Video Transcription

When choosing a quote for a new shelter or canopy, it’s fairly common to find that a cheaper quote may include plastic guttering.

At A&S Landscape, we don’t work with plastic guttering at all and that’s because it simply doesn’t meet our high standards for the quality of build that our clients deserve.

Plastic guttering is less expensive but that’s because it comes with compromises. When exposed to UV light it becomes brittle over time and is much more prone to cracks and leaking. It just doesn’t fit the vision we have for building structures that work as well in the future as the day they were installed.

That’s why we use Alu-tuff™. It’s tough, durable and long-lasting but the truth is, it also looks a lot better and we know that’s an important part of the equation too. Being able to coat your guttering to match or, if you’re feeling daring, in contrast to the rest of the structure gives additional creative freedom.

We know this is not just about getting the job done. It’s about getting the right job, designed and built to last. When it comes to guttering – don’t compromise.