical and mental health, and playing out in the cold can even boost a child’s immune system! Whatever the weather, venturing to the park or spectating a football match should not be a problem if there is inadequate shelter from the weather. Without the shade in the summer, there is the risk of sun damage, and standing out in the rain is just no fun at all. Nevertheless, being outside should not be compromised.

As well as the practical benefits, a shelter can be as big of a statement as you like. It can bring a sense of character to a park, encouraging more people to visit. As well as the bold range of fabric canopies A&S Landscape has to offer, including the wide variety of shade sails, there are many others that can help you bring a sense of identity to your park. You could try a multicoloured polycarbonate roof, or a custom made bespoke canopy, you are limited only by your imagination!

Why choose A&S Landscape?

A&S Landscape has designed, manufactured, and installed thousands of canopies across the UK. In the 44 years we have operated as a family-run business, we have maintained our core values which have upheld the integrity, efficiency and reliability of our service. We have worked with public bodies, NHS trusts, local authorities, as well as some impressive world-class organisations such as The Football Association and Team GB. Whatever your outdoor cover needs look no further than A&S Landscape. We’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Canopy we installed at Ashcott Playing Fields

Ashcott Playing Fields Before and After


The Benefits of Canopies & Shade Sails in Parks & Public Spaces

  • Makes the Space Accessible All Year Round — Our canopies and shade sails allow families, children and young people to enjoy your park or public space all year round. Rain or shine, our range of covered area solutions are specifically designed to provide protection from all types of weather, creating a comfortable space for park visitors to stay dry, sheltered and safe, no matter the forecast. Making your park or public space more accessible not only improves the lives of the local community, but makes the space a more worthwhile and rewarding investment.
  • Protects Children From the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays — While we all love to top up our tans and take in that much-needed vitamin D when it’s sunny, being out in the sun too much can be dangerous, especially for little ones. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. A trip to the park should be about fun, fresh air and family time, not potentially harming you or your children’s health. Thanks to our high-strength, UV-resistant PVC fabric roofing, our canopies and shade sails provide much-needed shade in parks and public spaces, safeguarding both you and your family from those potentially dangerous UV rays.
  • Provides Shelter from Wet Weather — Our covered area solutions protect you not only during the sunny season, but in the wetter months too (and we all know there are too many of those in the UK!). Rain, wind, hail and snow all pose a threat to what should be a pleasant trip to the park, but with our canopies and shade sails, families can still make the most of what the park has to offer while remaining sheltered from the elements. Many of our canopy designs have the option of smartly integrated downpipes and guttering, further helping you to deal with those dreaded downpours. We can’t promise our canopies will stop the little ones from splashing around in puddles, though!
  • Offers a Covered Seating Area — Our canopies and shade sails are ideal for covering picnic benches and outdoor seating areas, creating a space for people to sit, eat and relax while staying safe and protected from the weather. Families can enjoy a picnic together while parents can take a (much needed!) rest while keeping an eye on their children as they play. If there’s a café in your park, our covered area solutions are a great way to provide your customers with a dry and sheltered outdoor seating space where they can enjoy a hot drink or tasty treat and watch the world go by. Solid, stylish and safe—our canopies and shade sails are a high-quality alternative to parasols.

Why Choose A&S Landscape For Your Park Canopy or Shade Sail?

  • Trusted Supplier Amongst Local Authorities — Over the last 44 years of trading, we’ve manufactured, designed and installed many canopies and shade sails in parks and public spaces throughout the UK. Since 1976, we’ve worked with a long list of local authorities, councils and builders up and down the country, earning a reputation as a reliable and efficient supplier of high-quality park canopies. Our extensive expertise and experience within this sector means we’re able to offer advice, anticipate issues and propose solutions throughout the entire process, ensuring that your canopy or shade sail is the best that it can possibly be.


Our Accreditations
Sail shade we installed at Sprouts Play Barn

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