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Headteacher of Our Lady's RC High School

I had no hesitation going back to A&S for another canopy, because I knew I was going to get value for money.

Business Manager,
Our Lady’s RC High School
St Wilfrid's Catholic High School Logo

A&S Landscape are an extremely professional company, they could not have done more to make this project go smoothly.

Business Manager,
St Wilfrid’s High School
Poynton High School Site Manager

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend A&S Landscape. They’ve been marvellous, they really are first class.

Site Manager,
Poynton High School

Senior School Canopies

With senior schools throughout the country being asked to increase their pupil intake year upon year, the utilisation of outdoor space has never been more important. Our senior school canopies can be used for a myriad of applications. Whether you are looking to extend your dining provision, cover a multi-use games area or provide a chilled-out social space for your students, a canopy can be a cost-effective solution to transform your outdoor area.

Our best-sellers include –

Our durable and robust Maxima StarSail™: offering grown-up protection, these aesthetically pleasing structures are also available in waterproof fabric. Benefiting from one central post they are ideal for covering outdoor seating areas to provide shelter for recreational use and can be added to over time.

The straight-talking Motiva Linear™ is wonderfully versatile and works equally well abutting to a building or in an open plan area. If you are looking for a sturdy covered walkway to keep children dry as they travel from building to building or to provide additional classroom space for outdoor learning, then this all-year-round shelter has got you covered.

The effortless curves of our Motiva Duo™ make it our most popular design for alfresco dining. The option to add sides, shutters, heating, and lighting transform it into a usable space even in the harshest of winters.

We have years of experience working with academies, high schools, and secondary schools, we’d be glad to work with you too.

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Senior School Canopy Ideas

Our Clients

Our Senior School Clients

Read about some of our featured senior school canopy projects

Three Dining Area Shelters Installed in Middlesex at The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School
The Cardinal Wiseman School Curved Roof Canopy

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School wanted to transform lunchtimes for the hardworking students. They approached industry leaders A&S Landscape for assistance with creating outdoor dining structures. We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with such a prestigious school and our design team got to work straight away. We installed a total of four Motiva Duo™ shelters, all featuring Jet Black steelwork and Opal polycarbonate roofing. The students are now spoilt for choice when it comes to finding somewhere to sit during lunchtimes, and the existing dining hall has been relieved of pressure too. The four canopies could also be utilised during lessons as outdoor classrooms. What a great way to motivate and engage the students! Learn more about The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School’s dining shelter project here.

Blessed John Henry Newman RC College Create Outdoor Dining Area in Oldham
Shelter we designed for Blessed John Henry Newman

With a requirement to give their students different options for their break times, Blessed John Henry Newman RC College started to explore the options of school shelters. These were to provide the most cost-effective option and would ensure that all their requirements would be met. A&S Landscape offers an extensive range of canopies, which are high-quality, sturdy and will endure the British weather. Working closely with the school, A&S Landscape managed the project efficiently and effectively from start to finish. The design chosen was a curved roof canopy, which best fit the school’s requirements. The Motiva Duo™ is always a popular choice for schools, and it is easy to see why. The symmetric curved roof is a great option for dining areas and many other applications such as covered walkways. Find more details about the dining area shelter at Blessed John Henry Newman RC College here.

Stockport Academy in Greater Manchester Add Fabric Umbrella Canopies
Fabric umbrella canopy at Stockport Academy

Based in Cheadle Heath, Stockport Academy wanted to invest in their outdoor areas and further improve the facilities on offer to the students. The staff approached canopy specialists A&S Landscape to ask for a shelter solution that would work with the campus. After careful consideration of the school’s needs and requirements, we proposed to install our Maxima Umbrella™ fabric canopy. The academy was so taken by our selected solution that they chose to install not one but two shelters! Both of the umbrella canopies were made to an overall size of 8000mm x 8000mm, with Ultramarine Blue coloured steelwork which contrasts well with the white fabric. Now the students can sit underneath the shelters during their breaks safely protected from the weather. Continue reading about the umbrella canopies we designed for Stockport Academy here.

Curved Roof Dining Shelters Made for The Pingle Academy in Derbyshire
Dining area shelter we designed for The Pingle Academy

Increasingly often we find ourselves being asked to help with overcrowded dining halls at secondary schools. With rising student numbers and tight budgets, many schools simply cannot afford to extend their building. A great solution to this is to install an outdoor dining canopy, which is exactly what The Pingle Academy decided to do. We added two Motiva Duo™ curved roof shelters to the academy, both made to the overall size of 18000mm x 8000mm. Plenty of covered space has now been created, which the students can use to enjoy their lunch alfresco. This has relieved the internal dining hall and helped the children to spend more time out in the fresh air. Click here to see more about Stockport Academy’s fabric canopies.

Cardinal Langley RC High School Create Outdoor Dining Area with Curved Roof Shelter
Curved roof canopy we made for Cardinal Langley RC High School

To get better use from their external space, Cardinal Langley RC High School decided to install a canopy outside of their dining hall. This covered area could then be used as an outdoor seating area by the students. Experts in installing dining area shelters, A&S Landscape was asked to take the lead on this project. We installed our popular Motiva Duo™ curved roof canopy, which is ideal for creating external dining spaces. To match the school’s logo, we finished the steelwork in a bright Traffic Red colour which contrasts perfectly with the Opal polycarbonate roofing. With the simple addition of a few picnic benches, the space has been transformed! The students now have more choice over where to sit to eat their lunch, which will further improve their daily experience. Find out more about the dining shelter at Cardinal Langley RC High School.

Read our featured senior school shelter project

Penketh High School in Cheshire adds Fabric Tepee Canopies

Tepee Canopies we designed for Penketh High School

What was the project brief?

This Warrington secondary school wanted to give their students the best experience possible when they came to school each day, and so decided to expand the number of seating options available to them during break and lunchtimes. Requiring a cost-effective solution, they soon realised that a school canopy was a great value option, that would also transform their neglected outdoor spaces, which were just waiting to be used to their full potential! As this was a major project, it was pivotal to use a company that could offer extensive expertise. With 44 years’ of experience in the canopy industry – with a predominant amount of this work taking place in educational facilities across the UK – A&S Landscape was the obvious choice.

Managing the project from start to finish, A&S Landscape was not hired to simply provide a predesigned canopy. The ideal shelter would need to transform the chosen area, and with A&S Landscape offering bespoke designs, their outdoor area vision could be turned into a reality. A successful outcome would be a quality canopy, that offered maximum protection from both the sun and rain, whilst also aligning with the overall aesthetics of the existing school buildings.

What was our shelter solution?

Canopies we fitted at Penketh High SchoolThe final school canopy was not just one, but three! Three Maxima Tepee™ shelters were installed, measuring 21000mm X 7000mm each, leaving plenty of room for the students to sit underneath. With a light grey fabric roof offering high UV protection, and a steel frame finished in a classic blue colour, these fabric shelters have created a pleasant place to relax and unwind. The overall design of this canopy is trendy, smart and practical. The integral gutter system ensures maximum weather protection from the British downpours, and as they are of a modular design, if the school did decide to extend their covered area, this would be easily achievable.

What was the result of their new shelter?

This school canopy trio has exceeded all expectations. Penketh High School now boasts an outdoor covered area branded with the school colours, where the students can sit and socialise with their friends, refresh before lessons, and eat during lunchtimes. Not only that, but the staff are also using the covered outside space as a teaching area. The creation of such an area for outdoor education is a prime example of taking a holistic approach to learning and education. It is an essential piece to perfecting all-round development for students and ensuring that they have a great place to learn. The Penketh High School students can now enjoy this perfect balance, where they work hard in lessons, safe in the knowledge that they have an allocated area to relax in the fresh air during break times.

Furthermore, the school will continue to enjoy high-quality protection from the weather, and its various uses for years to come. Shelters offered by A&S Landscape are of the highest quality in the trade. With the sturdy framework manufactured with galvanised and PPC steel, and fabric too made from the highest-quality materials, they are built to last. The tepees truly are an effective freestanding canopy, and we are so pleased that the school are able to reap the benefits of this cost-effective cover solution.

About the client

Penketh High School is a senior school located in Warrington, Cheshire. The school takes great pride in their students and their abilities. They have high expectations of their students, and to maintain this they have established a culture that is based on a collaboration between staff and the children. With the main reason for the installation of the shelter being for the mental wellbeing of the children, it is clear to see that the school has a distinct and very clear ethos and is dedicated to their personal development.

They were a fantastic school to work with, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with them from concept to completion. The three canopies have turned out to be a truly wonderful addition to the outside spaces of the school grounds, and we are incredibly pleased to hear that they are going down so well with the students.

How does outdoor learning benefit children?

Tepees we designed for Penketh High SchoolThere are many reasons why outdoor classrooms are the perfect environment for learning. Although typically education is associated with an indoor classroom, learning can (and does) take place at all times. When children cook, play, socialise, or do any sort of activity, they are learning, regardless of their location. The addition of a covered teaching area allows children to better understand just this – that learning doesn’t just occur when there is a pen and paper in hand.

Learning in an external environment increases children’s ability to identify risks and hazards around them, develop inquisitive thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as develop resilience to adverse circumstances. These are massive benefits to the children’s personal skill development, however equally important is the relationship it will help them to build with the natural environment. Good access to the outdoors allows children to develop a deep appreciation for nature and could even contribute to a lifelong love of the outdoors. 

Why should secondary schools install canopies?

As a secondary school, providing an efficient shelter is essential for a superb student experience. Additionally, a canopy can fulfil other useful applications, over than a covered play area or classroom. School shelters are available in a wide variety of designs, curved roofsstraight roofs, with side panels, covered walkways… the list goes on. Another increasingly popular way to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle in secondary schools is from the installation of cycle shelters – these too can be customised to meet your needs.

To develop an excellent learning environment in your school, finding your right canopy offers the perfect solution. As leading suppliers, we can help you find your perfect cover system today. Please call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.

Shelters we designed for Penketh High School

Penketh High School Before and After


Read about some more of our senior school canopy projects

Sir John Talbot’s School Add Curved Roof Canopy in Shropshire
Shelter we designed for Sir John Talbot's School

Sir John Talbot’s School in Shropshire had dreamt of creating an outdoor, all-weather, dining area for their students to socialise all year round. To turn this dream into a reality, the school decided to contact A&S Landscape, the experts in the design, manufacture and installation of canopies for schools. With their 44 years’ of experience in the industry of school shelters, they were able to give the school optimal advice of their extensive range of canopies, with the chosen product being the Motiva Duo. With its curved opal roof, and an attractive Brown Red (RAL3011) steel frame this was a real statement in the school’s grounds. Whilst the secondary school canopy ticked all the boxes, there was another canopy solution that A&S Landscape could also provide. Read more about the curved roof shelter we installed at Sir John Talbot’s School.

Red School Shelter Designed for St. Peter’s Catholic High School in Wigan
Shelter we fitted at St Peter's Catholic High School

A good-quality, long-lasting and durable school shelter was exactly what St Peter’s Catholic High School required, to ensure outdoor activities could be enjoyed all year round by students. With an area of outside space between two mobile classrooms that was only usable during the summer months, the school saw an opportunity for transformation. That’s when they opted to bring in the canopy experts A&S Landscape. With their knowledge of all types of school shelters, from shade sails to curved roof and straight roof canopies, the school knew they were in safe hands. A&S Landscape outlined all possible canopies for schools which were viable options, keeping them well informed at every stage of the process. The final shelter was undoubtedly a huge source of pride for the school with the Headteacher stating the service was excellent. Learn more about the canopy we designed for St Peter’s Catholic High School here.

Our Lady’s RC High School in Manchester Add Covered Queuing Area
Our Lady's RC High School Canopy

Our Lady’s RC High School, located in Manchester, required a covered queuing area for the students going into the dining room. The students would often complain that during times of wet weather, mealtimes could not be enjoyed due to being soaked from the outdoor elements. The school needed a solution for both the comfort and the wellbeing of the students. They decided to explore the senior school canopy options available to them and approached shelter experts A&S Landscape, who helped them right from the concept to completion. Thanks to the addition of the Motiva Mono™, installed in a gorgeous green colour that complements the existing school buildings, students can now queue in the dry on their way into the lunch hall. To find out more about the curved roof canopy we installed at Our Lady’s RC High School, click here.

Fabric Umbrella Canopy Installed at Weaverham High School in Cheshire
Umbrella we fitted at Weaverham High School

When it comes to socialising, it is those teenage years that are some of the most crucial for social skill development. Weaverham High School, along with the committed members of the student council, wanted to ensure that there was an area available all year round for doing just that. With their specific requirements discussed, A&S Landscape got to work on finding them a secondary school canopy that would offer the perfect solution. A trendy Maxima Umbrella™ was the chosen school shelter, a fabric canopy with a PVC waterproof fabric roof in an olive colour. Evidently, the students who played such a great role in the decision-making process were keeping to trend, with the olive colour working perfectly with the subtle slate grey colour of the single upright. Canopies for schools are a popular addition for many reasons, this one here at Weaverham High School had many positive impacts on the students. See more about the umbrella canopy we fitted at Weaverham High School.

Penketh High School in Warrington Add Multiple Tepee Canopies
Fabric canopies we installed at Penketh High School

Penketh High School was going through a period of growth and expansion. With the rising number of students and a limited budget, a secondary school canopy appeared to be the most viable solution, as the school needed to meet the requirement for a higher seating capacity. To ensure that all needs were met for the new covered dining area, A&S Landscape was brought on early in the process and worked closely with the school. It goes without saying that the addition of the three Maxima Tepee™ shelters has had a massively positive impact on student’s day to day life at the school, with the eased congestion on the other dining areas. With the integral gutter system, the large covered space underneath, and the solid steel framework, these aren’t just trendy canopies for schools, they are long-lasting, durable and will serve the school for years to come. See more about the fabric shelters we designed for Penketh High School.

Straight Roof Canopy with Side Panels Designed for Droylsden Academy in Manchester
Playground canopy we made for Droylsden Academy

The year eight play area at Droylsden Academy was a great place to relax and refresh in between lessons but when the weather conditions were poor, the students would often get wet. After completing several other successful projects together, A&S Landscape was called back to the school to add some shelter to the area. We installed our Motiva Linear™ straight polycarbonate roof canopy, finished with bright Moss Green coloured steelwork. For added protection from the elements, we also added panels to the sides and back of the shelter. As well during break and lunchtimes, the canopy can also be used in lessons as an outdoor classroom. The teachers will never have to plan around the unpredictable weather again! Learn more about the play area shelter we designed for Droylsden Academy over on our projects page.

Red canopy we designed for King Edward Sheldon Heath Academy

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