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Commercial Canopies

Factories, delivery depots, retail parks and all other types of commercial buildings require covered outdoor space whether that be loading bay canopies, parking area canopies, bin stores, covered walkways, entrance canopies or smoking shelters.

Commercial canopies can offer shade and shelter for visitors, staff, stock or bicycles helping you increase footfall, improve the customer experience, protect your staff and move your property upmarket.

On larger sites covered walkways between buildings or to car parking areas work well and for every site entrance canopies, cycle parking and smoking shelters are essential. More companies are improving their hospitality provision, we can help you with covered areas for your coffee drinking staff or clients.

A&S Landscape can help you create canopies that will enhance your site with well-designed structures from the Motiva range of steel and polycarbonate canopies or the Maxima range of steel and fabric canopies. Whether tensile fabric or steel and polycarbonate or glass, our canopies can be designed in a wide range of materials and finishes to match your branding, all structures can be designed to accept signage.

Canopies can add the finishing touch to your commercial premises, signposting entrances, covering walkways or offering general cost effective weather protection to other areas for a myriad of reasons. Whatever kind of covered solution, canopy or shelter you need for your property get in touch to discuss the options.


Take a look at some of our commercial canopy projects

Mistley Village Hall in Essex Add All-Weather Red Curved Roof Shelter

Canopy we installed at Mistley Village HallMistley Village Hall in Essex was doing some construction work on the premises, looking to improve the services it can offer visitors. As part of this, they decided they wanted to add a shelter to the building. This was to offer protection from the weather when needed, as rain often makes their spaces difficult to use. They contacted us so they could choose from our range of commercial canopies. The village hall had a Motiva Mono shelter constructed on the side of the building, giving it a lot more benefits for those that use it. The shelter fits nicely to the side of the building, so it looks as though it was always there. Being on the side of the building, it also shelters the building from the sun, making it cooler inside in the summer months. If you want to know more about the curved roof canopy at Mistley Village Hall, click here.

Brand-New Curved Roof Entrance Canopy For DMS Chromium Plating Ltd in Kidderminster

Canopy we fitted at DMS Chromium Plating LtdDMS Chromium Plating Ltd is a highly respected company, offering their customers the highest quality service every time. This attention to detail even applies to their premises, with the company wanting to make it even better. They chose us to design a canopy that would protect their entrance, keeping everyone who comes in and out of the building out of the rain as they do so. With us, they used the Motiva Entro to create that canopy. The new construction has created a place to shelter from the elements, perfect for those looking for keys or waiting to be admitted to the building, or even for postal workers as they deliver mail. The canopy was made in an eye-catching blue colour too, sure to catch the attention of anyone walking by as they see it. To see more about the entrance canopy at DMS Chromium Plating Ltd, click here.

Mid Devon Constitutional Club Enhanced with New Straight Roof Entrance Canopy

Canopy we fitted at Devon Tiverton Constitutional ClubThe Mid Devon Constitutional Club needed a entrance canopy at their building in order to make it feel smarter and provide cover from the elements for those who use the building. They looked into commercial canopies, as they needed something that would both look great and be able to stand the test of time. They talked to us about what we could offer, and they had us construct a Motiva Linear canopy over their entrance. This has given them everything they needed from a canopy. The smart white colour and style blends in with the existing building, so it looks as though it has always been there. The robust materials ensure shelter from the rain, important for anyone waiting underneath it. It has been a hit with the club’s members and brought a lot of benefits to all of them. Read about Mid Devon Constitutional Club’s linear entrance canopy.

Shade Sail Installed at Royal Mail in Cheshire Creates Outdoor Break Space

Sail we designed for Royal Mail CheshireEvery business knows that providing the best break spaces possible is important. If staff have a good place to recharge and take breaks, they can come back to work and get the most out of the workday. Royal Mail in Cheshire know that, and that’s why they decided to add a covered break area on their grounds, that their staff could enjoy. We got involved in the project and helped them decide on a Maxima StarSail for the area they had in mind. It gave them a lot of shade over the area, so staff can sit outside when it’s hot without worrying about being in direct line of the sun. The grey colour of the shades fits in perfectly with the rest of the building, and benches underneath make it the perfect break space. Read more about the fabric shade sail at Royal Mail.


Take a look at our featured commercial canopy project

Crown Industrial Estate in Taunton adds Five Entrance Canopies

Entrance cover that we designed for Mercedes Benz

What was the project brief?

Back in 2018, preparations started early in January for a new industrial development site in central Taunton, the first of its kind for at least 10 years. The project, located at Crown Industrial Estate, comprised of the development of 30,000 sq. ft into grade A commercial space, specifically designed to cater for the industrial market. Existing tenants of commercial establishments within the industrial site included Screwfix, Euro Car Parts and Ford. This was to be an attractive development for the small Devon town of Taunton, where there was a supply and demand imbalance of this type of space.

Prior to completion in Spring, one of the 6,600 sq. ft units had already been pre let to City West Country Ltd (Mercedes-Benz). With a prestigious brand that is known for its extreme levels of quality, it was important to ensure that the outward appearance of the commercial buildings matched this for them, and for any further tenants. To complete the look of the entrances, it was decided that permanent canopies would be added as an overhang to the doors. This is where A&S Landscape came in, specifically chosen by the builder who worked on the site. The developers wanted to accomplish a functional covered area, as well as ensure the commercial property looked the part for the future tenants. With their exact requirements known, A&S Landscape set out to find an effective solution.

What was our cover solution?

We knew that chosen commercial canopy had to be built from the highest quality of materials, with leading guarantees and warrant all practical benefits.White Straight Roof Shelter It was just as important that the additional shelters were a focal point upon entering the building. There was no doubt that the best solution would be the Motiva Entrada™, individually picked from our large range of cover solutions. We installed five canopies altogether, each with the same dimensions and specifications. Specifically designed to cover the outside area above an entrance door, these stunning structures have a sleek design, one that will leave all visitors with a great first impression.

Developed in association with architects and builders as one of our premium canopy structures, the Motiva Entrada™ boasts an angled roofline and gutter system, allowing for maximum protection from the weather, and effective water run-off. It is a freestanding canopy, and so lays no interference with the brickwork and won’t breach the thermal performance of the building envelope. With its own gutter system, it does not wear on steel structures of the building. As far as practicalities and style go, they are true examples of ideal canopies.

What was the result of their new commercial canopy?

As the developers had hoped, this straight roof canopy added some real focal points to the site. The covered outdoor space is a prominent first point upon entering the premises, neatly framing the double doors, with the white steel frame and the stylish glass roof. There are two possible roof panel materials for the Motiva Entrada, with a polycarbonate roof being the second option we had, however we believe that the glass roof panels are the perfect addition to the contemporary look of the entire building.

Since Mercedes-Benz opened their new Light Commercial Vehicle Hub on 4th June 2018, the new site has been welcomed by locals and existing customers alike. The state-of-the-art commercial premises have created several career opportunities for local people, and this is expected to increase as the enterprise expands. The new property truly does make a real statement within Crown Industrial Estate, and we know that a large part of this is down to the detail of the various entrance areas. It is fair to say that these stunning installations really do give the right first impression that all businesses are looking to achieve.

About the client

The site developers were LGIM Real Assets (Legal & General), who invested in the development on behalf of its Industrial Property Investment Fund (IPIF). The new site is located at Crown Industrial Estate in Taunton, and officially opened in Summer 2018. We very much enjoyed working with the builder on this project. We are pleased to know that the commercial canopy we chose, proved to be the right product for the site and that these stunning installations will be durable, and serve all future tenants for years to come.

How will an entrance canopy enhance your business?

Entrance cover that we designed for Mercedes BenzWhen you first see commercial properties, what are the first things that catch your eye? It’s going to be the outside spaces, and most likely, the business’ entrance. However, attractive, weather-protective entrance canopies can bring more benefits than meets the eye, here are just a few reasons why you should consider a commercial canopy for your entrance.

Weather protection

A shelter helps to protect existing architecture, specifically the door, from the various weather conditions. However high quality the build, wear and degradation of brickwork and other architecture is inevitable from the harmful UV rays. Building a large projection to cover this area, ensures impact resistance from even the worst weather conditions. In addition, a cover system protects employees and customers which is especially useful in busy commercial areas.


The steel frame of an entrance canopy is more than just structural support. Enjoy maximum exposure for your brand, with the wide variety of colours offered by the Dura-coat™ finish. With our custom-designed commercial canopies, your individual requirements are listened to, and your shelter will be manufactured with the latest cutting-edge technology. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and see how we can help you on 01743 444100.

Protect interior areas

This advantage is often forgotten, yet it is a real benefit to your business. With the year-round high UV protection, there is a decrease in the fading of interior furnishings and merchandise. This is because visitors and staff have the chance to dry off prior to entering the building, protecting carpets which can quickly degrade.

Useable outdoor space

This is particularly useful for the hospitality industry, where the sheltered space can create an outdoor seating area, which can equate to a huge uplift in profits. Or if you have a commercial site, a shelter can be used as a smoking area or a covered break area. It is not simply straight roof canopies that are available to you, we have hundreds of standard canopy designs that can be altered to fit with your requirements, including trendy shelters with fabric covers, like an umbrella canopy.

Aesthetic appeal

It goes without saying how a defined entrance is one of the simplest things, yet it can transform your business’s outward appearance. There are a lot of factors that you can decide on to create your perfect entrance, including framework structure, and the type of cover system so make sure you give us a call today to discuss your options on 01743 444100.

How can A&S Landscape help you?

With 44 years of experience, we can help you to transform your outside area with one of our highly effective shade systems. From your design vision, whether you require high strength permanent structures, or a shelter with entirely custom design options, we will assist you through your thought process. We know how valuable it is to ensure that your outside environment is fit for business. Whatever your specific requirements, we have got you covered!

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you find the perfect solution for your commercial canopy, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

White Entrance Canopy

Crown Industrial Estate Before and After


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