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Site Manager of Poynton High School

Right from the start it was good working with A&S Landscape, they are marvellous. The team worked very efficiently.

Site Manager
Whitemead Forest Park

A&S Landscape offered better timescales and were more helpful than other companies we looked at.

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Tewkesbury Estate Manager

The A&S Landscape staff were very amenable. They showed extensive knowledge regarding the installation.

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Canopies for Hospitality

Whether you run a national restaurant chain, a small county pub or a sandwich bar on a garden centre, success or failure can come down to your number of covers. The simple truth is that comfortable customers will always spend more so an investment in covered outdoor space always pays off.

Whilst parasols have become the norm and sails create shaded area through the summer our range of canopies can really transform the customer experience whatever the time of year. So whether you are looking for restaurant canopies, pub canopies or café canopies A&S Landscape will have a solution for you.

A&S Landscape can help you create canopies that will enhance your site with well-designed structures from parasols and pub awnings that cover one table through to fully enclosed heated and lit retractable roof designs that could double or more your seating area.

A&S Landscape have a wide range of fabric, polycarbonate and glass canopies and can create bespoke solutions to ensure that your building has just the right design. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Reopening your business after coronavirus

Our range of retractable canopies also offers an ideal solution to helping you reopen your restaurant after coronavirus. Make use of your outdoor space no matter the weather and increase the space you have available for your covers. From a cafe canopy design to restaurant covers to the installation of a beer garden cover, we can work to find a solution for your business.

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Our Hospitality Clients

Hospitality Canopy Ideas

Read about some of our hospitality canopy projects

Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire Add Stylish Shade Sail to Stunning Grounds
Fabric shade sail we installed at Carden Park Hotel and Spa

Carden Park Hotel already has beautiful grounds for their guests to enjoy. They’re carefully created to ensure they get the most from their stay, and that’s why they looked into our range of canopies at pubs and hotels to see how their site could be further improved. They talked to us to see what we could provide. The hotel wanted to create some shelter in the grounds that looked good and blended in with what they already had. They chose a Maxima Sail to create that shelter, and a lot of visual interest in the grounds too. It looks fantastic and has given guests the option to relax in the gardens, no matter what the weather is like. The sail provides shade, so during the hotter months, guests can stay outside without worrying about being in direct sunlight. If you want to see more of the shade sail at Carden Park Hotel, click here.

The Estuary in Swansea Creates Outdoor Seating With Fabric Umbrella Canopies
Canopies we installed at The Estuary

The Estuary is located in an area of real beauty, making it the perfect place to stop and have a bite to eat outdoors. The restaurant and hotel already had an outdoor dining area, but they wanted to improve it. They knew they needed some restaurant canopies in order to give their diners the best experience, so they wanted to see what we could do. They quickly saw that the Maxima Umbrella was the right choice for them. These gave the restaurant a lot of benefits, as they’re hard-wearing and offer a lot of shade. They installed two on their deck, to give their guests shade as they ate. The singular post design meant that they didn’t have to sacrifice table space for the umbrellas, and their smart appearance fits right in with the rest of the building. To learn more about the fabric umbrella canopies at The Estuary, click here.

New Umbrella Canopy at Roman Vindolanda Fort & Museum Café in Northumberland
Canopy we fitted at Roman Vindolanda Cafe

The Roman Vindolanda Fort & Museum Café was having a new deck fitted for their diners, so they needed some shade to go with it. The British weather can change at a moment’s notice, and they wanted to be prepared for anything. After all, what good would the deck be if no one could go out and enjoy it? They talked to us about our canopies for cafes, to see what we could do. Looking at our range, they decided on a Maxima Umbrella for their new deck. This gave them the shelter they needed, as it both keeps the sun off diners as well as the rain. No matter what the weather does, they’re sheltered with this umbrella. The porcelain green colour of the fabric looks great too with the rest of the new construction. See more about the green fabric umbrella canopy at the Roman Vindolanda Fort & Museum Café.

Read Our Featured Hospitality Canopy Project

The Estuary near Swansea Cover Outdoor Seating Area

Canopy we made for The Estuary

What was the project brief?

The Estuary in Penclawdd, near Swansea, is a restaurant and hotel, located in the area of outstanding natural beauty, the Gower in South Wales. The restaurant is lucky enough to have some fantastic exterior areas for customers to dine outside. The Estuary is generally known by holidaymakers and locals alike as a great place to eat, drink and be merry with friends. However, in order for the outside space to reach its full potential, they were going to have to explore options for covered outdoor area solutions. Due to the restaurant being located near the seafront, parasols were not going to deliver effective cover, especially in times of high winds and storms. The restaurant needed a shelter which offered outstanding quality and structural strength, to further solidify the establishment’s reputation as being one of the hotspots during the summer.

The renovation was carried out by a local builder, who called in A&S Landscape to discuss design options for the proposed canopy. The restaurant had three specific requirements. The outdoor canopies were to evolve the available space into an attractive, inviting area for dining, be of the highest quality to ensure year-round use, and most importantly, be designed to take up as little seating space as possible. The design team hurriedly got to work, using their years of expertise to help the restaurant find the right solution to their needs.

What was our canopy solution?

The Estuary Restaurant CanopyFor us, there was one shelter that magnificently met all of the restaurant’s wishes, the umbrella canopies from our Maxima range. The primary advantage of these types of outdoor structures is that they are supported by one single upright. As the upright takes up very little of the available space, the restaurant would not lose out on seating customers, and therefore income. The umbrella range of canopies really extend the profitable life of an outside dining terrace, and this was a major deciding factor for this canopy solution.

We installed two of each of these canopies, with each structure measuring at 4000mm x 4000mm. Both effortlessly fit several tables underneath, allowing for an optimum number of customers. Perfectly matching the restaurant style, their sleek and durable design was finished in a modern white. The waterproof PVC ensures for year-round use even through the winter months, and the giant umbrellas offer the perfect shade solution to sun damage in the summer.

What was the result of their new shelter?

The extra space that has been created by the cover has been put to excellent use. The two freestanding canopies look as though they have always been there, and this is now considered a superb featured area for guests to enjoy. Families are able to relax while dining, knowing that children are protected from the sun. Customers can even sit outside while it’s raining. Not only this, but the tables and chairs can be stored beneath the shelter when not in use, which saves on vital indoor storage space.

About the client

The Estuary, in Penclawdd, near Swansea, is both a restaurant and a hotel.Umbrella canopy we made for The Estuary Restaurant The addition of the shelter to the exterior spaces was part of a complete renovation to give the restaurant the massive boost it needed to compete with other businesses in the area. This was a fun, and exciting project to work on. We were incredibly pleased to install a shelter that was one of our design classics and perfectly suited all of their needs and requirements. The umbrella canopies were a superb option and were a great addition for the restaurant.

What is the difference between a restaurant awning and a canopy?

Often the word awning is one we’ve heard before. Perhaps you have a patio awning in your garden, or you have been tempted by a range of commercial awnings for your business. Are they the same thing as a canopy? Yes and no.

Awnings are a type of canopy as they offer a shade solution. The difference is that awnings are defined as covers that are attached to an exterior wall of a building. Often there is an extensive range of materials to choose from, but they still do not offer the versatility a canopy does. Like an awning, a canopy can be attached to a wall, but can also be freestanding. This gives you a much wider range of solutions to choose from.

When considering covered seating for your outside space, it’s incredibly important to consider all options. If you want a bespoke shelter, it is paramount that you consider the incredible range of canopies on offer. This will give you access to products with the highest standards, a huge choice of design specifications, as well as a vast selection of additional features. To make sure your business isn’t missing out, outdoor area solutions should not be narrowed down to one type of canopy such as an awning and all cover technology should be considered.

This may still be a little confusing, if so why not give us a call on 01743 444100 to speak to a member of our friendly team?

Why choose A&S Landscape?

With 44 years of experience delivering bespoke shelters of the highest standards across the UK, we have helped restaurant, cafe and bar owners to make the most of beautiful weather through the development of covered outdoor space. With the covered seating, customers can enjoy their meals with the highest satisfaction and maximum comfort throughout the year. Like The Railway Inn, we consider your needs for your business fully and foremost, right at the initial design and planning stage.

We ensure that every customer we work with, whether this is a schoola healthcare site, or a university, has the best experience with us. Each customer is left 100% satisfied with our service, which is evident from the long list of positive feedback we have received. Whatever your specific requirements, we have you covered!

To discuss your perfect outdoor cover solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

The Estuary Restaurant Canopy

The Estuary Before and After