Our normal lead time is around eight weeks for manufacture and quality control. The school holidays are our busiest time for both manufacture and installation, so please order with plenty of notice if you plan on having installation during this period. Please also check that any quoted price allows for this option.

For the most up to date lead times, call us on 01743 444100.

The installation of your canopy will depend on the design, size, complexity and any associated works, but many of our projects are completed within a week. Wherever possible we ensure contiguous sequencing, but please be aware that where there are different work elements this may not be the case.

Please note that with our Shade Sail range the posts will be installed, then the fabric manufactured to size before being fitted, typically two to three weeks later. For a more accurate idea of timings, call us to discuss your plans on 01743 444100.

Yes, this is the standard procedure and gives you the most flexibility with timings and schedules. We ensure that everything is safe and secure while work continues. You will receive a full risk assessment and insurance details for your records, to prove that everything was conducted in accordance with the most stringent health and safety procedures.

You can learn more about the benefits of a term-time installation here.