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Outdoor Shelter in Leeds

Posted on 16/03/2017

West Oaks School Canopy
When A&S Landscape received a call it was to add just such a shelter at West Oaks in Leeds.

Project – Motiva Linear adds outdoor shelter at West Oaks

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – Sun shines, rain falls so when you’re outside you have little choice but to accept it.

However, there’s always a little room for manoeuvre and by adding a simple outdoor shelter you can offer just a little respite from the elements.

And the thing with a great outdoor shelter is that it is flexible, it does a simple job very well and means you can use it for a variety of things. Whether you’re in need of an outdoor dining canopy or else some playing field shade there will be a solution for you.

When A&S Landscape received a call it was to add just such a shelter at West Oaks in Leeds.

Solution – We installed a range of Motiva Linears in a stacked, overlapping design in sizes from 16700mm x 3000mm to 22900mm x 4000mm. Each one was finished with Mid Blue (RAL 5010) paintwork and there were 21 post pads included overall.

Result – The result is a smart, attractive and functional series of outdoor shelters, providing some respite from the rain whilst also offering a little shade with opal polycarbonate roofing.

Find Out More – Whatever kind of shelter you’re looking for, we have an option for you. From our flexible Motiva Linear, which can be used as an entrance canopy or playground shelter all the way to our Maxima range with its free-flowing lines of the StarSail to a more rigid Maxima Tepee which makes for an outstanding external dining canopy.

To get more ideas on how you can use an outdoor shelter to add real value to your business, school or college then take a look at our gallery of finished projects here, browse through the pictures and start to think about how an A&S Landscape outdoor canopy could make a difference where you are.