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School Shelters in West Midlands

Based in Shropshire, we have installed many school canopies across the West Midlands. Our team has helped many primary and secondary schools to make invaluable improvements to their site, allowing the pupils to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Often our outdoor canopies are used to create an alternative learning environment, which helps to engage students and create a memorable lesson.

Whether you are looking for cycle shelters, shade sails or canopies, we have the broad knowledge to run your project smoothly and seamlessly. Our versatile products suit a range of applications and sites, and so we work with a variety of sectors, including:

  • Nurseries, schools and colleges
  • Parks and public spaces
  • Garden centres
  • Healthcare sites
  • Public Attractions

If you aren’t sure which canopy design you want, a good place to start is with our gallery of past canopy installations. Or our design team would be happy to share their advice and expertise to ensure you get the best finished result. Get in touch with us by filling out an online contact form, or calling 01743 444100.

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Enclosed Dining Shelter Purchased by Wednesfield High Academy in Wednesfield

Wednesfield High Academy in Wednesfield wanted a dining canopy so they could create somewhere new outdoors for students to enjoy break times. They required something unique and exciting – a bespoke, fully enclosed model with lighting, heating, side panels and doors so it could be a year-round asset to the school, which has the motto ‘Changing Lives, Shaping Futures’.  The shelter also needed to be large enough to ease pressure on indoor dining facilities. We were thrilled when the team got in touch.

There were several avenues to choose from but the University of Wolverhampton Wednesfield Academy eventually settled on a beautiful, enclosed, bespoke Motiva Linear™. Bespoke Motiva shelters are available in hundreds of configurations, so they’re ideal for clients looking for something that can be adapted to suit their needs. We built the canopy to measure 40960mm X 7588mm to make long lunchtime queues a thing of the past, and added Slate Grey steelwork in a matt finish and an Opal roof for a modern look. It was the perfect place for everyone to spend breaks in comfort in all weathers, thanks to the installation of side panels, doors, lighting and heating.

Wednesfield High Academy adores the dining shelter; no one has to worry about stretched services at lunchtime anymore, as students can eat outside undercover in the fully enclosed structure. The heating definitely comes in handy in cold and rainy weather! If you want to hear more about our bespoke shelter solutions, call us on 01743 444100 today.

Multicoloured Playground Canopy at Old Church C of E Primary School in Walsall

A multicoloured polycarbonate canopy was installed in the playground, measuring a total of 11100mm X 5100mm. Mint, Violet, Daffodil, Foxglove, Mandarin, Poppy and Lagoon polycarbonate sheet colours were all used, creating a joyful effect. The Mid Blue steelwork on the Motiva Linear complements the roofing perfectly, as well as the surrounding environment.

All the pupils of Old Church C of E Primary School love the new canopy and it has quickly become a popular place at break times. Even when the weather is poor, the pupils can play outside in the fresh air and let off some steam. The polycarbonate roofing also provides protection against UV rays, so the space can be used throughout the hot summer months too.

A&S Landscape has worked with schools and nurseries across the UK. Our expert team can help you through every step of the project to ensure you get the best results. Browse our gallery for inspiration or get in touch with us today on 01743 444100.

Pair of Modern Shade Sails At Green Park School in Bilston

Freestanding shelter we built at Green Park Primary SchoolGreen Park School in Bilston wanted to install a pair of shade sails so their pupils could enjoy time outside all year round. The team thought that they should be durable, look modern and appealing, and provide great protection from both sun and rain. They got in touch with A&S Landscape, who had a range of products available for them to choose from.

After much deliberation, Green Park School decided on the Maxima StarSail™. This versatile model met their needs, thanks to its trendy, robust design and the fact that it has the longest guarantees in the market. The combination of Champagne fabric roofs and Squirrel Grey steelwork provided a contemporary feel and complemented the school buildings. Also, the two shelters were built to measure 7000mm X 7000mm, which offered excellent coverage in any weather for pupils playing or eating beneath them.

Green Park School loves the new shade sails. The children can now spend more time in the fresh air, even if it’s raining, and the shelters are versatile enough to even be used for activities like outdoor learning. The staff at the institution – which provides ‘access to high quality education and learning experiences, both in school and in the community’ – think that the shade sails are an excellent asset to their facilities. Want to find out more about our canopies? Call A&S Landscape on 01743 444100 today.

European Metal Recycling in Oldbury Finds Stylish Shade Sail

European Metal Recycling in Oldbury in the West Midlands wanted a shade sail so it could provide its staff with a covered outdoor wellbeing area where they could enjoy their breaks year-round. The team there wanted to take care of their workers’ mental health and thought that a colourful structure with an attractive design would suit the space best. They approached us here at A&S Landscape and we knew just how to make their ideas come to life.

Following talks about how we could help them get the most out of their canopy, this client picked out the Maxima StarSail™. This was an excellent choice as its breezy design is ideal for sheltering relaxation areas, and specifications of 6000mm X 6000mm ensured staff could get together and chat outdoors beneath the structure. Also, the Autumn roof and Gentian Blue steelwork immediately brightened up the space.

The colourful shelter was a hit at European Metal Recycling and the staff love having somewhere they can spend time outside, no matter the weather. The shade sail has created an ideal wellbeing space that is a valued addition to the outdoor facilities at the recycling plant and it demonstrates the company’s dedication to their team. Start your canopy journey with A&S Landscape by emailing us at [email protected] today.

A range of our clients based in the West Midlands

Dining Area Canopy Designed for The Avon Valley School in Rugby

The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College is located in the West Midlands town of RugbyShelter with sides we designed for Avon Valley School. This frequently over-subscribed school is ever-popular, particularly amongst children wanting to pursue dancing, singing or music.

The fact that the school is so popular means that its facilities were often placed under pressure. This was especially true of their catering services, which operates food provision three times a day. As a result, the school wanted to create additional capacity to support their dining facilities. A&S Landscape worked with the school to scope out plans for a Motiva Linear™ custom canopy with additional waterproof side panels which were created utilising unbreakable glazing.

The Motiva Linear™ model has a monopitch straight roofline with a solid steel canopy structure. This product is a fantastic choice for use as either a door canopy or as a free standing canopy for uses such as covered dining areas, playground shelters or cycle shelters.

In designing any project such as that for The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College, our team will take account of specific design features, such as school logo colours and existing infrastructure and how the new structure will fit in. We offer a full-colour palette of steel and polycarbonate colours that enable each design to result in a tailored custom canopy.

Covered Play Area at Mereside Farm Children’s Nursery in Solihull

Canopy we installed at Mereside Farm Children's NurseryThe nursery decided on a Motiva Cantilever straight roof canopy. This shelter is a variant from the Motiva canopy and is ideal for play areas. The subtle grey steelwork works well with the surrounding buildings to create a modern, stylish aesthetic. Mereside Farm Children’s Nursery opted for Opal roofing, which offers essential protection for the young children against UV rays. Measuring 7000mm X 3000mm, there is plenty of room underneath the straight polycarbonate roof canopy for a range of activities.

The finished canopy has met all of Mereside Farm Children’s Nursery’s expectations. The young children can play freely outside, no matter the weather. Staff now also have the option to hold lessons away from the classroom, offering an alternative outdoor learning experience.

A&S Landscape, canopy installation experts, offers this Cantilever canopy as Duo, Linear, Mono or Wave variants. Why not view our extensive gallery of covered options to get inspiration for your next project or contact us today.

Covered Waiting Area at Park Gate Primary School in Coventry

Shelter we designed for Park Gate Primary SchoolA freestanding curved roof canopy was installed on an area on the school grounds. The Motiva Duo™ measures 8000mm X 2500mm, so there is plenty of space for many people to stand under at once. The Signal Green steelwork gives the school a splash of colour, and the Opal polycarbonate roofing offers protection from UV rays.

At the end of the day the parents can now wait under a shelter, protected from the elements. From the cold wind to the hot sun the canopy will ensure the parents are dry and cool while they wait for their children. Park Gate Primary School was so happy with their new canopy that they awarded A&S Landscape five out of five stars.

A&S Landscape has worked with schools across the country. From dining area canopies to cycle shelters, we have a product perfect for your requirements. Browse our gallery for inspiration or get in touch with us today on 01743 444100 or fill out an enquiry form online.

Yardley Wood Community Primary School Add Straight Roof Shelter

A&S produced a straight polycarbonate roof canopy for Yardley Wood Community Primary School Yardley Wood. The full contract involved the supply and installation of one Motiva™ monopitch straight roof canopy measuring 15000mm X 3000mm.

Old Hall School Add Polycarbonate Roof Canopy to Play Area

Working alongside a prestigious client our team designed a canopy at Old Hall School Walsall. The job involved eight polycarbonate sheets at 2.4mm x 660mm.

Outdoor Dining Shade Sails Installed at Finham School in Coventry

Canopies we installed at Finham SchoolWhen A&S Landscape was asked to add some effective shade in an outdoor seating area at Finham School in Coventry, it wasn’t just about shade, it was about identity.

We installed three Maxima Umbrellas™ to a size of 3000mm x 3000mm each. Together they offer a smart and attractive pool of shade in the hot summer months but also carry on a bold and stylish colour scheme. With dark grey steelwork (RAL 7015) and light blue ‘Lagoon’ fabric, these Maxima Umbrellas pick out a colour that is seen beautifully in the surrounding buildings.

The result is a smart and confident space, one that has been built with respect and will be treated with respect in return. Because that’s something we do as people. Whether it be people or places, a confident self-image will generate the same kind of relationship as it projects.

Confident space means confident design. A&S Landscape knows this, which is why we have a huge range of colours so that you can create an environment that is brimming with identity. Take a look at our full range of colours and at a gallery of finished projects.

Play Area Cover Added to Corbett Primary School in Stourbridge

Shelter we installed at Corbett Primary SchoolA straight roof canopy was installed in the playground, measuring 5m X 4m. Because of the limited space, three of the posts were fixed to the walls of the surrounding building. The Traffic Red coloured steelwork gives the Motiva Linear™ a pop of colour and works well with the Opal polycarbonate roofing.

The pupils and staff of Corbett Primary School are delighted with the shelter. Now more break times can be spent outside in the fresh air, come rain or shine. Teachers can also use the canopy to take their lessons in an alternative environment – what a fun class that would be! At the end of the school day, the parents could stand under the cover if the conditions were poor too.

A&S Landscape, canopy installation experts, has been working with schools for over 40 years, supplying canopies, shade sails and shelters. Our versatile products can help transform your space cost-effectively. Talk to our friendly team to discuss your options and email [email protected] or ring 01743 444100.

Innovative Shade Sail Added to Wilkinson Primary School in Bilston

Sail shade we designed for Wilkinson Primary SchoolWilkinson Primary School in Bilston in the West Midlands wanted to combine their idea of making a willow Viking longboat with a shelter to create a covered outdoor space for learning and playtime. This school designs its curriculum to provide children with new and exciting experiences, and they thought that a shade sail could be used both as protection from the elements – for the boat and the pupils – and as a sail for the longboat! The school contacted A&S Landscape to help them realise this and they thought that it was a brilliant project.

A&S Landscape provided Wilkinson Primary School with a Maxima Sail™. The staff chose this shade sail because of its versatility, its waterproof roof which could shield everything underneath from the rain, and its stunning design. It was installed with Grey steelwork, a Poppy fabric sail and measurements of 6000mm X 6000mm – perfect for creating the longboat’s sail. It also meant that the area could be a great place for play and it offered lots of outdoor classroom ideas.

The pupils and teachers of Wilkinson Primary School were thrilled with their brand new shelter. It looks striking and colourful, works amazingly well as a longboat sail and covered outdoor learning area, and shows how fabric canopies can be applied to many different needs and creative ideas. Interested in installing a shade sail at your school? Call us on 01743 444100 to find out more.

Christ Church C of E Primary School in Oldbury Add Playground Shelter

Shelter we installed at Christ CofE Primary SchoolA&S Landscape installed a straight roof shelter at the school from the Motiva range. The canopy was finished in with Ultramarine Blue coloured steelwork, which works perfectly with the surrounding area. The Opal polycarbonate roofing also blocks harmful UV rays, while allowing a safe level of sunlight through. The pupils of Christ Church C of E Primary School love the new playground canopy and it has already been a very popular addition. If the weather conditions are poor, they can play under the cover protected from the elements. The school’s great play equipment can also be stored under the shelter, saving space inside the buildings.

We’ve been working with schools for over 40 years, supplying cycle shelters, shade sails and canopies. From dining area shelters to covered walkways, our versatile products suit a range of applications. Take a look at our gallery of finished projects to get inspired or call our friendly team today on 01743 444100.

Purple Frame Shelter Fitted at Rushall Primary School

So, when Rushall Primary School in the West Midlands contacted us we were able to work alongside a contractor they already had in place to provide the missing piece in their design puzzle. Putting together a series of bright, wide canopies that linked buildings together, this contractor was so impressed with our S60 roofing system that despite already manufacturing the steelwork themselves, they wanted to work with A&S to implement our strong, attractive polycarbonate roofing and steel guttering within their design.

Rushall Primary School Shelter

Providing a link between buildings mean that staff and students can stay dry and comfortable on wet days and they can do that because of the great relationship we formed with an excellent contractor. The bright and playful purple steelwork works wonderfully with our S60 roofing system and shows just how adaptable our design work really is.

Whether you’re looking for linking corridors between buildings to keep everybody dry when the rain sets in, or you’re working on dining areas or other outdoor playground canopies, we have solutions that will add incredible value to your site. By looking through our full range of our gallery pages you’ll certainly get a few ideas but by contacting us you’ll be working alongside a dedicated design team who will make sure they find you exactly the solution you need.

Ryders Green Primary School Add Fabric Umbrella Shade Canopy in West Bromwich

A&S Landscape worked closely with the team at Ryders Green Primary School and agreed on a Maxima Umbrella™ with White (RAL 9010) steelwork and a lovely bright Raspberry Red fabric. The umbrella stands on a single post, allowing maximum space underneath for the children. Not just shade from the sun, but shelter from the rain as well. Perfect!

The playground has a lovey new school canopy which adds a smart design feature to the outside space. The steelwork is bright white and contrasts with the Raspberry Red fabric. The children like the new umbrella and use it in a variety of ways. Everyone is pleased with the umbrella and Ryders Green are working with A&S Landscape on another canopy project which will be installed in the very near future. Happy customers who come back to us, again and again, is what we work so hard to achieve.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Ryders Green School Red Canopy

Brownhills School in Walsall Add Dining Area Shelter

Brownhills School had a rather unloved outdoor courtyard area which had no shelter. This meant that it couldn’t be used all year round. A&S Landscape can offer a broad range of canopies and were consulted to come up with designs to cover the area. A Duo canopy from the Motiva range was selected and installed at 12202mm x 9976mm. The large canopy has Alu-Tuff™ (aluminium box profile) guttering and downpipes in matching mid-blue Dura-coat™ and the roofing was opal polycarbonate.

Brownhills School Dining Shelter

The courtyard area is now used by many more pupils as it has created an outdoor dining space. The new tables mean that children are more likely to sit and eat together as well as sit and socialise at break times. What was a bleak space with no purpose has been transformed into a delightful dining area which offers shade in the hot months and shelter in the wet months. What a lovely new space for the children to enjoy. All without the need for a permanent extension. We think this is a stylish and cost-effective solution to a need for more dining space.

A&S Landscape has a broad range of shade and shelter products. You can review our gallery of school canopies if you would like some inspiration. It contains over a thousand pictures of our work.

Playground Shelter Brightens Pennyhill Primary School in West Bromwich

Pennyhill Primary SchoolA&S Landscape has more than 40 years’ experience delivering projects of this kind. We work with schools across the country to transform their outside areas and enhance opportunities for outdoor learning and play. We can install canopies during holidays or during term time and our teams all have the requisite experience and permissions.

There are many canopy products on the market, from steel and polycarbonate structures to those with fabric roofing. Pennyhill Primary chose a Tepee canopy from our Maxima range. It was installed at 7000mm x 7000mm with post protectors and waterproof PVC fabric, offering all-year-round shelter. The fabric was Yellow (RAL 1021) and the steelwork was Light Blue (RAL 5015).

The resulting canopy has brought a new space to the playground which the children can use to relax, learn, socialise and enjoy shade and shelter. If you are thinking about a similar project, take a look at our gallery which contains more than 1,000 images of projects that we have completed. It is a good place to look for some inspiration.

Two Fabric Sail Shades Created for Green Park School

In combination with a specialist architectural practice our engineers created two StarSails at Green Park School Bilston. Full details are: two Maxima™ StarSail tensile waterproof fabric structures each supported on a single upright measuring 7000mm X 7000mm. The full contract involved two Maxima™ StarSail tensile waterproof fabric structures each supported on a single upright measuring 7000mm X 7000mm.

Straight Roof Entrance Canopy Installed at Turves Green Boys School

Working for a building contractor our engineers produced an entrance canopy in Turves Green Boys School Northfield. The contract included one Motiva™ Entro straight roof canopy measuring 3600mm X 2000mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes which were coated in a matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Reddal Hill Primary School in Cradley Heath Add Curved Roof Shelter

Shelter installed at Reddal Hill SchoolOur Motiva range offers steel and polycarbonate canopies in a number of different designs. From straight roof linear to wave shape canopies. Reddal Hill Primary school chose the Motiva Mono™ design. It was installed to an overall size of 5700mm x 4000mm with a clear polycarbonate roof. Matching guttering and downpipes ensured the efficient management of rainwater, making sure that the canopy would stand the test of time.

The Motiva Mono™ canopy has created yet another great area of the playground, this time offering shade and shelter. Perhaps the school will store items in the space, take lessons there or the children will use it to socialise with friends. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of options. A&S Landscape has a wide range of canopy products and many years’ experience transforming outdoor areas for schools and other commercial buildings. You can take a look at our gallery if you would like some inspiration, it contains more than a thousand pictures of our work.

Three Curved Roof Canopies Made for Newfield Park Primary School

In combination with a building contractor A&S built three curved roof canopies at Newfield Park Primary School 72 Whittingham Rd, Halesowen. The job involved one Motiva™ Mono curved roof canopy measuring 9400mm X 3053mm. A Motiva™ Mono curved roof canopy measuring 11035mm X 3053mm both including Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish. This canopy had electrically operated roller shutter door(s) to front and side elevations. One Motiva™ Mono monopitch curved roof canopy measuring 9400mm X 3053mm again with Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Add Two Fabric Sail Shades to Playground

A&S produced two StarSails for Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Brays Lane, Coventry, West Midlands. The job involved two Maxima™ StarSail tensile shadecloth fabric structure supported on a single upright measuring 4000mm X 4000mm and two post pads.

Six SailShades Made for Stivichall Primary School

A&S designed six shadesails for Stivichall Primary School Stivichal, Coventry, West Midlands. Full details are: six Maxima™ tensile shade cloth fabric sails including for all stainless steel fixtures and fittings in various sizes. The full contract involved six Maxima™ tensile shade cloth fabric sails including for all stainless steel fixtures and fittings in various sizes.

Ryders Green Primary School add Umbrella Shade in West Bromwich

Ryders Green Primary School Umbrella CanopyThe Maxima Umbrella™ shades were 4000mm x 4000mm and 3000mm x 3000mm in size. They were lovely and bright with white steelwork (RAL 9010) and Lagoon colour fabric. The steel canopy from our Motiva Linear™ range was 8500mm x 2400mm with bright, multicoloured polycarbonate roofing. The playground now has shade to offer the children in the summer months and shelter from the wet weather too.

The two umbrella shades add nice design features to the playground as well as bringing shade and shelter. The bright coloured polycarbonate roof canopy is a very striking design statement. The children really like it because it is bright, and it means that outdoor activities can take place no matter what the weather. Something that is very helpful with our climate in the UK.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. We can help you from the beginning planning stages, right through to installation. Feel free to look through our gallery of canopy installations, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Maney Hill Primary School Install Playground Canopy

In combination with the builder our team made a straight polycarbonate roof canopy for Maney Hill Primary School 145 Maney Hill Rd, Sutton Coldfield. The full contract involved One Motiva™ monopitch straight roof canopy measuring 25000mm X 2500mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Sowe Valley School Add Fabric Shade in Coventry

Sowe Valley SchoolA Maxima StarSail™ 5m x 5m, with Sky Blue fabric was installed and it complemented the coloured flooring beautifully. The area now has a real sense of purpose and looks complete and ready for action. A&S Landscape offers 40 colour options for our waterproof fabric, which can be seen on our website. The result is a play area to be proud of. The school canopies bring two distinct areas to the outside space at Sowe Valley. Two areas which can be used for activities, storage, shade, shelter and many more options besides. The striking StarSail in the centre of the playground will shelter the children for many years to come.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas and Tepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, we have a range which is sure to offer you something special. Our gallery has more than 1500 images to inspire you.

Salisbury Primary School in Walsall Add Colourful Roof Shelter with Side Panels

Salisbury Primary School, in Walsall, West Midlands were very impressed by our work with other local schools and were keen to join in with the fun. Having visited one of our colourful canopies they loved the magic of the rainbow roof and thought it would look amazing in their playground! 

The Early Years Leader got in touch to talk through their requirements, the staff wanted to cover enough of the playground to enable outdoor play all year round whilst also keeping some of the area open, the team at A & S Landscape suggested a 12000mm x 4000mm canopy and worked on some drawings to provide a visual example of how it would look in situ. The Motiva Linear™ design worked really well in the area and flexibility as to where the posts were positioned meant the access ramp could still be fully utilised. Offering robust, and unrivalled protection from the elements, this straight roof canopy is one of our best-selling structures.

The canopy has transformed the playground and grey, wet days are no longer quite so dreary. There are plenty of fun things to do in the local area but the children’s new favourite thing is watching their enchanted canopy light up like a rainbow.

Pair of Shade Sails Added to Grounds at Whitley Academy in Coventry

Whitley Academy in Coventry was searching for two shade sails to cover its picnic area and make it usable year-round. The staff at the school – which builds meaningful relationships based on trust and respect – wanted the canopies to be colourful and exciting to refresh the outdoor areas, as well as have waterproof roofs to ensure everyone beneath them would stay dry in the rain. They really liked some of our designs, so they chose us to manufacture their shelters.

The shade sail they loved best was our Maxima StarSail™, so we installed two models measuring 5000mm X 5000mm at Whitley Academy. This was an excellent choice to bring something new to the facilities outdoors, because the Maxima StarSail™ has an innovative design that comes in many wonderful colours. Waterproof Buttercup roofs brightened the space while keeping out the rain, alongside smart Slate Grey steelwork. What’s more, this all came together to create a covered picnic area where students could eat and socialise in any weather.

Whitley Academy and everyone in its community make great use of the new shade sails. The picnic area is now a great place for the children to relax between lessons, chat with friends or enjoy a bite to eat at break times undercover – even if the weather is a little damp. The bright designs have brought the outside space to life and they impress newcomers to the school. If you want to find out more about our shelter solutions, call us on 01743 444100 today.

Multicoloured Polycarbonate Roof Canopies Designed for Old Church Primary School in Walsall

Enclosed shelter we designed for Old Church Primary SchoolReturning customers Old Church C of E Primary School in Walsall, the West Midlands, had a new proposal for a multiple canopy project for their school grounds. Having already had their playground beautifully transformed by the team at A&S Landscape, they did not hesitate to get in touch with the experienced team to talk through their plans.

They required two multicoloured roof canopies – both extensions to year group cloakrooms – and a free standing canopy to cover the courtyard. The two colourful canopies were built to the same design as the previous shelter, both of the straight-roof, monopitch Motiva Linear™ design, and completed with a colourful polycarbonate roof. These canopies also benefited from additional side panels to three sides, with one of the shelters also having an external door fitted. The third canopy – the free standing canopy – was built with a curved-roof, Motiva Duo™ design, completed with an opal roof.

This West Midlands primary school has successfully allowed for plentiful space for the children to play, enjoy fresh air, and appreciate the outdoors in a safe way. Even in wet conditions, the canopies mean there is a reduced risk of slipping when running around – yet there are no limitations to a child’s imagination! All in all, the canopy project has transformed the children’s school day.

Two Straight Roof Canopies Installed at Moat House Primary School

A&S made two straight polycarbonate roof canopies at Moat House Primary School Coventry, West Midlands. The full contract involved two Motiva™ Linear straight roof canopies each measuring 4150mm X 3300mm and included for our Alu-Tuff™ aluminium box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish.

Colourful Outdoor Shelter Added to Church of the Ascension C of E Primary School in Wall Heath

Playground canopy we made for Church of the AscensionChurch of the Ascension C of E Primary School in Wall Heath near Dudley needed a shelter to enable their pupils to spend more time outside in all weathers. The team at the institution – which ‘has a warm, vibrant atmosphere where purposeful learning takes place’ – wanted it to be long-lasting, safe, spacious and colourful. A&S Landscape was pleased to be contacted and put forward several ideas for the project.

After much thought, Church of the Ascension C of E Primary School decided to have a Motiva Linear™ installed. This model was perfect for shielding pupils playing, eating or learning outside from bad weather, thanks to its robust, high-quality monopitch design. The school staff created the large, bright canopy structure that they desired with 17385mm X 5000mm measurements, Traffic Blue steelwork and a polycarbonate roof of Daffodil, Poppy Red, Lagoon Blue, Mandarin and Violet. They also requested post protectors to ensure the children’s safety beneath the shelter.

Church of the Ascension C of E Primary School loves the new multicoloured outdoor canopy. The pupils can now get the benefits of fresh air when taking breaks and lessons outdoors and they are inspired and uplifted by the vibrant polycarbonate design. If you’d like to find out more about our product range, contact us by calling 01743 444100 today.

Colourful playground shelter we made for Old Church Primary School

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