Everything went to plan with A&S Landscape.

- Seahaven Academy

The chosen Motiva Linear canopy covers a large area of the campus and was installed in-between two of the school buildings. The white steelwork perfectly complements the surrounding environment and the shelter looks as though it has always been there. Thanks to the Opal polycarbonate roofing, the canopy also offers protection against harmful UV rays. The academy will be able to enjoy using this shelter for many to years to come.

Before the shelter was installed, the students of Seahaven Academy couldn’t use the outside area when the conditions were poor. Now they can enjoy fresh air no matter the weather, leaving them refreshed and ready for their next lessons. Or the shelter could be used when the students are queuing up, waiting to enter their classrooms.

What’s more, is that the staff can teach lessons under the canopy. This alternative learning environment helps to engage students and allows them to learn outside the four walls of a classroom. It’s true to say that this canopy is a real asset to the academy.

Installing a canopy is a cost-effective way of creating more usable space on a school campus. A&S Landscape provides straight, curved, waved and fabric roofed canopies so you can find the perfect product. Get in touch with us today on 01743 444100.