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Covered Play Area for Birkett House Special School Leicestershire

Birkett House Special School
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  • Product

    Motiva Mono

  • Size

    17500mm x 4000mm

  • Colours

    Blue RAL 5003


It was an honour to install a Motiva Mono at Birkett House Special School in Wigston, Leicestershire. They needed a canopy for a play area and our Motiva Mono at 17500mm x 4000mm did the job perfectly, covering the play area directly outside the classrooms. Also, with blue steelwork (RAL 5003) and opal roofing this shelter provides cover from the rain whilst also providing shade on sunny days.

The Motiva Mono is a monopitch curved roof variant and is asymmetric, meaning that one side is higher than the other. The higher side being connected to the building elevation in most cases.

We can create structures of virtually any size, either much smaller or larger than the one used by Birkett House Special School. Whilst we do have some suggestion on the most economical sizes we know that no job is standard and we will work with you to create a shelter that meets your needs perfectly.

Like all of our other products, we have a terrific range of colours to choose from. Whether you want a bright and colourful steelwork or clear, coloured or opal roofing, we have options for you. Take a look at our colours range now.

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