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Wright Robinson Headteacher

“The whole process of us installing the canopies, from the first consultation was fantastic and brilliant.”

Headteacher, Wright Robinson College

R A Butler Academy Logo

“Excellent workmanship, everything was left clean and tidy. The team went out of the way to do a good job.”

Headteacher, R A Butler Academy

Claremont High School Assistant Headteacher

“I was impressed with all stages of the project. I have recommended A&S Landscape to other schools.”

Assistant Headteacher, Claremont High School

Curved Roof Canopies

Our curved roof canopies are fast becoming the most popular in our range of school shelters. Manufactured using the strongest materials and artistically designed with sweeping curves, they are much loved by primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities. Incredibly versatile, they suit a wide variety of applications including sheltered dining, outdoor learning, and outside play. All have an option to enclose the space by adding sides and doors.

There are four curved roof canopies available in our range:

The contemporary and sleek Motiva Mono is our monopitch (asymmetric) design. Featuring one high side, this design is perfect to be located against building elevations and looks equally as impressive in an open plan area.

The sophisticated and stylish Motiva Duo is our symmetric curved roof canopy. This aesthetically pleasing barrel vault canopy curves both ways meaning both sides are the same height. The Duo is an excellent addition to any open space and is our best-selling dining canopy design.

The vibrant and funky Motiva Wave benefits from either a single concave radius or a double curve (S shape). Well suited to a building with a low roofline, the Motiva Wave is sure to wow whether positioned against a building or to create a fun sheltered space in an open plan area.

Our Maxima Plaza is the newest addition to our range. A fresh and chic widespan barrel vault fabric canopy, it is an excellent solution for alfresco dining and sporting activities.

Take a look at some of the curved roof canopy projects we have completed

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School Install Blue Curved Roof Canopy in Manchester

Canopy we installed at Our Lady of LourdesShade and shelter solutions have come a long way in the 40 years that A&S Landscape has been working with schools and colleges across the UK. While our primary objective is always to enable better access to outdoors, whatever the weather, it is also always important to make sure that the designs available are varied and can really make a statement. A&S Landscape is proud to have expertly designed a striking range of curved roof canopies that are made to measure, meaning that we can always provide a solution that also delivers on the aesthetics. That is exactly what Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School in Manchester had in mind when they contacted the team here at A&S. The children loved taking their lessons outside, and the school wanted to be able to offer this to their pupils all year round. Learn more about the stunning curved roof canopy we installed here Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School.

Blue Curved Roof Shelter Installed at St Peter’s C of E Primary School in Loughborough

Shelter we installed at St Peter's C of E Primary SchoolAt St Peter’s C of E Primary School, they believe that learning should be an enjoyable and fun experience for all of the children they teach. Knowing that children are happier and more content when their school day is varied and allows them access to the great outdoors. The school engaged with A&S Landscape to talk through their ideas to create an outdoor sheltered space that would mean that the pupils could play outside in rain or shine and even have lessons outdoors on those warm but wet days that are all too common. They also wanted a design that looked welcoming to actively encourage the children to use it. After much consideration, they decided to go for one of our curved roof canopies and chose a calm and serene Marine Blue frame to complement the surrounding buildings. Read more about the blue curved roof shelter we fitted at St Peter’s C of E Primary School.

Ysgol Croes Atti in Flintshire Add a Red Curved Roof Playground Canopy

Shelter we fitted at Ygsol Croes AttiAn infant school in Flintshire were keen to get A&S Landscape involved early on to help them to add some shelter to their lovely playground area. They wanted a canopy that not only protected them from the weather but also created a vibrant and eye-catching outdoor space for the children to enjoy. They decided to go for a freestanding curved roof canopy in a beautiful Traffic Red that would brighten up the outside of their school even on the dreariest of days! The children love it, and can’t wait for playtime, hopscotch, skipping and chatting to their friends in the fresh air. The shelter now plays a very important part of their school day! Click here to see more about this playground canopy we installed at Ysgol Croes Atti.


Ethelbert Road Primary School in Kent Add Colourful Yellow Shelter

Canopy installed at Ethelbert Road SchoolEthelbert Road Primary School in Kent wanted to really spruce up their outside area to give the pupils a chance to let off some steam during the school day. They also wanted whilst to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun and the all too frequent rain that left the children morosely sitting indoors on their break times. The school advised that the canopy should be bright, bold and cheerful and thought that the Motiva Duo from A&S Landscape’s range of curved roof canopies would be just the ticket! Our team were excited by the brief and suggested a bright yellow frame with an Opal polycarbonate roof to really add the wow factor! The school were absolutely delighted with the result and decided to add some colourful fencing to complete the makeover. Learn more about this cheery curved roof canopy at Ethelbert Road Primary School.

Green Curved Roof Entrance Canopy Fitted at Oswestry Infants School in Shropshire

Shelter we fitted at Oswestry Infants SchoolAs well as providing a whole host of stunning playground shelters, A&S Landscape also designs and install some rather striking entrance canopies. When we were contacted by a local school in Shropshire to ask us to work on a bespoke curved roof canopy to sit at the entrance to their lovely building, we were only too happy to help. The school really wanted to provide some additional shelter for the parents at pick up and drop off times and thought that an entrance canopy would provide just that whilst also brightening up the outside of their building. The school are over the moon with the result and have also found that the canopy provides just the shelter they needed to begin to introduce outside learning to the school day. See more about this smart curved roof canopy at Oswestry Infants School.

Berkhampstead School in Gloucestershire Add Curved Roof Playground Shelter

Shelter we installed at Berkhampstead SchoolBerkhampstead School in Gloucestershire have some lovely outdoor space within the school grounds but were finding that the early years children could not make the most of it. Their sandpit was always wet, and they didn’t want to use the playhouse in the rain. A&S Landscape was delighted to be asked to work on a solution and proposed the Motiva Mono, just one of the options available within our range of curved roof canopies. Our aim was to help the school to create a large sheltered space that meant that the children’s beloved outdoor equipment was undercover. The result has been amazing! The children can now happily build their sandcastles in rain or shine and the school are very pleased with the robust and aesthetically pleasing canopy that sits proudly outside their building. Find out more about this outside playground shelter Berkhampstead School.

Curved Roof Canopy Design Options

  • Curved Roof Red School Canopy
The ‘Mono’ is our monopitch (asymmetric) curved roof variant - this is where one side is higher than the other, the standard configuration for canopies located against building elevations. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. Popular applications include covered walkways, play area canopies and outdoor dining areas.

Motiva Mono™ Click for more info

  • Tewkesbury School Curved Roof Canopy
The ‘Duo™’ is our duopitch (symmetric) curved roof variant - this is where both sides are at the same height, the most common configuration for standalone structures or structures against low roofline buildings. Ideal for covered walkways, playgrounds and outdoor dining areas.

Motiva Duo™ Click for more info

  • Burlish Park Entrance Canopy
The ‘Entro’ is the Motiva entrance canopy. This would normally be in duopitch configuration. Freestanding, wall fixed and partial wall fixed units are all possibilities. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. This is the entrance canopy to make the perfect first impression when someone arrives.

Motiva Entro™ Click for more info

  • Green Curved Roof Entrance Canopy
The ‘Wave’ is a monopitch or duopitch roof variant, with all the benefits of our standard designs but with a new and funky look. This is a good solution for buildings with low rooflines, where a standalone unit is required or where you need a canopy with that added wow factor.

Motiva Wave™ Click for more info

  • Ysgol Bro Alun Playground Canopy
The 'Cantilever' is a further Motiva variant; normally Mono in design but it can be Duo, Linear or Wave. Back, front or central upright options make this particularly useful for play areas and covered walkways and also where doors or other obstructions restrict upright locations.

Motiva Cantilever™ Click for more info

  • Fabric Curved Roof School Canopy
The ‘Maxima Plaza™ ’ is our widespan barrel vault fabric canopy structure typically in duopitch (symmetric) curved roof variant - this is where both sides are at the same height, the most common configuration for standalone structures. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. Ideal for covered dining areas, social spaces, sporting or play areas.

Maxima Plaza™ Click for more info

Our Featured Curved Roof Canopy Project

Cirencester College Add A Large Curved Roof Dining Area Canopy

Canopy we designed for Cirencester College

Cirencester College is a sixth-form facility that provides the educational stepping stone between young people leaving secondary school, and either going onto University, apprenticeships or going out to find a career through a different path. Developing social connections during this age is a huge part of life and this is recognised by the college.

Much of this socialising is done during lunch breaks, and so a large dining space was an essential addition to the campus. An open, fresh-air environment to eat was even better, to discourage the students from being inside all day. That’s when A&S Landscape was introduced, to help turn their ideas turn into a reality. This involved the design, manufacture and installation of a new dining area canopy.

What was our dining area canopy solution?

Shelter we installed at Cirencester CollegeWorking together with A&S Landscape, Cirencester college identified an area where they wanted to implement a large covered outdoor dining area. The new dining canopy needed to have the following specifications to suit the college’s needs – a curved roof, a robust steel and polycarbonate structure and it would have to offer the maximum covered dining capacity.

Using the area guidelines produced by the school, there was one canopy that matched all of their criteria, and this was from the Motiva Duo range. Measuring 16011mm x 8000mm, the outdoor dining room had the capacity to accommodate 100 students, along with all of the dining tables required.

The polycarbonate roof offers both rain and UV ray protection, while the slate grey coloured steel structure creates a modern feel to the design. With the canopy possessing a smart integrated gutter system (also in slate-grey), excess rainwater runs off with ease. The bespoke design has since had picnic benches added underneath, making this one of the more popular social spaces at the sixth form.

What was the result of the dining area shelter?

The result of the outdoor dining canopy has been tremendous, with students using the new area as their top hang out place to socialise and eat. Students are no longer confined to an indoor dining room, which could become congested and stuffy. Because the covered seating area has open sides, it feels as if the students are outside, and the fresh air is available to them all year round.


“The students are using it all the time as a social and dining space!”

– Cirencester College

About the client

Cirencester CollegeCirencester College Entrance is a specialist sixth form provider in the town of Cirencester, which also offers University and other professional courses. Located in the beautiful district of the Cotswolds in the county of Gloucestershire, many students and teachers are lovers of the great outdoors. Cirencester is set within some of the UK’s most stunning countryside, it seems only fair that the students are able to enjoy time outside whilst they aren’t in lessons.

The team we worked with at the college were always so helpful and were prepared to help us as much as they could to ensure that we could design the perfect dining area canopy for their needs. This help was greatly received, and we are so thankful to the college for helping us to help them.

What is a curved roof canopy?

Curved roof canopies can double as stylish canopies as well as functional. The Motiva Mono™, Motiva Duo™ and Motiva Wave™ are all part of the range of canopies with a curved polycarbonate roof and can be custom made to suit the radius that you have available. This makes them a very popular choice as an outdoor school canopy and as a dining area canopy.

The Motiva Mono™ is our monopitch (asymmetric) curved roof canopy. It usually fits against building elevations, and so one side of the roof is higher than the other.

The Motiva Duo™ is our duopitch (symmetric) curved roof canopy and is usually fitted as a freestanding shelter. This is where both sides are the same height and is commonly used to create a covered walkway in schools, garden centres and colleges.

The third is possibly considered the ‘funkier’ of the three. While providing all of the quality and benefits of the standard design, the Motiva Wave™ has a curved polycarbonate roof but with a double curve (‘S’ shape), or a single concave radius. This canopy structure is often the best solution for those who want to impress with their canopy, have a low roofline or would like a freestanding canopy.

Here are some advantages of a curved-roof canopy design:

  • Unique protection from the elements, in particular, excellent weather protection from the wind
  • These canopy structures are generally easy to develop as they are suitable for low heights
  • The roof panels are relatively low maintenance, saving you valuable time in the future

How A&S Landscape can help you

A&S Landscape design, manufacture and install varying types of canopies. Each project is pursued with the client’s needs at the forefront, and only the highest-quality canopies are installed. We don’t just offer canopies to create your outdoor dining room, we have canopies to suit outdoor sporting areascycle stores and a whole range of other canopies to suit your requirements.

We have over 44 years of experience working with outdoor cover, and we have built several close relationships to all kinds of public bodies, including NHS trusts, local authorities, schools, colleges and academies. We are a family-run business with a reputation that sets us aside from our competitors, we also have several industry-specific accreditations. Our friendly team of advisors will help you to make the right choice about your ideal shade and shelter solution.

If you’d like further information on how we can help you find the right outdoor cover to create your perfect dining space, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Canopy we designed for Cirencester College

Cirencester College Before and After


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