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Covered Play Area at Horsley Woodhouse School Derbyshire

Covered Play Area at Horsley Woodhouse School Derbyshire

  • Size: 6m x 6m
Maxima Umbrella

At Horsley Woodhouse School in Derbyshire we were delighted to install a Maxima Umbrella over a children’s play area. In what was already a vibrant and creative setting our Maxima Umbrella stretches out at 6000mm x 6000mm and provides shade from sun or rain.

In crisp white (steelwork and fabric) with a contrasting red post pad, it really adds another level of personality to the space.

The Maxima Umbrella works wonderfully as an option for shelter almost anywhere. You might find one at a Restaurant, Pub, College or University or any other outdoor space.

And whether you choose PVC fabric (high strength and waterproof with increased lifespan) or our Knitted Shade Cloth (developed for use in outdoor tension structures, durable and offering 90-98% UV protection) we have a range of colour options.

Take a look at the products here and make sure to contact us early to ensure a full consultation period that means we can help you design exactly the shelter you need for your outdoor space.