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Dry access and defined routes between buildings with a covered walkway

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Headteacher of Our Lady's RC High School

I had no hesitation going back to A&S for another canopy, because I knew I was going to get value for money.

Business Manager,
Our Lady’s RC High School
St Lawrence Primary School Logo

It was an excellent service, everything was on time and the efficient team have done a great job done!

Local Authority,
St Lawrence Primary School
Tewkesbury Estate Manager

A&S Landscape was very competitive. We chose them based on the time they had invested before we ordered.

Estates Manager,
Tewkesbury School

Covered Walkway Systems

When it comes to weatherproofing your site, there is one thing that lots of project managers or decision-makers forget about, and that’s the transitional spaces between buildings. Walkways and transitional spaces have high footfall in schools, business parks and industrial buildings alike, which means that you need them to be as practical as possible.

What is a covered walkway?

Covered walkways are popular features of many large schools, universities, garden centres and hospitals. They consist of a straight or curved roof canopy located over an external path or walkway. The structures provide protection from the rain, wind, snow and sun.

Benefits of a covered walkway

Covered walkway systems not only help protect users in poor weather conditions, but they also provide protection of your pathways, to help them last longer and prevent moss or algae from growing, keeping the people who use your spaces safe too. Covered walkways are an affordable alternative to extending your current buildings and can be made to your specifications to ensure a light, bright and stylish appearance.

At A&S Landscape, we’re passionate about providing solutions for our clients that don’t just improve their outdoor spaces, but the lives of the people who use them. We’ve carried out a huge number of covered walkway projects in the last 40 years, and have experience working in a wide variety of sectors. We’re very proud of our reputation as a friendly, expert team who are incredibly knowledgeable about what we do, and are always happy to help. To find out more or to get your quick quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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Covered Walkway Ideas

Take a look through some of our featured covered walkway projects

Multicoloured Walkway Shelter Designed for St Nicholas C of E Primary School in Somerset

Shelter designed for St Nicholas Primary SchoolSt Nicholas Church of England Primary School in Somerset didn’t just want a covered walkway to allow the children and staff to move freely around the school, they wanted a bright and fun design that would really bring their outside area to life. They contacted the team at A&S Landscape who suggested using coloured polycarbonate in the roof to create a sheltered area that would offer maximum protection from the rain but also look magical when the sun shone through it, casting coloured light onto the ground beneath it. The school were so excited by this idea that they also decided to add a second play area canopy in the same matching colours. The transformation is astonishing, the canopies have really enhanced the school day for the children who marvel at the pretty colours whilst being able to enjoy outside play all year round. Click here to see more about the stunning, colourful canopies we installed at St Nicholas C of E Primary School.

Mount Pleasant Primary School in Huddersfield Add Straight Roof Shelters

Shelter we installed at Mount Pleasant Primary SchoolMount Pleasant Primary School in Huddersfield were over the moon with their brand-new state-of-the-art building and really wanted the children to be able to enjoy the grounds come rain or shine. Recognising the need for some outside shelter, they engaged with A&S Landscape who suggested installing two covered walkways that would complement the building whilst also giving the children somewhere to play. This would also allow the teachers to undertake lessons outside and provide some much-needed additional storage space that was protected from the elements. In keeping with the schools modern and fresh new look, they chose the Motiva Linear design in a smart Anthracite Grey. The children and teachers alike were delighted with the canopies, they can now walk between buildings without getting wet and also keep cool in the height of summer. Read more about the straight roof canopies we installed at Mount Pleasant Primary School.

Red Covered Walkway Shelter Made for Barr View Primary & Nursery Academy in Birmingham

Canopy we installed at Great Barr Primary SchoolRunning between buildings to dodge a rain shower is not much fun. Barr View Primary & Nursery Academy in Birmingham decided that the best way to tackle this was to investigate the feasibility of a covered walkway linking several buildings to ensure maximum shelter. They contacted A&S Landscape who were excited by the brief and proposed an eye-catching and funky wave design that would make the outside of the school look fun and welcoming while also keeping the children dry. The school loved the design and decided to opt for the bright and colourful Traffic Red for the frame with an Opal polycarbonate roof to offer enhanced UV protection. The result is absolutely amazing, this stunning walkway adds a pop of colour to even the greyest of winter days. Learn more about the wave roof walkway we installed at Barr View Primary & Nursery Academy.

The King’s School in Macclesfield Add Covered Walkways to Site

Walkway canopy we designed for The Kings SchoolA&S Landscape was excited to work with the prestigious The King’s School in Macclesfield to help make further improvements to the excellent campus. As a school that prioritises its students’ needs and daily experience, the staff were keen to solve one issue in particular. When the students had to walk between buildings, they would often be exposed to the elements causing them to arrive at lessons cold and wet. That’s where we came in and installed a pair of Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopies. These shelters are an effective way of creating outdoor covered space which can be used for a multitude of applications. From storage of equipment to use as an outdoor classroom, the shelters will be a real asset to the school for many years to come. Continue reading about the covered walkways at The King’s School here.

Bespoke Fabric Walkway Canopy Designed for Winstanley College in Wigan

Canopy we designed for Winstanley CollegeWinstanley College in Wigan engaged with a leading UK contractor to create a purpose-built resource centre and were keen to keep the access to it dry and easily accessible. A&S Landscape were delighted to be approached to design, manufacture and install a bespoke tensile fabric covered walkway that would offer shelter from the elements while creating a breezy, contemporary look. The design team were excited by the brief and the project was a joy to be a part of. The finished structure is phenomenal. The crisp and clean white sail sweeping high into the sky whilst protecting the students and staff as they walk between the buildings. Click here to see more about our bespoke covered walkway we created for Winstanley College.

Dowdales School in Cumbria Add Curved Roof Walkway Canopy

Canopy we installed at Dowdales Primary SchoolThe students at Dowdales School in Cumbria were tired of arriving at lessons with soggy books and having to take their breaks indoors when it was wet and dreary outside. The staff decided that a covered walkway would be a cost-effective solution that would make a real difference to the school. Keen to ensure that the canopy looked sleek and contemporary, they opted for a curved roof canopy in a subtle Squirrel Grey colour. The students can now walk freely between buildings and the addition of some picnic tables have also resulted in the option for alfresco dining, which will have many benefits for the children. The school are delighted by the canopy’s versatility, the books are dry, and the students love having a sheltered space where they can socialise and enjoy the fresh air. Read more about the curved roof shelter we installed at Dowdales School.

Our Featured Covered Walkway Project

Aldersley High School in the West Midlands add Fabric Covered Walkway

Sails we fitted at Aldersley High School

What was the project brief?

Aldersley High School in Wolverhampton wanted to reinvent an outdoor area within their campus. They wanted to transform the overall appearance of the square-shaped patio (known as ‘the quad’) from a neglected area without purpose, to one that was useful to the students all year round. The area lacked adequate shelter and shade, and the school knew that a splash of colour would make the space more attractive.

Their second requirement was the need to link together the canopies to create a covered walkway across the patio. This was to be complemented by an additional wall-mounted covered walkway that would offer protection for a defined route alongside one of the existing buildings. This was a big investment for the school, and they wanted to ensure that they were led with expert advice.

That’s when A&S Landscape were introduced to the project. From the full design, to the quality guarantee of the final product, A&S Landscape could offer help at every stage of the process. With excellent knowledge of made to measure shelters and excellent covered walkway expertise, they were able to assist Wolverhampton City Council with the design process and the builder with the installation. This project required efficient coordination and communication between the various teams.

What was our canopy and covered walkway solution?

Sails we installed at Aldersley High SchoolWhenever we are tasked with the reinvention of a former unloved area, we look into all options available to us and our clients. On this occasion, after detailed drawings were prepared at the design stage for the school’s perusal, four shade sails from the Maxima StarSail™ range were chosen to meet the school’s exact requirements. In the colours of Boulder, Poppy, Concrete and Raspberry, these canopies are a fantastic addition to the school. They create a modern look and do exactly as they say on the tin, provide good-quality, functional cover all year round. They were installed intentionally along the courtyard, so students were able to cross from one side to the other with complete protection from the weather.

The fifth canopy installed was from our Motiva Linear™ range, built with a steel framework and a polycarbonate roof. The linear roof allows for rainwater to run off due to its asymmetric shape. Again, this was a statement shelter, with the school choosing a spectacular combination of grey steelwork and opal roofing. The design flexibility of these canopies mean they can be installed almost anywhere and have a vast span of dimension options. This makes them an excellent asset for walkways, which are sometimes freestanding or wall-mounted.

What was the result of their new canopies and covered walkway?

The five shelters play an important part in the comfortable transition between school buildings. The covered link ensures that all visitors, students and staff members are able to move about even during times of inclement weather. Previous to the installation of the canopies, there was a paramount importance for a covered walkway to provide this protection, and the shelters installed by A&S Landscape perfectly fulfil this role.

Not only have the fabric shade sail canopies created a clearly defined route across the courtyard, the children are using the previously neglected area of ‘the quad’ as a place to hang out and socialise with their friends. The multi-purpose use of these shelters is fantastic. With the quality assurance they received from us and the fluidity of the whole process, the school are wonderfully pleased with the shelters too. They now feel that can offer the best experience for the children they educate.

Entrance to Aldersley High SchoolAbout the client

Aldersley High School in Wolverhampton, the West Midlands, is a school academy offering education for students aged between 11-18. Reinforced by their bright choice of colours for the canopies, they describe themselves as a vibrant and innovative school, and it was a pleasure to work with them on the impressive covered walkway for the ‘quad.’ They were informative and communicative with our design and install team throughout, and we enjoyed very much working with them.

Why invest in a covered walkway?

When you are looking to transform school properties, or other educational facilities such as a primary schoolcollege or university, it must be a worthy investment. The canopy must have the needs of the children at the forefront, while also being cost-effective. When you are looking to invest in your business, the benefits need to reaped by your customers, so why are covered walkways an excellent investment?

Protection from the elements

Remaining in wet clothes for significant periods of time can be highly uncomfortable. If you’ve popped to your local garden centre for the day and want to have a browse, walking about with wet socks isn’t highly enjoyable. The same is true for pupils moving between buildings to get to their next class, often books and equipment can get damaged by the wind and rain.

Protect inside areas

Carpets are prone to deteriorating much more quickly when they are subject to being trampled on by wet feet. If you’ve just added a brand-new carpet to the floor of your restaurant, covered linkways could save you money in the long run.

They add style

A&S Landscape offer a wide range of stylish covered walkways for you to choose from. They can be designed with a curved roof, with side panels or left completely to your imagination with one of our bespoke solutions. With the correct design and assistance from us, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your covered walkway investment.

Why choose A&S Landscape?

The basic rule we follow is to listen to the needs of our customers. We have designed, manufactured and installed canopies in school establishments across the UK for 44 years. Since 1976, we have developed a breadth of knowledge and offer the industry’s leading quality guarantee.

Our complete range of canopies is completely unique to others on the market, and many can be adapted to fit with existing outdoor fittings. Covered areas allow for open space to become socially-active areas, and offer a cost-effective solution.

If you’d like to know more about our huge range of outdoor shelters, please give us a call on 01743 444100 or at [email protected] to speak to a member of our friendly team.

Canopy we fitted at Aldersley High School

Walkway Canopies Pricing

As with all our products, the best way to get a price is to talk to us or you can visit our prices page for details of how to contact us for pricing. As a basic rule, a straight roof canopy will cost less than a curved roof option and a one-way sloping roof (as opposed to pitched or barrel vault design) will save on guttering.

Options for covered walkways

  • Freestanding canopies
  • Wooden covered walkway
  • Wall fixed canopies
  • Straight roof canopy
  • Pitched roof canopies
  • Curved roof variant
  • Side panels
  • Post pads

How are Covered Walkways Constructed?

When it comes to investing in your outdoor space with a covered walkway construction project, it’s important to make sure you are getting the correct walkway canopy for your needs. Before ultimately deciding upon a supplier, you should make sure they understand all of your requirements so that the construction of your walkway canopy is a success. Many companies will first visit the site to evaluate the accessibility of the area and check the location of any drains. This will then influence the walkway canopy designs they produce, as it is vital that these work with the surrounding buildings and environment.

At the drawing stage, it is key to ensure that the correct walkway design is created to meet your needs. It may be that you require a walkway with access for users with wheelchairs or mobility issues, or larger span walkways be suitable if you want to cover a fair amount of space. The style of walkway can also be customised, as you will often get a choice of a straightcurved or even fabric roof. Once the designs of your covered walkway canopies have been approved, the manufacturing process will begin.

After the walkway canopies have been manufactured, a installation team can start to construct the shelter on site. Depending on the size of the covered walkways, this process can take several days to a few weeks. Once the work has been completed, you should be asked to complete a final check that you are happy with the quality of the installation and structure.

A walkway canopy solution can suit many types of buildings and clients, we’ve worked with schools and businesses across the UK installing our canopies, shelters and shade structures. To get a free, no-obligation quote email [email protected].

Read about more of our covered walkway canopy installations

Multicoloured Roof Canopy Added to Hatfield Peverel Infants School in Chelmsford

Colourful canopy we designed for Hatfield Peverel SchoolHatfield Peverel Infants School wanted to add some cover to a well-used walkway as often the pupils and teachers would be exposed to the wet and cold weather. It was important to the school that the shelter solution would work with the surrounding environment and the ethos of the site. A&S Landscape was selected to install a Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy, a popular product amongst schools. To help the shelter fit in with the school, we added a multicoloured polycarbonate roof to the design to create a rainbow effect. Both the staff and the pupils are thrilled with the new walkway cover and the colourful roof has only added to the warm and welcoming atmosphere at this lovely school. To read more about the colourful walkway shelter at Hatfield Peverel Infants School, click here.

St Giles C of E Primary School in Shropshire Add Curved Roof Canopy

Shelter we fitted at St Giles SchoolThe Headteacher of St Giles C of E Primary School in Shropshire wanted a covered walkway canopy that could also double up as a sheltered play area to keep the children dry when walking between classrooms and also give them somewhere undercover to chat to their friends, play games and listen to the birds singing in the trees. The school thought it would be lovely to have the canopy in the exact same purple as the school colours and gave the team at A&S Landscape one of their school jumpers to ensure a perfect match! The canopy has made such a difference to school life, the children are proud that their canopy matches the colour of the jumpers they put on each morning and the staff are over the moon that they can keep dry even on the wettest of days. Read more about this striking curved roof canopy we installed at St Giles C of E Primary School.

Whitgreave Primary School in the West Midlands Add Cover to Walkway

Covered walkway shelter we made for Whitgreave Primary SchoolA local school to the A&S Landscape head office, Whitgreave Primary School approached us for a shelter to cover a pathway between buildings. Our design team carefully evaluated the school’s requirements and created a proposal for a Motiva Linear™ polycarbonate roof shelter. To match the school’s logo, the steelwork of the structure was finished in a vibrant Traffic Blue, which also added a splash of colour to the area. The Opal polycarbonate used on the roof of the structure will not only allow a safe level of sunlight through but will also provide essential UV ray protection for the pupils. The school are delighted with the new walkway cover, thanks to the versatility of the design it can also be utilised during playtimes and lessons too. Click here to see more about the walkway canopy we made for Whitgreave Primary School.

Covered Walkway Canopy at Booker Park School in Buckinghamshire

Straight roof shelter we made for Booker Park SchoolBooker Park School embarked on the project to add some shelter to a pathway outside of their early years classroom. This would prevent the young pupils from being exposed to the weather conditions as they lined up to enter the building, as often they would become too wet, cold or hot. The school approached shelter specialists A&S Landscape for a walkway canopy that would last for many years and withstand any harsh weather. We installed our popular Motiva Linear™ product, with Squirrel Grey steelwork and Opal polycarbonate roofing. As the canopy was located near the early years building, post pad protectors were also added to the uprights of the structure. Want to see more? Head over to our project page to read about the walkway cover at Booker Park School.

Wall-mounted Walkway Shelter at Wymeswold Primary School in Loughborough

Wymeswold Primary School in Loughborough wanted to install a covered walkway canopy to add shelter to a regularly used path between two buildings. As the outdoor space was limited, it was important to the school that the canopy design used minimal floor space. The experienced team at A&S Landscape was glad to help and suggested that we wall mount our standard Motiva Linear™ product. The school was not only pleased with the design but also the installation which ‘went perfectly. The installers were superb and very polite’. Thanks to our manufacturing process, we are able to make bespoke adjustments to our canopies so that we can find the perfect solution for your project. With over 40 years of experience, we are renowned as the experts in our industry. See more about the walkway cover at Wymeswold Primary School here.

Covered walkway we added to Wareham Recycling Centre

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