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Headteacher of Our Lady's RC High School

They took into consideration all of the practicalities that made the end product just what we wanted it to be.

Business Manager,
Our Lady’s RC High School
St Wilfrid's Catholic High School Logo

We would definitely use A&S Landscape again for any future work and we will be recommending them to other schools.

Business Manager,
St Wilfrid’s High School
Wolverley Business Manager

The way that A&S Landscape works meant the school were happy to have the work done during term-time.

Business Manager,
Wolverley CE School

Primary School Canopies

The importance of outdoor activity for primary school pupils cannot be understated. Outdoor play has a huge variety of benefits for primary school-age children, including improved physical health, but also improved confidence, peer-to-peer relationships, intellectual development and focus in class. When weather conditions are unpredictable, it becomes increasingly difficult to get pupils outside throughout the day, which is why outdoor coverings and canopies can make such a significant difference to an overall positive learning environment in primary schools.

At A&S Landscape, we are specialists in the education sector and have worked with a wide variety of primary schools to provide outdoor canopies that make sense for the way staff and pupils use the spaces available to them. We work closely with all of our clients to help design and build structural solutions that genuinely enhance the outdoor space available to them, while also taking into account the unique requirements that primary schools have in both the design and construction process.

What is a Primary School Canopy?

Primary schools use canopies in many different ways, most commonly as a playground shelter. This allows the pupils to play outdoors more regularly. A primary school canopy could also be used as an entrance canopy, cycle shelter and as an outdoor classroom. These canopies can be made in a range of bright and welcoming colours.

What are the benefits of primary school canopies?

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of primary schools are installing canopies as there are many benefits to reap. Primary school shelters are a cost-effective way of creating more useable space and expanding the existing facilities on offer.

Our team are always on hand to help advise on the best options for schools when it comes to creating practical, dynamic and elegant outdoor spaces, and maximising the potential of your buildings for both staff and pupils. To find out more or get a price estimate, please get in touch on 01743 444100, or email us at [email protected].

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Primary School Canopy Ideas

Look through some of our featured primary school projects

Ashbourne Hilltop Primary School in Derbyshire Add Enclosed Shelter

Ashbourne Hilltop Primary School CanopyA bespoke solution was required to meet the brief of Ashbourne Hilltop Primary School, an opportunity our experienced design team was delighted about. The school was looking to create a fully enclosed shelter that could be used during lessons as well as playtimes. The space needed to be welcoming and bright, and robust enough to last for many years. We based our design on our standard Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy, with the addition of side panels and two sets of double doors. To complete the structure, all of the framework was finished in a vibrant Flame Red. The school are thrilled with the completed canopy and the newly created space has quickly become a very valuable asset to the teachers. Often our clients are left wondering how they ever coped without their shelter! Head over to our project page to see the full details of the enclosed canopy we created for Ashbourne Hilltop Primary School.

Rainbow Playground Canopy for Llandysul School in Wales

Shelter we designed for Llandysul SchoolLlandysul School in Wales is a brand new school, built ready for the 2016/17 school year. What makes it so special is that it’s a ‘super school’, admitting students from age 3 all the way to 19. it gives them an all in one schooling experience that many don’t get. As it was such a new and exciting project, it needed primary school canopies that were just a little bit different. After consulting with our team, the school decided on a series of Motiva Linear canopies. As this was a special school, these were made just that little bit differently. The canopies use multicoloured roofs, to create a rainbow effect as pupils walk under them. It’s a small touch but one that fits the school perfectly. The students love it, and their practicality makes them an excellent addition to the new building. No other school has a shelter quite like these ones. To see more about the playground shelter we installed at Llandysul School click here.

Ranvilles Infant School in Hampshire Add Multicoloured Playground Shelter

Shelter we designed for Ranvilles Infant SchoolWhen looking at making extensions or additions to a school building, you need to think practically. What will give you the most value? What will last longer, and give both pupils and teachers more learning options when they’re in the school? It’s important you think about that, but it’s also important to remember that your school is there to help children grow. Not everything has to be utilitarian. This is something that Ranvilles Infant School knew all well when they were looking into primary school canopies. They needed a canopy that could shelter children from the rain, and add more visual interest to the building. They achieved both with our Motiva Linear canopy. The canopy was installed in yellow, red and blue, making it fun and colourful, something every school needs. Now pupils can play outdoors even when it’s raining, and they have a bright addition to the school that’s sure to raise a smile. Read more about the straight roof shelter we fitted at Ranvilles Infant School.

Crowmoor Primary School in Shropshire Install Curved Roof Canopy

Shelter we added to Crowmoor Primary SchoolWhen you think of primary school canopies, you’ll think of shelters that allow pupils to stay outdoors when the rain starts to come down. This is one of the main reasons many schools have them installed, but it’s not the only one. Crowmoor Primary School needed some shelters installed for several reasons, and the Motiva Mono canopy we installed for them covers so much. Firstly, they do allow cover from the rain, essential if children are to get out and play during break time. As the canopy is so close to the classroom buildings, they can line up at the beginning of the day too, without getting wet. They allow parents to wait outside under shelter at the end of the day, and of course, they improve the aesthetic appearance of the building too. With so many improvements, it’s no wonder that the school decided to install this canopy on the school grounds. To learn more about the playground canopy we added to Crowmoor Primary School, click here.

Colourful Playground Canopies for Billing Brook School in Northampton

Canopy we designed for Billing Brook SchoolWho says that school buildings have to be boring? Billing Brook Academy know they don’t, so that’s why they talked to us about putting in something special on the school grounds. They were looking at primary school canopies, as they wanted to install some sheltered space where children could play without being cooped up indoors once it starts raining. However, they wanted something just that little bit different. They had a Motiva Linear canopy installed, with rainbow coloured roof panels in it. This offers that much-needed cover in wet weather, but also adds a serious pop of colour to the school grounds. When the sun shines directly on them, the reflections look amazing. This canopy is the perfect mix of aesthetics and utility. The well-constructed canopy will keep the rain off pupils for years to come, and the coloured panels are going to be sure to delight them. Read more about the multicoloured shelters we installed at Billing Brook School here.

Old Dalby Primary School Install Playground Shelter in Melton Mowbray

Shelter we installed at Old Dalby SchoolThe playground at Old Dalby Primary School is a large space which is brilliant for the children who attend there. At least, it is when it’s dry. The problem is that it can’t be used when it rains, so that’s where our team came in. The school decided to use a Motiva Mono canopy on the school, in order to provide some much-needed shelter. The canopy offers a lot of benefits for the school. It shelters children from the rain, so they no longer have to put up with wet playtimes stuck in their classrooms. The primary school canopies also offer benefits during the summer, too. As the shelters are designed to sit up against buildings, they offer shade from the sun, making classrooms cooler when you need it the most. The school is seeing the benefit of these canopies now, and they really can get the use out of their playground, whatever the weather looks like. Click here to see more about the curved roof canopy we installed at Old Dalby Primary School.

Read our featured primary school canopy project

Mount Pleasant Primary School in West Yorkshire Adds a School Canopy

Canopy we installed at Mount Pleasant Primary School

What was the project brief?

Mount Pleasant Primary School in Huddersfield recently undertook a complete rebuild of their school buildings. This exciting transformation was completed in September 2018, ready for the academic school year. The new state-of-the-art, top-notch educational facilities were sleek, smart and branded to school colours. However, the school knew that the new facilities were missing an essential element. The perfect environment they had sought out to achieve could only be completed with the addition of an ideal shelter. With the school adopting a high level of care to its students and their all-round development, a school canopy was, therefore, a necessity for the external environment.

With their vision in mind, they required the extensive expertise of a reliable and respectable business. They approached A&S Landscape to design, manufacture and install an efficient shelter, one that would be long-lasting, durable and high quality. In the design stage, it was important to consider the overall aesthetics of the school canopy, as it was required to be the ideal complement to the existing buildings. Being wall-mounted to an exterior wall, the building and shelter needed to blend as if it was just one structure. A high level of detail and accuracy was required from the early stages.

What was our school canopy solution?

Canopy we installed at Mount Pleasant Primary SchoolOur popular Motiva Linear™ shelter turned out to the best choice to reach the full potential of the school’s specific requirements. There were two canopies installed altogether, to the chosen area of alongside one of the school buildings. With the steelwork finished in a stylish Anthracite Grey and the Dura-coat™ protective layer offers exceptional durability alongside a sleek and modern look. The school chose opal polycarbonate roofing which, during the summer months, offers some of the highest UV protection. With the linear roof elevated on the side that is attached to the exterior wall, the canopy effectively allows for water run-off. Needless to say that these types of shelter offer the best weather protection.

What was the result of their new school canopy?

Thanks to the addition of the canopy, there have been many practical benefits enjoyed, which have had a hugely positive impact on the children’s daily routines at the school. As the school had wanted, the shelter is the ideal complement to the school building, adding the final touches to the outdoor spaces of the rebuilt primary school. At the same time, the shelters offer extremely high-quality protection from the weather for the pupils, staff and play equipment which is safely stored underneath. The covered area is sufficient for a number of other practical uses, the two canopies act as outdoor classrooms for teachers, the children can relax here during break times, and it also acts as a covered walkway when moving in-between buildings. It is safe to say that the school canopy has been warmly welcomed by everyone at the school.

Testimonial / Client Feedback

“We are very happy, it is being used well. It is a great investment and the early years children do a lot of outdoor teaching now!”

Primary School Teacher, Mount Pleasant Primary School

About the client

Mount Pleasant Primary SchoolMount Pleasant Primary School is located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. They believe that children should have no limits when it comes to their achievements, and the school fully support and encourage the lifelong learning of all their pupils. We were immensely impressed with the new education facilities and were pleased to be able to add a school canopy that we know will contribute highly to the ‘no limits’ and fantastic experience offered by the school.

How can a covered area be used as a teaching area?

An outdoor learning environment has repeatedly been praised as the ideal learning space. With an efficient shelter, outdoor teaching is able to take place all year, positively impacting a child’s educational journey. Due to the sheer importance of being outside in childhood, there is a global campaign to get children to learn outdoors twice per year, but why just limit your outdoor venture to two days per year?

Outdoor learning spaces give rise to several educational opportunities to develop problem-solving skills, experience life outside the classroom, and experiment with new ideas and concepts. There are many educational opportunities to be had from being outdoors, and here are just a few ideas that you could try:

  • Stone painting
  • Nature-themed dress up
  • Storytelling
  • Practise mindfulness
  • Do some gardening

There are so many possibilities that allow a much more holistic approach in the early year settings.

How can A&S Landscape help you?

Our family-run business has been helping the education sector create their perfect balance with nature since 1976. We have installed cycle sheltersschool shade sailscovered sports grounds, and a whole host of other canopies for various projects, all with the intention of helping to get children outside.

At the heart of what we do is our integrity and our uncomplicated manner in which we approach each project. We do not provide a predesigned canopy, instead, we will listen to your needs and give you all the options available to you, ensuring that we are informative, communicative and approachable throughout.

It’s why we are the popular choice for canopy expertise, and we have branched out to other sectors including healthcarehospitality and commercial sites. Whatever your requirements, don’t hesitate to discuss your cover solution. Get in touch with our friendly team on 01743 444100 or at [email protected].

Canopy we installed at Mount Pleasant Primary School

Mount Pleasant Primary School Before and After


Check out some of our recently completed primary school projects

Straight Roof Shelter Designed for Lakelands Primary School in Essex

Straight roof shelter we made for Lakelands Primary SchoolLakelands Primary School is a brand-new school which recently opened in September 2020. To help the site reach its full potential, it was decided to include a playground canopy in the plans. A&S Landscape was asked to manufacture and install a straight roof shelter, for which we opted for our popular Motiva Linear™ product. Now the school has officially opened, the lucky pupils get to enjoy all of the new facilities, including our play area shelter. It’s so important for young children to spend quality time outside in the fresh air as it can aid their physical, emotional and cognitive development. That’s why it’s great that this school has invested in their outdoor space from day one so that the children can play outdoors all year round. Read more about the straight roof shelter we made for Lakelands Primary School.

Marsworth C Of E Infant School in Hertfordshire Add Cycle Storage

Marsworth CE Infant School Buggy StoreIt’s so important to encourage pupils to cycle to school and take up a healthy and active lifestyle. One great way of achieving this is to install a secure and covered shelter for bicycles, scooters and prams which is exactly what Marsworth C Of E Infant School did. We installed a Cyclo Buggy™ shelter at this fantastic school, complete with side panels and a lockable door. Although this product is typically used to store pushchairs, this school has utilised the space as an area for a range of bikes, toys and trikes. Not only will this provide a great place to keep bikes during the day, but it can also save storage space inside the school too. Click here to find out more about the bike shelter we designed for Marsworth C Of E Infant School.


Play Area Canopy Designed for Inverbrothock Primary School in Arbroath

Playground canopy we designed for Inverbrothock Primary SchoolSet in the picturesque town of Arbroath in Scotland, Inverbrothock Primary School was looking to add some shelter to their playground. This would allow the pupils to play outdoors more regularly throughout the terms, as often poor weather would force them to stay inside during their breaks. Luckily the school found playground canopy experts A&S Landscape, who designed, manufactured and installed a high-quality shelter. A Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy was selected, complete with Slate Grey coloured steelwork. The covered space can now be used during break times, as well as lessons as the teachers won’t have to contend with the weather forecast. What a great way to encourage the pupils to engage with their surroundings and explore the world around them. Learn more about the shelter we made for Inverbrothock Primary School here.

Kegworth Primary School in Derby Add Multicoloured Polycarbonate Roof Canopy

Straight roof shelter we installed at Kegworth Primary SchoolOur design team love the opportunity to propose a brightly coloured primary school canopy because we know the finished product always looks fantastic. So when Kegworth Primary School got in touch to add some shade to their playground, we knew that we could really make a difference to the area. We installed a Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy, featuring red coloured steelwork. But the real showstopper is the multicoloured polycarbonate roof design, creating a stunning rainbow effect. The pupils now have a sheltered area to use when they want to cover from the weather, and the space has been given a real pop of colour! It’s a great way to stimulate the children’s imagination and encourage them to play outdoors. Keep reading about the colourful roof canopy we designed for Kegworth Primary School.

Red Frame Shelter Made for Brinsworth Manor Infant School in Rotherham

Straight roof playground canopy we designed for Brinsworth Manor Infant SchoolBrinsworth Manor Infant School had a lovely play area which the pupils enjoyed using during their break times. But when the weather conditions were poor, the children would be stuck inside the classrooms and lose the opportunity to let off some steam. To counter this issue, the school got in touch with primary school canopy experts A&S Landscape. Our expert team worked closely with the staff to create a straight roof shelter design which would cover plenty of the playground. As a final touch, the structure was finished with a red coloured steel frame which matches the school’s logo. So come rain or shine, the pupils can get outside and play in the fresh air thanks to the new canopy. Find out more about the shelter we made for Brinsworth Manor Infant School here.

How Primary Schools Use Our Canopies

Our range of canopies and shelters can be used for a wide range of applications. From a secure shelter for bikes and buggies, to creating a sheltered dining space. Another popular use of our shelters is to create an outdoor classroom, allowing the children to learn in a different and engaging environment.



Prof, Helen Bilton (Professor of Outdoor Learning University of Reading):

Children don’t necessarily learn easily within the confines of four walls in the ceiling, especially if they’re young. And yet there still is an assumption that learning can only happen at desks and in a classroom. And this is where outdoor learning is most closely related to meeting the needs and development of young children.

My research helps educators understand children’s development and how to provide for that development outside, typically the link between physical and cognitive development.

My research also shows how to organise and manage the outdoor learning environment to enable young children to learn effectively, but also easily. For example, by creating a workshop environment using loose parts such as carpet squares, logs and material. They can enable young children to experiment as designers, inventors and creators.

The most important mindset change to ensure outdoors works well, is to view in an out as one complete environment, not two separate spaces.

If you’d like to learn more about how schools can create enabling outdoor environments so children learn easily and effectively, see details of my book publications and website in the video description below.

Read about some more of our recently finished canopies at primary schools in the UK

Milking Bank Primary School Add Cantilever Canopy in Dudley

Shelter fitted at Milking Bank Primary SchoolMilking Bank Primary School had identified a need for a shelter on their site as the pupils would often miss out on enjoying their playtimes outside due to the poor weather conditions. Shelter specialists A&S Landscape worked with the school to design a play area cover that would meet not only their requirements but also their budget. We decided to install our Motiva Cantilever™ as the positioning of the uprights works perfectly against the school building, avoiding the windows and doors. Complete in a smart red colour, the framework of the canopy matches the existing fixtures around the site making it look as though the shelter has always been there. The teachers can now utilise the covered space as an outdoor classroom without having to worry about the weather forecast. Learn more about the cantilever shelter we designed for Milking Bank Primary School here on our projects page.

New Curved Roof Canopy for Christ Church C of E Junior School in Ramsgate

Shelter we installed at Christ CofE Primary SchoolChrist Church C of E Junior School got in touch with school canopy experts A&S Landscape to replace an old canopy they had on-site. They knew first-hand how much use the pupils got out of the existing shelter and so it was important to the staff that it was replaced. Our design team suggested that we install our popular Motiva Duo™ curved roof model, complete with an Opal polycarbonate roof and Ultramarine Blue steelwork. The finished canopy looks fantastic on the playing field and the pupils love to play under the cover during their breaks. The school was also thrilled with the installation service we provided, stating that ‘the great team arrived on time each day and worked to a very high standard’. It’s always rewarding to hear such great feedback as it further motivates our team to continue on with our hard work. See more of the replacement canopy at Christ Church C of E Junior School here.

Outdoor Learning Space Extended at Marriott Primary School in Leicester

Shelter we made for Marriott Primary SchoolThere are many well-document benefits to outdoor learning and so Marriott Primary School decided to invest in their outdoor space to facilitate just this. The school wanted to add some cover to an area of the playground, however, it was important that the structure suit the surrounding space and the school’s friendly and warm atmosphere. A&S Landscape worked with the staff to find a suitable solution and proposed our fabric Maxima Umbrella™ product. This shelter design is a great option for clients looking to maximise floor space as it uses a singular upright. The schoolchildren are over the moon with the new shelter and appreciate the opportunity to learn outdoors more regularly. The school was also pleased with the ‘very accommodating and easy to talk with’ installation team and so it’s safe to say that this project was a huge success! Click here to continue reading about the fabric canopy at Marriott Primary School.

Shepherds Down School in Hampshire Add Playground Shelters

Often we work with primary schools who are looking to further improve their play areas, which was the case for Shepherds Down School. We were approached by the school to add some areas of shelter and shade to their playground so that the pupils would have protection from the weather. After carefully weighing up our wide product range, it was decided that the Motiva Linear™ straight roof shelter would be the best option. This product is very popular amongst nurseries and schools working on a tight budget as it presents a cost-effective way of covering outdoor space. We installed two of the shelters at the school, both featuring a smart Ultramarine Blue frame. As standard, the canopies were also finished with a polycarbonate roof which will protect the pupils from harmful UV rays. Want to see more? Visit our news article to find out more about Shepherds Down’s straight roof shelters.

Coleham Primary School in Shropshire Add a Playground Canopy

Colourful roof shelter we installed Coleham Primary SchoolSchools are always looking for ways to improve their grounds. Everything they have is put into enriching students’ lives, so any investment has to be made carefully. That’s what Coleham Primary School was thinking when they were looking into primary school canopies. They wanted something that would give them the shelter they were looking for, as well as create a new, exciting space for students. They chose a linear canopy to sit on the side of their building, adding that much-needed shelter and allowing pupils to venture outdoors even on rainy days. What really makes it special, though, is the multicoloured canopy roof. The rainbow colours shine through when it’s sunny, making it even more exciting to explore under. See more about this school shelter we designed for Coleham Primary School.

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