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St John’s Talbots School sheltered area

St John’s Talbots School sheltered area

  • Size: 5m x 4m
Motiva Mono

Visiting St. John's Talbots School and installing a Motiva Mono was a real honour. At 5000mm x 4000mm and in a bright red that matched the building, it added some much needed protection from the elements and was attached to the building with wall brackets reducing the posts in the play space.

The Motiva Mono is our monopitch curved roof variant with a steel structure and polycarbonate roofing. With the Mono one side is higher than the other and you’ll often find these canopies located against building elevations.

We can construct in virtually any size but some options are more cost effective. Standard widths are in 700mm increments but any length is achievable. All you need to do is contact us and we can meet almost any requirement. With any of our fantastic colours available for the steelwork and options for the roofing, the Motiva Mono can be customised to look great in any surrounding.

No more getting wet whilst you wait at the doorway for the children of St John’s. They have ample shelter now, something that they are happy about in both sunny and wet weather. The canopy also looks really smart and brightens up the playground area with it’s bright red steelwork. A lovely addition to a lovely school.