In Tough Financial Times How Can We Improve Our Existing School Buildings?

In many cases, the option to build a new school or even classroom is not available, so what creative things can schools do to improve their existing school buildings?

Create a Specific Science Suite in an Old Computer Room

Now that many classrooms are equipped with laptops and tablets, the requirement for a specific computer room is becoming less. Perhaps these spaces can be given a new lease of life. What kind of room would you choose at your school?

Create a Quiet Study Area for Homework and Study Time

Many children have difficulty finding a quiet space at home to study. What if there was a specific area at school, that was not a common room or dining space, which was manned by staff and had learning resources in it. Children could choose to complete homework here with support and not have to find time and space at home where it might be more difficult.

Outdoor Covered Dining Areas

With schools facing increasing pupil numbers, the dining room can be one of the first places to be outgrown. All pupils need to be able to eat well at lunchtime in order to learn effectively. A food pod can be added to the playground with a covered dining canopy and suddenly there is a second option for dining and enough space for all pupils to have a seat and time and space to eat. These areas can be enclosed or open, with heat and light if necessary. The addition of dining space without building a traditional extension means that the cost is more affordable. There are many options for school canopies.