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Playground Shade Sails

A&S Landscape offer a great range of colourful and practical sail shade solutions in vibrant colours, as an integral part of your school's playground design.

Maxima Shade Sail. Dream in colour.

Maxima Shade Sail.

Dream in colour.

Maxima Tepee. Huge cover

Maxima Tepee.

Huge cover.

Maxima StarSail. Cool. Breezy. Fun.

Maxima StarSail.

Cool. Breezy. Fun.

Maxima Umbrella. Waterproof, functional, fit for you.

Maxima Umbrella.

Waterproof, functional, fit for you.

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Stunning, high quality shade structures for playgrounds

Because we’ve worked with hundreds of schools, colleges and nurseries, A&S Landscape have the expertise to supply and install cost-effective shade sails for your school with the efficiency you would expect from a company with 40 years of experience. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best playground shade solution for your environment.

Beware Triangle Shade Sails

Whilst a popular design, A & S Landscape do not recommend triangular-shaped sails. Any true tension membrane structure has a minimum of four attachment points with sufficient height difference, this allows three-dimensional shape in the fabric thus obtaining even tension (pre-stress) over the surface of the fabric. No matter how high or low each attachment point, a triangular fabric surface is still in a flat 2D shape. You need the forth attachment point and height difference to generate a 3D shape. Flat structures over time stretch with gravity load and sag between the catenary wires, resulting in the fabric flapping in the wind and increasing the corner attachment loads. The amount of shaded area produced by triangular structures is also poor because of the narrow angles at the corners, produced when the catenary cable edge curvature is installed.

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Popular Playground Sail Canopy Designs

Available nationwide, click below for details of our most popular shade sails and shade structures for parks and playgrounds.

Benefits of Playground Shade Sails

  • Protects children from UV whilst playing in the sun
  • Adds vibrancy and colour to the playground environment
  • Extends playtimes during summer heatwaves
  • Offers a focal point to your outdoor space
  • Durable, versatile and functional shelter from wind and rain
Jigsaw Playgroup at Bryn Deva Flying Start Centre

Our playgroup has 55 children aged 2-3 years old and they love the umbrella. We have water play underneath it and we also use it for our Little Tykes Castle play. The children love to duck under it when it starts to rain and they find it a lot cooler when the sun is out. All in all we love it and have had very positive comments from parents and staff members.

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Fabric Colours for Playground Shade Structures Click here for our colours range

Shade sail cloth colours
Shade sail waterproof fabric colours
The Maxima Shade Sail

A vibrant and cost-effect playground shade solution, the Maxima shade sail can be configured to suit the exact requirements of your educational or recreational facility. Available in an unlimited number of shapes, configurations and colours, this shade sail design is the perfect enhancement to performance areas, outdoor classrooms, play areas, outdoor eating areas and restaurants.

The high quality knitted shade cloth is specifically developed as a strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tension structures, offering a combination of strength, durability and value and offering 90-98 % UV protection.

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The Maxima Shade Sail
The Maxima Star Sail

The star sail offers a spectacular feature to any outdoor area. With a contemporary design and vibrant aesthetics, the Star Sail not only provides a practical shade solution, but adds a lively focal point to your playground or recreational space.

This stunning shade sail is perfect for play and plaza areas, college and university grounds, restaurants and pubs, as well as public spaces and communal areas.

When it comes to the installation of the Maxima Star Sail, we recommend early consultation to consider all aspects of the proposed installation. Our standard service includes full site surveys, CAD drawings and project management.

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The Maxima Star Sail
Pontrennau Primary School
Shade sail at Pontrennau Primary School

Pontrennau Primary School now have a shaded area outside the classroom formed by a 5000mm X 5000mm Maxima tensile waterproof fabric sail in bright Buttercup yellow. The area can be used flexibly by pupils, offering an additional learning and play space whatever the weather.

Please see our product gallery for more images of similar projects for schools.

Why Choose A&S Landscapes

Not only does our company ethos give you the confidence that you are working with a leading manufacturer and installer, we also hold many industry specific accreditations that make us stand out from many of our competitors.

We see these accreditations as the hallmark of our businesses, giving you the peace of mind that A&S Landscape are renowned for providing excellent customer service to all of its clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are umbrella's temporary structures?
A No. The structures are typically designed to be a permanent fixture and are engineered to withstand the same wind and storms as the surrounding buildings. A properly designed and certified structure that is correctly maintained will not ‘blow away’ or ‘fall down’ under any normal conditions.

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UK-Wide Installation

Efficient and cost-effective installation of sail canopy products for schools, colleges and nurseries across the UK.

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