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Playground Classroom Extension in Greater Manchester

Posted on 16/03/2017

Horwich Parish School Canopy
The finished canopy looks great, forming part of a new terraced area at the back of a classroom.

Project – Motiva Linear creates classroom extension at Horwich Parish C of E Primary School

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – There’s a difference between magic and alchemy.

With magic, you imagine somebody creating something from nothing.

Whereas alchemy is the process of turning one thing into another thing.

At A&S Landscape we never create something that wasn’t there, because the thing you are looking to access (space) is there whether we install an outdoor shelter or not. What is missing, however, is your ability to use it.

By installing an attractive, yet functional outdoor playground canopy we take space that was unusable for much of the year and make it available again, no matter what the weather.

So when Horwich Parish C of E Primary School called A&S Landscape looking for a little alchemy we assured them they were in exactly the right place.

Solution – We installed a Motiva Linear monopitch straight roof canopy to a size of 10115mm x 3750mm. Finished in a brown steelwork (RAL 8014), to blend with the natural surroundings, we also included Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering in matching Dura-Coat™ paintwork. The finished canopy looks great, forming part of a new terraced area at the back of a classroom.

Result – Space that was previously unused has now been brought back into the action with the addition of this smart outdoor classroom shelter.

Providing an additional learning space it also helps connect the building with its natural surroundings and offers weather protection that means play can continue however hard the rain falls.

Find Out More – If you’re looking to turn unused space into an additional outdoor learning space then A&S Landscape has a whole host of options for you to look at. Take a look at our gallery here to see more examples of successful projects.