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With A&S it has been a smooth process including working with the team on site. We’re happy to work with A&S again.

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The A&S Landscape staff were very amenable. They showed extensive knowledge regarding the installation.

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I’d heartily recommend A&S Landscape to any other school. I’d very gladly work with them again.

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Nursery and Primary School Canopies

Talking about the British weather is something that we all do, a lot! Maybe this is because we recognise that there are few things that are as satisfying as feeling a gentle breeze on your face and being able to stretch your legs after a few hours of being cooped up inside.  Studies have shown that this is even more important for children and that outdoor activities are a key part of their learning and development. With that in mind, we are proud to offer one of the largest ranges of canopies for primary schools! From our simple yet effective sun-shades which create a cool and breezy respite from harmful UV rays right up to our fun and arty Motiva Wave™ that offers unrivalled all-year-round protection, whatever you are thinking of we are sure to be able to help.

All of our canopies are expertly designed and can be tailored to your specific requirements. We believe in using the highest quality materials to ensure our shelters are strong and safe. Our ability to work to any dimensions means that we can cover a small playground or a whole Multi Use Games Area and our assortment of colour choices range from bright and beautiful to sleek and sophisticated. We’ve worked with hundreds of primary schools and are proud of the feedback we receive. Please do give us a call to talk through things in more detail, we’d be glad to help.

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Primary School Canopy Ideas

Our Clients

Our Primary School Clients

See some of our featured primary school projects

Blue Fabric Playground Canopy Designed for Charles Darwin Primary Academy
Fabric canopy we designed for Charles Darwin Primary School

The A&S Landscape was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Charles Darwin Primary Academy to help them add shade to their playground. As the area was filled with colourful play equipment, it felt only right that we added to this with another splash of colour. We installed a Maxima Umbrella™ fabric canopy, made to the size of 4000mm x 4000mm. The school chose a joyful Signal Yellow colour for the single upright, which works brilliantly with the Victoria Blue fabric. The pupils love the new addition to their play area, it is the perfect spot to shelter from the sun, wind and rain. It’s also a great place for storytime if the teachers want to take their classes outside for an alternative classroom setting. Continue reading about the playground canopy we made for Charles Darwin Primary Academy here.

Woodlands Primary Academy in Norfolk Add Large, Red Curved Roof Canopy
Play area canopy we made for Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary Academy was looking for a canopy that could be used both during play and lunchtimes. They knew that they wanted to get better use from their external spaces, and they had identified that a shelter would be the best way to do this. A&S Landscape worked with the school to create a canopy that met all of their requirements, and so it was decided to install the Motiva Duo™ curved roof model. Made to the large size of 15000mm x 11500mm, there is plenty of room under the roof for the pupils to play together and to sit down and eat their lunch. As the perfect finishing touch, the canopy was finished in a vibrant Traffic Red which also matches the school’s logo and branding. Find out more about the large shelter we made for Woodlands Primary Academy here.

Straight Roof Play Area Shelter at Cheadle Hulme Primary School in Stockport
Covered play area canopy we made for Cheadle Hulme Primary School

Cheadle Hulme Primary School had a lovely play area, securely enclosed by a wooden picket fence. The pupils loved to spend their breaks in this spot, playing outside together in the fresh air. Unfortunately, they would often not get the chance to enjoy the playground thanks to poor weather conditions. The school decided to approach canopy specialists A&S Landscape for help with making the space useable throughout the year. We installed a Motiva Linear™ straight roof shelter in the space, finished with a subtle Basalt Grey coloured frame and Opal polycarbonate. This will offer UV protection, while still allowing a safe level of sunlight through. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with this lovely school and hope that the shelter is enjoyed for many years to come. Click here to find out more about the straight roof canopy we made for Cheadle Hulme Primary School.

Sycamore Academy Add Bright Yellow Shelter to Playground
Yellow canopy we made for Sycamore School

Looking to make further improvements to the excellent facilities on offer, Sycamore Academy decided to add a canopy to their playground. This would offer shelter to the pupils from the weather, allowing them to spend more time outdoors. A&S Landscape was asked to design, manufacture and install a canopy at the school, one which would last for many years. After evaluating the school’s requirements, our design team proposed that we install our popular Motiva Linear™ product. To add a splash of colour to the area and encourage the pupils to play under the structure, the framework of the canopy was finished in an eye-catching yellow colour. Overall this project has been a huge success and we’re so glad that we could help this fantastic school. Want to know more? Read more about the yellow canopy we made for Sycamore Academy here.

Curved Roof Playground Canopy Designed for Larchfield Primary School in Berkshire
Curved roof canopy we fitted at Larchfield Primary and Nursery School

This superb primary school was looking to create an outdoor classroom area that could be used throughout the year. At the same time, they also wanted to use the space to store outdoor play equipment. Larchfield Primary School contacted A&S Landscape and spotted our funky Motiva Wave™ canopy. Featuring a ‘wave’ style roof, the school knew that this was the perfect canopy for their space. We installed the structure to an overall size of 17700mm x 4000mm, so that there is plenty of room for outdoor learning, playing and storage. The pupils love their new space and the teachers can now take their classes outside without having to plan around the unpredictable British weather. This has created an engaging learning environment which is ideal when teaching about wildlife, ecosystems and the world around us. See more about the playground canopy at Larchfield Primary School here.

Read our featured primary school canopy project

Stockingford Primary School in Warwickshire add Canopy for Early Years Centre

Shelter we designed for Stockingford Primary School

What was the project brief?

This Warwickshire primary school already had excellent facilities at their early years centre, however, the staff knew that the external areas were not reaching their full potential. They had the provision but simply did not have the efficient shelter to enable the external environment to be accessible all year round. In times of wet weather or when the sun was too strong, using the outside spaces during break times, or as outdoor classrooms was not possible. They needed an all-year-round, accessible outdoor learning environment, one that would promote personal development, creativity and inquisition.

They decided they wanted a shelter alongside a chosen area beside one of the buildings. To turn this dream into a reality, they called in A&S Landscape. They wanted a shelter that was the ideal complement to the school grounds, offered high-quality protection at all times of the year, and would result in an excellent learning environment. Without hesitation, A&S Landscape set to work to design, build and install their dream canopy.

What was our cover solution?

Canopy we designed for Stockingford Primary SchoolThe best choice for the school’s specific requirements was the curved roof, Motiva Mono™ canopy. Measuring 8000mm X 300m, the canopy provides efficient shelter to several pupils at any one time and was customised to have an ultramarine blue steel frame, and a clear roof, that works perfectly with the school colours. It is also the exact same design as the existing canopy, which had been previously fitted by A&S Landscape! The cover was fitted to the school wall as the design of the ‘Mono’ is elevated higher on one side which makes this the perfect configuration for this type of canopy. There are several useful applications for a Motiva Mono™, however, they do make excellent covered walkways.

What was the result of their new shelter?

The new school canopy proved to have a truly successful outcome, with several practical benefits now enjoyed by the pupils at Stockingford Primary School. With the extra space and maximum protection from the weather, the children are no longer confined to indoor areas when the weather is wet during the winter months. Having access to fresh air has countless benefits to their mental and physical health – an extremely important factor to think of in the education sector. Not only this, one of the biggest advantages is that the school now has the provisions to offer outdoor education at all times of the year, which has developed a more holistic approach to learning and all-round development.

The Early Years Centre is now considered by staff and parents alike as a pleasant place for young children to learn and develop and everyone is incredibly happy with the new and improved educational facilities. Furthermore, when the parents come to pick up their children, on sunny days they are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, or kept dry when it rains!

About the client

Stockingford Primary School is located in Warwickshire, South East of the city of Birmingham. This school celebrates diversity and has a clear vision that children are entitled to innovative and differentiated learning experiences. We are so glad that we could help them with this vision with the wonderful addition of the shelter.

A quality canopy really does bring so much more to an education setting and we know that this school will enjoy these benefits long into the future. They were an excellent client to work with for the second time, and we hope they thoroughly enjoy the outdoor spaces now an effective shelter is installed.

Canopies to create the perfect outdoor learning and play environment in early year settings

Canopy we fitted at Stockingford Primary SchoolOnce you decide you want to transform your outdoor spaces, you may think it is as simple as choosing an outdoor canopy. However, if you really want to create a fantastic experience for your pupils and develop the perfect teaching area that is geared towards concentration, engagement and developing – it is worth going above and beyond the predesigned canopy. An essential piece of creating a beautiful place to learn is using the space you have available and creating a shelter that is unique to the needs of the children. Once you’ve established your requirements, you can look at how you approach such a project for your educational facilities.

Spending time indoors and outdoors

First, you need to ensure that the children have the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor and have good access to both when learning. Essentially, you’d like the covered outside space to act as an extension of the classroom. This will normalise outdoor learning, making it a part of a regular routine, and the children will naturally move between the two more freely. That’s why a canopy is the perfect solution, as they can be fitted alongside a building.

Additional Storage

You may also want to consider storage spaces. This will free up room inside the building, and it means that any equipment you use for the outdoor play or teaching is easily accessible, and the outdoor teaching place stays uncluttered and tidy. This also leaves more quality time for the children to spend outdoors, enjoying their school life as they should!

Flexible Design

Another way to create that perfect outdoor environment is to ensure that the overall design of the area allows for activities such as free flow play, storytelling, or even playing some sport. Depending on the needs of the children, this can really play a massive part on the final canopy. With the design flexibility of so many of the canopies at A&S Landscape, this is easily achievable. With a wide variety of optional extras such as side panels and doors and a large range of colours available, creating your perfect environment has never been easier.

How can A&S Landscape help?

At A&S Landscape, we have been transforming the likes of outdoor education for 44 years. With our extensive expertise and knowledge on creating an effective cover system, we offer shelters that give superior protection but are also a beautiful addition to their surroundings. With the structural variability available, we can design a canopy to fit in almost any space available, using the highest quality materials. Don’t just take out word for it, hear what our customers have had to say about us.

If you’d like to hear more about our comprehensive range of canopies and shelters, please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Shelter we designed for Stockingford Primary School

Stockingford Primary School Before and After


See some more of our featured primary school projects

Kingsnorth Primary School in Kent Add Fabric Tepee Canopy
Playground canopy we designed for Kingsnorth Primary School

We were contacted by the excellent team at Kingsnorth Primary School to install a freestanding canopy in their playground. The school were all too aware of the many benefits of outdoor play and were keen to help the pupils play outside more regularly throughout the year. The staff wanted a colourful canopy that would look great with the surrounding area and would be durable enough to last for many years. We suggested that the Maxima Tepee™ would be a good fit as the tensile fabric roof adds a fun design element while protecting great shelter from the weather. We finished the steelwork in Flame Red, contrastingly well with the Turquoise Green roof. The completed canopy looks fantastic and has been the best addition to the playground, the school are over the moon with the project. See more details about the tepee canopy at Kingsnorth Primary School here.

Fabric Playground Umbrella Canopies at Dulverton Primary School in London
Fabric umbrella canopy at Dulverton Primary School

Dulverton Primary School embarked on their canopy project as their playground had no shelter from the weather and the pupils would be exposed to the elements as they played outside. They were looking for a solution that would withstand any weather conditions while at the same time feature a design that worked with the school grounds. The school spotted our Maxima Umbrella™ fabric canopy product and knew it was the perfect choice. We installed two of these shelters at the school, both made with a vibrant Victoria Blue fabric. For peace of mind, post pad protectors were also added to the uprights of the canopies to protect the pupils from any bangs or knocks. Our team really enjoyed working on this project and with this school, it was great to see the playground transformation come to life. Click here to read more about Dulverton Primary School’s fabric canopies.

Ysgol Cynddelw in Llangollen Add Straight Roof Shelters to Playground
Playground canopy we designed for Ysgol Cynddelw

Many schools across the country are badly affected by tight budgets and rising pupil numbers. That’s why we go out of our way to work with schools to find a shelter solution that not only meets their requirements but also doesn’t break the bank. Because our products can be made bespoke, there are many ways we can cut costs to ensure our clients get the canopies they need. When Ysgol Cynddelw got in touch to add shelter to their playground, we were able to find the perfect product. We installed two Motiva Linear Lite™ canopies, an aluminium framed alternative to our standard Linear option. Now the pupils have plenty of covered space to use during their playtimes if the weather starts to turn. Want to read more? Visit our news article to see more about the primary school canopies at Ysgol Cynddelw.

Westmorland Primary School Install Fabric Umbrella Canopies in Brinnington
Umbrella canopy we made for Westmorland School

One of our most popular product ranges is our Maxima fabric roof options. These canopies combine style and practicality to give our clients the best of both worlds when it comes to creating outdoor shelter. And in the case of Westmorland Primary School, it was the Maxima Umbrella™ that caught their eye. We installed the umbrella canopy on an area in the playground of the school, creating shade and shelter for the pupils. The school selected a Buttercup Yellow fabric roof and Sapphire Blue for the single upright to create a colourful design. We think the finished canopy looks absolutely fantastic and the school agrees too! The pupils love playing underneath the umbrella and the teachers can even take their classes outside too to use the space. Click here to read more about the umbrella canopy at Westmorland Primary School.

Outdoor Covered Area Created at Kings Copse Primary School in Southampton
Kings Copse Primary School Straight Roof Canopy

Kings Copse Primary School were aiming to introduce more outdoor lessons to their curriculum, however, the main limiting factor to this was the unreliable British weather. To counteract this, they reached out to A&S Landscape to see if installing a canopy would be a good option. Our friendly team worked with the school to find the ideal shelter solution for their requirements and settled upon the Motiva Linear™. This cost-effective canopy is popular amongst primary schools as it can be used for a wide range of applications, including creating a covered outdoor classroom. The school opted to finish the shelter in a subtle and sleek Telegrey colour, which works well with the Opal polycarbonate roof. In the future, there is also the option to add side panels to the structure to create an enclosed space. See more of the straight roof canopy at Kings Copse Primary School here.

Wilmcote C of E Primary School Add Straight Roof Canopy in Warwickshire
Shelter installed at Wilmcote Primary School

This Warwickshire primary school had an area of unused outdoor space. The area was located in between two classrooms, and in times of wet weather, the pupils would make a mad dash from one classroom to the next. Lacking purpose and being highly impractical, the space needed a transformation. The school set upon exploring the option of school shelters as their cover solution. With a school canopy, the teachers would be able to host outdoor lessons, incorporate messy play, or use the space as a meeting area during the hot summer months. All the while the canopy would provide a covered walkway! Calling in A&S Landscape, the first point of call was to talk through their wide variety of canopy options. With their help, the school were able to decide on a straight roof canopy. Read more about the playground canopy at Wilmcote C of E Primary School.

Playground Shelter Installed at St John’s C of E Primary School in Wigan
st johns school cantilever canopy

With parents having to wait for children to finish school in the rain, and a lack of shaded play options for children during break times, St John’s C of E Primary School urgently needed a school canopy solution. The question was, however, which one to choose from the extensive range of primary school canopies that were available to them? They knew this was to be a major financial project and needed the right guidance to help them find the perfect school shelter. This is where A&S Landscape came in. Delighted to help, they quickly got to work on the project keeping in mind the school’s specific requirements, constraints, and considerations. A canopy design that offers a high level of flexibility, with curved and straight roof options, and choices on upright placement, is the Motiva Cantilever™. This offered the perfect solution to the school. Click here to see more about the cantilever canopy at St John’s C of E Primary School.

Bretforton Village School in Evesham Add Shelter to Play Area
Bretforton Village School Playground Shelter

This primary school, located in the close-knit community of Bretforton in Evesham, decided to add a canopy to protect their play equipment and make it accessible throughout the year. They wanted to ensure that the children could play safely in the summer, with protection from the UV rays, and reduce risks of slipping in wetter weather. School canopies come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions, and it was important that the shelter complemented the surrounding environment, whilst being made to measure to the chosen site. With a wide range of colours to choose from and their expertise when it came to drawing effective designs, A&S Landscape was able to offer the perfect solution to all of their needs. The chosen Motiva Linear canopy has a straight, opal polycarbonate roof. Find out more about the play area canopy at Bretforton Village School.

Clive C of E Primary School in Shropshire Add Blue Curved Roof Canopy
Shelter we installed at Clive C of E Primary School

The Headteacher at Clive C of E Primary School in Shropshire is already seeing the benefits of the new blue school canopy designed, built and installed by A&S Landscape. Children can now access the outside curriculum whatever the weather and the older children use the area to play during break and lunchtimes. An outdoor learning area is advantageous for a variety of reasons, it is great for young children’s physical and mental wellbeing, it helps to develop problem-solving skills, and it helps with communication and working as an effective team player. Primary school canopies are an excellent, and cost-effective way to allow for outside learning, and are the perfect option for schools wanting to take a more holistic approach to learning. With A&S Landscape’s ability to develop made-to-measure designs for allocated areas, the curved roof school canopy installed was a huge success. Learn more about Clive C of E Primary School’s shelter.

Stockingford Primary School Install Early Years Shelter in Warwickshire
Canopy we installed at Stockingford Primary School

To further improve the pupil’s experience at the early year’s centre, Stockingford Primary School in Warwickshire wanted to design a canopy that would complement their fantastic facilities, looking the part but being highly functional. This is where they needed good quality expertise, and knowledge, from a company that knew what they were doing. Working closely with the school, A&S Landscape designed a shelter that the school would love from the popular Motiva Mono™ range. With a clear roof and the Ultramarine Blue steelwork, the canopy works perfectly with the architecture and the existing canopy, which had also been installed by A&S Landscape previously! Delighted to be providing another school canopy for this Warwickshire primary school, A&S Landscape were pleased to find out that the canopy is being used for teaching outside, as a relaxation and play area during breaks, but also by parents. See more about the canopy we designed for Stockingford Primary School.

Green Entrance Canopy Designed for Loughborough Primary School
Wave Roof Canopy at Loughborough Primary School

Working alongside consultant architects, A&S Landscape designed, built and fitted a Motiva Wave™ to frame the entrance door at Loughborough Primary School. The ‘wave’ looks fantastic, and makes a real statement to all visitors on arrival. The Headteacher was understandably thrilled with the wonderful addition and was extremely complimentary on the quality of the structure, and the service offered by the team at A&S Landscape. Doubling as an outdoor learning environment – the children can now learn outside too, making their time at the early years centre much more enjoyable. Primary school canopies are a wonderful addition to a school, and the options available are extensive. With a wide range of colours available and a number of different features, canopies are never predesigned, ready-to-go. Like this school in Loughborough, school shelters are designed with you in mind. Read more about the entrance canopy we fitted at Loughborough Primary School.

Old Church Primary School Colourful Playground Shelter

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