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Stunning, high-quality shade structures for playgrounds

Because we’ve worked with hundreds of schools, colleges and nurseries, A&S Landscape have the expertise to supply and install cost-effective shade sails for your school with the efficiency you would expect from a company with 40 years of experience. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best playground shade solution for your environment.

Benefits of Playground Shade Sails

  • Protects children from UV rays while playing in the sun
  • Adds vibrancy and colour to the playground environment
  • Extends playtimes during summer heatwaves
  • Offers a focal point to your outdoor space
  • Durable, versatile and functional shelter from wind and rain

Featured Playground Sail Designs

  • The Perse School StarSail

Maxima StarSail Click for more info

  • Umbrella Canopy

Maxima Umbrella Click for more info

  • Bespoke Shadesails

Bespoke Sails Click for more info

  • Maxima Tepee

Maxima Tepee Click for more info

  • Overlapping Triangle Shade Sails

Overlapping Sails Click for more info

  • Maxima Parasol

Maxima Parasols Click for more info

Beware Triangle Shade Sails

While a popular design, A&S Landscape do not recommend triangular-shaped sails. Any true tension membrane structure has a minimum of four attachment points with sufficient height difference, this allows three-dimensional shape in the fabric thus obtaining even tension (pre-stress) over the surface of the fabric. No matter how high or low each attachment point, a triangular fabric surface is still in a flat 2D shape. You need the fourth attachment point and height difference to generate a 3D shape. Flat structures  stretch over time with gravity load and sag between the catenary wires, resulting in the fabric flapping in the wind and increasing the corner attachment loads. The amount of shaded area produced by triangular structures is also poor because of the narrow angles at the corners, produced when the catenary cable edge curvature is installed.

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