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Premises manager of Haileybury College

“We are over the moon with the end product, it is amazing. We are incredibly pleased with what we have got.”

Premises Manager, Haileybury College

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“Excellent service, everything was on time and the efficient team have done a great job done!.”

Local Authority, St Lawrence Primary School

Branston Community Academy Caretaker

“The team was aware of all safety considerations and there was no disruption, the quality of the canopy is superb.”

Caretaker, Branston Community Academy

College & University Canopies

Each college and university has its own style and aesthetic. Given the wide range of canopies that we offer (steel and polycarbonate as well as fabric), we are sure to have the perfect canopy solution.

Colleges and universities have large campuses and large numbers of students. Adding outdoor covered areas can create new and valuable spaces which can be used in many different ways.

Dining canopies with or without a serving ‘pod’, can create a stand-alone dining and seating option for students. These increasingly popular areas relieve pressure on dining halls at lunchtime and throughout the day. All of our canopies can be open or enclosed with side panels and roller shutter door options.

To enhance sporting provision, many colleges and universities are adding covered sports pitches or multi use games areas. These areas are all-weather and available to students all year round. Many settings choose to rent their MUGAs out to the community and local groups outside college hours. This is another way to increase revenue, something which is always welcome in the current financial climate.

The options for university and college canopies are limited only by your imagination. A&S Landscape has worked across the UK on a wide range of projects and we ensure to keep the process simple and stress-free for you.

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Blackpool Aspire College

Wright Robinson College

Read about some of our featured college and university canopy projects

Winstanley College in Wigan Install Fabric Walkway Canopy

Canopy we designed for Winstanley CollegeAn award-winning college, with a national reputation for excellence and outstanding results, Winstanley College in Greater Manchester wanted to go one step further, and took on a huge refurbishment of their campus. With the construction of a new library, offices and IT suite, labs, darkroom and classrooms, the school knew that they needed not only to improve their indoor educational facilities but to ensure that the outdoor areas were also considered. Partnering with one of the UK’s leading names in construction, A&S Landscape, specialists in canopies for colleges, designed, built and fitted a tensile fabric structure. With a bespoke design, this Maxima Sail™ is the perfect finish to the outdoor areas. The covered walkway is the perfect complement to the new buildings and brings numerous practical benefits to staff and students alike. It is for this reason that shade sails are a popular choice for university canopies. Read about the bespoke canopy we designed for Winstanley College here.

Curved Roof Shelter Added at Coleg Powys in Wales

Shelter we designed for Coleg PowysThis Welsh university had very specific requirements for their college canopy. Despite being an uncommon find in colleges, the staff wanted to install an outdoor smoking area for their legal-age students. However, they did not want the shelter to simply exist within the school grounds, it had to add something, and most importantly, match the ambitions of the college itself. All canopies for colleges present their challenges when it comes to design, however for Coleg Powys – the design was indeed everything! A&S Landscape rose to the challenge and came back to the college with one of the most striking designs available, the Motiva Wave™. With its bespoke measurements, the ‘wave’ really stands out on the college premises, catching the imagination of the staff and students. This isn’t just an outdoor smoking area; it is the perfect representation of the school’s ambition. Click here to see more about the curved roof canopy at Coleg Powys.

Godalming College in Surrey Add Yellow Fabric Umbrella Canopies

Canopies we installed at Godalming CollegeKnown as an incredibly modern learning community in Surrey, Godalming College is always looking for ways to transform education. During recent renovations, the school knocked down an existing building and decided to add purpose by creating a shelter. They called in A&S Landscape, who know that college canopies need to be designed in a way to appeal to older age groups and give the area they cover an identity. This is why fabric shelters are often a popular choice, due to their wide range of shapes, sizes and colours! With such a wide range to choose from and their trendy look, they proved to be the perfect solution to the college’s needs. A&S Landscape quickly got to work to find the design that would be the right fit for the college’s requirements. Their efficiency and ability to do the job did not go unnoticed to the college. Continue reading about the umbrella canopies we installed at Godalming College here.

Secure Cycle Shelter Made for Jesus College at the University of Cambridge

Cycle Shelter we installed at Jesus CollegeJesus College at the University of Cambridge is committed to the educational experience of their students. By providing the opportunity to progress within an amazing system of education, they help students to achieve academic excellence. Part of this commitment involves taking a holistic approach to learning, taking into account all aspects of student’s lives, and in particular, mental and physical wellbeing. With Cambridge being a city known for its healthy cycling culture, they needed to ensure they had the provisions for a safe and secure location for students to store their bikes. As specialists in university canopies, A&S Landscape could help them find their perfect solution. After running through the various canopies for universities, the college decided on the Cyclo City™, A&S Landscape’s signature bike shelter. Jesus College was extremely happy with the end result, you can see more details about the bike store here.

University of Reading Add Fabric Sail Shades to Campus

Sail we fitted at University of ReadingThe need for more outdoor education is becoming more prominent. From primary schools, all the way up to higher education, a more significant need has been placed on accessibility to the outdoors. At university, many courses require hours of self-learning and teaching outside of lectures, and so outdoor study areas are vital. That’s where a quality university canopy comes into play. The University of Reading decided to explore their options for a cover solution, and so approached canopy experts, A&S Landscape. They were responsible for the design, manufacture and the install of the final shelter solution. Taking into account the entire range of university canopies, the chosen shade sails were the perfect choice, being a cost-effective solution, with students protected from the weather come rain or shine. This once-disused space now looks trendy and inviting, and is used for studying, dining and other activities. See more about the shade sails we installed at The University of Reading here.

City College Peterborough Install Yellow Fabric Canopy

Shade installed at City College PeterboroughPlacing a high value on their student’s needs and requirements, City College Peterborough decided that adding a shelter to their campus had the potential to really improve the student’s education. College canopies come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they required help from a reputable company, that’s why they approached A&S Landscape. Having been designing, building and manufacturing canopies for 44 years, they could offer them all of the advice they needed. The chosen shelter was the Maxima StarSail™. With a lemon colour chosen for the fabric and vibrant blue steel frame, this canopy was just like a summer’s day, perfect when in need of an uplift in moods! The students are delighted with the new cover, which means the outdoors is accessible whatever the weather, and acts as a dining room and a social space. To read more about the shade sail we installed at City College Peterborough, click here.

Read our featured university canopy project below

University of Reading Adds Shade Solution for Outdoor Seating Area

Canopies we installed at University of Reading

What was the project brief?

The University of Reading needed to find a good solution to transforming an outdoor area within the campus. They wanted to turn a previously unused and neglected area of outdoor space into something with more purpose. After doing some research, they decided that a covered seating area would be in the best interest of the students attending the university. It was at this point they approached canopy experts A&S Landscape to help them with their project. They needed assistance with the design, manufacture, and the installation of the chosen canopy and A&S Landscape had to take into the account the two primary aims of the new covered area. It would have to offer shelter from the elements but also had to be a strong aesthetic statement in itself, one that would appeal to students as a social and study place. With this in mind, A&S Landscape quickly looked at how they could turn the university’s vision into reality.

What was our canopy solution?

Sails we installed at University of ReadingMeasuring 4000m x 4000m each, three Maxima Sail™ structures were installed to transform the existing spaces. The university opted for two Lava Red sails, and one contrasting Charcoal Grey sail – this bold statement works perfectly against the Slate Grey steel frame and the surrounding buildings. It is the unique styling of the shade sails, their longevity (they have one of the longest guarantees on the market) and the extensive range of colours available that make them a popular choice for a university canopy. 

What was the result of their new canopy cover?

The students of the University of Reading are now able to enjoy countless benefits thanks to the new cover solution. These bespoke canopies with their stylish finish, are a great focal point upon the campus grounds. With the addition of several benches, the area is now a popular hang-out for students who want to eat their lunch, study in revision groups or simply relax with friends. With the easing of congestion on the indoor areas too, it seems everyone is enjoying a bit more space and fresh air!

It is amazing what a shelter with effective weather protection can do for a campus. The university is so pleased with the complete transformation of their existing spaces, the students are now able to reap the benefits of the outdoors all year round, and they are seeing hugely positive effects on both mental and physical well being.

About the client

Among the top 30 of the highest world-ranking UK universities, the University of Reading is clearly a higher education facility geared towards excellence. It was a pleasure to work with the university and to help them achieve the best experience for their students. We know that the cover solution provided is of the highest quality, is durable and will serve their students for years to come.

Why add a university canopy?

Canopy we installed at University of ReadingThere are several reasons to add a cover solution to your Higher Education setting. The benefits that the installation of a canopy can bring are beyond that of a good solution to accessing the outdoors in times of inclement weather. They play a huge impact on other, less-considered initiatives: like supporting sustainability goals, and lessening environmental impact, as well as being a factor that may play a part in student’s university decision.

Attractive designs

By installing a shelter with a trendy design concept, you can really make your campus more appealing to potential students. Decisions made about which university to attend are often made by a mixture of both indoor and outdoor areas, and so it is as equally important that the outdoor areas are taken into consideration. Outdoor areas will most likely act as a community hub for students, and so a well thought-out, detailed design can go a long way. Universities are a place of innovation and thinking outside the box, that is why the A&S Landscape product range offers bespoke solutions, shelters that can be adapted to any size, shape or dimension available.

Environmentally friendly

Exterior canopies have a role to play in green initiatives too. With the scheme UniCycle created by the National Union of Students (NUS), students are encouraged to swap cars for cycles. Students, therefore, require a safe and secure place to store their bikes. With the additional design features offered by the comprehensive range of cycle shelters offered at A&S Landscape (side panels, maximum protection security features and roller shutters), there is definitely going to be an ideal solution for you. By providing a bike shelter to students, you are reinforcing the feel of a community, your vision for a greener planet, and adhering to your social responsibility.

Health benefits

Further to this, the obvious benefit of being outside is the integration with nature. Recent research by the University of East Anglia proved this with their study which reviewed 140 studies involving 290 million people across the world, and it was confirmed – nature does provide the health boost! With student mental health a topic regularly reported upon, it is vital that students have access to tranquil and calm places, covered seating areas are the perfect solution for this. With so many styles options available, outside structure solutions can be fitted to meet your exact needs and can help you create the ambience you want for your students.

Why choose A&S Landscape?

With 44 years’ experience working in higher education settings, A&S Landscape has extensive experience in the transformation of disused campus courtyard areas, the installation of additional protection for bike storage, and to create that great first impression, entrance canopies. From fabric shelters to curved and straight roof canopies, our shelters are always considered great focal points in colleges and universities across the UK. We consider your needs and help you find your cover solution from the A&S Landscape product range.

If you’d like to transform your outdoor space with the right canopy cover, get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Shelter we installed at University of Reading


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