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It’s natural to think you need to plan your building projects for the school breaks, but for something like a canopy project, there are lots of good reasons for doing exactly the opposite.

So embrace the idea of term-time projects and start reaping the benefits! This page will show you how.


The Benefits


Work scheduled during the summer break or other holiday periods competes with many other projects, so our availability can be more restricted. Term-time is our quieter period so we can give you greater flexibility around the timings for your project. This can mean shorter waiting times, the ability to fit around your needs and deadlines, and can potentially give you quicker installation times.

Staff Holidays

Everyone takes their holidays during the summer break, and a construction project (even a relatively minor one like this) can add extra pressure. Many people in your team will thank you for a term-time installation.

Financial Benefits

Completing your A&S Landscape project during term-time gives you the potential for extra savings. Why? Because it’s our quiet period and we’re keen to share our workload over the whole year so we offer our best prices for term time installations. If we’re able to help when your budgets are tight, planning a term-time project is the best way.

The Students Will Love It!

An A&S Landscape project is exciting for pupils – our visuals will show them what it’s going to look like, and we’ll make them feel involved by explaining what’s happening and what we’ll be doing next. Why not give them a project to plan and draw what the finished structure is going to be used for?  And once they’re watching the progress and feel involved, they will value the finished project all the more.

We Make Everything Possible

Now we’ve looked at the benefits of term-time projects, here’s how A&S Landscape makes it possible in the first place.

No Disruption

  • All the big deliveries are outside of lesson and break times, early in the morning or after the end of the school day.
  • We actually don’t use heavy plant or machinery and we can limit the use of drills or other noisy tools during lesson times, so there’s no distractions.
  • Our staff won’t access the school buildings during lesson times.

In fact, we work with you to ensure that every area of potential disruption is considered and addressed before we start the work.

100% safety

  • Our working areas are securely cordoned-off with no access for any unauthorised person, no matter how small!
  • We can restrict access the site by car, van or truck during times when you have told us it is safe to do so. And we will only use access routes that you have authorised.
  • Whenever we need to use heavy machinery and power tools, we will only ever do so in securely cordoned-off areas.

In short, a full method statement and risk assessment can be discussed and agreed with you and only once you’re 100% happy do we start work.

DBS Certified

If needed, we can make sure you are assigned a fully DBS certified team – no problem.


In Summary

A term-time project from A&S Landscape will bring you real benefits:

  • Greater flexibility to work around your timings and deadlines
  • The potential for extra cost savings
  • Less pressure on staff
  • No disruption to your working day
  • Focused lessons on a real-life project
  • And your pupils will love it

Talk to us about your canopy or shelter project, and how we can make a term-time installation work in your favour. Call 01743 444100 or email us here.


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