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Outdoor Waiting Area in Birmingham

Posted on 13/02/2017

Starbank Junior
Now Starbank Junior has some extra protection from the rain and a place for parents to wait on unpleasant days.

Project – Motiva Linear creates outdoor waiting area at Starbank Junior & Infant School

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – The ultimate goal of every outdoor canopy for schools project is to make sure the new structure fits in so perfectly it looks like it was always meant to be there.

A&S Landscape took on a job recently at Starbank Junior & Infant School in Birmingham.

As it stood they had no space outside that offered protection from the rain, which meant no space for parents to wait or anywhere to duck and get some cover when the heavens opened during playtime.

However, it was really important to Starbank Junior that any new canopy matched the aesthetic of the building.

Solution – The flexibility of our Motiva Linear isn’t just in the size, we also have a huge variety of colours on offer that means the mix of steelwork and roofing can leave your new canopy feeling like it’s part of the family. We installed this Motiva Linear at 21000mm x 3000mm, giving a long covered area out of the rain. To match the current look of the building we finished in black (RAL 9004) Dura-Coat™ paintwork and included matching Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering. Clear roofing gave it a sharp look and meant the whole thing felt like it had been designed to be there.

Result – Now Starbank Junior has some extra protection from the rain and a place for parents to wait on unpleasant days. Not only that, they’ve extended their bold aesthetic that continues to look really professional and attractive.

Find Out More – Whatever your branding or style, we can make sure your new canopy will match. So whilst providing long-lasting weather protection, an A&S Landscape outdoor shelter can also look great, fitting in with the overall aesthetic or standing out on purpose to offer a little flair. Take a look at more finished Motiva Linear projects here and if you have any questions, get in touch.