The project went well, the cycle store is very nice and A&S Landscape were very polite and courteous, all in all very good. We would look to use them again.

Headteacher - Jesus College, University of Cambridge

They care; about their students, about their education and about their experience.

And because of that, when they came to A&S Landscape looking for secure cycle storage it was because they knew that ours is some of the most robust in a market that has become flooded with flimsy and inexpensive options.

We installed our signature Cyclo ‘City’ at 5500mm x 2000mm and finished it in smart grey steelwork (RAL 7013) with opal roofing that cuts out direct sunlight in the hot Summer months.

Jesus College were delighted with their new, safe cycle racks, making it clear that they would work with A&S Landscape again!

If you are also looking for secure cycle racks for schools, then we have some of the most robust products on the market that not only look great but perform well too. We manufacture our Cyclo ‘City’ with a 120mm x 80mm steel frame that means when you lock your bicycle up, it stays locked up.

You can find out more about our Cyclo ‘City’ range here and if you have any questions at all, just get in touch.