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Based in Shrewsbury, we supply canopies and cycle shelters to schools in our local area and nationwide. Whether you are a small school in Telford or a large Academy in Ludlow, our specialist team is the best choice for your canopy needs.

We have a wide range of shelter designs, suitable for a variety of applications and uses. Use a straight polycarbonate roof canopy to create a covered walkway for your students or one of our curved roof designs from our Motiva product range to form an outdoor dining area. Our design team will be able to help you pick the best model for your requirements, whether you want to match an existing canopy or the surrounding environment.

With over 40 years of experience, we have the broad knowledge and expertise to run your project smoothly and seamlessly. From your initial consultation to the final sign off, we can guide you through every step of the process with our expert advice. We specialise in the education sector, having completed hundreds of successful completions at school sites across the country, including Shropshire and the Midlands. Contact us to discuss your covered options and start moving your project forward.

Below we have put together just some of our completed projects located in Shropshire, including a dining canopy designed for Meole Brace Secondary School in Shrewsbury and a playground shelter for Newtown Primary School in Wem. If you see any designs which would work for your school, let us know and we can provide you with a quote for your project.

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Colourful School Shelter Made for St Lawrence Primary School

Shelter we fitted at St Lawrence Primary SchoolA&S Landscape has more than 40 years’ experience working in the education sector and we have a wide range of canopy options. This school were particularly taken with the coloured polycarbonate roofing panels that we can offer on our Motiva Linear canopies. They are a popular addition to primary school canopies because of the colourful light that they throw on to the playground below when the sun shines. A little bit of magic for the children to enjoy.

The straight polycarbonate roof canopy that was chosen was from the Motiva Linear™ range and it was large at 10000mm x 4000mm. The new straight roof canopy is fabulous. A large, bright colourful space outside the school building which can be used for activities all through the year, all without the need for a traditional extension – perfect!

A&S Landscape, canopy and shelter specialists, can help you with inspiration and design expertise if you think your setting might benefit from something similar. No matter what size of space you have, we have it covered! Please get in touch. From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery of canopy installations, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Yellow Curved Roof Entrance Cover Added to Weston Rhyn Primary School

Canopy added to Weston Rhyn SchoolOur team constructed an entrance canopy at Weston Rhyn Primary School Old Chirk Road, Weston Rhyn. The contract included one Motiva Entro™ curved roof canopy measuring 3000mm X 2000mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

The canopy was installed at 3000mm x 2000mm with Yellow (RAL 1003) steelwork and clear polycarbonate roofing. The result is just as we had all anticipated. A smart, bright canopy which adds to the overall aesthetic of Weston Rhyn Primary School. It is a smart way to shelter people from the rain as they enter and leave the building. The school are so pleased in fact that they are planning another canopy over a second door and will be coming back to A&S Landscape to discuss the new project very soon. We are pleased to have worked on this project and look forward to working with Weston Rhyn Primary School again in the very near future.

A&S Landscape has an extensive range of canopies. In our gallery, you will see more than 1,000 photos of our previously completed projects.

Colourful Shelter Designed for Coleham Primary School

Our engineers erected a canopy at Coleham Primary School Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The contract included four post protection pads.

Lower Heath CE School Install Multicoloured Play Area Shelter in Whitchurch

Shelter installed at Lower Heath SchoolOur team designed a straight polycarbonate roof canopy for Lower Heath CE School Prees, Whitchurch. The full contract involved the supply and installation of one Motiva™ monopitch straight coloured polycarbonate roof canopy measuring 9200mm X 6000mm with Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes which were coated in a matching Dura-coat™ colour finish ad the removal of the existing canopy.

The space was large and allowed a structure which measured 9200mm x 6000mm to be installed. A&S Landscape offers a wide range of canopies, from fabric tepees, umbrellas and shade sails, to steel and polycarbonate linear, mono and duo designs. The Motiva Linear™ range was chosen for Lower Heath CE Primary School.

The roofing is a nice bright addition in Daffodil polycarbonate. Even on a dull day, this lovely bright choice adds a feeling of ‘Springtime’ to the area. The children have more opportunities for outside play and even to have lessons under their new school canopy. Almost like a classroom extension but without being a permanent structure which would require planning permission. A great result, thank you for choosing A&S Landscape.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special.

St George’s Junior School Add Blue Curved Roof Canopy

St Georges Junior School Curved Roof CanopyA&S made a curved roof canopy at St George’s Junior School Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The full contract involved one Motiva™ Duo duopitch curved roof canopy measuring 6000mm X 5000mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Now when people visit St George’s Junior School, they are greeted by a fantastic looking canopy. While they read the message board or wait to enter the building, they can stand sheltered away from the elements. Already the canopy has been a very popular addition to the school and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Our range of curved roof canopies can be used for a variety of purposes, including dining areas, covered walkways and playground shelters. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help. Call us directly on 01743 444100.

Stokesay Primary School Install Canopy with Polycarbonate Roof

A&S erected a canopy in Stokesay Primary School Market Street, Craven Arms, Shropshire. The full contract involved relocation of existing canopy to new location and provide new polycarbonate sheets.

Outdoor Dining Area Created for Meole Brace School Science College

Shelter we installed at Meole Brace SchoolA&S built a straight polycarbonate roof canopy for Meole Brace School Science College Shrewsbury. The contract included the supply and installation of one Motiva™ monopitch straight roof canopy measuring 15000mm X 4000mm.

Meole Brace School Science College installed a large Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy, constructed from steel with polycarbonate roofing. With blue steelwork, it ties in perfectly with the existing school building and looks like it has always been part of the campus. The space has plenty of seating so that many groups of students can enjoy it.

The students socialise more readily in this new area and love having the extra option of what to eat and drink during the school day. Sometimes they might wish to have a simple snack rather than a full meal and this new space provides that choice. Getting the students outdoors has multiple benefits as we all know, so it is fantastic to see them outside more and more at Meole Brace School.

You can find many examples of projects that we have completed on our gallery or blog pages. If you would like to discuss your requirements you can call us directly on 01743 444100. Alternatively, you can email your details or queries to [email protected].

Some of our Shropshire based clients

Curved Roof Breaktime Canopy Installed at The Corbet School in Baschurch

The Corbet School in Baschurch operates a busy and thriving secondary campusCurved roof shelter we designed for The Corbet School. With lots going on throughout the school day, they have the same challenge as many other secondary schools of balancing the logistics of hundreds of school pupils vying for quality space to enjoy break and mealtimes.

It often isn’t until all the school’s pupils are wanting to find somewhere to sit and catch their breath that the full impact upon dining and breakout areas is apparent. The Corbet School recognised that somewhere that students could go to and find shelter outside of the school building would help this challenge in many ways.

Approaching A&S Landscape with this brief in mind, The Corbet School worked with us to devise a scheme to target this issue. The end result was the installation of a Motiva Duo™ canopy cover measuring 14000 mm X 8000 mm. Large enough to provide shelter to a number of students during busy break times, it came with a range of other additional benefits to the wider school community too. These benefits included offering a breakout space for group work on projects, as well as the potential to offer an outdoor classroom setting. This impressive shelter was completed in Sapphire Blue steelwork and an Opal polycarbonate roof cover. With the Sapphire Blue fitting nicely with the school’s emblem, the end result was a fabulous resource for the whole school to enjoy.

Outdoor Dining Shelter Added to Grounds at Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer

Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer needed a dining canopy so students could spend break times in the fresh air, have a choice of facilities and have more space to eat and relax compared to in existing areas. The staff at this institution – which ‘provides a secure, safe and caring environment’ – also thought their ideal shelter would have a straightforward but sleek design that didn’t detract from the architecture or grounds.

Lacon Childe School got in touch with us and we manufactured a 16000mm X 8000mm Motiva Duo™ for them. This model features a symmetric curved roof that many schools find appealing and makes it an effective canopy for outdoor dining. The team chose Opal polycarbonate and Slate Grey steelwork to create the unobtrusive, modern look they desired, and this made for a fantastic shelter that could easily withstand rain, wind and run.

Staff and students at Lacon Childe School love the new dining canopy; break times are no longer crowded and queues have been reduced, so students have more time to enjoy eating and catching up with friends. The shelter will also help them to get outdoors more often, which will boost their wellbeing. Want to know more about how you can find the perfect custom canopy? Call A&S Landscape today on 01743 444100.

Curved Roof Playground Canopy Added to Idsall School

At Idsall School, A&S Landscape installed a long covered walkway with our trademark Motiva Mono™. Measuring 10000mm x 4000mm this generous entrance canopy design creates a strong, yet attractive statement. It says, ‘we’re in charge here, we’ll look after you’ Finished in blue steelwork (RAL 5002) with opal roofing this entrance canopy works as a successful waiting area as well as giving a striking run to the reception.

The different sizes and lengths of entrance canopy can project a very different personality. A long, statement walkway like Idsall School now have, gives a real sense of confidence, you are protected and surrounded by this canopy far before you reach the actual entrance. Larger canopies like this can help project a strong and memorable image of the school before anybody has even stepped foot inside.

You are the story you tell people about what you do but you’re not always telling it with words, you often tell that story with imagery. A strong entrance canopy design will keep people dry but also tell them a lot about who are you and what you do. What does your building entrance say about you? To find out more about A&S Landscape outdoor shelters for schools, take a look at our gallery of finished projects here and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Fabric Umbrella Shelter Designed for Ludlow Junior School

We built a playground umbrella at Ludlow Junior School Clee View, Ludlow. The full contract involved the supply and fitting of one Maxima™ waterproof Umbrella structure supported on a single upright measuring 5000mm X 5000mm.

A&S Landscape proposed a product from their Maxima range. The Maxima Umbrella™ is ideal for a variety of applications including, play area shade, restaurants and pubs, college and university grounds, public spaces and cafe/alfresco dining areas. At Ludlow Junior School they installed Maxima Umbrella at 5000mm x 5000mm, with Marine Blue (RAL 5002) steelwork and Night Blue fabric.

The area looks complete now. The Umbrella has been installed centrally, allowing plenty of children to chat and dine underneath. Ludlow Junior School are pleased with their new addition which brings a new sense of style to their playground. It will bring shade and shelter to the children for many years to come.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, we have a range which is sure to offer you something special. To look at our full range of finished projects take a look at our gallery. If you feel yourself getting inspired and want more information, please call us on 01743 444100.

Newtown C Of E Primary School Add Freestanding Play Area Cover

Canopy we fitted at Newtown Primary SchoolWe made a curved roof canopy in Newtown C Of E Primary School, Wem. The full contract involved one Motiva™ Mono curved roof canopy measuring 6000mm X 4800mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes which were coated in a matching Dura-coat™ colour finish and four post pads.

Because A&S Landscape had installed the previous canopy and Newtown Primary School had been happy with the project, they decided to come to us again. We were able to link the two canopies together, sharing drainage and installing the new canopy seamlessly, adjacent to the original one. Both now look smart with matching blue post pads and offer a large sheltered area where staff and children alike can move through the school sheltered from the weather at all times.

Children and staff are happy because they have a smart new school shelter and because the installation has merged seamlessly with the original canopy and the on-site team worked quickly and efficiently. A&S Landscape are happy that we have return customers, pleased with our work, coming back to us again and again. Overall, a very pleasing project with many pleasing outcomes.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

The Ark Nursery Add Covered Play Areas in Pontesbury

A total of four straight roof canopies were installed at the Ark Nursery. The Motiva Linear™ shelters were finished in a range of coloured steelwork, including Bright Yellow, Mid Blue, Red and Signal Green. Opal polycarbonate was used on each of the canopies to provide essential protection from harmful UV rays.

The young pupils can now spend quality time outside in the fresh air all-year-round. During break times they can let off steam which will help them refocus for their next activity. The staff can also take their classes outside for an alternative lesson, without having to plan around the weather. Play equipment could also be stored under the shelters, saving storage room inside the nursery.

A&S Landscape has worked with hundreds of nurseries, schools, colleges and universities supplying a range of products. Our team of experts can help you through every step of your project, ensuring you get the best service thanks to our broad knowledge surrounding canopy installations. Get in touch with us today by emailing [email protected].

Welshampton Primary School in Ellesmere Add Fabric Tepee Canopy

Welshampton Primary School has lovely playing fields, but this outdoor area couldn’t always be used when the weather was poor. To help the school get more use out of the space, they wanted to add a canopy. The staff came straight to school shelter experts, A&S Landscape, who designed, manufactured and installed the canopy.

A fabric Maxima Tepee™ shelter was added to the playing field, measuring 6000mm x 6000mm. In order to help the canopy, blend in with the surroundings, an Opal Green colour was used for the fabric roof. This works perfectly with the subtle Slate Grey coloured steelwork and guttering. So that the school could get as much use out of the shelter, a waterproof PVC fabric was used.

Now the lucky pupils can play outside all year round, come rain or shine! This allows them to let off some steam and refresh ahead of their next lessons. The covered space could also be used by the teachers as an outdoor classroom, which would help to engage their classes and lead a memorable lesson. We always love getting to work with local schools and knowing that we have played a part in giving the pupils a fantastic educational experience.

Shifnal Primary School Add Red Straight Roof Shelter

Shelter installed at Shifnal Primary SchoolThe Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy is ideal for a variety of applications. At Shifnal Primary School, they installed their canopy with Burgundy (RAL 3011) steelwork, with Alu-Tuff™(aluminium box profile) guttering and downpipes. The roof was an Opal polycarbonate and the overall canopy looks smart and bright. A lovely addition to the playground area.

The children can now queue to use the classroom door without getting wet if it is raining. They can also use the new space for activities and storage. The options are endless, and an underused area has been transformed and given a new lease of life. Sometimes, you just need to think outside the classroom!

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, we have a range which is sure to offer you something special. To look at our full range of finished projects take a look at our gallery. If you feel yourself getting inspired and want more information, please call us on 01743 444100. A&S Landscape – Outdoors, we have it covered!


Outdoor Canopy Supplied for Severn Valley Country Park Visitor Centre in Alveley

Shelter we designed for Severn Valley Visitors CentreSevern Valley Country Park Visitor Centre in Alveley, Shropshire needed an outdoor canopy to cover a new seating area they were building as part of improvements to their facilities, due to increasing visitor numbers. It would allow dog walkers to take a well-earned break undercover, expand the cafe’s capacity and offer protection from the elements for picnicking families visiting the park.

After discussing possible shelters with A&S Landscape, the centre chose the Motiva Linear™. This fantastic, straight roof canopy cover would shield guests from unpleasant weather while they enjoyed the amazing views across the valley. The Opal polycarbonate roof and grey steelwork looked sleek next to the updated visitor centre building, and the canopy’s 5900mm X 5000mm measurements would provide plenty of space on the newly added decking for a variety of visitors.

Everyone loves the outdoor canopy. The staff can use the sheltered space to hold activities outside in all weathers, and it will reduce pressures on the café’s indoor seating area. Families and dog walkers can eat or drink under shelter, and the views can be appreciated by all, even on rainy days. The visitor centre is an essential facility for local people, and A&S Landscape was delighted to help the team with their improvements for accommodating increasing numbers of guests. We have supplied many parks and public spaces with brilliant canopies, and we love working with them to increase opportunities for communities. If you’d like to find out more about us, call us on 01743 444100 today.

Covered Walkway at St Andrews C of E Primary School in Shifnal

A&S Landscape installed a straight roof shelterShelter we fitted at St Andrews CE Primary School in an area in-between the buildings. The Motiva Linear™ is 10200mm long so plenty of covered space has been created. The Slate Grey steelwork gives the canopy a sleek, modern finish and helps it fit in with the surroundings. Harmful UV rays are also blocked by the Opal polycarbonate roofing too.

Now when people move around St Andrews C of E Primary School, they can enjoy cover from the elements. Classes can line up outside throughout the year, and parents can also stand under the canopy at the end of the school day. The new covered walkway has been a very popular addition to the school already.

From primary schools to universities, we have supplied a range of canopies for a variety of uses. Take a look at our gallery for more ideas for your project or call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.

Umbrella Shade Added to Woodlands Primary School in Shropshire

A&S Landscape have more than 40 years’ experience of working with schools to enhance their outdoor spacesCanopy we fitted at Woodlands Primary School and we knew that we would have the right product for Woodlands Primary School. The design that they chose was the Maxima Umbrella™. They installed an Umbrella at 5000mm x 5000mm in Aniseed fabric with Slate Grey (RAL 7015) steelwork. It looks fantastic and really brightens up the area as well as creating the shade and shelter that they wanted for the children.

Woodlands Primary School now has exactly what they wanted. The children can be sheltered from the sun’s rays when it is hot, as well as from the rain when it is wet. The Umbrella shade looks smart, adds a striking design feature and the children and staff are rightly very pleased with it. You can review more than 1000 images of our recent projects in our gallery. They will be sure to give you some inspiration if you are considering a similar initiative.

Mereside C of E Primary School in Shrewsbury Build New School Canopy

Mereside Primary School ShelterBreak times and lunchtimes are when the children want to be outdoors but as we know, sometimes the weather can be less than kind. Indoor playtimes are hard for children and teachers alike, so the option for a school canopy was a great solution for Mereside Church of England Primary School.

A&S Landscape are experts in school canopies, we have more than 40 years’ experience of transforming outdoor spaces for schools, colleges and universities across the UK. We have a wide range of canopy products from fabric Umbrellas to steel and polycarbonate canopies. In this case, we installed a canopy from our Motiva Linear™ range at 9570mm x 3000mm. It ran alongside the building and offered a nice sheltered area outside the classroom doorway which could be used by the children whatever the weather.

The result, a new sheltered space for the children to enjoy. The school could store some items here or have the occasional lesson. They have a flexible space to use all year round. A new school canopy to enjoy!

Haughmond Football Club in Shrewsbury Install Spectator Canopy

With a strong following of supporters, their matches are well attended but something was missing – a spectator canopy. A&S Landscape was delighted to help with a bespoke solution. The solution was a large, straight roofed canopy from our Motiva Linear™ range. It measured 8160mm by 2000mm and the steelwork was smart Green RAL 6005, whilst the roof was clear polycarbonate.

The new structure not only looks smart, but it also offers some welcome shade and shelter to the football supporters and spectators. They are protected from UV rays as well as rain on wet days. This means that they can offer their unwavering support to Haughmond Football Club, throughout the season, no matter what the weather has in store. What a relief!

If you are thinking about a similar project, take a look at our gallery which contains more than 1500 images of projects that we have completed. It is a good place to look for some inspiration. We are always happy to discuss ideas and we have many designs of canopies in our range as well as the option to create bespoke structures to perfectly meet your needs. Fill out a contact form to get in touch.

Shade Sail Canopy at Sir John Talbot’s School

Sir John Talbot's School Shade SailThe area was perfect for a fabric canopy from the Maxima range at A&S Landscape, so the only question was, which design to choose. The Maxima range has a number of different fabric canopies. Umbrellas, Shade Sails, StarSails and Tepees to name a few. The Shade Sails are available in triangle or square fabric, overlapping or single layer, different colours, shade cloth or PVC, so the choices really are endless. Sir John Talbot’s school installed a square hypar Shade Sail at 5m x 5m in yellow shade cloth fabric and black steelwork. This aligned nicely with the school’s branding and has created a smart new shaded seating area for students to enjoy.

The new space has some seating without shade and some with shade to offer students a choice of where to sit. The posts were fitted with post protectors for added safety and these were also in yellow to keep up the theme. It is a lovely new area which now has purpose and a modern canopy, we think it looks great, especially on a bright sunny day!

If you are thinking about a similar project, take a look at our gallery which contains more than 1,000 images of projects that we have completed. It is a good place to look for some inspiration. You can always call us directly on 01743 444100 if you would like to chat through the options, we would be glad to help.

Covered Play Area at Captain Webb Primary School in Telford

Canopy we fitted at Captain Webb Primary SchoolA straight polycarbonate roof canopy was installed alongside the early year’s classrooms, measuring 18500mm X 3000mm. Captain Webb Primary School choose Mid Blue steelwork for the Motiva Linear™ straight roof canopy to add a splash of colour to the area. The Opal polycarbonate roofing also provides protection against harmful UV rays which is so important for such young children. A&S Landscape also supplied dark blue rubber surfacing underneath the canopy to complete the play area.

The nursery children love their new covered space and the shelter has become a very popular addition very quickly. Even in poor weather conditions, the children can enjoy some fresh as they play outside. This gives them more space, allowing them to let off steam and free their imaginations. A&S Landscape offers a wide range of playground canopies, with fabric, straight and curved roof options.

Hollinswood Primary School in Telford Install Playground Canopy

A straight roof Motiva Linear™ shelter was installed in the playground. Measuring a total of 12000mm X 11000mm there is enough space for many of the pupils to use at once. Finished in a classic white steelwork, the straight roof canopy looks as though it has always been there. The opal polycarbonate roofing also offers protection against harmful UV rays while allowing some sunlight through. The pupils of Hollinswood Primary School can spend their break times outside no matter the weather. There is plenty of room underneath for their toys and play equipment, which will all be covered from the rain, wind and sun.

A&S Landscape, canopy and shelter specialists, has transformed many playgrounds across the UK. With straight, curved, waved and fabric roof options you can find the right design for your needs. Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration or call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.

Hollinswood Primary School White Shelter

John Fletcher Primary School in Telford Create Cover in Play Area

That’s where outdoor shelters come in, being able to spend time playing outside, even when it’s raining. You won’t catch anybody frustrated at that idea. So when A&S Landscape was approached, it was to add some of that outdoor shelter magic to John Fletcher Primary School in Shropshire.

A Motiva Mono™ at 10450mm x 2600mm has made a huge difference here, adding a gorgeous canopy to an outdoor play area that means it can be used all year round. Finished in a dark forest green steelwork (RAL6005) with matching Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering in Dura-Coat™ paint, this shelter looks smart and fits in with the buildings around it.

The truth is, no matter how well we hide it, it is frustrating when we are restricted. Having to stay indoors because of a little rain can be deeply annoying because as human beings we thrive on changes in scenery and access to natural light and fresh air. We crave variety but also need the benefit of the Vitamin D we receive (even on cloudy days). A good 20 minutes of access to natural light can have a powerful impact on our mood and it really is not the same just being near a big window!

To give more access to the outside, think strategically. Adding an outdoor playground canopy will undoubtedly provide opportunities for students to spend more time outside than they would without it. Unsure about what kind of design to go for? That’s ok, just take a look at our gallery of finished projects for some inspiration and if you have any questions just get in touch by filling out a contact form online.

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