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Deputy Principal of Blackpool Aspire Academy

“I am very pleased with the canopy, it has exceeded my expectations. The project has been fantastic.”

Deputy Principal, Blackpool Aspire Academy

Headteacher of Our Lady's RC High School

“Communication with A&S was brilliant. I had no hesitation in calling and within half an hour the project was booked.”

Business Manager, Our Lady’s RC High School

Premises manager of Haileybury College

“A&S Landscape was clearly the company to go with. They were accommodating and worked very well with us.”

Premises Manager, Haileybury College

Playground Canopies

You can rely on A&S Landscape for stunning, high-quality playground canopies designed with children in mind. Our range of canopies and shade sails are ideal shelters for play areas providing children with the opportunity to play and learn outside no matter the weather, so they can enjoy free flow play as well as outdoor teaching all-year-round.

Schools throughout the UK choose us to design, manufacture and install their brightly coloured playground shade canopies, safe in the knowledge they are providing essential protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as giving pupils access to the fresh air of the outdoors in times of harsh weather. Our play area canopies are ideal for transforming previously unused areas into attractive, welcoming spaces that can be used all-year-round.

If you are looking for a new play area shelter or a playground canopy replacement, talk to us today. We design structures that provide high-quality, long-lasting cover for playgrounds and play areas. Available nationwide, we have listed our most popular options below to inspire your imagination.

Playground Canopy Designs

No two playgrounds are ever the same and thanks to our design flexibility we can offer workable and affordable canopy solutions incorporating a variety of different features to allow for almost any requirement but based on one of our standard play area canopy products A member of our design team can discuss and suggest the best playground canopy solution to meet your requirements, outlining our recommendations along with a comprehensive estimate.

Learn More About Our Work With Playground Canopies

Shelton Infants School

The Willow Primary School

Look through some of our playground canopy projects

Corbett C of E Primary School in Stourbridge Install a Red Playground Cover Canopy

Shelter we installed at Corbett Primary SchoolCorbett C of E Primary School in Stourbridge, West Midlands, already had an outside play area that housed play equipment and other activity kit. They wanted to make this area even more useable by installing one of A&S Landscape’s playground canopy shelters. Playground canopies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be tailored to the needs of any school. For Corbett C of E Primary School, the solution was a straight roof canopy from the Motiva Linear range. This worked perfectly in answering the brief set by the school which was for a playground shade canopy that wouldn’t cut out the light from the rest of the building. A&S Landscape can help with just about any playground shelter requirements, and to find out more about playground shade canopy prices, click here to obtain more information. If you’d like to discover more about the Corbett C of E Primary School playground cover canopy project, click here.

Shropshire’s Woodside Primary School Install a Playground Canopy Shelter

Canopy we designed for Woodside SchoolWhen repeat customers, Woodside Primary School in Oswestry, asked us to help with creating a playground canopy shelter for their Key Stage 1 outdoor play area, we were really pleased. It’s always a pleasure to work with our existing customers! And this is such a lovely part of the world to visit too, being close to the Welsh borders. Given that Woodside Primary School already had an idea of what they wanted, it was a case of scoping out the best playground cover canopy for the area in question. The finished design used the Motiva Mono canopy which has a curved roof profile. The design was really brought to life by the vibrant Traffic Red steelwork that the school chose. The project didn’t end there, either. To really finish the area off as a fabulous outdoor shelter, we also installed a multicoloured fence and rubber play surface. To find out more about Woodside Primary School’s new playground shade canopy area, click here.

Addition of a Canopy for School Playgrounds at Hamstel Infant and Nursery School in Essex

Shelter we installed at Hamstel Infant SchoolHamstel Infant and Nursery School in Southend-on-Sea have a real affinity with the outdoors. In fact, they have a whole page on their website dedicated to outdoor learning and they even have their own hobbit hut! The school were the winning bidders for a cancelled order, and A&S Landscape was really pleased to play a part in helping them to make even more of their outdoor space. A&S Landscape installed a canopy called Motiva Linear. This versatile product is great as a canopy for school playgrounds and it fitted in beautifully at Hamstel Infant and Nursery School. With an asymmetric roof pitch and finished in slate grey steel, this playground canopy shade looked like it had been created just for them. To find out more about this playground cover canopy project and how it enhanced the outdoor space at Hamstel Infant and Nursery School, click here.

Large White Playground Canopy Installed at Hollinswood Primary School in Telford

Shelter we installed at Hollinswood Primary SchoolHollinswood Primary School in Shropshire offers learning opportunities that specifically involve the outside. They have a ‘forest school’ and encourage the children to get out and about as much as possible, but sometimes the weather gets in the way. Hollinswood Primary School asked us to look at options for a large playground cover canopy. It was no small area that they wanted to cover, but neither was it too big a challenge for us to rise to. There are multiple ways to create a large canopy for school playgrounds, the solution came in the form of a canopy between two buildings. We installed a Motiva Linear straight roof playground cover canopy, and by finishing it with white steelwork and polycarbonate roof, the completed structure blended nicely with the school buildings. Find out more about the playground cover canopy installed at Hollinswood Primary School.

New Playground Canopy at Christ Church C of E Primary School in West Midlands

Shelter we installed at Christ CofE Primary SchoolChrist Church C of E Primary School, West Midlands, asked A&S Landscape for help in designing a playground canopy scheme for shade. The playground canopy was to run parallel with two of the school’s classrooms. Getting the right design was important because while the school wanted shelter, blocking light from entering the building would have detracted from the scheme. After considering the size of the site and what the school needed from their playground shade canopy, A&S Landscape devised a scheme for a Motiva Linear canopy. The solid steel design of the Motiva Linear makes the whole structure robust and durable. This canopy was finished off in Ultramarine Blue with an Opal polycarbonate roof. If you have a larger space and are interested in the flexibility of the Motiva Linear, then you can get playground shade canopy prices by clicking here. To see the finished playground shade canopy project at Christ Church C of E Primary School, click here.

Playground Canopy Shade Installed at Kilby St Mary’s C of E Primary School in Leicestershire

Shelter we fitted at Kilby Pre SchoolOur project at Kilby St Mary’s C of E Primary School, set in rural Leicestershire, was extra special. Why? Because part of the school’s building is listed. Projects like these take care and consideration, and we were determined that Kilby St Mary’s C of E Primary School playground shade canopy would blend in with its surroundings. Getting the balance between a practical playground cover canopy that would fit with the building’s history was important. To give the school an area of both shade and shelter, we installed a Motiva Linear playground canopy shelter. The steelwork was finished in a subtle Slate Grey colour, matching in perfectly with the traditional slate roof of the adjacent building. The effect was a practical shade and shelter canopy that did not look out of place. If you want to know more about playground shade canopy prices for projects like this, then click here. To see more about this playground shade canopy at Kilby St Mary’s C of E Primary School, click here.

Playground Canopy Design Options

  • Curved Roof Red School Canopy
The ‘Mono’ is our monopitch (asymmetric) curved roof variant - this is where one side is higher than the other, the standard configuration for canopies located against building elevations. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. Popular applications include covered walkways, play area canopies and outdoor dining areas.

Motiva Mono™ Click for more info

  • Simon Balle All Through School Shelter
The ‘Linear’ is our monopitch (asymmetric) straight roof variant - this is where one side is higher than the other, the standard configuration for canopies located against building elevations but also used for many applications including walkways and outdoor dining areas. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features.

Motiva Linear™ Click for more info

  • Blue Fabric Shade Sail
The StarSail™ from Maxima is a spectacular combination of a Shade Sail and Umbrella design around a centre post, a trendy new and innovative design the StarSail™ promotes a cool and breezy look.

Maxima StarSail™ Click for more info

  • Haileybury College Covered MUGA
The Covered MUGA™ has been developed in response to demand for covered MUGA areas for schools, universities, colleges and sports centres allowing areas to be used all-year-round relieving congested indoor areas and getting students outside even in the worst weathers. On sports leisure centres and even schools, a Covered MUGA™ can enable all-year-round use for both extra-curricula activities and also as a revenue stream.

Covered MUGA™ Click for more info

  • Green Curved Roof Entrance Canopy
The ‘Wave’ is a monopitch or duopitch roof variant, with all the benefits of our standard designs but with a new and funky look. This is a good solution for buildings with low rooflines, where a standalone unit is required or where you need a canopy with that added wow factor.

Motiva Wave™ Click for more info

  • Ysgol Bro Alun Playground Canopy
The 'Cantilever' is a further Motiva variant; normally Mono in design but it can be Duo, Linear or Wave. Back, front or central upright options make this particularly useful for play areas and covered walkways and also where doors or other obstructions restrict upright locations.

Motiva Cantilever™ Click for more info

  • Tewkesbury School Curved Roof Canopy
The ‘Duo™’ is our duopitch (symmetric) curved roof variant - this is where both sides are at the same height, the most common configuration for standalone structures or structures against low roofline buildings. Ideal for covered walkways, playgrounds and outdoor dining areas.

Motiva Duo™ Click for more info

  • Two Curved Roof Canopies
The ‘Duo Double™’ is normally twin units of our ‘Duo’ canopy although multiples of Duo, Mono, Linear or Wave can be used in many configurations to cover any size of area. This canopy is perfect for larger play areas or for outdoor dining in secondary schools.

Motiva Duo Double™ Click for more info

  • Yellow Fabric Tepee Canopy
Ideal as a standalone structure the Maxima Tepee™ is available in standard modular sizes from 3 metres up to a massive 15 metres and with many multiple unit possibilities. These colourful units are manufactured in galvanised and PPC steel and boast integral gutter system and waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant fabric.

Maxima Tepee™ Click for more info

  • Overlapping Orange Shade Sail
The Sail from Maxima is an economical and eye-catching Shade Sail design to enhance any area and available in an unlimited number of shapes, configurations and colours.

Maxima Sail™ Click for more info

  • The Willow School Umbrella Canopies
The Maxima Umbrella™ is a stunning commercial-grade product normally supplied with waterproof PVC fabric, this solid and beautiful design is ideal for covered seating areas and waiting areas.

Maxima Umbrella™ Click for more info

  • Fabric Curved Roof School Canopy
The ‘Maxima Plaza™ ’ is our widespan barrel vault fabric canopy structure typically in duopitch (symmetric) curved roof variant - this is where both sides are at the same height, the most common configuration for standalone structures. Widths of 10000mm are easily achieved and wider still with additional design features. Ideal for covered dining areas, social spaces, sporting or play areas.

Maxima Plaza™ Click for more info

Our Featured Playground Canopies Project

Simon Balle All-through School in Hertfordshire adds Multiple School Canopies

Shelter we installed at Simon Balle All-Through School

What was the project brief?

Simon Balle All-through School in Hertford offers education to children from primary age right up to sixth form. In 2015, the school added a new building with classrooms, offices and an assembly hall. The new classrooms had been developed with new and exciting resources, intended to engage and stimulate students to learn. The school wanted to ensure that the outside space complemented the new school building, and this is where A&S Landscape became involved. Having designed, manufactured and installed thousands of shade systems for playgrounds and other uses, the expertise they brought was paramount to the completion of the school’s vision.

This was a large-scale project, with the school opting for not just one outdoor canopy, but four! Each one would serve its purpose in developing the outside space, but all needed to ‘fit’ with the existing architecture and surrounding environment and provide efficient shelter for the children. With the average size of classes increasing, these were to be large canopies that could be used as outdoor classrooms, an area for in-between lessons and outside dining.

What was our school canopy solution?

Canopy we fitted at Simon Balle All-Through SchoolThe school canopy we chose for the two playground shelters and the entrance canopy was the straight-roof design Motiva Linear™. These solidly built canopies are built from a steel framework, have a Dura-coat™ finish, and with their flexible design features widths of up to 10000m are easily achievable. One of these particular canopies we installed at Simon Balle All-through School measured 15000mm X 4000mm!

For securing cycles, we installed a Cyclo City™ – our answer to the flimsy cycle stores available on the market. With a robust steel frame and 35mm thick roof, there is little doubt that this is a safe place for students and teachers to park their bikes. Great value, secure, and a clever design of simplicity – these robust stores are great for schoolscolleges, and universities, where more and more students want to live a healthier lifestyle. Scooter racks were also installed inside the shelter.

While the cycle shelter and the playground canopies served more functional benefits, the entrance canopy added style. Being specialists for enhancing playgrounds in early year settings, academies and sixth forms, the shelters were designed with the children in mind. All of the canopies matched the other architectural steelwork too.

We were proud to once again to work with Balfour Betty on this project. They are a key supplier for the educational markets in both the UK and America. They work on projects that span from a single extension building, right up to entire campuses.

What was the result of the new shelters?

Each school canopy has its own purpose, and together they all create a unique focal point within the school grounds. The three linear roof canopies provide efficient shelter for the children to play outside, even during the winter months. High-quality weather protection is guaranteed by the weatherproof materials and strong structure. With Ofsted recommending that young children should be outside for at least three hours per day, Simon Balle All-through School made this possible by installing multiple canopies. The children can now enjoy the outdoors under the covered area, even in the depths of winter.

The cycle shelter serves the all-important purpose of keeping the bicycles and scooters safe for both the students and teachers. Both modern and secure, they provide full weather protection from the wind, rain, snow and hail. The fourth school canopy to be installed, the entrance canopy, has brought an essence of style and identity, a proud statement to anyone upon first entering the school.

About the client

Simon Balle all-through School is located in Hertford, Hertfordshire. We were extremely pleased to work with such a friendly and pleasant team of people. Always on hand to assist us with the process, they were a pleasure to work alongside. We were delighted to assist them with several canopies, after the success of the first two play area canopies, and see the amazing results of their ambitious project.

What is a straight roof canopy?

Canopy we fitted at Simon Balle All-Through SchoolA straight roof canopy is a popular choice for schools. Typically, these canopies are wall-mounted and are often used to make extensions for classrooms as there are countless benefits of learning outside. Installed this way even helps to keep the inside areas cool during the summer. However, a straight roof shelter is also suitable for other uses, including covered walkways and outdoor seating areas.

The straight roof variant used by A&S Landscape is monopitch (asymmetric), meaning that one side is higher than the other. The pitch varies and can be suited to your needs, however, the lowest pitch typically available is 5 degrees. This is to ensure that the end results are effective shade structures, with adequate shade to offer maximum sun protection and effective protection from the harsher weather elements.

These canopies also come with additional features including side panels, clear, opal and coloured roof, and aluminium guttering and downpipes. The final design is dependent on your needs – and A&S Landscape can assist you in making the most of the versatile nature of these outdoor shade structures.

Why work with A&S Landscape?

We have been specialists in the design, creation and installation of school canopies for over 44 years. In this time, we have installed thousands of custom shade structures, some with colourful canopy roof panels, some as modular shelters that extend, and a wide variety of others. All projects are undertaken with the wellbeing of the children as the primary focus, and each is unique to the play area, outdoor area or courtyard that is available.

Being a family-led company, we have never lost touch with our core values. We are made up of a friendly team who are trusted by local authorities, educational bodies, NHS Trusts, schools, colleges and universities across the UK to deliver long-lasting canopies fit for purpose. It’s an integral part of our business to provide all of our customers with an efficient, reliable and personal service.

Whatever your requirements, we can help you choose the right shade solution for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Cycle shelter we added to Simon Balle All-Through School

Playground Canopies Prices

As with all our products, the best way to get a Playground Canopy cost is to talk to us or you can visit our prices page for details of how to contact us for pricing. As a basic rule, a straight roof canopy will cost less than a curved roof Play area canopy and a one-way sloping roof (as opposed to pitched or barrel vault design) will save on guttering (if required).

Options for Playground Canopies

  • Freestanding Playground Canopies
  • Straight roof Playground Canopies
  • Curved roof Playground Canopies
  • Side panels
  • Post pads
  • Coloured polycarbonate roof canopies

The Benefits of Outdoor Learning

More and more schools are recognising the true importance of allowing children to learn outside of the four walls of a classroom. Our range of school canopies help teachers take their classes outside to provide a memorable and engaging lesson. This has been found to help improve children’s understanding of the world around of them.

See how we can use outdoor learning to empower the next generation


Jo Clark (On the Hill Director and Facilitator):

One of the reasons I feel really passionate about this work is that, I was brought up on a farm not many miles away. And incidentally a farm where my parents struggled to make a living off 60 acres of land. And nowadays could certainly not make a living off 40 acres of land that we have here. I’m absolutely determined to use this land for social, educational and therapeutic purposes.

But what has inspired me over the years working with land-based education, and I was a teacher doing that work for 10 years, I’ve been involved in an organisation developing land-based initiatives for children, young people and adults for 10 years.

What I really, really want to question is just how we are growing our next generation. Are we growing our next generation into conformist, compliance people who will serve the present economic system? Or are we empowering our next generation to feel that they can be part of the change, the change that clearly is needed in our society?

What we have found and what we really are developing is ways that we can build resilience, build self-confidence, build a sense in the young people that they can be part of building their future. And encouraging them to make sense of their world. And involving them in the gardens and the natural world, management of the woodlands and hedgerows, and engagement with the food that they eat. They are making more sense because actually nature does make sense.

What happens in our natural world is much less abstract than what happens in our human created world. We’re helping them to make sense, but we’re also involving them.

In our programs, whether we’re doing our outreach in schools, helping schools develop their school gardens, or building pizza ovens, or any other outdoor learning facilities. Whether we’re doing that in schools or whether we’re building a new barn, or a new set of compost toilets, or a new pizza oven, or working in the garden here or managing the woodland and hedgerows, looking after the animals.

We’re actually giving children a sense that they can be part of the building of that future. We’re actually strengthening what I called, something that I feel that we’re all born with is, imagine it as the in-service muscle.

Imagine a muscle that we’re all born with because we want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to be part of community. We want to be making a contribution to community, but our culture is not really helping this muscle develop. And consequently, the muscle becomes rather atrophied and it’s not strengthened.

And what I’m talking about is offering children and young people the opportunity to build and strengthen this in-service muscle. So as they grow through childhood, and through their teens and into adulthood, that they actually feel that they can rather than having to jump through hundreds of hoops that they’ve had to jump through in order to make a contribution, they’ve been empowered by being allowed to make a contribution. So by the time they get to adulthood, they feel that they’re actually can build their future.

Here we are with students from Exeter University studying their PGCE. And the question that we’ve put to them, and I think the question that they’re asking is, how can they be of best service to the growing and the educating of the next generation?

How can they bring themselves more fully?

How can they explore every single aspect of learning and whatever constraint to put upon them, whatever limitation that they have to work within?

How can they bring themselves fully so that they can actually offer an education that is not only focused on information intellectually-based learning, that is more focused around growing the whole human being?

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