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Covered Queing Area for Our Lady’s RC High School Manchester

Covered Queing Area for Our Lady’s RC High School Manchester

  • 40m x 4m
Motiva Mono

At Our Lady’s RC High School we installed a large queuing area for students going into the dining room. Using a Motiva Mono at 40000mm x 4000mm and in a gorgeous green (BS12 B21) that complemented the colours on the outside of the existing building perfectly, it’s no wonder that the school were absolutely delighted with the work.

The Motiva Mono is a monopitch curved roof variant. It’s asymmetric, which basically means that one side is higher than the other and this means they’re often adjacent to the building.

As with the project at Our Lady’s RC High School, we can create structures at virtually any size. And whilst we do have some suggestion on the most economical sizes we know that no job is standard and we will work with you to create a shelter that meets your needs perfectly.

Take a look at our colours range and you’ll find that along with the fantastic green we used on this job are a host of other colours that mean every Motiva Mono is unique and tailored you.