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Park Gate Primary School in Coventry Cover Parent Waiting Area

Park Gate Primary School in Coventry Cover Parent Waiting Area

  • Size: 8000mm X 2500mm
Motiva Duo

Park Gate Primary School decided to add a covered area where the parents could wait under. A&S Landscape proposed several ideas and installed the chosen design during term-time.

A freestanding curved roof canopy was installed on the school site. The Motiva Duo has plenty of space for the parents to stand under as it measures 8000mm X 2500mm. The signal green steelwork adds a pop of colour to the campus and works well with the surrounding buildings. Harmful UV rays will also be blocked thanks to the opal polycarbonate roofing.

Before the canopy was installed, the parents were exposed to the elements while waiting for their children. From cold winter mornings to hot sunny afternoons, the conditions often meant the parents were uncomfortable while they waited for their children. Now they can wait under the shelter, protected from the wind, rain, snow and even sun. Park Gate Primary School were so happy with their new canopy that they awarded A&S Landscape five out of five stars for the project.

More and more schools are discovering canopies as a cost-effective way of creating more space. With intake numbers rising nationally, schools installing shelters to create more facilities. Whether more dining spaces or a new sports area is needed, A&S Landscape can work with you to find the right solution.

From covered walkways to entrance canopies, we offer a range of versatile products. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration or read more of our recent projects.