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A&S Landscape has completed many successful canopy installations in Manchester. Our team has worked with nurseries, schools and colleges to help them get better use out of their external space. From dining canopies, covered walkways and cycle shelters, we have installed our wide range of covered solutions.

After 40 years, we are known as the school shelter specialists and have built a long list of happy clients and customers. If you are looking for a testimonial or case study of our work, then check out our project page which is updated with our latest jobs. You can also find inspiration for your canopy design by looking through our extensive gallery.

When you work with A&S Landscape, you’ll be assisted by our team of experts. From your initial consultation to the final sign off, we will work closely with you to ensure that your project runs smoothly and successfully. We take all of your requirements into our full consideration and prioritise your needs.

Want to find out more? On this page we have gathered some of our featured jobs completed in Greater Manchester. But if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 01743 444100.

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Waterloo Road in Manchester Installs Range of Colourful Shelters

The team behind the BBC’s Waterloo Road in Manchester wanted a variety of canopies for the new television series. They needed four shade sails, a pair of entrance canopies and a straight roof canopy to give the set more realism, revolutionise the outdoor space and shelter everyone from rain and wind when needed. Those organising this project for the show – which has featured many difficult and important storylines over the years – contacted A&S Landscape with their ideas and we were more than happy to help.

We installed four Maxima StarSail™ canopies at Waterloo Road – two with Terracotta roofs and two with Buttercup roofs. These colours were chosen with the Director of Photography and considered the look of the series. The innovative design of these tensile fabric canopies was ideal for sprucing up the areas outside the school. We also added two Motiva Entro™ models which looked great as the main backdrop of entrance shelters, and a Motiva Linear™ which helped to make the set more believable as a modern-day institution.

The range of canopies was well-received at Waterloo Road; they not only look the part but they’re effective too, and they shield cast and crew from bad weather. The colourful shade sails are striking and give the area a more exciting and social feel, and all the shelters can be used as covered filming locations. Email us at [email protected] to talk through your future canopy project now.

Laurus Cheadle Hulme in Cheadle Hulme Installs Large Dining Shelter

Laurus Cheadle Hulme in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester needed a dining canopy of significant size to revolutionise its outdoor facilities, and provide an exciting new space where staff and students alike could spend their break times. The team there wanted the structure to have an attractive yet simple design and offer excellent shelter from the elements. We were thrilled to take on this challenging project.

After careful consideration, Laurus Cheadle Hulme picked out our Motiva Duo™. This popular model is well-suited to becoming a dining shelter, due to its duopitch design where both sides are at the same height – the most common configuration for a free standing canopy. The team also requested 40000mm X 10000mm measurements to create a spacious area where everyone at the school could enjoy eating outside in all weathers. What’s more, we added Basalt Grey steelwork and an Opal roof to create an unobtrusive but modern look for their canopy.

The shelter has been an impressive addition to the school – as one of our largest ever Motiva Duo™ models, dozens of students can use it as a place to relax and dine at break times and lunchtimes year-round, which is incredibly useful. The team there described us as ‘very efficient and equally professional and friendly’. We were thrilled to hear this alongside their satisfaction with our product. Email us at [email protected] to discuss your canopy needs today.

Twenty Colourful Shade Sails Installed at Great Academy Ashton in Ashton-under-Lyne

Great Academy Ashton in Ashton-under-Lyne wanted to source twenty shade sails to change up the feel and colours of its grounds. It was important that they came in groups with roofs of different shades to provide visual variety between the outdoor areas, and they could allow students to eat, socialise and play games in the fresh air in all seasons. The team at the school approached ours to supply these canopies.

After working with an architect and consulting with the staff at Great Academy Ashton, we installed twenty Maxima StarSail™ shelters there. This model is well-suited to creating shade at academic institutions with its combination design, so we understood why it stood out. We supplied five shade sails in each of their requested colours – Boulder, Poppy, Blue and Porcelain Green – and the roofs lit up the grounds site-wide. Anthracite Grey steelwork also solidified the tensile fabric canopies’ good match for the modern architecture.

Everyone at Great Academy Ashton loves the new set of shade sails. Their strong construction is a brilliant foundation for long-standing protection from the elements, and the bright, distinct roofs encourage students to use their well-earned breaks wisely in many areas outdoors – even in the rain. The school told us that they were ‘really pleased with the finished product.’ Email us at [email protected] to discuss your shelter ideas.

Co-op Academy Failsworth in Failsworth Installs Two Dining Canopies

Co-op Academy Failsworth in Failsworth wanted to add two dining shelters to its grounds to enable its students to enjoy dining and socialising outside in all seasons. The team at the school – which is unique in the quality of the learning experiences it provides – thought that the canopies should be able to effectively shield many children at once from undesirable weather, thanks to large specifications and robust materials. They also liked the idea of a simple, modern design that worked well with the look of their site.

Co-op Academy Failsworth contacted us because they were impressed that we had already worked with schools in the area. They decided to have two Motiva Duo™ shelters installed. With a curved roof and standalone structure that are perfectly suited to dining areas, this model was the clear choice. Measurements of 20000mm X 10000mm ensured that children wouldn’t struggle for space beneath the canopies and the Opal polycarbonate roofs were more than a match for wind and rain. Also, the sleek designs blended into the existing architecture.

The students are getting fantastic use out of the two dining shelters that we added to the school’s grounds. They love being able to spend breaks in the fresh air and eat and chat with friends in new spaces, no matter the weather. Plus, the designs add something special to the outdoor areas and they are a selling point to prospective students! Email us at [email protected] to hear more about our experience as canopy and shelter specialists.

Melland High School in Gorton Improve Site with Entrance Canopy

Located in Gorton, Manchester, Melland High School is an excellent provider of secondary education to pupils with additional needsEntranceway shelter we added to Melland High School. With an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’, it’s a school that knows that standards matter.

They had a desire to ensure those standards extended to looking after the wider school community. With an ethos that recognises the importance of parents and carers in the success of the school, especially when it came to dropping off and picking up their children, they wanted to enhance the school entrance. With the school gates quite exposed to the elements, Melland High decided to explore shelter solutions.

After chatting to the team at A&S Landscape, they expressed a like for the attractive curved roof of our Motiva Duo™ canopy. This canopy lends itself really well to designs for everything from public shelters to outdoor dining canopies, but also works perfectly for steel walkway designs too. The Melland High School custom canopy measured 10 meters by 5 meters and was finished off in Slate Grey steelwork and Opal polycarbonate roof. The overall effect of the finished custom canopy is an attractive and inviting shelter that enhances the school gate area. It will certainly be in demand on the rainy days when parents and carers are dropping off and picking up their children!

Salford City Academy in Eccles Finds Perfect Dining Canopy

Salford City Academy in Eccles in Manchester wanted to create more dining space and, as they were impressed by our designs, they contacted A&S Landscape to find a solution. Their brief included a large structure with lighting that could enable students to eat outdoors, no matter the season. Also, they needed the dining canopy to help make break times more enjoyable alongside great lunches by revitalising their outside area and easing pressure on their other facilities.

Following lengthy discussions, the team at the school settled on our Motiva Duo™. Built to measure 18000mm X 10000mm, it made for an ideal dining canopy that could stand the test of time with a durable, solid steel framework. The Opal and Jet Black design gave the outdoor facilities a significant boost, both practically and aesthetically, and the added lighting made the shelter usable through even more hours of the day.

Everyone at Salford City Academy loves the new dining canopy that we installed. Students and staff can now enjoy eating their meals outdoors, even if it’s raining, and the other break time areas are less crowded. The team there liked our approach to the project and we were thrilled that we had helped them improve their facilities for their hard-working community. Get in touch about your shelter needs by calling 01743 444100 now to speak to the A&S Landscape canopy and shelter specialists.

Sharples School in Bolton Installs Modern Bespoke Dining Canopy

Sharples School in Bolton, Greater Manchester wanted a bespoke dining shelter to allow its students to eat and socialise outdoors in all weathers in an exciting, custom space. The staff – who aim to provide students with ‘the knowledge, skills and qualities that will enable them to become successful citizens’ – thought that the canopy should offer maximum protection from the elements and have a contemporary feel.

Sharples School contacted us as they loved our past bespoke canopy projects, and we were thrilled to provide them with a bespoke Motiva Duo™. This model has an appealing, symmetric design and can be used as a standalone structure which is ideal for dining areas. What’s more, the bespoke element meant that we could design the shelter to meet the school’s exact needs, including adding glass panels for even higher levels of protection from rain and wind, so students could dine outdoors throughout the year. The team also chose an Opal roof and Slate Grey steelwork for an inviting, modern look.

Everyone at Sharples School loves the new bespoke dining shelter. Being able to spend breaks in the fresh air eating and relaxing, no matter the weather, is beneficial to everyone’s wellbeing. The sleek design has given a real boost to the aesthetic appeal of the site and the canopy structure will be a well-used facility for years to come. Email us at [email protected] to hear more about how we can help you on your canopy journey.

St Alphonsus RC Primary School in Stretford Installs Nursery Shelter

St Alphonsus RC Primary School in Stretford, Manchester needed a covered space as part of its endeavours to create a larger nursery. The staff – who work hard to establish a caring Christian community – wanted a robust canopy that could shield children beneath it from rain and wind, be adaptable to different uses such as teaching and play, and bring cheer to the area with a colourful design. They got in touch with A&S Landscape and worked together to plan the perfect project.

After talking through various options, St Alphonsus RC Primary School chose the Motiva Linear™ for its nursery shelter. This model was a great choice because it has a durable monopitch straight roof that is more than up to the task of shielding people from wet weather. A&S Landscape added Gentian Blue steelwork and an Opal roof which brought the space to life, and built the canopy to measure 13600mm X 3000mm so that many children could enjoy more time outside year-round.

St Alphonsus RC Primary School loves the nursery shelter. It has played a significant role in expanding the nursery and the team there finds its versatility really useful; it can be used as a playground canopy, outdoor classroom shelter and more! If you’d like to find out further details about our products, call us on 01743 444100 today.

Stockport Academy in Cheadle Heath Install Two Umbrella Canopies

Fabric umbrella canopy at Stockport AcademyStockport Academy in Cheadle Heath is a school that operates under the national organisation, United Learning. With a school community that constantly strives to be the best, and that aims to offer opportunities for learning new skills, both in the classroom and beyond, having facilities on campus to support this is a priority for them.

Stockport Academy recognises that one way to underpin their overall aims and objectives is to provide an environment for their pupils that makes the absolute best of their facilities. They approached A&S Landscape with a brief to devise a design that would give them a waterproof awning within the grounds of the campus.

In exploration with the academy’s management, the A&S Landscape design team created a vision for two 8 metre by 8 metre Maxima Umbrella™ canopies. This provided the school with a substantial sheltered resource, beneath which they then placed seating. The additional benefit of tensile canopy systems of this nature is that they can be used in combination to create an eye-catching and extremely practical design.

Sitting at the heart of the local community, the benefit of this installation extends beyond the school itself. Stockport Academy facilities are available to hire by local community groups, and the addition of the umbrella canopies means that they too, can gain from the installation.

St Peter’s CE Primary School Add Three Fabric Sail Shades to Play Area

Working alongside an authorised reseller our team created three triangle sails for St Peter’s CE Primary School Swinton, Manchester. The full contract involved one 7000mm X 7000mm Maxima™ tensile shade cloth fabric sail structure comprising of three triangle sails on five uprights including for all stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

Canopy with Shutters Designed for Dial Park Primary School

Dial Park Primary SchoolYou see, whilst our playground canopies for schools are effective when it comes to adding additional learning and play zones to any campus, they’re also wide open. What if you want something more flexible? Well, we have that covered too! When this Stockport School got in touch they were looking for just that, an attractive outdoor school canopy but with the option to transform it with side panels and a robust roller shutter door.

Utilising a Motiva Linear™ Monopitch Canopy, Dial Park School also benefitted from the addition of side panels. The whole structure was completed with bright, energetic yellow steelwork with opal roofing, green guttering and finally, just to complete the playful colour scheme, a red roller shutter door. The result is the ultimate flexible space. Left open, this space becomes light, airy with huge amounts of natural light but with the roller shutter door down, this area is secure and makes a perfect place for storage if needed.

Flexible space is not so hard to come by. You can have an open outdoor space and with the addition of side panels and roller shutter doors, you can enclose that space completely. Meaning you can use this for robust, secure, storage space or else just a play area that you want to make safe each night.

To find out more about the varied options for installation, get in touch and speak to one of our design team who can help you design the space you really need. And for inspiration, have a look at our gallery here.

Fabric Playground Umbrella Designed for Bridgewater Primary School

In combination with our trade partner our team created a playground umbrella at Bridgewater Primary School Bridgewater Street, Little Hulton, Manchester. The full contract involved the supply and fitting of one Maxima™ waterproof Umbrella structure supported on a single upright measuring 6000mm X 6000mm.

Warren Wood Primary School in Stockport Add Cantilever Canopy

Shelter we designed for Warren Wood Primary SchoolThe perfection solution, we felt, was a Cantilever canopy from our Motiva range. The Cantilever canopy benefits from having the posts close to the wall, the steelwork was in blue (RAL 5002), which matched beautifully the windows, doors and fencing, to create a really smart coordinated area. The polycarbonate roof covering completed the installation and came in opal colour.

Everyone was pleased to see the transformation of the entrance area. The staff have told us that the children use it every day, which exactly what we wanted to hear. We are delighted to have helped Warren Wood Primary School make this lovely addition to their campus and we have plenty more ideas up our sleeves when they think of another area which needs a canopy or shelter.

A&S Landscape can help you with inspiration and design expertise if you think your setting might benefit from something similar. Please get in touch. From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you or contact us for more details.

Saddleworth School in Oldham Cover Outdoor Seating Space

One straight roof canopy was installed on the campus, measuring a total of 11000mm X 9000mm. The Mid Blue steelwork of the Motiva Linear™ works perfectly with the surrounding buildings, adding a splash of colour. The Opal polycarbonate roofing provides essential protection against harmful UV rays too. Saddleworth School also chose to install a Maxima Umbrella™ fabric canopy, to offer even more seating options. The white steelwork post contrasts well against the Victoria Blue fabric picked for the umbrella.

Thanks to the two new canopies, lunchtimes are much improved at the school. The queues in the dining hall have been reduced and there are more seating options for the students. This has meant that the school has been able to reduce the lunch break time, improving the overall school day experience.

A&S Landscape has provided many schools with dining area canopies, helping to reduce queues and pressure on the facilities. With curved, fabric and straight roof designs, there is a product to suit every requirement. Call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.

Saddleworth School Straight Roof Canopy

Vibrant Shade Sails Added to St Clare’s RC Primary School in Manchester

Fabric canopies we installed at St Clares RC SchoolSt Clare’s RC Primary School in Manchester wanted to have four shelters installed to provide new outdoor spaces that all of their pupils could enjoy. They required colourful custom models for each Key Stage to offer the children protection from both rainy and sunny weather. Plus, the staff – who ‘provide an education which is rich in all aspects of Catholic life’ – wanted the canopies to be able to be used for socialising, play and more.

A&S Landscape installed four Maxima StarSail™ shelters: a 6000mm X 6000mm Bundena Blue canopy for Key Stage 1, two 5000mm X 5000mm canopies for Key Stage 2 with one in Bundena Blue and one in Lime Fizz, and a 6000mm X 6000mm Lime Fizz canopy for Key Stage 3. St Clare’s RC Primary School chose this model because of its appealing, modern design and the fact that it has the longest guarantees in the market. The colourful shade sails – along with their Slate Grey steelwork – lit up the playgrounds and offered fun outdoor spaces for each age group to enjoy in all seasons. The school also had twelve three-seater benches added beneath them so pupils could relax and play during break times.

The staff were delighted with the range of vibrant shade sails and how they fit into their budget. The children love playing underneath them in rain or shine, and they encourage lots of outdoor classroom ideas! If you’re looking into school shelters, give A&S Landscape a call on 01743 444100 today.

Straight Roof Playground Shelter At Droylsden Academy in Droylsden

Playground canopy we made for Droylsden AcademyDroylsden Academy, in Manchester, had specific shelter requirements which were to provide adequate sun, wind and rain protection to their year eight play area —a move that will extend the year eight student’s outdoor play opportunities.

A&S Landscape was involved in designing, manufacturing and installing the shelter solution for Droylsden Academy. The chosen product for this project was the Motiva Linear™ metal canopy with clear panels to the side and rear, which also featured striking Moss Green coloured steelwork. The canopy was built to 24000 x 4000mm, which was the perfect configuration to provide ample shelter without taking up too much open space from the play area. The design of this shelter has enhanced the way that children play at the school. Whether the weather is good or bad, the children make good use of it, and the design seems to blend in with the play area giving children ample space for running around along with plenty of shelter. Discover more about our playground shelters by calling our friendly team on 01743 444100.

Featured Manchester Based Clients

Read about some of our dining area shelter projects

Dean Trust Ardwick in Manchester Add Dining Canopy to their Outdoor Space

Curved roof shelter we installed at Dean Trust ArdwickDean Trust Ardwick, a secondary school in Manchester, wanted to have a dining canopy installed in order to expand their outdoor shelter options for students at break times. It needed to be able to shield many children from the elements while eating lunch and socialising, and have an attractive design. The school got in touch with A&S Landscape to find the right shelter.

The staff at Dean Trust Ardwick chose a Motiva Duo™ with an Opal polycarbonate roof and Anthracite Grey steelwork to create a modern feel for their canopy. A&S Landscape had previously installed two Motiva Linear™ shelters at Dean Trust Ardwick so students could enjoy lessons and breaks undercover, and this third canopy had a duopitch (symmetric) curved roof that was just right for a dining area. It was built to measure 19000mm X 9000mm to provide lots of space for students and protect them from the rain, sun and wind.

Everyone at Dean Trust Ardwick loves the new shelter. It allows the children to get the benefits of eating outdoors in all weathers and matches their other canopies, as well as complementing the school buildings. A&S Landscape was thrilled to work with the staff again – who ‘believe in providing the very best educational opportunities’ – and is glad that the dining canopy was so well-received. It could even be used as an outdoor classroom gazebo to add a new element to learning. Call us today on 01743 444100 to discuss installing a shelter at your school.

St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic High School in Bury Add Dining Canopy with Side Panels and Doors

It’s been an exciting time for this popular school in Greater Manchester. St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic High School in Bury have a new headteacher at the helm, and she had plans to modernise and improve the school campus. As with all redevelopment projects, there have been lots of things going on to bring the plan to life.

Amongst the plans for the redevelopment of existing facilities was the complete renewal of the indoor dining area. But even with a better dining room with brand new furniture, St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic High School still wanted to increase the overall dining capacity to make break time a much more efficient and enjoyable process.

A&S Landscape was asked to help explore options for installing an external dining area canopy. By utilising the Motiva Linear™ canopy cover design, an impressive 26 metre by 12 metre shelter solution was installed. This custom canopy was tailored to St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic High School specifications with the addition of side panels and doors, providing a completely enclosed shelter solution for use all year round.

The Motiva Linear™ canopy is a versatile and popular option for everything from steel walkway designs to dining area canopies and door porch canopy covers. With the option to select steelwork and polycarbonate roofing material colours from an extensive range, there are many ways in which to individualise your design. With so many possibilities, there really is a shelter solution to meet the requirements of every high school, primary school, college or university.

Our Lady’s RC High School in Manchester add Large Outdoor Dining Canopy

Our Lady’s RC High SchoolCanopy we designed for Our Lady's RC High School in Manchester came to A&S Landscape, who are specialists in school canopies. We were delighted to work with them to look at all the available options. We decided on a large canopy from our Motiva range. The Motiva Duo™ canopy was built to a size of 12000mm x 8000mm. We added side panels to the canopy to create a more enclosed area.

The children now have a lovely, large, enclosed and purpose-built dining canopy at their school. No more rushing in the dining hall or wondering where to sit and eat their sandwiches. The children have more options to socialise at lunchtime and it will encourage better eating habits. After all, children will learn better if they are well fed. The area looks very smart too, a really lovely addition to a really lovely school. We were glad to hear that the project went well and that the children like their new school dining canopy. “Very impressed all round and more importantly the kids love it!”

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. We can help you from the beginning planning stages, right through to installation. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

St. Cuthbert’s RC High School Add Enclosed Dining Area Shelter with Side Panels

Canopy we designed for St Cuthbert's SchoolWe used our Motiva Duo™ to create a striking dining shelter in the play area at St. Cuthbert’s RC High School. Measuring 16600mm x 7000mm, this dining shelter was finished in grey (7012) paintwork with matching Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering in Dura-Coat™ finish. But to really complete this shelter we added electrically operated roller shutter doors which give this dining shelter an added layer of security. With the rest of the shelter finished with glazed panels this space feels open whilst having the ability to be closed completely.

The result is a little alfresco dining at St Cuthbert’s RC High School. With the added benefit of a secure space that can be locked down when not in use whilst providing high-quality protection from the elements all year round. You can find out more about our Motiva Duo™ here by looking at a range of finished projects. If this gives you a few ideas then our design team are just a call away to help you plan your own outdoor dining paradise!

Curved Roof Dining Area Canopy Made for Sale High School in Sale

Sale High School needed a solution for their congested dining hall. The staff identified a used decking area and decided to install a dining shelter in the space instead. School canopy experts A&S Landscape was asked to handle the entire project, which included removing the decking and laying a new tarmac surface.

Our design team proposed that we install a curved roof Motiva Duo™ shelter at the school. Finished with Ultramarine Blue coloured steelwork and an Opal polycarbonate roof, the completed canopy has been the perfect addition to the area. The students can now enjoy their lunch breaks outside in an alfresco environment, which will have many benefits for their mental health and wellbeing. The space can also be used during lessons, as an alternative learning environment.

More and more secondary schools and colleges are choosing to install a dining area canopy to create more seating options during lunchtimes. As student numbers are continuously rising and budgets limited, this is a cost-effective option as canopies don’t typically require planning permission. Our expert team will be able to advise you further, and ensure you pick the best design for your needs.

Covered Dining Area at Blessed John Henry Newman RC College in Oldham

Blessed John Henry Newman RC CollegeShelter we made for Blessed John Henry Newman RC College in Chadderton, Greater Manchester needed a practical, appealing solution for their issue of needing another dining area to accommodate rising student numbers. After being recommended to A&S Landscape by other School Business Managers in the North West region, the school decided to add a Motiva Duo™ to their outdoor space so their students could eat outside, no matter the season.

Built to measurements of 18000mm X 7000mm, their dining area canopy boasted an Opal roof and modern Slate Grey steelwork – perfect for protecting everyone from both sun and rain. This solution has allowed students and staff alike to enjoy socialising, studying and eating outside during their break times and lunchtimes throughout the year. Plus, pressure has also been lifted from their other dining areas.

The canopy cover has been gratefully received by all, and the curved roof looks fantastic alongside the college’s existing architecture. Giving students the opportunity to spend more time outside will greatly improve wellbeing and productivity. If you’re interested in finding out more about our clever shelter solutions, please contact our team by calling 01743 444100, or just email [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the perfect canopy.

Mothers Against Violence in Hulme Start Redevelopment Plans With New Canopy Cover

White canopy we fitted at Mothers Against ViolenceA charitable organisation based in Hulme, Manchester, Mothers Against Violence have started 2021 with big redevelopment plans. Like all charities, creating a new development within tight budgets can be challenging. Getting exactly what is needed for the funds available can be difficult, but that is where the expert team at A&S Landscape can help.

With plans to create a community garden at their Jarvis Road Centre, they also wanted to enhance the internal space at the same time. Mothers Against Violence aimed to create an outside shelter area that was accessed directly from the building itself, without having a negative impact on the inside spaces. With the idea of adding a canopy cover, they hoped to create an attractive, yet practical, covered area of shelter which represented an extension of the inside.

The location of the new canopy cover was therefore directly adjacent to the centre’s building, and so our Motiva Linear™ canopy was the perfect shelter solution. With its monopitch, asymmetric straight roof, it is the ideal choice. The resulting canopy installation looks great over their existing veranda and was finished off in White (RAL 9010) steelwork, matching it in with the existing doors and windows of the centre.

Mothers Against Violence now have a great outdoor garden shelter, cohesively matching with their existing building and an excellent basis for the redevelopment of the rest of their community garden.

English Martyrs’ RC Primary School in Urmston Add Entrance Canopy

Entrance canopy we designed for English Martyrs Primary SchoolEnglish Martyrs’ RC Primary School in Urmston, Greater Manchester wanted to install an entrance canopy at their institution. It needed to complement the existing traditional architecture and offer maximum protection from wind and rain. A&S Landscape was pleased to be contacted by this school and endeavoured to find a fantastic solution as soon as possible.

The Motiva Entro™ was the winning model after all possibilities had been discussed with A&S Landscape. English Martyrs’ RC Primary School decided that it would create the perfect entrance canopy because the curved polycarbonate roof would shield people standing underneath the shelter from bad weather. The specifications of 2000mm X 2100mm also meant that there would be plenty of space for multiple visitors. Staff of this nurturing school that challenges their pupils to be the best they can be were able to choose from many colour combinations and went for an Opal roof and Purple Red steelwork with a Matt Finish. This worked wonderfully with the look of the building.

English Martyrs’ RC Primary School thought that the installation of the entrance canopy was ‘a great job done by everybody’. It stands out without being obtrusive and signposts the way in to visitors, as well as providing great protection from the elements. If you’d like to know more about anything from installing entrance canopies to outdoor classroom buildings, then call A&S Landscape today on 01743 444100.

Entrance Canopy Designed for St Catherine’s Academy in Bolton

St Catherines AcademyA&S Landscape was very pleased to help out with a solution. Having worked with schools for over 40 years, they knew that a simple, stylish canopy across three entrances, could banish these problems for good. They installed a Motiva Linear™ straight polycarbonate roof canopy at 4000mm x 3400mm, with grey steelwork and opal roofing. This included Alu-Tuff™ (aluminium box profile guttering) and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

The result is dry students, teachers and visitors. No more dashing through doorways with soggy books. In addition, the school campus has a smart new addition which will remain for many years to come. We are proud to have worked with so many schools and each and every project is completely different. What we do hope is the same, is that clients are happy and will continue to recommend us to their friends!

Click here to see nearly 1500 images in our gallery, which show the wide range of canopy, shelter and cycle store projects that we have completed for our clients. If you would like to discuss any requirements, please contact us and call a member of the team on 01743 444100.

Heathfield Primary School Install Sail Shade in Play Area

Our engineers built a waterproof sail structure for Heathfield Primary School Henniker Road, Bolton, Greater Manchester. The contract included the supply and installation of one Maxima™ tensile waterproof fabric sail structure comprising of one sail on four uprights including for all stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

Queuing and Waiting Area Shelter Fitted at St Thomas More RC College in Denton

St Thomas Moore School ShelterOften going outdoors has a simple issue, rain. Now it’s not a big issue but it does mean that after a series of studies in the past five years we know that children between 11 and 15 years old spend up to 85% of their time inside. Which means they’re missing out on all of that natural light, fresh air and the benefits that go with it.

So when St Thomas More RC College in Denton, Manchester got in touch with A&S we knew we’d be able to help by installing an outdoor shelter so the pupils could enjoy socialising with friends and eating their lunch in the fresh Manchester air, which might not be as fresh as the air on top of Mount Everest but we’re told it’s basically the same stuff.

The Motiva Linear monopitch straight roof canopy fitted the bill perfectly. Working with their building contractors we designed this canopy with grey RAL 7000 steelwork and a clear roof to make the most of the light into the area, ensuring that any time those students spent time outdoors they’re getting a flood of Vitamin D. Working to the school’s tight deadlines was no problem and we completed the project in just 3 days.

With an outdoor dining shelter installed, the students at St. Thomas More RC College in Denton are able to spend more time outside throughout the whole year, reaping the incredible benefits of time spent outdoors whilst offering the whole school an additional space to socialise.

We can install a Motiva Linear outdoor shelter for schools at almost any size and spend a lot of time making sure we get to know exactly what you want from your new space. Take a look at the full range of shelters here. Please see our product gallery for more images of similar projects for schools.

Oswald Road Primary School Add School Canopy

Oswald Road Primary School ShelterSo when Oswald Road Primary School got in touch, looking for a new colourful outdoor shelter, we knew we had exactly what they needed.

Working alongside the North West’s leading landscape firm, Country Landscape, we provided this Motiva Duo™ Duopitch Canopy in a bright, professional red (RAL 3002) steelwork with opal polycarbonate roofing that not only keeps students dry in the less generous British weather but also provides much-needed shade from direct sunlight.

The result is a bright and colourful canopy that offers outdoor, year-round, all-weather space, which can also be used as a learning enviornment. Complementing the rest of the school design beautifully it also offers an attractive addition to the school’s silhouette, giving a strong, bold and attractive feel to an already modern space.

To find out more about our full Motiva range, take a look and browse a gallery of completed projects here. If you feel inspired and are ready to take the next step then our dedicated design team will work with you to find a solution, including working on high quality, photorealistic representations of any of our products in-situ, so you can be confident you know exactly what you’re getting.

Straight Roof Shelter Added to Holy Cross And All Saints Primary School

We made a straight polycarbonate roof canopy for Holy Cross And All Saints Primary School Trafford Road, Barton, Greater Manchester. The contract included the supply and installation of one Motiva™ monopitch straight roof canopy measuring 11660mm X 2000mm with Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Kids Planet Day Nursery Add Four Straight Roof Shelters

Swinton Kids Nursery CanopyA&S Landscape has a wide range of school canopy solutions, from fabric canopies to steel and polycarbonate canopies. The Motiva Linear™ was chosen as the best design for this project. With grey steelwork and clear polycarbonate roofing, the entrance canopies let in plenty of light, whilst providing shelter. They ranged in size from 4500mm x 5100mm to 5390mm x 3000mm. All canopies benefited from aluminium gutters and downpipes, in matching grey. These ensured that rainwater was effectively managed so that the canopies would stand the test of time.

The result is a very smart building, finished with matching entrance canopies. All doorways are nicely framed and visitors and children alike have shelter from the elements. The children at Swinton kids are rightly very proud of their new nursery. With such effort put into the outdoor space, imagine what thought and effort go into stimulating and educating the children in their care! A great project, for a great establishment. Thank you Swinton Kids.

A&S Landscape has a wide range of products for you to review. All the different designs make sure that you will be able to find something to meet your needs. Review our gallery which has over 1500 images, it is a great place to get some inspiration for your project.

New Covered Area at The Cheadle College in Manchester

Shelter added to The Cheadle CollegeTwo straight roof canopies, from the Motiva product range, were installed at the college campus. Both canopies measured 7000mm X 3000mm, providing enough space for plenty of students to shelter underneath. The Cheadle College choose modern grey coloured steelwork, which works perfectly with the surrounding buildings. The Opal polycarbonate roofing blocks harmful UV rays while allowing some sunlight through.

The new Motiva Linear™ canopies have been a huge success with everyone at the college. During break and lunchtimes, the students can enjoy some fresh air while they socialise and relax. This will help them refresh ahead of their next lessons, leaving them ready to learn. The canopies can also be used when the students are waiting to enter their classroom. No matter the weather, they will no longer be exposed to the conditions.

A&S Landscape can help you through every stage of your project to ensure you get the best results, thanks to our broad knowledge. Why not take a look at our gallery or recent projects to get more inspiration? Or call our friendly team on 01743 444100.

Large Cover Added to Playing Fields at Rumworth School

We produced a DryMuga canopy and hall canopy in Rumworth School Bolton, Greater Manchester. The contract included one Motiva™ DryMuga™ duopitch straight roof canopy measuring 25000mm X 17000mm (425sqm) and the supply and installation of one Motiva™ monopitch straight roof canopy measuring 19890mm X 4000mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Playground Canopy Adds Shelter at St John’s Primary School

St John's SchoolA&S Landscape has a wide range of canopies and more than 40 years’ experience of fitting them at schools across the UK. We are familiar with the requirements, constraints and considerations that schools face when making such a large purchasing decision and we are always delighted to help. The canopy which St John’s chose was the Motiva Cantilever™ canopy. This is a steel and polycarbonate canopy and they selected Marine Blue (RAL 5002) for the steelwork and an opal roof.

The school canopy is a good size at 7000mm x 3000mm and it offers a large area for people to shelter. The parents, staff, children and visitors are all pleased with the new canopy. It is keeping people cool and dry all year round. School said “Great, it is being used for shade at the moment and parents stand under it in the rain if they are waiting for the children. It works perfectly as it is cantilevered because there aren’t posts in the playground.” You can see over 1,000 photos of our projects in our gallery for some inspiration.

Crossacres Primary Academy Add Fabric Canopy to Playground

We constructed a canopy for Crossacres Primary Academy Wythenshawe, Manchester, Greater Manchester. The contract included the supply and installation of one Maxima™ shade cloth fabric sail including for all fixtures and fittings.

Oldham Sixth Form College add Umbrella Canopy

Oldham Sixth FormOldham 6th Form College Arts Department and Duncan Lawton Building project is now augmented by our Maxima structures. Work is now well underway at The Sixth Form College where a reputable firm of Project Managers specified our Maxima Umbrella™ and Tepee products. The work comprises of two steel frame extensions to the Art Department and Duncan Lawton Buildings, with glazed curtain walling, and cladding as well as internal re-modelling and alterations services. Externally all tarmacadam surfaces are to be replaced with block paving and surface drainage and 2 covered areas provided.

These outdoor canopies will provide welcome shade from the sunshine in the summer and shelter from the wet weather in the winter. The students might choose to dine under the canopies or just take a welcome break and breath of fresh air between lessons. The canopies not only look smart but they will encourage staff, students and visitors alike to enjoy the outdoors more often.

St. Gilbert’s RC Primary School Add Green Playground Canopy with Side Panels

Canopy we designed for St Gilberts SchoolWorking closely with St. Gilbert’s we installed a Motiva Linear™ at a size of 8000mm x 3600mm in green steelwork (RAL 6005) with matching Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering in Dura-Coat™ finish. Whilst this provided the shelter, a Motiva Linear™ remains open until you add some walls! We added Roller Shutter doors to the front of the shelter that means St. Gilbert’s have a robust storage area that allows them to securely lock up play equipment at night.

The result is a smart, secure and attractive space for children to play and learn. The addition of roller shutter doors means their equipment is safe and the shelter itself allows play throughout the year. But more than this, the shelter we provided is no longer an A&S Landscape shelter, it has taken on a more personal identity as the home for St. Gilbert’s and its students.

We provide the shelter, you turn it into something amazing and if you want that ‘amazing’ to be secure then we have options that allow you to add roller shutter doors to your canopy that will make sure your equipment is totally safe! You can find out more about our roller shutter doors here and view a gallery of our finished projects.

Straight Roof Canopies at Dean Trust Ardwick School in Longsight

What was the problem?

The students at Dean Trust Ardwick enjoyed spending time during their breaks and lunches outside. However, when the weather conditions were poor, they were forced to stay inside the buildings, leaving the outdoor space unused. A&S Landscape was contacted to create an ideal shelter solution, which met all of the school’s requirements.

Canopy we fitted at Dean Trust ArdwickWhat was our solution?

We installed two straight roof canopies outside one of the school’s buildings. The Motiva Linear structures both feature Anthracite Grey steelwork, which gives the shelters a modern look. Opal polycarbonate sheeting was used on the canopies, providing protection from harmful UV rays. This would allow the students to continue spending time outside during the summer, safe from the sun.

What was the result?

Both the staff and students at Dean Trust Ardwick are thrilled with the new shelters. Already the covered areas have become a very popular place during break times, especially when the conditions outside are poor. The versatile space is used to socialise with friends, eat lunch and study in a relaxed, alternative environment.


“We were happy with A&S Landscape throughout the project. The installation team worked in some appalling weather, but they just cracked on.”

– Dean Trust Ardwick

A little bit about the client…

Dean Trust Ardwick is part of a group of high-performing schools within the Dean Trust. The school first opened in 2015 and now takes in pupils from Year 7 to 11 in the local Manchester area. The team prides themselves on the first-class education they provide, which is clear to see from everyone’s passion and enthusiasm.

It was a privilege to work with the team at Dean Trust Ardwick, including the Headteacher Ms Suzanne Finlay. It’s great this school has also recognised the true importance of providing a covered outside space which can be used all-year-round.

Shelter we installed at John Henry Newman CollegeWhy should secondary schools invest in a canopy?

Our range of canopies, shade sails and shelters suit a variety of applications and are manufactured to a high-standard so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Senior school canopies can provide walkway shelters between classrooms and buildings, protecting students and staff from the weather. All-weather sports pitches can also be created from a shelter, allowing sports teams to play and practice throughout the school year. Standalone outdoor dining areas have also proven to be a cost-effective solution to rising intake figures at many schools already. There are also many proven benefits to eating alfresco too.

How else can our canopies be used by businesses?

We don’t just work with schools, we’ve also installed canopies at a range of companies and industries. We designed a bespoke shelter for the Archery GB team, providing a covered area they could practise from throughout through every season.

As well as sporting facilities, we’ve worked with many restaurants, cafes and hotels helping them get more use out of their outside space. Like these fabric umbrella canopies we installed at The Railway Inn in Swansea, or this shade sail we added at the newly refurbished Carden Park Hotel and Spa in Cheshire.

How A&S Landscape can work with you

We have over 44 years of experience in working with secondary schools across the nation, so we have the broad knowledge to make your project a success. Senior school canopies need to be long-lasting, often being used for outdoor dining areas, waiting shelters, meet and greet canopies, seating canopies and more.

A&S Landscape works with schools to transform areas of their ground all over the country. Our products are robust and stylish and come in many designs to ensure you can choose something to suit your situation. Our Motiva range offers steel and polycarbonate canopies and our Maxima range offers steel and fabric shades.

Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help with your project? Email [email protected] with your requirements or call us on 01743 444100.

Straight Roof School Canopy Installed at Horwich Parish C of E Primary School in Bolton

By installing an attractive, yet functional outdoor playground canopy we take space that was unusable for much of the year and make it available again, no matter what the weather. So, when Horwich Parish C of E Primary School called A&S Landscape looking for a little alchemy we assured them they were in exactly the right place.

Horwich Parish School Canopy

We installed a Motiva Linear™ monopitch straight roof canopy to a size of 10115mm x 3750mm. Finished in a brown steelwork (RAL 8014), to blend with the natural surroundings, we also included Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering in matching Dura-Coat™ paintwork. The finished canopy looks great, forming part of a new terraced area at the back of a classroom.

Space that was previously unused has now been brought back into the action with the addition of this smart outdoor classroom shelter. Providing an additional learning space it also helps connect the building with its natural surroundings and offers weather protection that means play can continue however hard the rain falls. If you’re looking to turn unused space into an additional outdoor learning space then A&S Landscape has a whole host of options for you to look at. Take a look at our gallery to see more examples of successful projects and contact us for more information.

McDonald’s Bury Add Fabric Shade Sail to Cover Seating Area

Our Maxima range includes the Maxima Shade Sail, which we installed at 5400mm x 5200mm in Brunswick Green shade cloth. With posts arranged so that there was minimal intrusion into the seating area, the new structure looks smart and clean and will offer shade to customers for many years to come. The result is a modern, sleek looking dining area, which provides welcome shade from UV rays on the hotter days of the year. McDonald’s have many outdoor seating areas and we think that this one looks particularly welcoming. Who wouldn’t want a smart shade sail under which to enjoy your food!

A&S Landscape can help you with inspiration and design expertise if you think your setting might benefit from something similar. Please get in touch. A&S Landscape is here to discuss the options if you would like to add some space to your campus. From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape has a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Sail shade designed for McDonald's Bury

Umbrella Shades At Westmorland School in Stockport

Our Maxima range includes the striking Maxima Umbrella™ and it was decided to add two 5000mm x 5000mm structures in a lovely Lemon shade with green (RAL 6032) steelwork to the outdoor play area. They added a lovely area of shade and shelter for the children to enjoy whatever the weather.

The children at Westmorland School have a range of additional needs and sometimes the need to have some quiet time or time outside the classroom is particularly important in this setting. An outdoor area with a number of distinct areas and shade and shelter to go to has meant that more options are available to the staff and pupils at this school.

Westmorland School

A&S Landscape can help you with inspiration and design expertise if you think your setting might benefit from something similar. Please get in touch. From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Two Fabric Tepee Canopies Added to Wright Robinson College in Gorton

Tepees we installed at Wright Robinson CollegeThere are many design options and considerations at the beginning of the process and we were only too happy to help Wright Robinson Sports College navigate through the mass of information which is available. The product which was best suited to their needs was the Maxima Tepee™ canopy. This canopy has a steel frame and fabric roof, which in this instance was waterproof PVC. This ensures that it offers protection from the sun as well as the rain. Two tepees were installed at 6000mm x 6000mm each. The colours chosen were Grey (RAL 7037) steelwork and Red (RAL 3000) fabric.

The resulting canopies are branded with the school colours of Wright Robinson Sports College and they look fantastic. Each one is large enough to offer new outdoor spaces for the children to enjoy. Protection from UV rays is very important as is the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, even when the weather is wet. We are really pleased with how the tepees add to the campus at Wright Robinson Sports College.

A&S Landscape has an extensive range of canopies. In our gallery, you will see more than 1,000 photos of our previously completed projects. If you would like some inspiration, take a look.

Rumworth School in Bolton Add Covered MUGA

Covered MUGA shelter at Rumworth SchoolRumworth School in Bolton, Greater Manchester needed a shelter to cover their outdoor sports area, so it could be used in all weathers. The team at this dedicated institution – which caters for up to 240 students with various learning difficulties and additional needs – wanted it to offer protection from rain and wind and add something special to the outside space. A&S Landscape was pleased to be contacted by the school and quickly got to work on finding a solution.

Following talks about the different models, Rumworth School chose a Covered MUGA™ (Multi Use Game Area). The staff decided that an Opal polycarbonate roof and steelwork with a galvanised finish would provide a sleek look and revitalise the area. The Covered MUGA™ was the ideal choice for this project, as it was developed so schools could use outdoor sports areas year-round, and the pitched roof of this model shields anyone beneath from bad weather. A&S Landscape built the shelter to measure 25000mm X 17000mm, which offered space for many young people to enjoy exercise undercover.

The staff and students at Rumworth School love the new canopy cover. Sports and games can now take place outdoors whatever the weather, and the modern design is an attractive addition to their facilities. Covered MUGAs™ can also be used to provide additional income for schools or even exam space. If you’re interested in installing one at your school – or another type of shelter like a wooden outdoor classroom – call A&S Landscape on 01743 444100 now.

Cardinal Langley RC High School in Middleton Find the Perfect Dining Area Canopy

Curved roof canopy we made for Cardinal Langley RC High SchoolCardinal Langley RC High School in Middleton, Greater Manchester wanted to create a covered dining area outdoors and a dining canopy was the answer. This institution – which reinforces attitudes and values based on self-respect and respect for others – needed their model to shelter students in all weathers, fit several benches underneath, have an attractive design and provide maximum coverage to alleviate pressure on their other dining spaces.

The staff considered several products but eventually chose a Motiva Duo™ with an Opal roof and Traffic Red steelwork. This was a bold combination that looked fantastic next to their school’s buildings. They loved the Motiva Duo™ because it wasn’t just about the design; the high-quality materials would protect students from the elements for years to come. Cardinal Langley RC High School also had their shelter built to specifications of 22133mm X 7280/4360mm – large enough to create a dining space with benches that could accommodate many children on their well-earned breaks.

Cardinal Langley RC High School was delighted with its dining area canopy and the students loved its style. Children can enjoy spending more time eating outside on the plentiful benches, no matter the weather, and the shelter could even be used as an outdoor classroom gazebo to extend teaching space. A&S Landscape thought that this was a great addition to their portfolio of projects for secondary schools and thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff. If you’d like to discover more about our canopies, call us on 01743 444100.

Curved Roof Dining Canopy at Laurus Ryecroft High School in Droylsden

Laurus Ryecroft, a new secondary school in Droylsden, Greater Manchester, wanted to further improve their dining experience for their pupils. Having recently moved into a permanent building offering modern, bright learning areas, along with state-of-the-art facilities, the school knew that the only way to create the optimal learning environment, was to ensure students had the opportunity to sit and eat outside all year round, whatever the weather.

The school had already installed an outside food pod along with picnic benches, yet the area lacked an adequate shelter for rainy weather and a sunshade for the summer months. That’s when they brought in A&S Landscape, a UK-based company specialising in shelters to supply a long-lasting, high-quality canopy that would suitably match its surroundings. The canopy chosen to complete the dining experience was the popular choice of curved roof canopy for schools, the Motiva Duo™. Built to 10000mm x 10000mm, with a monopitch roof design, and finished in Slate Grey (RAL 7015), the shelter has decreased pressure on indoor eating areas, given the children the opportunity to enjoy fresh air even in the winter months, and has given the area surrounding the existing food pod a whole new identity.

Entrance Shelter Installed at Royal Mail Middleton in Greater Manchester

Royal Mail MiddletonRoyal Mail Middleton in Middleton, Greater Manchester needed an entrance canopy to protect staff from the elements while getting fresh air on their breaks and bring some colour to their delivery office building. A&S Landscape was ready to help them find the ideal shelter.

As A&S Landscape had previously worked with Royal Mail in Warrington, the team at the Middleton branch knew that the success of that covered outdoor area intended for employees would translate well to their particular needs. Royal Mail Middleton – which offers a range of mail-related services for local customers, such as dropping off prepaid items – chose a 5000mm X 2500mm Motiva Mono™. This model has an attractive curved roof and the staff decided on Opal polycarbonate for their design, as well as Traffic Red steelwork to brighten up the outdoor space. Their choices made for an excellent entrance shelter that would shield anyone standing beneath from wet weather during their breaks.

Royal Mail Middleton adores the new canopy, and the staff enjoy spending more time outside throughout the year when they’re not hard at work in the delivery office. The bright red design not only adds a splash of colour to the facilities but it also matches the Royal Mail branding! If you’re interested in installing a shelter – anything from a dining canopy to an outdoor classroom gazebo – why not contact us today? Send us an email at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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