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Why Shade is Important to Schools

Our Shade Sail Competition

“We are currently running an exciting competition where we are giving away a fabric canopy to one lucky school. To enter, schools had to explain why shade is so important to them and what they would use the shade for.

Below is a collection of their answers, exploring the many different benefits of using a shade sail and how this would positively impact their school site.”

We have regular forest school sessions at Balgowan. Despite the weather the children are engaging with the nature at the school garden. However, it would be lovely to have a sheltered base camp while having a story, hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Balgowan Primary School


Our school would really benefit from a shade canopy as we currently do not have a lot of shelter in our outdoor areas. During the spring/summer months, our field in particular provides the bare minimum shade for our children. The sun is directly above our field at the times the children are outside. They use the trees as their shade. It would be wonderful for our children to have a safe, comfortable place to socialise and shelter which provides shade.

Peareswood Primary School


Here at Sherwood Park Primary, outside learning is so important to us! With a fabulous forest school area, a lovely pond area with local flowers for the bees and butterflies, 3 school playgrounds and a large field, we have lots of access to the outdoors. Only problem is, we need a bit of shade for our children to learn safely with protection from the UV rays of the sun! In those summer terms, it would be so lovely to be able to take classes outside and enjoy the nature around us from the safety of shade, provided by this amazing canopy! It really would make a change to the children’s primary school experience!

Sherwood Park Primary School


We would love to win some shade for our field area in the summer! We have a massive field for the kids to play on (all 600+ of them!) And there’s hardly any shade (only 2 trees) for them to sit and eat their packed lunches under. Last summer we had to get some pop up gazebos. This would be amazing for us! Thank you.

Lessness Heath Primary School


Our school currently has no shade or shelter at all, if we were to win this canopy we would be able to provide shade and shelter throughout the school year. We could have blankets under the canopy and have different activities every day such as a reading day, board game day, art day etc… As this canopy would provide shade in the summer we would also use it for our SEN children to have a water sensory activity and we could do this knowing they are safe out of the sun, as mentioned before our playground has no shade at all. It could also be used for a picnic area.

St Mary Magdalene CoE Peninsula Primary School


Both shade and shelter are very important for our children. Having additional shade/shelter will provide an additional outdoor learning space for our children to be able to learn outside safely while being sheltered from the rain or sunshine.

Knockhall Primary School


We are a small special school for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties with challenging behaviour. Our children have ADHD and autism and need lots of physical activity and brain breaks outside to enable them to be successful in the classroom. Our outdoor space lacks shade because we had to remove a large tree as some children tried to climb it and we needed to keep them safe!! We have no other shade in our outside area but we are very small with limited funds for luxuries like canopies!

Aspire Academy


Being able to hold class reading time outside or observational drawing for art really enriches their learning in creative ways. Shade and shelter from weather conditions enables classes to access this outside learning safely.

Oakhill Primary Academy


Outdoor learning is a key component of our provision at Bushy Hill, and we are continuously developing ways in which to ensure a wide range of opportunities for our children. With a lack of shade in our grounds, the canopy will allow the children to enhance their learning safely throughout the school year.

Bushy Hill Junior School

Birkdale High School is a secondary school on the coast. The school has a vast open field next to the tennis courts therefore the open spaces during break and lunchtimes is very open. The canopy will provide pupils with essential shelter while still experiencing the heat and fresh air. Pupils who are not sports in the school have always asked for this space and this would provide a quiet space to help with their personal well-being, maybe staff would join them for some healthy debate.

Birkdale High School


We have lovely school grounds but with very little shade or dry areas for outdoor learning. A canopy would be amazing and something we would not be able to afford within our budget.

Great Milton Church of England Primary School


Having cruelly lost our canopy shade to the ferocious storm Eunice in February, pupils at Heathcote School have been without an area to seek shelter from either the rain or the sun.

The entire landscape of the playground is missing its previously well-loved canopy and a sense of identity and community belonging has been ripped from the heart of the school communal area.

Heathcote school is not in the position to afford a replacement, and until this opportunity any hope of shelter has been lost very much like the shadows of the canopy are now lost.

We would be over the moon to be considered for a replacement canopy and hope you contemplate our school when you vote.

Heathcote School


Shade is extremely important in outdoor areas during the hot weather – shade will enable our children to stay cool and comfortable whilst learning outdoors. Outdoor learning provides a well-rounded balance of learning. Outdoor learning outdoors develops children’s creativity, problem-solving, independence, confidence and so much more!

Hoo St Werburgh Primary School


We are a School in Cardiff. Our School has around 450 pupils, from Nursery to Year 6, including 2 Special Resource Bases, where we teach children with Additional Learning Needs. Last year, our canopy was damaged after a big storm. Currently, we have no shelter or shade in the playgrounds.

All pupils would benefit by having a canopy outdoors while completing some learning or socialising with their peers. Pupils’ well-being will be enhanced greatly by being able to utilise the outdoor learning environments whatever the weather. A canopy would help to protect our pupils from harmful UV rays (as well as shelter from the rain!) allowing them to be outdoors for longer periods of time. We would be delighted to win this for our school community and our children as we feel that they deserve the very best.

Llanedeyrn Primary School

We’d love to win this so that our children could have lessons outside. This would provide shade for them even in the sunshine. Our pupils love having lessons outside!

Bleak Hill Primary School


We would love the shelter for our new quiet area within our playground. It will support several of our children with SEND and those with mental health issues-providing an all-year-round quiet area for them to enjoy outdoors. The rest of the school community would be able to enjoy it too.

Woodbank Primary School


As a school, outdoor learning is so important to us. We have an award-winning garden and beautiful grounds. However, we don’t have any shade on our playgrounds for the few weeks a year that the sun shines. The children have always wanted somewhere to read and chill out.

Llangan Primary School


We have a large outdoor area (both concrete and field) and there are no shaded areas for children to relax at break/lunch or to have the opportunity to work outside. This would enable us to provide children with the opportunity to have lunch on the field, read/colour in the shade and have lessons outdoors.

Badock’s Wood EACT Academy


Our children’s parents are serving military personnel, we strive to provide them with experiences that will stay with them for life and make them smile. Being able to learn outside will enhance their learning and creativity, provide them with laughter and fun during their learning.

Downlands Community School


Ladybirds Pre-School is a registered charity which serves the community in the village of Littlebourne and surrounding villages. During the recent storm Eunice we unfortunately lost our existing canopy. We are desperately trying to fundraise to purchase a new one but in the meantime the children are missing out on valuable outdoor play during wet weather and as the summer draws closer we know the afternoon play will be restricted as the garden is a real sun trap. A new canopy for our pre-school would be absolutely amazing and make such a difference to our children’s days allowing them to have fun in the sun.

Ladybirds Pre-School (CT3 1XS)


We are lucky enough to have a good amount of outdoor space considering we are in London. However, we do not have much shade in our playground and the children are exposed to a lot of direct sun, rain and wind depending on the weather. It is hard to find shade for them and this is really hard to manage in the summer especially.

Millennium Primary School

A canopy shade is really important to the children at Peninsula East Primary Academy as unfortunately our one was destroyed in Storm Eunice and it is not insured on the school’s buildings policy. The canopy was used so much in the Spring and Summer as so many of our children need the extra protection from the sun but teachers are eager to take the learning outside of the classroom. Outdoor learning at Peninsula Primary Academy has proved very successful and the children’s behaviour and concentration improves while lessons are being taught outside. The fresh air aids with their health and wellbeing as it is has been proven that so many children do not have the opportunity of outside space.

Peninsula East Primary Academy


We would like to win a Maxima StarSail for our school as it would help us maximise the time that children can safely use our outside area. Church Aston Infant School is a very small school, we regularly use our outside area as part of our Early Years Provision as an outside classroom. As our site is an extremely sunny site, we only get shade from part of our building, and we have no natural means of shade. Our curriculum is based on The World Is Ours to Explore so we encourage our teachers to offer as many opportunities as they can to use the outside environment. One of your canopies would really help to offer this as it would enhance our environment and help keep our children sun safe as they play and work.

Church Aston Infant School


We are a school passionate about outdoor learning and the children have access to the outdoors throughout the day. We need shade so that our children can use the outdoor area in all weathers. Currently our early years playground is exposed to all weathers and is unusable on really hot days. We are currently fundraising to give the playground a much needed make over and this shade would be a fantastic start and will benefit all of our early years children from 2-5 years old.

Oliver’s Battery Primary and Nursery School


We are currently developing our new outdoor area. This canopy would provide an essential place to shade to eat lunch or work out of direct sunlight. We would love to win this!

Beaconhill Community Primary School


I am chair of the Friends of St Mark’s (FOSM) and our committee have been fundraising specifically for shade and shelter for our school.

Our school is located at the top of a hill but is lucky to have a large outside space. but it has very little shelter and shade as it is so exposed to the elements.

The school houses 360 pupils over the age range 6 to 11 years and providing shade and shelter for them all is pretty challenging.

We have planted some trees but these will take many years to mature to give plenty of shade in the summer months.

We are hoping to provide shelter and shade in a few areas of the outside space to enable all of the children to enjoy the spaces without getting very wet in the wetter months and sunstroke in the hotter ones (yes we have had children with sunstroke).

There is a perfect space at the side of the building for a sail, which is more sheltered from the wind.

Many thanks for reading.

St Mark’s Junior School


It would be great for our nursery and reception area. To allow shade to play during the summer months.

Cowley Hill Primary School


We provide purposeful and irresistible learning for the children of Stanmore community. Every child is inspired to thrive and be their BEST. We set no limits on what can be learned. We want our children to feel safe, secure and happy. We do this through access to our beautiful grounds. This stylish canopy from A&S Landscape would help us provide for our children and help our community thrive.

Stanmore Primary School


Unfortunately, our trees, which gave our playground shade, had to be cut down as they were not safe. This has left us with two large open spaces with no shade. Shade is so important for our children to enable them to stay on the playground for longer periods of time. We also want to be able to utilise our great space for exciting outdoor learning including our daily worship. In addition to this, after listening to our pupils, we found that we have a large amount of keen readers who would love a dedicated space where they can read at break times- a canopy would provide just this- please vote for us!

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School


Shade and shelter is massively important to our school as we transition from a post lockdown and get our students outdoors in an attempt to address the nature deficit. We are an ASC school so some of our students have sensory needs which result in them not liking direct sunlight or for some they find it difficult to go outdoors when it rains. The shelter would allow those students to have a safe place to sit in our developing nature classroom and participate in all outdoor sessions, whatever the weather. The positive impact that this would have on their health and well-being would be considerable. Having a shade and shelter is definitely on our wish list, but just slightly out of reach. Help us to get more kids outdoors by creating accessible spaces for all – on our mission to rewild a generation.

Presfield High School


Peterhouse is a school for children with autism. A canopy in the garden area would help some children with hyper sensory issues to access the outdoors and the vast learning opportunities outside without becoming overstimulated or suffering pain from the sun/heat/rain.

Peterhouse School


Shade and shelter is extremely important for our amazing students at our school as we have quite limited space and in particular nowhere for students to go at social times. Our students would absolutely love this! Our aim would be to let all year groups use this and it would integrate all students together. We have had a difficult few years and with fewer funds we had have to continue to raise money to attempt to make any changes.

Coppice School


St John’s is a special school from 5 up to Post 16. A lot of the children have sensory issues and this would ensure some of them could go outside in to the playground with their peers and protect them from the sun.

St John Vianney RC School


With children at the school of all ages with issues, this canopy would be of great use for them to be outside to be utilised a separate space to others when need be.

Apley Wood Primary School


The Heights has a wonderful playground but unfortunately no shelter from the rain or sun as the trees are very young and have not yet grown. There is little shelter available for the children from the weather.

The Heights Primary School


We have a very open Early Years Outdoor area with, unfortunately, very little protection from the weather. Winning a shade sail would allow us to leave resources out for children to freely explore, rather than having to pack them away after every use. They would also last longer with some protection from the elements. Our children would also be protected, meaning longer outdoor learning sessions whatever the weather. This sun shade would allow us to create a safe, shady area for outside learning and play.

Locks Heath Infant School


Downton Primary school is a lovely village school, sadly when the sun shines there is no shade for the children to shelter under, this canopy would be perfect.

Downton Primary School


Our school motto is “We Care, and at Shakespeare Infant School, we have worked hard to provide a mentally healthy school for our Pupils, Staff and School Community and know the wellbeing values of our children being outdoors “Come Rain or Shine”! We would love to learn outside the classroom more, and receiving a fabulous canopy from A&S Landscape would give us that opportunity. We know that a canopy would provide a safe and comfortable outdoor space for our children to learn, explore and grow, whilst being protected from strong sun or bad weather. We would love your support to provide an area where our children are able to be outside all year round, safely and happily in our beautiful school grounds.

Shakespeare Infant School

Our primary school is a large school with over 600 pupils. We are lucky as we have lots of open space for them to use and play in. Even our reception years have their own outdoor play area full of water play, outside stage, mud kitchen etc. With many different outdoor areas being utilised, we have a number of canopies in operation. We find the children are not only protected from the sun but get less distracted and can focus on an activity that has been set up, this is especially important in the reception play area. Also, the shaded areas under the canopies create a calmer area for children, so we use them when children need a quieter area, e.g. Outside our nurture area where the children need calm. An outside area is often like a second classroom, and the addition of a canopy helps protect from less favourable weather. Without the canopies, we would be forced to use the outside areas less.

Redhill Primary School


We are a very small school in a rural area. We do not have a hall, grass area and there are no trees on site to offer natural shade. During the summer months we have to take shade breaks inside as we have a concrete desert outside. Adding a canopy would mean we could create a shade/quiet area in the summer and a shelter in the winter. Our KS1 class like to access the outdoor space as part of their continuous provision but again this is limited by the inclement weather.

Seagrave Village Primary School


Being able to provide a greater outside area with a shelter will vastly improve the provision of the school. It enhances the possibilities that we as a school can offer our students in differing circumstances. Currently we have no sheltered outdoor area for our pupils and see this competition as a great way of potentially acquiring one which otherwise is beyond our means. It will allow our pupils to develop skills to coincide with our new curriculum here in Wales which places great emphasis on the ability to learn outdoors and provide local relevant experiences that enhance the learning provision. Being a small school on Anglesey in North Wales – saving up for a £15,000 canopy can take years and this is a great way to address this. Pupils of all ages would benefit and would be used in varying methods for the different year groups. It is also a provision that is a stable, long-term acquisition for the school that will benefit the pupils of Llandegfan for years.

Ysgol Gynradd Llandegfan


Outdoor provision is fundamental to our school enrichment opportunities. Our reception children spend a great deal of time making use of the outdoor areas. Shade is extremely important to be able to facilitate this all year round. We need to protect our children from harmful UV rays, teach them about sun safety as well as having shade from wind and rain. Providing shade in outdoor areas during the hot weather will enable children to stay cool and complete activities in a different environment, giving them a well-rounded learning experience, but one that is safe and comfortable. At play times children would have shaded areas to gather and play, so they do not have to stay inside. Our children love to read, we would ideally like to set up outdoor reading areas, and a canopy shade would certainly enhance this, enabling us to do this safely in the sunny weather.

Pear Tree Infant & Walbrook Nursery School


Shade is very important to the children and staff at Sarisbury school as they do a lot of outdoor learning and activities.
They have recently had parents who have built a little wildlife pond where the children do lots of activities, but in this area there is no shade, so when it is very hit, some shade here would be really beneficial, so the children can be protected and still be able to participate in these activities.
The children who have packed lunches also eat their lunches outside but there is also no available shade here. Should they have a cover, it means that in really hot weather they can continue to eat outside, and not to have to eat indoors.
Some of the children who struggle with lots noises and too much activity in class are also sometimes taught outdoors, so the shade would be great for them, as in adverse weather they have to be taught alone in an office. Being outdoors would be really beneficial to them and really calming.
When the children have sports days, this would also be great for a little bit of cover for the adults supporting them.

Sarisbury Junior School

The canopy would create a great outdoor learning area for all children which could be used in all weather. It would be an excellent addition to our school.

Mickle Trafford Village School


Outdoor learning is a fundamental part of learning at St. Michael’s. Each class has many lessons outside regardless of the subject. We are lucky to have wonderful grounds for the children to access and enjoy. Having this canopy will provide a shaded area for us to safely continue this even on the sunniest of days.
We wish to use our courtyard area more but it is a sun trap. We have already renovated the area and can use it when it is not too sunny, but this shade would finish off this outside classroom area perfectly.
We also plan for it to be used by children who wanted a quieter area to enjoy their playtime, and lunchtimes. We have a reading area set up in the courtyard and beanbags and cushions that can be used there. As well as it being used as a safe nurture space when children need a little time out.

St Michael’s C.E. (V.C.) First School


Shade and shelter is important to our setting as many of our children live in flats, so they do not have access to safe outdoor spaces at home. Our garden is a sun trap in the summer so a canopy would ensure we have a sun safe space for the children. We are a charity run preschool and have limited funds, our children are aged 2-4 and we are situated within a Sure Start children’s Centre, which is in an area of deprivation. Outdoor play is essential for young children’s health and wellbeing.

Brambles Community Preschool


With this shade the small children (aged 2-5) in our setting would be free to go out and play all day long without the harmful UV rays affecting their young and undamaged skins. The presence of shade will enforce to the young ones the importance of skin care in the sun for the rest of their lives by developing the habit of protecting your skin when outside.
We would place the mud kitchen and sand pit underneath it allowing the children to stay and play longer in the fresh air rather than coming inside for shelter.
The shelter of the canopy would also preserve the sand pit and mud kitchen and any other equipment underneath, meaning that money can be spent on other new resources rather than replacing resources.
Lastly, of course it would just look great and be a real asset to our setting.

Modbury Preschool


We have a beautiful outdoor space at our nursery, where we are blessed with an enclosed play area, right in the heart of the community. We have a motto that the sun always shines at Tamar View Nursery! It really does and our children love dancing in the sunshine. However, we do find that in the summer months, we need to restrict outdoor play due to the temperature rising and the enclosed aspect of this garden, just raises the heat levels even further.
Because we are in an urban space, we can be overlooked by local properties. As a result, we have lined our fences with UPVC for privacy which means we do not get any fresh winds blowing through the garden. This adds to the temperature. Winning a canopy would not only help us to shade the children so they can play in all weathers; it would also improve the privacy they can enjoy.

The Cabin at Tamar View Nursery


Ladybirds Nursery & Preschool is currently a charity run group with more than a 100 preschool children on role and also offer wrap around and holiday cover for local primary school children. We moved on to our current site in 2011 and as such our outside area is in much need of an overhaul. Our children love the outdoors come rain or shine and previously our shade has been provided by sails, unfortunately our poles took a batter in a storm and need replacing to allow us to have shade over our large sandpit and outdoor area this summer.
Outside play is so beneficial to the development of children especially those in the early years, it provides a rich environment for developing all aspects of development but even more pertinent at the moment as children have been impacted socially and emotionally by covid. This shade would allow them to continue to play outside safely through the summer. In the past we have had to use pop up gazebos as the outside surface gets hot in the summer.
As a Nursery we stayed open to provide care and education to vulnerable children and those of key workers and have stayed open throughout the Lock down and beyond, like so many this has given us many challenges financially and we have had to postpone many plans to upgrade our outside shade so if we won this canopy it would be amazing!

Ladybirds Nursery & Preschool


With the ever-changing seasons shade is important to protect our pupils from the elements. Providing shade during hot periods will aid our pupil’s health and wellbeing. A new shade would enhance our planned decked seating area.

St Leonards CE Primary Academy


Our children at Scallywags Pre-school LOVE to play outside – they learn new skills each day and build upon the previous days learning. We are a registered charity and the price of a canopy is just out of our price range at the moment – we lost so much money due to Covid and everyone is working so hard now to catch up and make a difference. Our parent committee are working hard alongside the manager to raise valuable funds just to enhance the setting to give all our children the best experience they can possibly have. Having a canopy would allow the children to stay outside for longer periods as this would help to shelter the children not only from bad weather but from the sunshine – we want no barriers to learning and the canopy would help Scallywags Pre-school achieve this. Scallywags is just the most amazing little Pre-school in the heart of a beautiful Village. By providing this Canopy to Scallywags we would not be able to thank A&S Landscape enough as you will have help to contribute to the learning journey of our wonderful children

Scallywags Pre-school (Edgworth)

We would LOVE to win this prize! We have literally no shade on any of our playgrounds and so 441 absolutely lovely children swelter and suffer in the ever-increasing scorching hot days we are experiencing. It is in our plans to purchase 4 shade sails and so to win one would be a HUGE help to us. We are in a very deprived area of the city and have nearly 50% pupil premium and 16% of our children have SEND needs. Winning this means we could spend the money we save on our children and you would be HEROES!

Marriott Primary School


Leasowes High School is currently working hard on an outdoor project to ensure our pupils are active and engaged during lunch times. We do not have any shelter, minimal seating and no activities at the minute. An outdoor shelter will give our pupils a place to ‘chill’ during lunch and break times taking pressure of supervising staff and giving them a space to themselves where they can chat and wind down. It would mean the world to all at Leasowes, staff and students, if we were to be successful in this competition and a much-needed kick start to our project!

Leasowes High School


The welfare of students at Haygrove is of the highest importance. The use of outdoor space as areas for teaching and learning, as well as being used during breaks and lunchtimes for socialising, is known to have positive effects on health and wellbeing. A long period of construction work has recently finished on the school site and we have some fantastic new facilities, but the work has not included the development of outdoor social spaces for students to use. We have some ambitious plans in place to construct outdoor spaces for teaching and socialising, a new canopy would be a fantastic addition to complement our plans and help us to achieve our ambitions.

Haygrove School


Outdoor learning is such an integral part of a child’s learning, it should not just be reserved for play times. Being able to hold class reading time outside or observational drawing for art really enriches their learning in creative ways. Shade and shelter from weather conditions enables classes to access this outside learning safely.
Our school is working hard to improve our kerb appeal at the front of our premises and this innovative design would look amazing in our KS1 playground.
Funding is stretched for all educational settings and this competition to install a canopy was a very welcome email to receive, fingers crossed for some good luck for Wilstead Primary School.

Shade and shelter would make our beautiful grounds more comfortable to spend time in during the British seasons! As a Forest School, we try to spend as much time as possible outside taking in the fresh air and sunshine, and even on the rainy days!

S is for a safe place to rest and relax after playing with friends,
H is a space to hide from the sun,
A is a place to get away from the heat,
D is for the Dinner ladies to use to keep the little ones protected,
E is for enjoying the shadows it casts on the playground,

S is to sketch using chalks and paints and felt-tips,
H is for helping to explain the harmful effects of the burning sun,
E is to use as an entertaining stage,
L is to lounge when the sun is shining,
T is to take turns to sit under and read,
E is to exercise during PE,
R is to rest after such a busy day.

Wilstead Primary School


We want our students to enjoy dining and socialising in the fresh air, protected from the sun. In these times when so many youngsters have been isolated and inside due to the pandemic it is vital for them to reconnect with each other and the natural worlds. Plus it would look super! Thank you.

Swavesey Village College


We are huge advocates of outside learning for all our children, especially post-Covid restrictions, and a fantastic shelter like this would make it possible for classes to be safely outside whatever the weather. For a small school it’s almost impossible to explain what a difference this would make.

Bolshaw Primary School


We have just resurfaced our playground, which was in dire need of replacement. However, the cost of this has depleted our budget and so we do not have the money to furnish the playground with equipment. By having a canopy, it would provide the children with a place to shelter from the direct sunlight and take part in activities such as drawing, colouring, puzzles and board games. Some of our children would relish the opportunity to have a space to complete calm activities. The canopy would help to create a zone in the playground. Furthermore, the canopy would also provide teachers with the option of taking classes outside for lessons, regardless of the weather, something that our children would love!

St Michael’s East Wickham CE Primary


At Crook Log Primary School we want all of our children to have the best possible experience and start in life. We want fun, activities, visits, visitors and anything that is memorable as the child learn, play and develop. We are truly blessed with our grounds, large playgrounds and a very large field, but not enough in the way of trees for shade. This means that when the weather is beautiful the children huddle under three trees to eat their packed lunches. It would be wonderful to have more shade to make the experience even better. We have been trying to raise money for shades for the past four years but sadly other expenses keep coming along.

Crook Log Primary School


Enabling learning outside the classroom is paramount to the development of our children and being able to do this through all weathers would be invaluable to ensure prior knowledge and experiences are used and built upon.
With a high level of disadvantaged children and lack of outside space at home, opportunities to be learning outside are high on our agenda.

The Laurels Primary School

We are working very hard to improve our outdoor learning area and have just put in a fruit tree orchard. Unfortunately, our outdoor hut was deemed not fit for purpose so we are very limited now for outdoor shade. As a small school who annually face budget issues, we very rarely have the opportunity to invest in much needed shelter from sun and rain for our pupils.

Coryton Primary School

Due to the Covid 19 situation pupils are spending more time outside.  We have very little shade in our playground and with summer approaching it would be good to provide some much-needed shade.

Frederick Bremer School

The school is a 3 form entry school on the outskirts of Brighton. With the increasingly extreme weather, we have limited shaded areas on the school grounds, and the playground is a rectangle concrete slab.  A shade would enable the children to have lessons outside on hot days, providing valuable shade from the sun. The sail would also enable the children to continue to use the outside space even in poor weather.

Hangleton Primary School

We are a special school and have spent many years improving our different play areas, we have been looking for appropriate shade covers to enable the children to spend longer outside but on very hot days this is not possible as we have no shade at all so this kits would be absolutely amazing

John Watson School

We have beautiful school grounds at Great Milton. We love being outside, no matter what the weather. However there is little shade for the children, which sometimes stops us from using our amazing space.

Our school colour is blue, so a lovely blue shade sail would be useful in so many ways, apart from the many playtime activities, we would use it for outdoor learning, and when we are allowed, for family events.

Great Milton C of E Primary School

We are a two-form entry first school situated on a residential city street. We have a tarmac yard and a small, grassed area. Over the last year, we have worked extremely hard to transform an unused area of trees into a forest school as well as cultivating a planted area into an additional outside space. We have a school nursery but have also opened a Toddler’s group and we have an independent playgroup and an independent childcare group on-site during term time.

All these groups use the shared space. Whilst the space is limited, we are working hard to make it a welcoming and purposeful environment. Our aim for the cultivated area is a place for outside learning, book groups, storytime etc as well as a play space for the playgroup. It is however exposed. A shelter over this space would facilitate the use in all weathers as well as providing shelter from the sun in nicer weather.

In conclusion, a shade would add to our environment, provide shelter and shade from the elements, create a useable space in all weathers and all for a wide range of users.

Archibald First School

Having very little outdoor space we try and use all available space for the children to play and learn outside. However, in inclement weather this can be unsafe for the children to be outside without shade so we are unable to use the spaces. We would love to be able to give the children further opportunities to be outside safely and would use the shade to facilitate outdoor classroom learning opportunities for children across the school. Thank you for the opportunity!

St Olave’s Prep School

Our nursery garden had to have the rubberised floor replaced last year with artificial grass because it was just too unsafe. It looks amazing but it took all our DFC funding and there was no money left for the shade. As a small school we only get £5800 capital budget per year and therefore have to budget over a number of years for any major project or rebuild. Now that the children are back in school, the next part of the plan is to sort out the shade problem. As it gets the sun most of the day we cannot use the space to its full potential. In the Summer months it is too hot for the youngsters by the afternoon. Our outdoor play area is a huge part of the learning in our nursery with lots of topics planned for this year. Our aim is for the school to achieve a Bronze Eco school Award and we have a whole school project around sustainability starting after Easter. We are planting vegetables in our nursery garden and the hope is that we can grow enough to share some of our vegetables with the local senior citizens. The shade sail would allow us to use the space more effectively whatever the weather and have an outdoor classroom.

Westwoodside Church of England Primary Academy

We have a quad area between two of our classes that is south facing, and our Class 2 get the full sun on their windows for most of the day in summer. This is lovely but it does get very warm in the quad and the classroom, so we would love a super sail to provide some shade so that the children can use the quad space more in the summer months and to help the classroom feel a lot cooler. The sound of the sail in the breeze will also be a calming sound for the children.

Wragby Primary School

We recently built a garden: “Parthas” (Paradise in Gaelic. The word Paradise meant enclosed garden in its original form). We are a DEIS disadvantaged school and many children in our school community live in apartments with limited green spaces. Within our busy school, some children struggle with weight problems, stress, and anxiety- issues that should not bother young children. Parthas offers children a respite from the world, where children can learn about food and nutrition in the best way- by getting their hands dirty! They can indulge their senses in the sensory garden, show their creative side on the stage, or spend time with friends in the sunshine. However, this is Ireland and the weather can be inclement. We do not want the weather to be the reason children do not use the garden- Parthas should be in use throughout the seasons. We therefore need a cover and a 4m x 4m shade sail kit would be perfect. In a time of COVID, the garden is our only ongoing school project- help us make it as good as it can be.  The project has relied on contributions and sponsorship to date and we think this adds to the sense of community ownership- we would be very grateful if you would join us.

Sacred Heart Primary School

This shade sail would provide some much-needed shade in our garden area to enable the children to play in more areas of the garden where the sun is at its strongest.

Bewbush Community Nursery CIC

We are an inner-city school in a built up area. One of these amazing shade sails would enhance the appearance of our school and bring necessary shade during the summer months.

Keyham Barton Catholic Primary School

Glenwood School Fabric Shade Sail

Our school values giving children the opportunity to play outdoors helping them feel calm and cheerful. Being outside also means that children naturally absorb vitamin D, which helps improve their frame of mind and buoyancy.

Many children do not play outdoors outside of the school day, therefore outdoor play within the school day gives children the opportunity to run, jump, climb, and more, all of which provides exercise and fitness. Unstructured outdoor play also encourages creativity, risk taking and problem-solving which children can apply to their learning.

A bright colourful shade sail from A&S Landscape will not only give protection from the elements to those children who play outdoors but brighten up our children’s environment!

Meriden C E Primary School

Even before COVID having a sheltered area to learn and play would enhance the provision we would be able to give our pupils in order to learn using the outdoor area. Following on from COVID and Welsh Government guidance to work outdoors as much as possible, this would ensure we would be able to take more pupils out in all weathers due to the shade. We are also a small primary school and financing this ourselves would be difficult. Fingers crossed we will be lucky.

Ysgol Gynradd Llandegfan

We are lucky to have a large field on our site but unfortunately there is very little shade on there, particularly for the KS1 children.

With a large shade sail we would be able to use the field more for break times and sports during the dry weather but also for outdoor learning, utilising our resources to the fullest without the fear of children getting too much sun – when it shines!

We would be able to look into setting up an outdoor classroom for curriculum work and then be able to use it as a quiet, nurture area for the children who struggle when the playground is busy.  It would be somewhere they could sit and watch their peers safely if they didn’t want to join in during lunchtimes.

Our breakfast and after school club would also benefit, at the moment the pergola they would normally use for their summer picnics is in need of replacement as some of the wood has rotted but due to budget constraints any work has had to be postponed.

It would be amazing to win a shade sail for our school and would benefit so many of our wonderful pupils.

Thanks for reading!

Prenton Primary School

A poem for you….

Our children love to have fun

Running in the summer sun

Although they have missed a lot of school

We need to remember to keep them cool!

Waddingham school has lots of space

But really needs a shady place

If you could find it in your heart

To choose our school it would be a great start

We are a small school who would really benefit from your support, we have a large playground but really need some shade. The resilience our children and families have shown over lockdown has been amazing, we as a school lost 5 weeks of schooling in addition to the National Lockdowns due to Covid infections in school.

Waddingham Primary School

We have applied for a grant to covert our old garage into a library / outdoor classroom and would love a shade or canopy to go over the outside area which we plan to pave with slabs, this will give us an extra learning space, allow shade to readers and also a shaded area for break and lunch times so the children can regroup and talk to each other again after they have survived the most stressful year of their little lives. The area is very sad at the moment so a new slabbed area and a shade will give the area a new bright and inspiring look and boost our little school as we are a small school on the Waveney valley border. We have another area which would also be great for the shade which is our KS1 class which has a small outdoor space which would also really benefit from some shade. Due to Covid our PTA has been unable to fundraise to this would just brighten everyone’s day.

Mendham Primary School

Our nursery LOVES the great outdoors and we spend the majority of the day outside, especially in the summer months, when the weather is good. At the moment we don’t have any shade, which means that we have to go inside when it is very hot. A shade sail would give us the opportunity to stay outside under the shade and keep the children safe.

We would be really grateful if you could consider us.

Downside Nursery School

Our sail would be to get even more learning outside! This year has shown us how important outside learning is to all ages of children and our Y2 children particularly would really benefit from having a protected outside learning space.

We have used PTA funding to have artificial grass put down and we are currently fundraising for resources and equipment to make the area an inspiring outdoor classroom space; it would be a huge benefit for that area to have protection from the sun and to some extent the drizzle that can be so pervasive in our wonderful climate. Our children are real explorers and full of imagination; we envisage a place for role play and make believe as the children act out their favourite tales of derring-do and perilous adventures; we will see naturalists at work, exploring the shady world of minibeasts and wildlife; we will have scientists conducting experiments, musicians creating tunes and songs and artists using the natural world for their inspiration! A sail would make this space everything we would like it to be and a place for learning that our children deserve it to be!

Merrow CE Infant School

We encourage outdoor play even more so since Covid. This will make all the space usable whatever the weather.

Grasvenor Avenue Infant School

Our school is for young people with severe and complex learning difficulties. It is so important that we equip our young people with the skills to self safeguard in adult life. One such skill is to look after their skin and avoid sunburn or overexposure. Currently we struggle to find shade in our large outdoor area as the movement of the sun places the outdoor area in full sun for the whole day. This would help us to educate the young people to develop healthy lifestyles and to look after themselves by seeking shade whilst outside in hot sun.

St. George’s School

Being a charity school this shade sail would bring such joy to our students.

It will provide:

  • High UV Protection
  • Cooler Play Areas
  • Ventilation
  • Pleasant Eating Area
  • Create a Cool, Shaded Outdoor Learning Area
  • Attractive Events Shelter

The benefits are endless….

Leicester Islamic Academy

St Peter’s is in a deprived part of the city of Plymouth and takes its students from the local community. The school recently spent time and money to develop a place for EYFS outdoor space. This was very sadly destroyed in an arson attack. The children would so benefit from the opportunity to have their outside space again.

St Peter’s RC Primary School

Researching your sails seemed to be the best solution to bringing shade into our garden especially over the baby garden. We have tried gazebos, but unfortunately where we are situated in a valley if the wind gets up the gazebos have proved dangerous. However, we unfortunately don’t have the funds due to the pandemic.

The Park Nursery

Sprouts Playbarn Play Area Shade Sails

Priory School is a specialist SEN school situated in the borough of Croydon, London and Outdoor Learning has been a feature here since our re-build in 2014. The forest provides an alternative learning environment, where education is in, for, and about, the natural world. The combination of freedom and responsibility is beneficial to those with reduced confidence or challenging behaviour.  Valuable life skills are learnt, including communication, team-work, problem-solving, responsibility, resilience and self-regulation.

At Priory, we obviously place a great deal of value on outdoor education, and a shade sail would be the perfect focal point for outdoor activities and team-building games, whilst allowing for protection from the elements. Some students can struggle with the transition from inside to outside, so a canopied area could help bridge the gap between the two and create more opportunities for outdoor learning and give more students access to the sensory experience of nature.

The Telford Priory School

We would love a shaded area for the children so that they would be able to play outside whatever the weather rain or sunshine. We are a small village school and at the moment our reception and year 1s share a classroom so it would be amazing to have a covered area so we can bring our learning outside please.

Peaslake Free School

This shade would a vital part of our school grounds. With the school being in a seaside area, the ground and soil is very sandy making growing trees difficult. The pupils currently have no shade on hot summer/spring days whether it be on the school field, the outdoor learning areas or classroom garden. For sun safety this sun shade is a health necessity. As well as the sun and having no trees etc, the wind can be strong making gazebos dangerous. Therefore a solid structure such as the sun shade would be perfect.

Ysgol Gynradd Rhosneigr

Following lockdown our aim is to develop the children’s confidence by more opportunities to learning experiences outside the classroom. This would involve different areas of the curriculum being learnt in a fun way outside in all weather.

Ysgol Gymuned Llannerch y Medd

We would love this shade as we are a charity run village preschool and at the moment we are just about staying afloat in this pandemic. (We have been open all the time) This shade would be great in our garden area to give us an outside space to teach / learn, as we have a few children who can’t concentrate in loud spaces and would benefit in a quieter environment. And it would give us an outside space to teach in all weathers if needed.

Ripley Pre-school

We are a wraparound and before and after school club, we are on the side of George Fentham School but run separately and a non profit organisation, any money goes back into this facility. Our outdoor space really needs help and the pandemic has forced us to close in lockdown so this would be fantastic.

The Base Childcare at George Fentham School

We’ve currently sent staff on forest school training and we’re hoping to develop an area on school grounds to run forest school sessions, this shade would be ideal for a use of outdoor sitting and learning are and help us with a fireplace too for students to be able to cook themselves and develop learning outdoors.

Ysgol Eifionydd

We have worked extremely hard the past couple of years to make our outdoor environment a fun, exciting and engaging place for our children to learn and to play. Being a small village school with extremely limited funds, it is always a challenge to finance and improve our facilities in order to create a vision of excellence we aspire to for our children. We are privileged to have such fabulous surroundings and it would be wonderful to sit under an amazing canopy where children could take shelter and enjoy the idyllic views in all weathers whilst still learning. The colour we would choose would fit our green surroundings and would really enhance our outdoor provision in a colourful and contextual way.

In the current Covid climate we are trying to spend as much time as we can outdoors and having a canopy would enable more teaching opportunities for the children whatever the weather. We would be extremely grateful if we were successful.

Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School

With the spring and warmer months approaching we turn our thoughts to the provision of play outdoors and the health and safety aspects it brings. We are extremely fortunate to have a garden where we have sunlight from morning till night, however as beautiful as this is we do struggle with providing shaded areas for children to still be able to access outdoor play but keep them out of direct sunlight at peak sun times. This shade would provide a perfect area for children to use when the sun is just a little too much. from using it to make dens and reading areas to allowing children to use their imagination and have a campout as well as outdoor picnics! It has endless uses and would be greatly appreciated by all children who attend our nursery.


We currently have an exposed playing field with barely any shelter from the sun. It is a slope completely unprotected from the prevailing wind. we have tried sunshades but these prove problematic if there is any wind as I am sure you can imagine! Having a fixed sun sail would also enable us to use out outside area more effectively as an outdoor classroom. With the Covid recommendations on ventilation we will be endeavouring to use our outside space more and this would help us to achieve this. At playtimes and lunchtimes in the summer it would give children a chance to have a break from the sun. It would be a great opportunity for some of our children who are accessing ELSA to do this in a different environment. Our peripatetic play therapist has also expressed that it would be beneficial for her to be able to run some of her sessions outside without exposing the children to an unnecessary amount of sun. The children of St Blasius would definitely benefit from a resource like this.

St Blasius Shanklin C of E Primary Academy

Sail shade we designed for Bluebell Park SEN

In our EYFS area we have had to take down our gazebo area as it was condemned. This space was used for outside learning and play activities when the weather was challenging. It extended the available space for our children-something which is vitally important for EYFS children but particularly at this time when we know that children have been cooped up due to lockdown restrictions -negatively impacting on their physical health and wellbeing. As the school is bidding for a new roof which is in desperate need of repair, we can’t afford to replace the shade at this time as we have to contribute to the CIF bid. This means there is no covered area for the EYFS outside area. The children are all kept in this area at the present time as they can’t access the main area due to our bubble system. It would be a lovely addition to their learning space and well deserved after their rocky start to school.

Dovedale Primary School

Our school is an outstanding school in many, many ways and we have extensive outdoor space which borders the Royal Birkdale Golf Club. If you look us up on Google earth you will see what I mean about extensive! Sometimes the lack of shade from the hot summer sun makes this not appealing to our pupils. A canopy would make a huge difference to our pupils, who are encouraged to use the outdoors regularly. It would look fantastic too. On Sports Days we could make it the Recorder’s Space, and possibly the first aid spot. We would dearly love a sun shade sail. I think we would be the envy of every school in Southport. At the daily lunchtime we could possibly put a refreshment stall there, so the pupils did not have to come into school and leave the sunshine and fresh air. I think it would very exciting and our staff and pupils would be extremely grateful.

Greenbank High School

It is wonderful that the School has reopened after a third lockdown and is full of life once again, with pupils, teachers, and staff, filling the grounds of the majestic scenic backdrops at both our Senior School that is here in Monkton Combe and our Prep School in Combe Down near Bath. It certainly is a sight to behold, with glorious sunrise and sunset views. Our motto is that Monkton ‘Thinks Differently’ and we achieve this in many ways, one being to actively encourage everyone as much time outside as possible, in all weathers. We have recently purchased new additional exterior seating areas to ensure social distancing is paramount during this pandemic, which will also encourage us to look towards a brighter future in spending time together in a more relaxed way. Winning a new canopy for the School would be fantastic and enhance these great new seating areas, encouraging us to make the most of the warmer weather as we return and settle back into the School structure and timetables. If successful, we would just need to decide which colour!

Monkton Combe School

Having settled into a new school, we are now planning our outdoor learning space. Utilising the outdoors will have a great impact on our learning and development of our students. For some, being restricted indoors can stifle learning, especially in this time of COVID where anxieties are high. Using the sail as the roof of our outdoor learning area will support our children’s experiences as well as increasing attainment, resilience, and communication skills.  The endless opportunities will help our children explore and reach their potential.

Gurnard Primary School

We are fortunate to have outside space but very little shade! We spend a lot of our time learning outside, especially during this time.  We have regular outside classroom days and this would give us space to sit when we are doing our lessons. It would also give us an area for children to be sheltered from the sun at break and lunchtimes. It would be used so much!

We have 32 EHCP children within our mainstream school and this would allow us to take teaching and interventions outdoors to explore different sensory learning environments and learn out in the open. We would love to win this!

Lanesend Primary School

This shade sail would be a fantastic addition to our outside learning environment we are currently trying to create. With our current reception cohort missing so much of pre school & their reception year due to covid, it would be amazing to be able to create a sheltered outside area for them to use as they move into year 1. It could double up as some much needed shade over lunchtimes & playtimes during the summer months for the whole school.

Our school also has a social, emotional and mental health provision. The children that use this provision can sometimes find a classroom environment too much for them, the sail would create a sheltered area for them to go outside to support self regulation when they have become overstimulated within the classroom. The same goes for the many children within our school community that have special educational needs.

Hunnyhill Primary School

We are looking to improve the outside area in order for the children to be able to work outside more. It will also help improve their mental health and wellbeing after such a difficult year.

Ysgol Y Tywyn

We are a non profit preschool and care for 2-5 year old children. We have a large outdoor space for our children to use all year round. However, we have no trees or shaded areas and in the summer our outdoor garden becomes a suntrap.

We are in desperate need for some shade in our outdoor space as it is really difficult to create shaded spaces without trees or material large enough to create temporary shaded space. All children need to be outside as much as possible to help them develop their physical skills and even more so during the pandemic as the virus does not spread as easily outside but it needs to be safe and safety in the sun is at the top of our priority list. If we were lucky enough to win a shade sail this would help us to create a safe shaded space outside for our children to use during the summer months.

This would enable us to make the most of outdoor learning without the worry of the affects of the sun on our little people. We would love to have picnics outside, paddling pools and so many other summer fun activities and a shaded space would make this possible for us!

Greenmount Preschool

This week we had to cut down the canopy which had been in our Year 2 playground for 20 years! The metal structure had finally rusted through. We are now busy raising funds to replace the canopy with a more modern sail shade structure to provide a much-needed shaded area in our Year 2 playground.

Every year we teach our young children the importance of keeping safe in the sun and the importance of looking for shade particularly during the lunchtime hour when our 120 children play outside with their friends. This sail shade would not only provide much-needed shade in our south-facing playground but provide a quiet and calm place for our children to sit and talk and re-establish their friendships after a really tricky COVID year. Winning this shade will really enhance the facilities we offer in our playgrounds for our 454 children who attend Farnborough Road Infant School.

Farnborough Road Infant School

We are a primary school for pupils aged 3-11 that also houses a pre-school playgroup and day care nursery – it truly is community-focused. Our committed belief is that learning through outdoor play and structured activities in a safe and stimulating environment is an essential part of a child’s development.

We are currently extending and enhancing the outdoor provision at Ysgol Gynradd Beaumaris to make learning even more practical, outdoor-based and fun. Funding is challenging at present and the shade sail would be a most welcome surprise! It would enable us to conduct more outdoor activities irrespective of weather.

Ysgol Gynradd Beaumaris

We are a primary school of children with severe and profound learning difficulties. We currently have over 140 pupils ranging from nursery to year 6. Many of our children are from deprived backgrounds.

Each class spends at least half of their school day outdoors. We have a range of outdoor learning spaces that would massively benefit from shading. During the last 3 lockdowns, we have remained open. Since September, our school has stayed open with almost full staff and a high number of children.

We would use this shade so all children can access outdoor play and learning especially when it is sunny as it would allow children to be outside for longer. A lot of children have diagnosed conditions and brain damage that has dramatically effected their sight therefore shade would allow them to be able to see and ultimately access more learning outdoors. A lot of our children are wheelchair users and summers can be very hot with little shade. A shade would be amazing for them to be able to lie out without being in direct sun.

We have classes based on stage not age and a lot of our PMLD children benefit greatly (post and pre covid) from interacting with our more able children. It builds a feeling of unison and builds friendships between different classes. The shade would allow these children to stay outdoors for longer without the worry of the sun or over heating.

Another benefit would be using it for teaching. Our teachers and classroom staff are very creative and I know they would use this shade to teach a variety of topics especially shadows, it would fit with our den building and camping experience. We try to create memories and “holiday” experiences for our children as many won’t be able to experience this. If we are successful and covid allows. I would like to invite you to our wonderful school to see how truly great the children and grounds are.

Hadrian School

My students all have profound and multiple learning difficulties. This sail would not only provide shelter from the sun but also a sensory experience that would allow us to go out in the rain, providing a learning experience all year round. It would act as an extension to our classroom and an excellent addition to our outside area which we are currently doing up.

Victoria School

We are lucky enough to have larger numbers of students wanting to come to our school. This means that we are having to be inventive in spaces for students to sit down while eating. Therefore we would like to allow the students to make use of an outside picnic area linked to the main dining room which is currently uncovered. If we have a canopy then all the younger students will be able to access fresh air while eating healthy food.

To make full use of the space we will use this area to create outside classrooms. The art department would take classes for the students so they can draw the landscape. The geography department can use it for discussion on the weather station in the area. This canopy will allow us to develop curriculum opportunities as well as providing an outdoor seating area.

Birkdale High School

This sail would be hugely important to us as a school and would be based in the early years outdoor area. We love exploring, playing and learning outside and this would help us do this even more. We are in the process of setting up a woodwork station area but we are finding this very difficult as we have very little shaded areas on offer outside, so be able to use this as part of the area and help to section it off would just be amazing!! It’s such an important thing for children to be able to out in the natural environment as much as possible and this is something we are hugely passionate about, this would allow all sorts of activities to be able to take place, story/rhyme time, phonics etc. We would also make sure it was available for all the year groups in the school to access so they are able to take more of their learning outside.

Nettlestone Primary School

This school is one in one of the most deprived areas in Nottingham. The staff at this school make it a safe and joyful place to be. The children are such lovely, caring and kind children, who look out and support each other throughout their school journey. If this school won this competition, I would like to use the sail shade to create a calming space which the children can use to help with their mental wellbeing and a space they can use to take themselves if they need to calm themselves and manage their own feelings. It would also be lovely to use to have a learning space outside which could be used all the time and a space to start up an outdoor choir which I have been planning to start up for a while. This would be such a useful and beautiful piece of equipment to be added to our school grounds but most importantly something the children would appreciate.

Brocklewood Primary School

This year has shown us how important outside learning is more than ever! Bramley Oak Academy is the only Primary Social Emotional Mental Health Provision in Surrey. We work hard to create a safe and happy learning environment and we would love the opportunity to be able to offer an outside learning space with a shade sail.

Outside learning has many known benefits and we believe that all children who attend Bramley Oak Academy would greatly benefit from such a feature in our playground. By having the opportunity to take children outside the classroom to a shaded area we would be able to provide them with experiences away from the academic pressures they so often struggle with and have a greater impact on each child’s self-esteem.

With summer on its way, a protected outside learning area would not only enhance our outside curriculum but also facilitate sensory experiences. This would promote language development, improve communication skills, enhance their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and develop their confidence and social and emotional well-being, whilst being outside with nature. A shaded area would mean that we would be able to utilise this space for longer in the day. We also hope that by providing them with this opportunity they will take their experiences home with them to share with their friends and family, and as a result, have a positive impact on the relationships we have with their parents.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage our children to take an interest in and respect the outdoors and the environment in which they live. By engaging them in an outdoor area we would be able to have a greater impact on their understanding of the environment and why it is so important that it is protected for generations to come.

We would very much like to be considered to win the shade sail for our school as we believe it would have a huge impact on all the children who attend Bramley Oak Academy and the wider community.

Bramley Oak Academy

Keeping safe is one of the key underlying elements of our Oakmere curriculum and sun-safety plays a part in that! Despite our constant reminders, we don’t get all children wearing hats and sun cream when needed so a shade sail would be a very welcome addition to our outside area.

We have had two staff members who have had to undergo skin cancer treatment due to a childhood of ignorance to the power and dangers of the sun. We want to ensure that our pupils have the necessary understanding but also the option of a cooler, shadier place to play during the sunniest days.

What a treat to be able to take your lunch outside and sit beneath the A&S Landscape shade sail! How amazing to take your reading session outdoors into the safety of the shade sail! Think of all the adventures your imagination could take you on underneath the billowing shade sail!

Although we are blessed with a large site and some trees around the edges, there are large open spaces which can feel like the surface of Mercury when the sun is at its height. The blessing of a large site also comes with the negative of the cost of upkeep and sadly a decaying school building, non-full school roll and high levels of pupil mobility means our money gets diverted from projects which would make a huge difference to our children’s health and safety for years to come.

The children and community at Oakmere School would be very grateful for this canopy so please vote for us!

Oakmere Primary School

We are a large school with 450 pupils playing and working across a fairly small space. We would LOVE to provide our KS1 pupils with a sheltered spot for the summer months, and to help us deliver more outdoor learning. Pupils would benefit across the school day, from breakfast club, to lesson and break times and on into after school care. We could also use the sail to support fundraising events for the school. It would be fantastic!

Abbeymead Primary School

At Sherdley we have a huge outdoor space. It is invaluable to supporting play, fun, curriculum and overall emotional wellbeing of our children. The challenge that we have is the ground is so open, therefore on gloriously hot summer days we struggle to get the optimum out of our grounds. This shade would provide us with much needed shade and be able to fully enjoy our outdoor space.

Sherdley Primary School

We are lucky enough to now have a fabulous new school building following a rebuild programme. We are now looking to provide classroom canopies to allow outdoor lessons to take place. We have a developing a Forest School and have added a Spacenet to a developing play area.  The sail canopy illustrated is exactly what we have in our plans to further develop a unique outdoor space for our children.

Reaside Academy

Blue Fabric Playground Sail Shade

As part of our recovery from the disruption to school this year (and last) we have been redesigning our curriculum for our Y1 children that have been most disadvantaged by restrictions on attendance. Some children have missed a huge proportion of their entire schooling so far when compared to children in older year groups.

To deepen learning and give the children more choice and ownership of how they apply their learning we have introduced ‘Project Discovery Learning’. In these sessions the children are free to learn inside or out in our new Y1 area that we are trying to establish. This area is currently very exposed to the elements. We would normally fundraise for such a project but unfortunately covid restrictions have meant that we have been unable to fundraise to the same level (for example a summer fair would raise approx. £3k and school discos another few thousand over the course of the year) without this vital income we are unable to afford to purchase a beautiful new sail for our learners.

Bramble Infant School & Nursery

We would use the sail to protect our Forest School area, allowing the children to take part in Forest School whatever the weather. We don’t have money in our school budget for luxuries such as this and our children get such a lot out of being outdoors and taking part in Forest School, it would make such a difference to them and our school as a whole.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

We are a Primary school in Ryde who are lucky enough to have outdoor space for the children to enjoy. Unfortunately we haven’t got enough shade so can only use it when the weather is moderately sunny or in bursts so no-one gets sunburned. Sports days, outside events, breaks, outside class work and PE would be improved immeasurably by a shade sail for all 390 children to share. We also host football and Taekwondo during non-Covid times and we’re hoping to get back to offering this again to the community soon. The community groups would therefore also benefit from this shade sail.

We hope to be considered for this competition.  Thank you.

Haylands Primary School

Shade is very important to us as a school to enable us to help protect our children from the sun’s harmful UV rays, or from wind, dust and rain (we all know how the British weather can change suddenly from being sunny one minute to a heavy downpour the next), to enable children to be able to play outside whatever the weather.  Not just to play but also to be able to access the outside environment for reading, eating lunch, reflection time.  We want our children to be able to have fun and stay active outside for longer while being protected from the weather.

A shade sail would be a valued addition to the limited shade we currently have on our playground, our children are always asking to have picnics during the summer months, a shade sail would allow us to provide this experience, a different class each day so everyone has a chance to enjoy eating outdoors safely.

Newton Regis CE Primary School

We have a beautiful site and receive a great deal of sunlight in the summer months. There are times when the children need to have some access to shade. We had a yurt installed some years ago to help with outdoor learning and recreation but the positioning of it was not correct and so it became damp and not fit for purpose.

We now have an ideal position for a sail where the yurt was and we were planning on constructing a sail. Costs incurred from the last year have put a strain on budget so we may not be able to afford such a luxury for the children.

St Bede’s Catholic Primary School

A poem….

Our school is in lovely rural Northumberland,

We would love to win a shade sail and stand,

We love the outdoors here at Otterburn,

And take any opportunity to get out and learn,

The weather up here is not always to be relied on,

But on the odd occasion the sun does shine upon,

A bit of shade provided by the people at A&S landscape

Would really make a great escape

Bring it on British weather, sunshine or rain,

Nothing will stop us from exercising the brain!

Otterburn Primary School

We are a small catholic school in the heart of the city centre. Our catchment area is in the top 1% of deprived areas in England, yet we strive to give our children the very best opportunities and experiences. Our site is very limited and with little money and high deprivation, this shade would be a really welcome addition to our playground. We have worked hard to improve our facilities. We have improved our Early Years outdoor area, raising money to put AstroTurf down and kit it out with some exciting equipment – our next step is to install shading and shelter so our children in our Early Years can use their outdoor classroom safely. This would really come at a great time for us. Additionally, the shading would act as a shelter for our parents who have no choice but to get absolutely soaked if it was raining. We are looking to open up our school to the community and again, having shading would allow the site to be used all year round without being weather dependent.

The Cathedral School of St. Mary

We are desperately trying to develop our outdoor learning areas on a very limited budget. Our children, many of whom live in high rise flats have had limited outdoor experiences, particularly over the last 12 months. This has had a detrimental impact on both physical and mental health for a great many of our children. We also find that many of our young children enter school significantly below typical levels in the Early Years area of ‘Moving and handling’ due to limited experiences of outdoors, parks, climbing and all the things that would usually support the development of upper body strength. We are keen to address these gaps for our children and are planning many outdoor tasks ‘on a shoe string’. We have worked hard together to design and plan crawling and climbing opportunities, tasks requiring brushing and cleaning with sponges to develop shoulder strength, reading opportunities, phonics bean bag throw tasks, storytelling activities and much more. It is vital that these essential opportunities are not limited by weather conditions and that our children are able to benefit all year round. Being able to include a sail shade in our designs would enable us to offer our children what they need all year round.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

We have 200 children and only one canopy (installed by you!) that can be used to provide any shade on a hot sunny day.  What you have shown us is just how valuable it is to have spaces around our playground where children can sit, safely, sheltered from the sun when it is hot.  With Covid we are trying to spend as much of our teaching time outside as well, and this would be a perfect addition to allow this to happen for more groups.

Beechview Academy

We are a SEMH special school and alongside core subjects such as math’s, English and science, we encourage outside activities as part of our daily curriculum.  PE and other outside activities incorporating social learning are encouraged, which help our young people learn how to play with peers and learn how to take part in team activities.

Our Lower School have their own grassed area where they enjoy a run around and participate in socially safe gatherings. In the summer this gets a lot of sun and it would benefit the group if they could spend more time outdoors when the weather is hot by being safe under a shade sail. It would be brilliant for our group to be able to sit under the shade and carry out individual and team activities such as educational board games and team quizzes.

A Shade Sail would enable more activities to be carried out in the fresh air allowing our young people to benefit from the good weather and not feel cooped in a classroom.

King Edwin School

As a small rural primary school, this is something we could only dream of owning.  We are currently trying to revamp our EYFS area using recycled and donated items and to be able to have this shade in this area would be wonderful.  The EYFS area is south facing, so to be able to cover delicate skin in the summer would mean we could be outside without too much issue.

Chatburn CE Primary School

At Penpol School, we are proud to cater for children with a wide range of learning needs. To support this, we would love to expand our outdoor area provision, and a sail shade would be a perfect addition.

A shade sail would provide a shaded and sheltered area for our children to use during break times. This would help them to stay safe in the sun and protect them from the rain and wind too. The shade sail will also be used for teaching lessons, to create a fun and engaging learning environment for the pupils. By learning outside underneath a shade sail, our children can gain fresh air and refreshing shade, enabling them to concentrate and focus on their school work. We would be able to offer our staff the chance to relocate their lessons outside when the sun is beaming in on the classrooms providing great health benefits for all.

The use of our environment is becoming firmly embedded as an integral part of the curriculum.  It would provide a new memorable space for learning for all and will beautifully complement and enhance the outdoor learning already enjoyed across the school.”

Penpol School

We have recently built a new outside area for our early years department. However, it has been designed with no shade so in the high summer months, it has become too hot for children to use which is really sad! A new sail would be perfect to use in this area and would mean that the children could still use their new area.

Shebbear Community School

Winning this sail for our EYFS would be a brilliant addition to our outdoor area and enable them to use the outside more frequently. Our old canopy was damaged and the school currently does not have enough funding to replace it.  We do not have any covered space outdoors at present and our children love to be outdoors. We have a number of SEND children in the Unit and this will enable us to have a covered space for them to break away from the main group.

Our school are not able to access extra deprivation funding due to most of our parents working and earning just over the limit for being entitled to free school meals. This often limits what extras we can give the children. The staff are all committed to giving the children the best they can, but this is often limited by budget.

It would be amazing for or youngest children to be able to use this canopy all–year round to develop their interest in the natural world.

Westcott Primary School

Our outdoor area is fantastic and well-loved and used by the whole school. However, the one thing we desperately need is shade!

As the days get warmer the more obvious it is our children and staff need to be protected by the sun. This would allow them to continue in their learning and play, not only in the sun but in all weather!

Oak Field Primary School

We have recently developed our EYFS outside play area. Now it is so much more interactive and engaging for the children, they want to be outside using it all the time! Whilst this is fantastic, it will pose a problem as we move towards the summer term and the days become hotter and sunnier. It would be brilliant to have the shade sail in place to ensure our children can continue to use our outside area in safety. Thank you.

Ludgvan Academy School

The shade would be so helpful for our Nursery and Reception children who play outside in all weathers and love it; however during the summer days families sadly do not always put sun cream on them or bring them to school with hats, so having this shade would prevent them from getting sun stroke.

Falconhurst School

At Cale Green we are very limited in space outside as we are a small school in the middle of a diverse community. We have a south facing playground and it’s very difficult keeping the children from the harsh midday sun at lunchtime. We would use the sail to provide shade and a place for children to relax and read and get back to know their friends which they have missed during this pandemic. It would also provide a space for children to eat their lunch on warm sunny days outside as currently they have to eat indoors as it is too warm in the playground.

Cale Green Primary School

We are a primary school in the heart of Parson Cross in Sheffield. At the heart of everything we do at Mansel Primary is personal development and mental health and a huge part of our approach to improving mental health is the use of the outdoors. As a school we have begun to develop an approach to improving our outdoor area however our school playground has very little shelter or shade.

The addition of the shade sail would mean that children can choose to sit and read or sit and have a breather in the shade rather than needing to sit in the hot sun. This would mean that we can better support children’s mental health by utilising our outdoor area even more than we currently do. Our children and families are very keen to make our outdoor space the best it can be and are looking at plans for how we can do this further. If we were successful we would love to include the Shade Sail in our plans.

Please vote for us so that we can make our playground the very best it can be!

Mansel Primary School

We are in the process of creating an outdoor learning space and we feel this would be an amazing addition to our outdoor area. It will be accessed by all of the school from our nursery class through to our year 6 children. We are located in an inner city built up area with very little natural shade on site.

Anns Grove Primary School

We are currently redeveloping our outdoor garden area as a Sensory Garden. The pta are raising funds but in this very difficult climate this proving challenging. We would love the are to be useable throughout the year and a sail would provide shelter from the harmful UV rays as the children use it to extend their learning.

Riverbridge Primary School

We are lucky enough to have a great outdoor space, but shade is a real issue in the summer. This would be a great asset to one of the most effected outdoor learning areas and would mean we could put some outdoor classroom equipment out there to be used by all.

Walton Oak School

It would enable all of our children to use the outdoors no matter the weather. It will also be used by the parents and community when we are allowed to have them accessing the school again.

Colham Manor Primary School

We have extensive grounds at our wonderful school, however a distinct lack of shade for our children.  We have a ‘Beach Area’ that we are hoping to develop as a place to enhance wellbeing and support children with sensory needs and were hoping to include a shade, so this would be amazing! One of our priorities is to develop Outdoor Learning and our outdoor environment and therefore we would benefit greatly from further shade so that staff and children can continue to learn outside all year round.

Bushy Hill Junior School

We are in the process of providing outside reading areas for our children to promote a love of reading and life-long learning. This is essential for our development as a school and to continue with our vision of ensuring all children are able to fully access the curriculum both now and in the future. These areas will be used by children of all ages from our toddler group to Y6 (age 11) while in their classes and in mixed aged groups. Collaborative learning is a key element of our curriculum and a sail would provide the perfect environmental addition to one of these areas.

Weyfield Primary Academy

As a school, we have faced a significantly restricted budget in recent years whilst in deficit recovery. Our school is undergoing a refurbishment programme and this shade sail would enable us to make the most of our school facilities for the benefit of the pupils and the wider community. It would be amazing for us to make the most of our outside space!

Wootton Community Primary School

The sail would be placed outside our ‘Butterfly Room’ which is a safe space for all of our children, but predominantly those with additional needs both SEND & emotional. Here the children enjoy sensory equipment and the added sail would mean that this could also be done outside, where we know children love to play and their mental health benefits greatly too. Our school is situated in an area of deprivation with 70% of pupils receiving Pupil Premium. We have found through our work in the community, particularly when delivering food and activity parcels during the first & last lockdown, that many of our children have little or no garden. Additionally, playgrounds in the locality are old and not well kept, with teenagers dominating the space. The sail will help children who may find learning within the classroom difficult as the learning can be taken outdoors throughout the year.

Parklands Community Primary School

We would use the shade to provide vital shade for the pupils at our school. During the summer months there is no shade at all on our school field.

Queensgate Primary School

By investing in a shade sail, I would be offering my staff the chance to relocate their lessons outside when the sun is beaming in on the classrooms making them stuffy and uncomfortable. By learning outside underneath shade sails, children can gain fresh air and refreshing shade, enabling them to concentrate and focus on their school work, plus it makes lessons more fun. We are developing our outdoor area at school so that the children can spend as much time outside as possible. It is essential, especially after the last year, to help improve our pupil’s mental health.

Rowsley C of E Primary School

We are the largest primary school in Oxfordshire with over 630 pupils. Our children love their playtimes, especially being on the big field, but in the summer we have hardly any shade! A sail would really help the children to recharge and relax, away from the heat of the sun. We also invite other local schools for sports events, including a massive partnership sports day with over 8 other schools and 2,000+ kids, and it would be incredibly beneficial then too! Teachers at our school teach many lessons outdoors and having a shade would enable even more of this, in a more comfortable situation. We would love a shade for our school and children!

Windmill Primary School

This shade sail would be a welcome addition to Havergal. It would be extra space that could be used outside, we are currently in the process of setting up Forest School, this would be amazing to coincide with Forest School.  We are a very small school and always in need of extra space.

Havergal C of E Academy Primary School

Thornhill Primary School would like to be recognised for their contribution towards environmental sustainability. With the ever changing world, it is important to bring children’s learning outdoors to engage the children by seeing, feeling and experiencing the environment. Environment-based education allows children to grasp information far better than that learned inside the classroom.

This shade sail will allow our children to play, learn and develop by creating an area which is safe and protected. It will also allow the children to be creative, imaginative and caring of their school playground. Outdoor learning underneath the sail can include a variety of classroom based activities to include plant-based learning, nature discussions, art, ecosystems discussions and so on. The children will then begin to understand the importance of their environment and make this type of learning a way of life.

Thornhill Primary School

Leigh Beck Junior School would like to apply for the Shade Sail competition because we feel that this would really benefit our playground and the children that attend our school. We currently only have 1 shaded area for the children to play under, this was purchased recently by the school. We wish we could have purchased more sails for shading areas however the school budget simply does not stretch far enough to be able to make additional purchases for this. We are currently fundraising for a library for our children, once we hit this target we would then move onto another fundraiser but as you will understand fundraising takes its time and with the current pandemic we are facing it is really hard to fundraise as our families may not have the extra pennies to spend and local companies are not as able to donate prizes to help boost our fundraising. We also have children that attend our school with complex needs that means that they can not be in direct sunshine for long periods of time, having an extra sail shade would mean so much to them as well as us! We would be absolutely delighted if we were able to win this competition so that our wonderful Leigh Beck Learners would have an additional shading area that would really benefit their outdoor experience when at school!

Leigh Beck Junior School

We have an amazing outdoor space, in that we have a large field.  However, in the summer the children have very little shade. It would be fantastic to have a space where they could sit to chat and read together.

St Patrick’s RCVA Primary School

Wow, if we could win a sail shade

for the children in our school,

learning beneath the canopy

would be really super cool.

Playing with their friends,

whilst getting rest-bite from the sun

gives us a happy zone in the summer breeze

whilst keeping safe and having fun.

Pretending to sail the seven seas

under the colourful dancing awning

Ahoy! Pirates spotted starboard side

such fun for a Monday morning!

Maths, science, phonics or art

having a snack lunch or doing PE

the activities are endless under the sail

children brimming with wonder and glee

Outdoor equipment is a treasured asset

they bring pupils and nature together

they create an outdoor classroom for one and all

to enjoy whatever, the weather

To win an amazing canopy sail

would touch the whole school community

after all, saving money is a mighty big task

so we can’t pass this opportunity.

So thank you for taking the time to vote

we hope you have enjoyed our endeavour

to win your wonderful sail for our pupils

for the pupils to treasure forever.

Oxton St Saviours CE Aided Primary School

The children at Wroughton Infant School in Swindon have been told about the shade sail competition and have been asked why they feel they should win and what they would do with the shade sail if they are lucky enough to win:

We have been in and out of school for a long time now and have not been able to play with our friends in the way that we used to. Coming back to school now has been lots of fun and it’s been great to play our favourite games but we don’t have anywhere outside that is undercover. If we can have a shade sail we would be able to play outside with our friends all year round. We would be able to have story time outside in the fresh air with our friends and just have a place to sit and relax even if it’s really hot or a bit wet. The best thing about coming back to school is about being with our friends and we love being outside but because we don’t have any shelter from the sun or rain we often have to stay inside when we want to be outside. Please consider letting us win a shade sail. There are 240 children in our school and it would make a huge difference. We would even fundraise ourselves to be able to buy another shade sail to give even more shelter. Thank you for considering our entry. From the children at Wroughton Infant School, aged 4 – 7 years

Wroughton Infant School

A shade sail would be an incredible addition to our school’s tools and would make such a difference to the way we could use our outside learning area.  We would love one of these shades for our foundation phase external area, so that we can use the outside equipment all year round to further progress the children’s education.

Currently we have no shade, and therefore have the problem of not being able to use the area as and when we choose. At the height of summer, when the children would love to be outside, we spend lots of time in the very hot indoor classroom because of the risk of sun burn. Similarly, the area is unusable when it is raining.

A canopy would not only provide shade and shelter, but would in itself help create an ambience for learning by creating a colourful, inviting and interesting area which would become an external child friendly classroom.

Spending more time outdoors would be hugely beneficial. The sights and sounds of nature can be inspiring and give the children more scope to play and learn with larger types of equipment that would not fit in the normal indoor classroom.

Ysgol Henblas

Our school is all about our children. They are our most important asset and whilst we endeavour to always do our best to provide everything that they need to be happy and be able to learn to the best of their ability, we do sometimes feel sad because we are not always able to afford to purchase something that we know they would absolutely love and that would enhance their outdoor learning experience hugely.  This year has been extremely difficult for a lot of our children and staff. Sometimes it is something as little as the feeling you get when you are able to sit outdoors in all weathers that reaches inside a child and grasps their imagination and inspires them. We would love to have the opportunity to give all of our children this experience. This sail would enable us to be able to do that. Thank you.

Overchurch Infant School

This shade would be just perfect for our EYFS outdoor area. We pride ourselves on outdoor provision and experiences for children and the environment has been designed to be natural looking. Our children gain so much from our growing area, bug hotel, bird watching and mud kitchen. The only thing we are missing is a shaded area for when it gets too hot in the summer. This canopy would be the perfect solution and it certainly fits in with the natural looking area. At the moment we provide sun hats but under the canopy we would be able to stay out longer, either for free choice activities or for an adult led activity in the beautiful sunny weather!  Naturally, children enjoy being outside and more often than not choose to learn through play in the outdoor environment. This canopy would enable us to complete an increased number of activities in rain or shine; providing cover from showers for those of us who don’t have a hood or a hat.

Crowle Primary Academy

This shade would be so beneficial to us, given that we spend so much time outdoors. Our children would love a shady spot please as the weather gets warmer.

The children have all worked so hard with their online learning, as have the parents and staff. Winning this fabulous shade would be something to celebrate after a horrid year.

We do lots of gardening and having a spot to cool down in would be fantastic. A place for a drink and story out of the harmful rays of the sunshine.  We would also deliver lessons outdoors covering the whole curriculum, which has great benefits for the children’s physical and mental health.

We would love to share photos of us using the prize on social media, which would showcase your product beautifully.

Our school is very natural with wooden furniture and lots of plants indoors, the shade would fit in perfectly with our style.

Please, please help us to win.

Wood Street Infant School

We are trying to improve our outdoor provision for early years. We have a great space for the children to explore but unfortunately we have absolutely no shade for the children.  The area is a sun trap and becomes very hot in the summer months as there is no shade We have to limit the children’s time outside. This therefore massively affects their education and physical development.  We would love to give the children the option to be outside in all weathers and continue their love of outdoor learning.

St. Peter & St.Paul Catholic Primary School

We are currently developing an outdoor classroom to enhance the learning experiences our children are provided with. Due to COVID-19, we are increasingly making the most of opportunities to get the children engaged in their learning by using the outdoor environments. We are a school in the heart or a rural area, encompassed with mountains and sea therefore being outside is a driving factor for the staff and children. A canopy above our outdoor classroom would extend the use of this space during both summer and winter months and in turn benefit our whole school community. Due to the location of our school, it is very open therefore extremely hot during the summer term. For this reason we cannot use the space throughout the day whilst the sun is blazing so to prevent our children from over exposure. This is such a shame as we love spending time there. This shaded outdoor classroom is also an opportunity to hold therapy sessions for our vulnerable children, taking them out of the classroom scenario and allowing them to be at one with nature and consequently their emotions and feelings. This shade sail would bring so much positivity to our children and staff and would be used daily with joy.

Ysgol Pentreuchaf

We are based in the south downs and we are right at the top of a hill with a beautiful outdoor space but no shaded areas when the sun is out, children in the sun can become extremely tired and lose energy, we would love the opportunity to win this prize it would be perfect for our school.

West Blatchington Primary School

As a special school by the coast it is vital to educate our children about the importance of sun safety. By having a shade sail in our playground we can encourage children to seek out shade on warm days and identify how it is different so that they can identify when outside of school too.

Herons Dale Primary School

Both our KS1 & KS2 playground areas are exposed to the sleet and hail of winter, the winds and showers of Spring and the spaghetti western fierce sun in Summer with little opportunity for our pupils to shelter. If we were the lucky winners we would further develop our outdoor learning opportunities with scientific explorations, art work, theatre, teddy bears picnic – all benefitting our school community’s health and well being.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

This shade will be important for us to win as here at Highcrest, as “Highcrest Horticulture” has recently been launched, unfortunately we have no extra funds for this and it has been done purely on donations and staffs own time in getting ready. It has carefully been designed to aid and inspire positive behaviour, social interaction and overall wellbeing in students. It is a wellbeing intervention for selected students who will benefit from the principles of social and therapeutic horticultural.  Students will work with a teacher qualified in social and therapeutic horticulture to create a garden in our grounds where they will grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. Giving them the opportunity to have pride in any produce they have grown along with giving them an area in which they can sit and reflect or talk to someone about any recent events especially following the difficulties faced over the past year, well-being interventions will be needed now more than ever.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Highcrest Academy

After the difficult year we have all had, we are trying to give the children as many opportunities as possible to be outside. It is really important that children get a chance to connect and spend time with their friends. The layout of our outside space means there is very little shade for children and this is a real concern for us as we head into the summer months. We would love to have a sunshade on our field so that all 21 of our classes can enjoy the space whilst remaining sun safe.

Saltdean Primary School

My school needs shade and shelter on the playground where it would be used all day, providing outdoor classroom space for all year bubbles to use, and at playtimes and lunchtime in dry and rainy weather.  We even lost a tall shady tree in the playground last half term.  It would even be of use to our neighbouring junior school’s children in the after school and holiday clubs, as they have full access to the Infant school’s playground. Two separate schools would benefit from one shaded play space.  I am keeping everything crossed because I know what a phenomenal benefit this will be to the kids, and community, as it doubtless will be to all schools taking part. Thank you for this opportunity.

Great Moor Community Infant School

We are creating a sustainable eco garden on our roof terrace and have no shade which will be essential for the safety of children working to increase biodiversity in our school grounds.

Millfields Community School

Our Nursery was offered lots of shade from neighbouring trees on the adjacent property, but as this has now been sold off and is being demolished all the trees have sadly been taken down, so we now have a very sunny play area for our under 3 to play in, which is lovely but doesn’t offer our young children and babies any shelter from the sun when it is shining and our children love to be outside exploring.

Walney Central Nursery

We are very lucky to have a beautiful outdoor space for all our children to be able to enjoy. However, our baby area is extremely exposed to the sun and although this is lovely it also means that they can’t spent much time outside when the sun is shining as they have no shade at all. A sun shade would make the world of difference, not only to them being able to play longer outside, but also it will allow them to sleep outside which has multiple health benefits.

Paper Moon Day Nursery

The shade is so important to us at MGJS because we are having a school library double decker bus and this would sit perfectly outside the entrance for pupils to sit and read their books. It would also be great for when we invite the parents and local community in to have a cup of tea and read books with their children. We would even theme the outside around Peter Pan – great links to the library and the adventure story of Peter Pan with the sail representing Captain Hook’s ship. What an inspiring place to read a book – the children would love it!  Send us the sail or you will walk the plank!

Meath Green Junior School

We are a small mainly government funded pre-school and have a lovely outside play area that is uncovered – it would be amazing to have this sail outside the front of our setting, keeping the shade off the children as they play/learn. Thank you for your vote.

Young Explorers @Cobham – Pre-school

We have an open large sandpit with no shade at all at our preschool. The children love playing in it, but it gets extremely hot in the summer and they then cannot play there. We’ve tried to put commercial gazebo type shades over the sandpit, but these have blown away twice, and we’ve now given up… A shade sail like this would be AMAZING to facilitate the children’s play in the sandpit outside!

Highfield Preschool

We are a sun-safe accredited Nursery and shade has always been a bit of a concern for us as we have a very large open outdoor area which we use as much as possible throughout the year. Shade provides opportunities for our children to spend more time outdoors while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Therefore being able to provide a safe environment is vital for us, so at the moment we put up temporary shades where we can, which unfortunately takes up a fair amount of time each day to set up, taking staffs time away from our children. If we were lucky enough to win this incredible sail we would place it in an area that we are unable to create temporary shade which will increase the amount of shade that we can offer to our children and staff and the amount of time our children would get to spend time outside and as we know children thrive outdoors, so this would have a massive impact on their health and well-being.

Tots ‘R’ Us Nursery

Our outside area used to be shaded from a tree but unfortunately the tree had to be taken down. We are now left with no shade for our children. We have been trying to fundraise for a while to be able to buy a shade so this would just be amazing to win one.

Manor Twiglets Nursery

We are a small rural setting that is based in a village hall. Our outside area is a good size. We have had to buy a summer house to help with shade in the summer but it gets far too hot.

We currently use gazebos to help shade the children in the summer but these are not ideal and are breaking. We would love a permanent fixture for the children to use in all weathers as they go outside in all seasons.

Burghclere Pre School

We are a small nursery and outside play happens as much as possible the shade would be perfect as this would enhance our role play section. Also children could carry on playing outside in all weathers this would mean non interrupted play.

Children could also create lots of their own work to display from the shade sail.

Twinkle Tots of Endon

We are a small day nursery, caring for children aged 3months to 5 years, we have a small outside area and we try to encourage the children and babies outside as much as possible throughout the day.

Having a sunsail, would allow use outside all day on a lovely sunny day without the worry of the blaring sun as the garden is in full sun for much of the day.

Little Explorers Day Nursery

We would love to win this shade, as a number of our families live in flats as their parents work at the local hospital.  Our nursery has worked all through the lockdown to support Key Workers.  The outside area is the only outside space some of our children can access.  As our outside area has no shade, it gets very hot out there for the children.  We would love to sit under the sail to share stories and support our children’s outside activities.  We would also encourage the wider school to use this outside space, as it was installed as part of a grant we won from Tescos bags of help.  This would just enhance what is already there.

St. Josephs Catholic Primary School Nursery

We would love to have outdoor play accessible all year round. We currently have no shade and have been trying to save up for a canopy and to have the playground resurfaced. If we win this then we will be able to extend our children’s learning all year round offering a wider range of activities as we will be able to complete the groundwork. We not only cater for children of pre-school age we also support parents with wrap around care. This will allow our older children to exercise in the wet months after sitting in a classroom all day.

Aqueduct Little Learners

As a one form entry school we are lucky for our reception class to have their own outside area to use throughout the day. However, due to lack of funding the area is currently little more than mud, a track and a small amount of run down equipment. We are trying to redevelop the area so that it better facilitates the children’s learning, and reflects the classroom environment. This shade sail would be a great start to set out a defined area of learning and reinvigorating the garden.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

We are a small registered charity pre-school and we rely heavily on fundraising and donations for resources.  We have an outdoor space for our children that we are currently making some changes to.

We have a wooden playhouse in our garden that is currently out of use because it has become rotten and is mouldy inside.  The cost to fix is too much. We decided that instead of replacing it with another playhouse, we would like to remove it completely to create an area that is open and accessible to the children, a place where they can build and create.

We have some lovely outdoor wooden bricks and building resources that need to be kept under cover to prevent them from ruining. At the moment they are placed where space to build is limited and it prevents the children from truly using their imaginations to create what they want.  Winning this canopy would mean we could move the building resources to the space where the house currently is, giving the children a larger area to build. The canopy would keep the resources under cover.

Another reason we would love to win this canopy is that once all the children are in, the door is opened and they have free flow access to the garden, they move inside and outside as they choose   In the summer on hot days, we have a limited amount of shade for them to play under to protect them from the sun.  This canopy would provide another shaded area for them to play.

If we won this canopy rather than having to fundraise for it, we would concentrate our next fundraising efforts on further outdoor resources for our garden.

South Hill Park Pre-school

This would be great for our KS1 children, providing shade to play under, have lessons under and could be used by the breakfast/after school club and any other clubs that require it e.g. scouts, etc.

After the year we’ve all had, let’s have a unique space for our children to thrive and learn!

Bleak Hill Primary School

So that our children can make full use of the garden area throughout all weather conditions, ensuring that there is no missed learning opportunities.

Paint Pots Nursery and Pre-school

At our nursery we have a strong commitment to outdoor learning. We think children grow and learn best outside and covered in mud, however, as the warmer weather approaches shade can be hard to find. We would love to have one of these sails to enable a lovely sheltered spot from the sun for more time outside exploring.

Whipper-snappers Daycare Nursery

We have a huge playground that is open to the elements, a shade would help us to provide the children opportunities to play outside in the hotter weather which they are unable to at the moment as it is just so hot in the summer. This would help us to provide activities for the children that love to be outside to play but have to come in as the sun is too hot for them to carry on and not having their play interrupted.

Paint Pots Nursery, West End

The current outdoor area for EYFS has no shade and enabling continuous provision is dependent on the weather. The canopy that is in place, leaks and does not provide any shelter. When it is very hot, the children can not go outside because they only have exposed tarmac to play on and are at risk of getting burnt. The school has tried to appeal to different charities and has applied for grants. Due to Covid the PTA closed last year and a new fundraising group has just started, but we have very little funds available to purchase anything for the school. Finally, the school is going through a redundancy process, to create financial savings across the school.

The shade sail will enable the children to play outdoors in all weathers and help to enhance the quality first teaching we try to provide across the school.

Westlea Primary School

We would love this shade sail as we have just created an outdoor area for our Reception children by reclaiming some old tyres partitioning off an area of the larger playground. We have begged and borrowed to create several areas including a water play area, sand area, channelling area, Dinoland and bike run. We would love, however, to create a quiet area for reading, drawing and investigating, and a shade sail would be perfect to designate this area. It would also mean that we can continue to use our outdoor space in the coming summer months when, hopefully, it will be sunny. We usually have to limit the time children can be outside as they burn with us having no shelter.

A shade sail would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor space and we really hope you consider us to win this amazing prize.

Vernon Park Primary School

To provide a nice, shaded environment for our outdoor space where children aged between 2-11 years old can happily play.

Dawes Community Association Childcare

We would love to win this shade sail for our school. Currently we have no cover in our outdoor areas for shelter from the relentless, and ever changing, Scottish weather! It would also be helpful to protect us from the sun, on the one day a year it appears up here!

We are a small village school (only 4 classes!) with limited funds who love to be outdoors. With so few numbers, fundraising for such luxuries is often out of our reach!

We believe our children are fantastic leaders and develop their learning best when not solely confined to the 4 walls of a classroom. We enjoy exploring nature and building our confidence, resilience, creativity and more through outdoor learning.

We would be grateful if you could help us achieve this shade. Showing us that anything is possible, if you put yourself out there and take a chance!

Our Lady’s Primary School

At Chirnsyde, our children are happiest and healthiest when playing and learning outside. It boosts their self-esteem, encourages social skills, independent thinking and creativity.  We try to get out as much as possible but the Scottish weather can be hard to predict! We dress for the wet, windy and cold weather with school jumpers and waterproofs but on the occasions that we do get a lovely sunny day we need to keep the children protected.  Our playground has some small shady areas but in order to enhance the outdoor learning provision that we can offer, a shade sail that will keep us safe in the sun would be a fantastic addition to our playground. We will install the shade sail in our infant playground for children aged 5-7 years old. Teachers will be able to take out classes to enjoy a variety of activities. They may read a story, play a game,  learn about new topics or many more things without the worry of the children being exposed to too much sun. We hope that people vote for Chirnsyde Primary School!

Chirnsyde Primary School

As a charity a sun shade like this would be something we could only dream of! Our Playground is in the direct sunlight in the summer and we struggle to get any shelter from the sun. We are trying to upgrade our playground and this is a very long process through fundraising, which has been made harder through COVID. Please help us transform our concrete garden into something more appealing.

Sutton Bonington Preschool Playgroup

Ladybirds pre-school is a small charity run village pre-school that is fortunate enough to have a large outdoor space. However we are desperately trying to raise funds to improve the area and make it much more child friendly. The side garden is a lovely space for the children to role-play read and take part in various activities. However it has no shade which means the children are unable to access it during the afternoon sun. A canopy would be fantastic and enable the children to access the area throughout the day.

Ladybirds Pre-school

We have limited shade in our garden, therefore we have to make shades when the sun is out. We have lots of children that live in high raised flats and property without gardens. These children really benefit from access to the garden. We support their culture capital.

A shade would make a great difference for the children to be able to access the garden all weathers and all times of the day.

Paint Pots Portswood

We are a large school with a 3 class intake. Our Foundation/Reception children are aged 4/5 and we have 3 classes. Our EYFS curriculum focuses around outdoor learning and we are currently in the process of trying to make improvement to our outdoor area on a very limited budget. Due to the location of our school, despite being a Blackpool, we do not get funded as much as other Blackpool schools via deprivation factor.  This has a huge impact on our working budget.

The issues we have with our Foundation/Reception playground is that a vast area is exposed to the sun (and rain). As we focus our EYFS learning around the outdoors our children and TAs are out 3 x 1 hour sessions a day as well as lunchtime play.  We have capacity for 90 children in Foundation alone.  We go out all weather (children love sun and rain). It is Anchorsholme’s policy that we CANNOT apply suncream to children and they must apply this themselves or by their parent before school.  This is all down to safeguarding and not being able to administer creams, lotions and medicine without a careplan. We would love to have the peace of mind that our children and be offered protection from the sun and rain by the shade sail.

Please would you seriously consider this application for the shade sail. I used to the TA in Foundation so it is a year group very close to my heart. I am now the Finance Officer so I now know how hard it is to secure funding for projects as I now deal with the school budget.

Anchorsholme Academy

Our school is the smallest in Plymouth with only 94 children on roll. We have high numbers of disadvantaged pupils and many have mental health and well-being needs following the Covid lockdown. We are promoting outdoor learning as the benefits are well researched and a shade would really help with this. Social learning outdoors under a shade. Perfect!

St George’s C of E Primary Academy

Scawby is just looking at how they can improve playtimes for the children and this would be fantastic for summer to provide a safe shaded area for them to be put enjoying the sun whilst being protected.

Scawby Academy

We’d love to win this for our incredible students who have a huge range of additional needs. Our students, who often have physical difficulties, can’t be in the sun for too long, and so this shade sail would be perfect for those students to be able to get out in the lovely weather but be shaded. We’d be able to engage our children in more outdoor learning which benefits their confidence, development and communication skills.

Stubbin Wood School

Our school requires significant investment in the outside area. The EYFS garden requires a lot of modernization and we do not have the funds for this. Moreover there is little to no shade in the summer for the EYFS. We want to develop more outside time throughout our curriculum and develop more outside activities. This sage would be used to ensure the children are safely shaded in the summer.

Kent’s Hill Infant Academy

During lock down last year, we created a Rainbow Garden at school. It provided us all with a focus for the uncertain time we were in and it gave us a sense of purpose and togetherness when we had to be physically apart. It was all done through recycling and re-purposing too!

We worked hard together creating raised beds for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. We also have a social area where we share stories, perform dances and shows on the rainbow stage.

One thing our Rainbow Garden is missing is a shelter! We had used a tarpaulin to act as a cover but unfortunately disaster struck when we had severe winds and were left with a tattered mess. The children were devastated as it is a much loved space. We really hope we can find a way to make the space workable all year round, in rain or shine!

Donnington Wood Infant School

This is so important to our school we are north facing and get the sun all day and we have no cover on our outdoor reception area. We need to make our outside area, not just year round but weather proof. Just one canopy would help our reception class so much.

Weaverham Primary Academy

We have a huge field with no shade at all. We looked into buying one of these but the current budget could not afford it. It would be such a welcome addition to our field and allow all children to utilise it for learning and play purposes.

Southfield Primary School

The school is embarking on a project to enthuse children in the advantages of outdoor learning. We have in the past carried out a number of outdoor learning days and wish to make more use of our extensive grounds. We need to be able to provide the children with shelter from the ravishes of the British weather! Either too wet, too cold or too hot for some. A canopy would help us on our mission to provide an outdoor learning space that all children and staff could utilize. With mental health and wellbeing at the centre of what we are trying to achieve for our children a shade sail would be a huge advantage.

St. Helen’s Church of England Primary School

We are a school for children with SEN. Our class for children with complex needs is in desperate need for shade in their outside area. Without shade they are unable to access the out doors and are deprived of the sensory experiences the outside brings.

The children love the outside but need to be protected from the sunlight. Some of the children have very complex medical needs such as epilepsy, vision and hearing impairments, which sunlight and heat has an impact and reduces the children’s access to the outside.

We would love for them to be able to access the outside area and enrich their experiences at school.

Portesbery School

Our secondary school has a large open space where the children can congregate in their lunch hour, but there is no shade from the sun when it is extremely hot. We have raised money for picnic benches for them but we haven’t been able to raise enough money for a sail and we desperately need it as the open space is very exposed to the weathers. It will also keep them dry if it is wet.  We did a vote of what children at the school would most like and it was this!

Christ’s College Guildford

Our school is located in a deprived area of Cardiff. We have 440 pupils, 2 special units with pupils with additional needs and we don’t have any shade in our outdoors/playgrounds for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2. The last canopy we had blew away this year with the last storm. It was heart-breaking as we used it for outdoors learning in all kind of weathers. Most of or pupils live in flats, they don’t have a garden where they can spend time enjoying with bug hotels, cooking in a mud kitchen, running around or exploring nature. This would be very important and helpful for our pupils of young age. Diolch

Llanedeyrn Primary School

We are a lovely little primary school located in Garston, Liverpool. We have, like most schools an open wide space for the children to use during their break and lunchtimes and we’re fortunate enough to have a lovely field too. However, the sun is constantly over us throughout the summer, which in one way is lovely, but the only shade the children get is the shadow of the building which is around the back, which the children can’t really go to. A shade sail would be absolutely perfect. It would be nice to be able to offer a lovely bit of shade during those, hot sunny days. when all the children want to do is have the option of a nice, shaded place to cool off in, or a nice place to read a book. Having somewhere safe for the children to keep out of the mid day sun, which we know is when UV levels are at their highest, is an absolute added benefit too. The Shade Sail would also be perfect for those times when we can take the children’s lessons outdoors, this would enhance and develop their learning in a much safer way.

Garston Church of England Primary School

We are situated within rows of traditional terraced housing and have no green space on site and no trees to provide shade on our grey, concrete playgrounds. Many of our children have limited access to outdoor space & so we endeavour to get our children outdoors as much as possible to promote positive mental health and well-being as well as physical development. In the summer months we often have to limit outdoor time due to being fully exposed to the sun. A sun shade would provide a valuable opportunity to engage our children with outdoor learning and we would relish the chance to enjoy outdoor picnics, performances and day to day activities for our youngest children in a safe environment.

Leigh St Thomas Primary School

We are a brand new special school for children aged between 5-16 years old with a diagnosis of Autism. As a new school, our resources are limited and we are developing our outdoor area from scratch with no budget.  This would hugely benefit our outdoor space, where a lot of our children’s learning takes place and allowing us to use the outside as a classroom in all weathers.

During the pandemic, we have remained open with all staff in school and the vast majority of our children. This has been crucial to support our children and their families.

Harry Watts Academy

Our school is fundraising to upgrade our outdoor spaces that are quite dated and sad. We want to make it special for our children and this would be a fantastic start for our new outdoor areas while we continue to fundraise.

St John the Baptist Primary Church of England School

We have just opened up our own Nursery and are promoting the outdoor learning this academic year, we do outdoor learning every Friday. It will be wonderful to have some shelter from all weather conditions as we do not have the luxury of playing fields with trees (we only have concrete outdoor areas).

Heathfields Infant Academy

Our little village school is located in the south east and we have a lot of sunny days. While we have a lot of trees around the perimeter of the playing field, the hard surface playground area has no shady areas at all and it would be fantastic to have a small area that is shaded seated space for those children who don’t cope with the heat all that well. At the moment, with covid restrictions as well, classes are allocated certain outdoor areas, which means at least one class is confined to an area which has no shady space at the hottest part of the day.  It would make all the difference to the school’s outdoor space.

Wingham Primary School

This sail would be a great addition to our Reception area. The children in reception play in and outside all day as learning whilst outside is important too. Our outside area needs some help. Money has been put into buying items but not actually into the area yet. They have a nice size area to play but there is limited shade in the summer which means we have to go inside and 60 children inside at once can be challenging. Having this sail would mean we could spend more time outside in the summer without risk to children. It could be used to sit under during story or sharing time. As a school we have parents who raise money for our school to buy things like climbing frames etc by holding mufti days, school discos, raffles act but due to COVID, these things have had to be put on hold resulting in no funds being saved. It would be lovely to have this sail for our early years children to enjoy.

Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery

At CLS we are a school on a journey, a journey to give our children the best opportunities available. We have a very large focus on Outdoor Play and Learning. All of our children are learning to be resilient, confident and self minded. We have a focus on learning beyond the classroom and are looking for outdoor spaces to enable our children happy and safe learning environments.

Chester-le-Street CE Primary School

Our playground is so open, it would be nice to provide the children with shade and be able to teach outside in the nice weather.

Send C of E Primary School

We are a very fortunate school to have lots of green space to play on and use for outdoor classrooms, however we have virtually no shade when using the field. As we now have allotted areas at break and lunch times (so we don’t cross bubbles), some classes are having to play totally exposed to the elements both good and bad. A sail would provide much needed shade /shelter for those children and the staff looking after them too. Thank you so much for considering our wonderful school.

St Nicolas and St Mary’s Primary School

At Croxteth, we are passionate about supporting the social and emotional development of all children. Now more than ever, do children need play in their day to day lives. Children have missed out on this valuable time and experiences. We have a very high percentage of children on the SEND register, with a high proportion of these children on for Social, Emotional and Mental Health, we want to develop a Wellbeing area on the yard, a place for children to spend time regulating their emotions, building friendships and developing play and friendships to support the children. This cover would help us to provide this safe space for children to use in all weather. At Croxteth, we have a large yard with very limited covering/ shade so this would be a brilliant addition to the yard. During recent pupil voice exercise, the children have requested some seating and quiet areas on the yard, this space would provide them with that.

Croxteth Community Primary School

Joy Lane Primary really is at the heart of the Whitstable community and with over 600 pupils our thriving school would benefit immensely from the shade sail. We are lucky to live by the sea and have fabulous wide and open spaces for the children to access, however shade during the hot summer months is hard to find. The shade sail would be a perfect addition to our developing outdoor environment and allow our children to learn, play and have fun in the great outdoors without the fear of too much sun. We believe in following the curiosity approach to learning and by winning the shade sail all our children will be able to access our wonderful learning environment on a more regular basis.

Joy Lane Primary School, SRP and Oyster Bay Nursery

We the PTA (London Meed Association) would love to win this for the school to provide some vital shade for our school playground to help cover the children during pick up time. We have started a new procedure to be COVID secure where the children wait in the centre of the playground and the parents walk around the outside one by one to collect their child. This happens no matter what the weather so some shelter would be very much appreciated.

London Meed Community Primary School

This shade sail is important to our school because creating any sheltered outside space is so critical for our children. To encourage them to be out and learning is our focus and we would benefit from all year groups using our outside spaces. Thank you.

Ysgol Pen Y Bryn

The school has very limited shade both on our playground and our field, which inevitably means that sometimes the outside space does not get used as much as it could in the summer and needing a rota. This obviously limits how many children can be outside at one time. If St. Michael’s were to win the sail, it would make a big difference to the children as they would be able to still be outside during days when the sun and temperature is particularly high, without worrying about them being in the sun for too long.

As well as this, it would give teachers the additional opportunity to teach outside, something that the school is keen to develop, especially following Covid-19. Outdoor PE lessons could still be delivered even when the weather extremely sunny as instructions could be given under the shade of the sail and children waiting for their turn could be sat under the sail. There have been times when PE lessons have had to be cancelled due to the lack of shade; the shade sail would prevent this.

Furthermore, the sail could be used during school events such as Sports Days and fundraisers.

The whole school community would be over the moon if they won this!

St Michael’s East Wickham CE Primary School

We are a small Community School based on the outskirts of Oxford. Built in 1913, ours is an old building and we don’t have any playing fields as we are situated between a residential and light industrial area. All our playground areas are tarmac with a small area of Astroturf. We have been raising funds to upgrade our playground for several years and are finally in a position to start a long-awaited and much-needed facelift to the children’s play areas. We have some trees on our roadside boundary, and some on our back boundary, but these only afford shade to a very small area of the playground and at lunchtime most areas of the playground are in full sun with nowhere to shelter. Due to the nature of the playground we are unable to plant trees for shade so a shade-giving sail would be a wonderful addition to our new facilities.

West Oxford Community Primary School

This shade sail would really benefit the children at our school and would provide a perfect place for them to play under when the weather is really hot.  It would provide them with a cool place to play in between enjoying the beautiful weather and having a period of time out of the sun rays to protect them from the UV rays.

We would also be able to have an area in our playground that would be perfect for a small group of children to play and know that they are being protected at all times from the UV rays.

Reculver Primary School

To have a fantastic shade sail like this would mean that our Reception children could play and learn outside more often. On rainy and very sunny days, our children don’t have adequate cover, this limits their learning opportunities and fun at school. A shade sail would make a world of difference to our children!

Perranporth School

We have a large outdoor space at Heathcote but this has very few shaded areas. This means we cannot use the space for any outdoor teaching and learning which we believe is great for mental health. Pupils have also requested more space in feedback and surveys and we do not have the funds to support this. Post pandemic, we want to instil a love for learning, better mental health, sustainability and a respect for the outdoors and this would support us hugely with that. This is also reflected in our curriculum.

Heathcote School

We have two play areas that get lots of sun and have no shade as it’s concrete we are unable to plant any trees would be great to make it safer for the kids to play in the sun especially during covid times when they are doing more outside areas.

Kilmorie Primary School

We are a school that loves to take our learning outside, the sail would allow our rapidly increasing numbers of pupils to do this safely in all weather. Even before Covid and the dash to take learning outside for safety, we have been encouraging our staff to plan outdoor lessons and make the most of our beautiful rural setting. As a small (but growing!) village school, our budget doesn’t always stretch to luxuries such as the sail canopy and our amazing Friends of School team haven’ been able to raise money for school as they normally would, so it would be amazing to win the sail.

Middle Rasen Primary School

It would be nice protection for students when having their lunch. As we have lovely picnic benches in our outdoor area.

Dominican College

With all the darkness in the world, we want as much light to get to our children as possible so the shade sail will allow them to play in the sun but safely. We would love the shade sail so the children could have picnics with their friends after missing them so much during lockdown.

Kingfisher Primary School

We do not have any shade for our KS2 pupils in their playground or on the surrounding grass areas. As the weather is getting hotter it is important that the children have a shaded area for relaxing and outdoor lessons. The sail would benefit our children immensely and help prevent sunburn as the climate warms!

Fingers crossed. Thank you.

Greasbrough Primary School

We are a small school with 32 pupils. We have no outdoor facilities or no sheltered areas. So on a rainy day we have to remain in the classroom.  We would love a prize like this.

Cloughfin N.S.

I have just taken over as Headteacher at St Augustine’s this week. Our budget is leading to staff cuts and therefore lots of the things I want to do are impossible. We have a fantastic playground but only one sheltered area. It is beautifully sunny this week and is great to get outside, However, lots of my KS2 pupils are fasting for Ramadan and a shade sail would provide a great space for them to sit, out of the direct sunlight. Of course, this would also be fantastic to use at other times of the year – even for pupils working outside!

St Augustine’s C of E Primary School

We want to set up an outside education zone. We want an outside seating area within this zone to enable related classroom teaching in nature and science. Having the sail canopy will support this in terms of these activities still being able to happen in wet or particularly hot weather. This area will also double up as a break and lunch break area for some of our students.

In addition, we want to set up a memorial garden and quiet zone for some of our more vulnerable students. It will be great for students to have somewhere to sit and reflect that is outside but protected from the elements.

This would make a huge difference to our school and would greatly benefit our students.

Harrow Way Community School

Shade sails are a modern and aesthetically pleasant way to create outdoor shades in a school yard or play area. I understand that some of the benefits include ultimate protection from sun UV rays which are harmful and could lead to skin disease. Sun shade sails are able to cover all areas including the garden and play areas and are very versatile even being used to cover cars and all areas that need protection or keeping cool and shade from the sun. Our school would benefit to receive one of these shade sails as we have quite a large open playground.

Eton Park Junior School

We have an uncovered seating area (picnic tables/benches) outside, but this is not ideal as in the summer months it becomes very hot whilst children are eating their lunches. We are a school that has grown (440 children now) but have limited hall space, where all activities including lunch take place. In the summer it is great to let the packed lunch children eat outside – we have one small covered area on some concrete steps, but no covering for the picnic tables/benches.  We did try umbrellas but it would often be too windy to put them up.  I think perhaps a shade sail may be the solution (but sadly we do not have the finances for this).

Compton C of E Primary School

We are a charity and have been building up our outside area as and when we can. I have worked for The Ark for 1yr 4mnts and I love what they do here, hence me entering for them. We have a large open garden consisting of a grassed area and a playground area we have herbs and flowers growing and a lovely apple tree which the children get to feast on during the summer months. We have swings and sandpit and a climbing frame and even a baby garden for the youngest of visitors.

On the playground area we do have a small awning that comes out against the nursery wall, however on the grassed area it is in full sunshine and it would be lovely to have something to give some shade so the children can eat snack out in the garden on warm sunny days without the chance they might get too much sun.

This prize would be a perfect addition to our garden and would be loved and cherished.

From all the children at The Ark Child Okeford

The Ark Child Okeford

Our children love nothing more than playing, learning and eating in the outdoor areas but sometimes it can be just a little too hot. This shade would be perfect for us!

Highlees Primary School (PE3 7ER)

With the return to full schooling we are trying as much as possible to keep the children outside for their learning, using outside tables and creative curriculum to promote wellbeing. In the summer when it is very warm, we have very little shade on the playground so we would use this shade to ensure that we could keep teaching outside and enrich the children’s learning.

Heathwood Lower School

We are an eco-friendly school with solar panels, so we love the sun but also want to stay sun-safe! A shade would provide our children with a place to relax and socialise, perhaps with a choice of reading books or some mindful colouring. It would be a shady haven within our busy playground: a place for our playtime buddies to meet those who need help finding a friend. A shade would create a whole new area to our playground for the children to enjoy outdoor story time in the shade on a sunny day, with a cool breeze blowing through. A simple shade could make a real difference!

Glenaire Primary School

We have been lucky enough to move into our new school on 4th January 2021. Although very fortunate, we have discovered that we have no shaded areas on the school grounds where our pupils can enjoy the shade together. We love to learn outside and this would be perfect for outdoor learning to take place in safety. Our pupils are well aware of keeping safe in the sun. The best school playgrounds prioritise protected areas where pupils can rest during playtime. These shelters protect children from sun exposure and rainy weather, sustaining longer stretches of fun and safe play.

Walkley Primary School

Brookland Church of England Primary School is a small rural school on the Romney Marsh in Kent. Despite being in an area of outstanding natural beauty, it also happens to be one of the most deprived areas in Kent. Being such a small school, we really struggle financially when it comes to undertaking larger projects so often struggle to develop the environment in the way that we would like.

Over the last five years, with lots of fundraising and careful management of the school budget, we have been able to develop our outdoor environment significantly. We are getting to the point where the project is nearing completion. Where we can give our children an environment that they deserve.

At Brookland, we have a school vision based on our Christian ethos about children making courageous and positive choices to not only brighten their own future but that of others. You can find more information on our website at

In order to help our children with their mental health and emotional development, we have worked hard to provide them with lots of ways in which we can support them. We have a play therapist, nurture groups and emotional literacy support assistants. To add to this we are in the process of further developing our outdoor area. Our children are outside for as much of the day as we can. We are currently building [email protected] to develop our outdoor learning offer to further support the wellbeing of our children and staff. Our vision is to be able to offer all children the opportunity to experience the best outdoor learning but also to extend this to provide therapeutic outdoor learning. The shade sail you show in the picture would really enhance our overall design and would be an amazing addition to provide us with an outdoor space we can enjoy whatever the weather.

Our tag line for our school is ‘For A Brighter Future’ this would certainly help our children on our journey towards it.

Take care, stay safe and well.

Brookland CE Primary School

We would like to be able to support more community events in the summer such as children’s sporting events, fetes and to keep the pupils of Kingsmoor sun safe during the summer term. We have a fantastic field but during the summer months it can get very hot for the children so we have to limit their time outside.  We are also supporting football tournaments which encourages children and families from all of the surrounding areas and is an excellent opportunity for the school to further raise its profile and do some fundraising.  The same with summer fetes which have been hugely popular with fundraising results being put straight back into the school to support the pupils and families.  Since Covid we have also been taking learning outside.  During the summer months again, we will be able to utilise the outdoor area if we have some safe shade for when it is very hot.

Kingsmoor is situated in a significant area of deprivation and a large amount of our funding is used to supplement areas that other schools would not need to such as a very high percentage of special educational needs (26%) compared to national (12%).

We are a small school with an even smaller budget. The sail would make a huge difference to us and ensure that the children and families of Kingsmoor know that they are valued.  Despite completing a number of bids, I have been unsuccessful in the three years that I have been head teacher at Kingsmoor to secure the funding for this very needed resource.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

Kingsmoor Lower School

Scallywags Pre-school is a registered Charity, we are a very small nursery with children aged 2-4yrs and only 24 children per day.  The children play outside every morning and afternoon and spend the majority of the time outside in all weathers and we don`t have any covered spaces for the children to keep dry. The shade sail would be perfect to place over some of the equipment (we did try some tarpaulin sheets which tore and didn’t work). We are hoping from September we can start to do some fundraising to buy some canopies, but this is dependent on the pandemic situation and parents being back to work as times are hard for lots of families.

This would make a massive difference to the Staff and children to stay dry. Fingers Crossed.

Scallywags Pre-School

We are in desperate need for outdoor areas for our pupils to eat, particularly with summer on the horizon. This Shade sail will provide a part solution to solve this problem.

Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr

We currently have a large climbing frame at the end of our garden and is always in full sunshine. We find this difficult to use in the summer as can be very hot. The shade would help us make use of the climbing frame all the time. We can also use this as part of a role play along with the climbing frame, make this as a part of a boat! Shade is very important for children but most important children should be outdoors at all times to enjoy all weathers. This canopy will enable us to continue children’s play outside.

Fairways Preschool Playgroup

The shade would be of great benefit at lunchtimes to have shelter from the Irish weather for our students. Due to Covid-19 we are trying to encourage our students to go outside at lunchtime and the shade would help us to get more outside.

St Michael’s Secondary School

The shade sail is important to our school to protect our children from the sunshine whilst they eat their lunches in the summer & do their activities outside. Also our sail is in need of repair & a brighter colour would be lovely to brighten up the playground area.

Woodchurch C of E Primary School

Caring for children and protecting their delicate skin from the sun, stay Sun Safe whilst loving being out in the fresh air, evidence has proven that children thrive in the great outdoors. All kinds of adventures can take place under the safe shady sail, protecting us from light rail and not to forget the attractive look. Spreading out and setting up exciting activities for all age groups and coming together for an outdoor picnic or impromptu music session, let’s have a story circle or take a nap. Hanging out our mobiles to catch your eye and let your mind drift.

The imagination just goes on overdrive when you start to think of all the possibilities this shade sail would bring to our fun packed days.

Maybe the most difficult decision is choosing a colour, so after a vote from our children we would love and be thrilled to win a blue Shade Sail to enhance our outdoor area. Fingers crossed.

The Rocking Horse Nursery

We have very large grounds and when the sun shines we need to have shade for the children. We encourage the children to wear sun cream but this does not always happen. Shade cover like this would be very aesthetically pleasant for the school also. We are looking to put in one of your shelters also and I think this would accompany it very well. In this country we often have drizzle and weather that is grey. It would be nice to have a space to go out to where a certain amount of shelter would be available. On wet breaks and lunches the children could be allowed out to avail of some fresh air. Teachers could take a class out to exercise even when it is raining. No more indoor breaks. In the pandemic it is recommended that we use outside as much as possible. This would provide a solution to many of the problems which we are faced with. The children would be so excited to have something like this installed in our school. It has been a difficult time and this would surely lift our spirits. Please consider our school for this canopy.

Rathmichael N/S

Working through the Covid 19 pandemic we are trying to make the most of the outside environment and carry out as many lessons as possible, weather permitting, outside, on a rota basis. The sail would ensure we can make the most of our outside environment. The shade will provide a filter from the suns uv rays allowing teachers and pupils to remain outside without having to worry about applying sun screen. Sunlight can be very dazzling and people can find it difficult not to squint without wearing sun glasses. The shade will eliminate the requirement for pupils and staff to bring sun glasses to school. We are currently developing our school yard. We have great plans- thanks to a parent- but will be greatly limited to what we can do due to cost involved. This sail shade would allow us to develop an outdoor classroom on school grounds and provide shelter for pupils during break times.

St. Joseph’s N.S.

Over the last 5 years, the school have developed an exciting, horizon-widening and educational Forest school programme for our primary school children to experience. A couple of staff members have under gone the training needed to develop a provision that is safe yet exciting and challenging initially to our vulnerable children as a way to boost confidence or a way to engage them in learning through experiences.

As a school community we have undertaken projects such as planting hundreds of trees to create our own Echelwood, supported the creation of willow structures and are in the middle of refreshing and relining our decked pond area, which when refreshed will be teeming with wild life.

We have already started to see the effects of this enhanced learning environment in many of our children, some of whom do not get to experience the natural outdoor world in their home lives.

Having a sail that would nestle amid our developed and developing wooded area, would allow for learning to be an enjoyable and comfortable experience for all our children shading them from the direct glare of the sun or the distracting drizzle of the rain. It would mean that the weather will be less of a distraction to the children and allow them to make the most of their time at Forest school. In a year where nothing has been stable for any children, having the sail will ensure that the Forest School lessons will be another thing that is consistent in their lives.

The Echelford Primary School

We have the most wonderful garden environment for our apple tree [Reception] children but the only downside is it is a real sun trap in the summer months.  We do our best, with what we have, to ensure that some of the area is shaded but we could do better! This shade sail would be the icing on the cake and help us to keep our children and staff safe in the sun. We love learning outdoors in Apple Tree and this has a real impact on our general health and wellbeing as well as much fun and enjoyment.  With the increased use of ‘screen time’ and technology the children have had during the pandemic, this will have had an impact on their eyesight so anything that can help reduce the harmful UV light/damage on their eyes would be of great benefit to them as well as protecting their skin.

Northwood Primary School

We are a small rural school set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  We are surrounded by breathtaking views and are blessed with a huge outdoors area – however we are limited for shade. Whilst it is amazing to be outside – and we are out as much as possible- we also have to protect the children from the sun and elements. This would allow us to continue our excellent work outside in a safer way

Dallington CE Primary School

We are a small village charity run preschool offering a nurturing experience to the local children.

We have a wonderful garden space but we are desperate for a new shade for our garden to allow the children with a shaded space to enjoy story time, outside crafts and a shaded space to have picnics.

Nutley Little Deers Preschool Playgroup

A shade sail would be a fantastic addition to our school facilities. The use of outdoor spaces for teaching, learning and increasing the opportunities that students have for social interactions has been recognised as an important part of the curriculum and school life. During the current climate of coronavirus guidance and restrictions within schools, an outdoor space that can be used for teaching and learning that can be easily ventilated would be a real asset to our school. Similarly, months of lockdowns, restrictions and reduced opportunities for social interaction caused by the coronavirus pandemic has had a real impact on peoples’ emotional and mental wellbeing especially amongst children. An additional outdoor space that is protected from the sun and rain would be a huge benefit, the space could be used during break and lunch times allowing students to congregate with their peers, eat their lunch and enjoy some vital social time.

Haygrove School

We currently have no outside covered area for our children to go under during sunny weather. The canopy would also provide shelter allowing us to enjoy outside activities throughout the school year. We are currently developing our outside space and this would make a great addition to the alterations being made.

Maulden Lower School

We have great outdoor spaces in the nursery area and have a free flow learning through play practice. We do find that in the sunnier/warmer parts of the year we can’t use the space as much as we would like to because there are no shady spaces for the children. A sun shade would allow us to safely keep the children out, doing the hands on learning that they need and love

Warden Park Nursery

We are in an area of deprivation, many of the children at THNS live in temporary housing/ high rise flats with no outdoor space. They are starved from the opportunity to develop physically and lack knowledge of the natural world around them. To compensate for this and to promote physical development, language and social skills we strive to provide an exciting, stimulating, challenging outdoor education. One of the greatest barriers to this is the weather. Our families aren’t able to provide their children with appropriate clothing for all weather conditions, a sail would provide us with much needed shade and protection from light rainfall. The sail would allow us to create a more permanent, protected outdoor learning space creating spaces for role play such as a builder’s construction yard, a garden centre or space to hold a teddy bear’s picnic which will all help develop children’s confidence, imagination and speech.

Thornton Heath Nursery School

I am developing an exercise trim trail and the shade sail would complement the other equipment.

Cherry Orchard Primary Academy

We are only a small special school of 70 SEN pupils with a variety of special needs (ADHD, Autism, Social & Communication difficulties).  It is important that we are entered into the competition to win the shade sail so that we can promote outdoor active learning for our Y1 & Y2 class pupils.

Orrets Meadow School

We have a large field and a passion for sport, but desperately need some shade. This will allow us to offer children a dry place to change their footwear for sport and Forest School and also offer children a much needed calm spot during breaktimes. It would be a well-being win all round. As a small school, budgets are very tight, so winning this shade sale would meet a need we are otherwise unable to. It would also help the appearance of an otherwise drab corner of the school helping us all to take more pride in our surroundings.

Sidlesham Primary School

Our playground is a curved south facing shape with several trees offering some limited cover during summer months when there are leaves on them during warm/bright spring months children are not able to take shade.  We would use a shade sail for providing an area of shade and calm during lunchtimes and play times for children who wish to play games, chat or read. Many of our children lack a safe, calm outdoor space outside so to be able to offer this at school would be great. We would also use this as a zone for telling stories as reading and mindfulness are something our school deems important. Thank you.

Reevy Hill Primary School

Outdoor learning is vitally important for all children – and here at St Mary’s, we are working hard to improve our outdoor learning provision. Since joining the school as the Head teacher, we have begun a process of improving our outdoor learning, not just through the more usual avenues of science and sport, but also enabling more academic learning to take place while outdoors.   Alongside this, we are wanting to develop our Early Years outdoor space which has a small covered area (with clear plastic roof) that is in desperate need of replacing as it is nearing end of life. However, we encounter difficulties in the hot summer months finding enough shade for any outdoor learning to take place.  A Shade sail would be ideal in several locations around the school site, but most significantly for our younger years in particular, to enable them to use their outdoor space safely all year round.

St Mary’s C of E Primary School

A shade sail would provide a great source of sun shade, UV protection and shade when it rains so our nursery children can benefit from their outdoor area in all weathers which will improve their mental wellbeing.

It would be a useful extension to our nursery not only providing shade but allowing airflow through the fabric making it a comfortable area for our pupils aged from 2 years to 4 year old to play or have snacks under.

A vibrant sail would brighten up the outside area creating an attractive shelter area in which to learn in. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter your competition.

St Mary’s Primary School

We are currently beginning a fundraising campaign to fund shade/outdoor learning. This includes a 100mile walk by our admin colleague. Shade will allow opportunities to work outside all year round and having a seating area would lend itself to outdoor teaching and story telling etc. Winning this prize would allow us to use funding elsewhere to create a forest school for example.

Cottingham C of E Primary School

We are looking to expand our EYFS area and have extremely limited funds. The school is in an area of deprivation and it would be an amazing addition to our academy.

Allhallows Primary Academy

We would use it to provide a relaxed and inviting area for our toddlers to engage in their building area…. added bonus that it would provide shelter/shade for our parents as the queue outside in light of COVID changes.

Elloughton Private Nursery

We have quite a large play area, but not much has shade, which means some children can’t enjoy the sun the same. So it would be lovely for the children to be able to go out and sit or play/read, and enjoy the outdoors. We have some SEN children who I think would benefit from this as we can have some sensory items outside.

Avishayes Community Primary School

A shade sail would revolutionise outside play at Acorn Playgroup and Pre-school.

Acorn is a Ofsted outstanding charity run Playgroup and Pre-school based in the village of Welwyn in Hertfordshire. For several years we have been tirelessly fundraising to raise funds to develop our outside play area, especially our outdoor sensory garden for our children who have additional needs. Through the fundraising we have been able to purchase a bespoke large sandpit; wooden hut; installation of safety flooring and lots of sensory equipment including built in musical instruments.

We have several children who have Global Development Delay and their ability to access the sensory garden is compromised by the sensory garden being south facing meaning they cannot access the garden for the majority of the summer and autumn term. Coronavirus has meant that we are unable to operate fundraising events this year which has impacted our ability to purchase a shade sail. our final purchase required to complete this area.

The shade sail would have such a hugely positive impact to all of our children. it would enable us to utilise the area in all weathers safely and offer a quiet area where individual and group learning sessions could be run away from the hustle and bustle of a normal busy and fun early years setting.

To promote children’s health and wellbeing we spend as much time outdoors as possible and to be able to utilise the sensory garden area constantly would open the children’s learning opportunities and in turn their overall development.

We would be eternally grateful if we were chosen and the opportunities it would offer us are endless.

Acorn Playgroup and Pre-School

Having a shade sail would allow us to use our outdoor area in all types of weather. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing our outdoor area (with little money) and it would be amazing if we could have. sail to enable us to use our camping area in all weathers. This would enhance the children’s learning experiences and change our outdoor area for the better!

Sutton In Craven Community Primary School

The Shade Sail will enable our pupils to fully experience the indoor/outdoor learning experience while keeping them shaded from the sun and dry should the weather turn showery.

Bishop King CE Primary School

The shade would provide protection for children and staff from the sun and the rain. The current situation with the pandemic has really highlighted and extended our use of outside areas. This would enable an outside learning space with adequate protection for our children to continue to experience this.

Southfields Primary School

We have two playgrounds in our primary school and very little shade. I work in the playgrounds at lunchtimes and it gets very hot for the children and staff alike. In the summer the children have to play along the fence because that is the coolest place. When it’s raining ,we have to stay in for wet play because there is no sheltered area and this is hard for the children because they don’t get to use excess energy and mix with their friends. A sail would make children’s time in the playground so much more enjoyable. Especially during covid when we spend much more time outside. The school is a lovely old village school that is very popular in the local community. Children, parent and staff would be overjoyed to have something like this. Thank you.

Chingford C of E Primary School

We have a lovely outside area which in the heat of summer the children can’t use as much as we’d like. Art lessons, music, science could all be done outside with the sail. The sail was on our parents association list of wants but with coronavirus we have been unable to fundraise this year as much as we usually would so this has not been possible. The children would be able to sit outside for lunch which would greatly help with the corona virus effort. Our children deserve a treat after all the horrors of this year (as all children do) but when you have such a lovely outside area as ours it seems a shame that it isn’t put to more use. Quote from a child “Sometimes when we’ve been running around we need a shady spot to sit and we could do some of our lessons there as well and that would be amazing.

Bishop’s Waltham Junior School

Our PTA have been working tirelessly over the entire lockdown period to improve our huge school grounds for the children and staff in our school. There is a selection of planters near every classroom for the children and staff to look at, help with and admire, they range from beautiful flowers to wonderfully scented herbs. The vegetable patch yielded a variety of produce last year and we were still eating homegrown tomatoes at the end of September.

We are currently raising money for an outdoor classroom to sit alongside our new nature garden, and this shade sail would add another dimension to our ability to provide outdoor learning for our children. As a school we feel that the children would benefit from using our grounds to their fullest ability, we are lucky enough to have a huge field which lacks shade so we are unable to utilise it for much of the day as it is too hot for the children, not only would this shade sail provide shade during the break and lunchtime periods, but would be used during the day for outside lessons. It would also be a wonderful place for staff meetings during the warmer months.

Our wonderful school is situated in a deprived area of Peterborough. We have children of many different nationalities, religions, ethnicities and cultures all learning and playing together in a warm and friendly environment.

This shelter would mean to so much to the pupils of Eyrescroft school throughout both the winter and the summer months, when sheltering from the extreme hot and cold/wet weather is essential, while still enabling the children to play and learn outdoors in a safe environment.

Eyrescroft Primary School

Whilst we recognise that some sun is good for us, Sun Safety is an important health and safety issue. Children spend almost half their childhood at school, with a great deal of time spent outdoors. During the warmer months of the year children are exposed to Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) from the sun, the majority of which is when penetration is strongest (between 11am and 3pm). Without adequate protection, a child’s delicate skin can easily burn, this can cause cumulative and irreparable damage that can significantly increase their risk of developing skin cancer in later life. Whilst skin cancer remains the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer, the good news is that it is almost entirely preventable (around 90% of cases!) Simple steps can be undertaken to ensure that children are protected, can enjoy the sun safely and learn to develop healthy lifestyle choices. The shade sail would be a way of enabling children at Green Park to enjoy the outdoors but provide protection from harmful rays.

Green Park Primary School

We are a very small infant and nursery and are struggling with our budget. We have a playground with no shade. We believe in getting our children outside as much as possible especially during COVID. We used to have one of these shades but it was ruined by vandals. We would love this so our children can be safe outside. Thank you.

Yeadon Westfield Infant School

With summer just round the corner and with more and more of the children’s lessons taking place outside this will make a wonderful addition to our school.

Preschool children love being outside! A canopy would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor play area. When it gets very sunny, we know how important it is to provide shade for the children to play and learn in.

Werrington Primary School

The shade would be a huge addition to our outdoor space. It would ensure that the children would have protection from the elements while enjoying outdoor classes. The shade would provide protection, an opportunity for outdoor classroom, focus and an area for learning.

Scoil Éinne

To enable pupils to sit/play for long periods of time during summer months, shade is essential to protect them from the sun. It also allows children to play outside during wetter months. This improves mental health and wellbeing as well as giving us more opportunities for learning in a healthy outdoor environment. We appreciate nature and our beautiful Welsh landscape whilst breathing in refreshing air. We had a reflection zone in our play area which was shaded by a big old tree. Unfortunately, it was diseased and had to be cut down for safety. We are now unable to shade under its branches so a shade sail would be a perfect solution that we would very much appreciate for our little people. We have recently set up a forest school during the pandemic and are only just seeing the potential of developing this area of learning and experience. An outdoor shelter would facilitate greater opportunities for outdoor learning- whatever the Welsh weather sends us. Thank you for considering our entry.

Ysgol T. Gwynn Jones

We are fortunate to have several trees on site which provide shade for the children in the warmer months. Unfortunately some of these trees have been highlighted as a risk and require pollarding this year. This will mean our school field will lose its shade. Other than erecting gazebos which come with their own risks we have limited options. A shade sail will be perfect to ensure the children continue to be protected from the sun.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

At Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary school we believe children must be free to move, explore and take in the wonders of the natural world unhindered. We teach children the self-care skills needed to protect themselves and understand the dangers of over exposure to the sun’s rays in order to prevent health issues later in life.  However, in these uncertain times learning in an outdoor space has become necessary due to the pandemic, an A and S sail shade would complement our large walk-in sandpit in our early years environment, allowing children to access it for longer periods of time at the hottest part of the day. Whilst the children enjoy the brightness of the sunshine and the coolness of the shade we will be confident that we have taken the necessary steps to make a learning environment as safe as we can.

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School (SR8 1DE)

As a school, we are hoping to enhance our outdoor space and the shade sail would be a really amazing addition to our plans. We are a very inclusive infant school with a higher than average percentage of children with complex needs, including several children who are photo-sensitive and need to be out of direct sunlight as much as possible. This shade sail will allow children greater scope to work, learn and play outdoors with their friends, whilst protected from the sun.

Cumberland Infant School

We have lots of lovely field area but unfortunately no shade for the children when the sun is hot. Having a new sun shade would mean we could use this space more. The children can run and play more freely on grass without the fear of falling and hurting themselves.

St Andrews C of E Primary School

Our school is a big school and it has a large field but it’s not used to its full potential. If this amazing prize was won by our school, our children could begin to have assemblies again to celebrate our wonderful children after a very hard year that they have all just got on with.

Great Crosby Catholic Primary School

The PTA has been working so hard raising funds for our sunsail project. The area at the rear of the school gets a lot of sun and the children need shade, to eat, socialise and enjoy the sunshine, safely. We have some funds but haven’t been able to achieve our target as yet, COVID has made fundraising very difficult. We would love and accept any help we could get to help the kids enjoy and stay safe.

Hugh Sexey Middle School

Really good to promote children getting together again and being able to access the outside provision.

Ranworth Square Primary School

The children at Ysgol Nant y Groes do a lot of outdoor learning in hot days they need shade so they can continue to learn outdoors being stuck in a classroom all day. For the older years with the current pandemic is really effecting them, they could learn outdoors giving them more incentive to come into school as some children do not want to come to school because they have to eat in their classroom at lunchtime. They could eat outside while the sun is out, it gives them something to look forward to instead of something they don’t want to do. Year 3 used to have a vegetable garden but due to the pandemic they no longer have that so they might be able to find something else to do if they had the shade they could do some leisure time outside.

Ysgol Nant Y Groes

Hawthorn Primary School has beautiful outdoor spaces and we have an outside classroom and also Forest School Area but the sun shade area would be ideal for our classes to access more outdoor learning spaces. We have an ARP which is a behaviour unit on site and they excel from outside learning.

We want all children within our school to experiences a relaxing outdoor space, uncluttered by the inner city world they experience daily and suffering “”Nature Deficit Disorder””-“” human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of behavioural problems”” Richard Louv 2005.

Our children live within the inner city and have little opportunity to access or benefit from nature and therefore do not understand how important nature is and how to take care of our own environments. As a result our children are more prone to anxiety, depression and attention-deficit problems.

By creating a outside shaded area we shall offer our children a complete alternative educational experience and demonstrate to them the importance of taking care of your local community. We aim to provide everything from a positive effect on the attention span to stress reduction to creativity, cognitive development, and their sense of wonder and connection to nature and the world directly around them.

We aim for our children to have Increased confidence, social skills, knowledge and understanding, improved language and communication, motivation, concentration, physical skills and Team Building.

Hawthorn Primary School

The COVID pandemic has presented so many challenges to our young people, not just in terms of their learning, but in relation to their physical and mental health, as well as the impact it has had on their social circles. We wish to put in place, support for students, to rekindle their social circles, by providing outdoor seating areas. This is, to take into account Government guidance on the importance of ventilated spaces; while also acknowledging, the health benefits of being outdoors. These areas will be assigned to particular year groups, to encourage a sense of community identity. We aim to encourage our students, to take ownership of their allocated area, and promote initiatives, which will have them participate in planting flowers – signs of hope of a better future. These will be based in planters in their zoned area.  As a post primary school, we recognise that students spend 25% of their timetabled day, out on the school grounds (Eco-Schools for Northern Ireland). The quality of that outside provision, can build such a positive experience for our students. Loreto hosts substantial grounds. However, there is minimal sheltered areas, for students to gather, within acceptable social distancing guidelines. The idea of an outdoor sheltered area has much appeal. This area could be used to support the curriculum in so many subjects; e.g. weather gauging in Geography, plant science in Biology, outdoor inspiration for our creative Art students, reading to enhance Literacy, meditation in an RE lesson, or becoming a stage for a Drama enthusiast. Additionally, this space can be used for students at break-time and lunch-time – a safe place to gather. Furthermore, it would be hoped this area, could be used for extra-curricular activities. One of the goals here would be to create an environmental group, who would be actively involved in looking after the grounds of the school. It would be hoped, these students would be represented in a council and that environment prefects in senior school would be nominated to work with the younger pupils on eco-friendly initiatives. Indeed, this outdoor space, could be the base for a potting shed; vegetable planters, and an area, where the students can plan, how they can contribute more to environmental goals. These ideas allow for kinaesthetic learning – which, after a period of lock-down, is undoubtedly a necessary feature of learning. It also however, promotes a sense of teamwork and school community stewardship. With a school of 920 students, we would hope they will all benefit from the provision of sheltered spaces.

Loreto College

We are looking to make a sensory quiet area for the children to choose to come and relax in a nice environment in our rural setting. We are a very small village school and rely heavily on fundraising and donations to benefit our children.

Upham Primary School

We are a school in the West End of Newcastle with high levels of deprivation. Our kids deserve to have fabulous out door areas.

Broadwood Primary School

We have an amazing group of children at our school. They deserve a fantastic outdoors area to enjoy and learn in. The school itself has had to grow dramatically in size over the past 10 years to accommodate new children coming from new housing estates in the area. The actual school building has been expanded and grown to suit our needs but the outside grounds have not changed in all that time. It is a little of a blank canvas which is crying out for improvements. We are now at the point of focusing on the grounds on our site to allow our children, parents and local community to enjoy getting outdoors and being amongst nature. We want to children to have constant opportunities to be learning outside as much as possible, but at the moment this is so restricted as there is so little shade to get out of full sunshine. A sail shade would allow us more opportunities to be outdoors enjoying nature, benefiting well being and encouraging curiosity of the natural world around us. It would not only be used for learning under but during playtimes serve as vital shade for picnicking and playing. We could use the sail shade during outdoor concerts and sporting events allowing our parents and local community to benefit from it too. A sail like this would benefit our children in supporting their learning, playing and socialising and provide so many possibilities for our community as a whole. We would love it!

Cupernham Junior School (SO51 7JT)

We are a large school with 450 pupils playing and working across a fairly small space. We would LOVE to provide our KS1 pupils with a sheltered spot for the summer months, and to help us deliver more outdoor learning. Pupils would benefit across the school day, from breakfast club, to lesson and break times and on into after school care. We could also use the sail to support fundraising events for the school. It would be fantastic!

Abbeymead Primary School


Our children have had a tough couple of years and had to forfeit so much outdoor space during building works at the school. Now that we have a new building, we want to provide our children with an amazing outdoor learning space. A shelter would help ensure this makes those spaces available to use all year round.

Yew Tree Primary School


We are a large primary school with a large playground and playing field. Our site is beautiful but it is also open to the elements. There is no natural shade for children to play safely in the heat of the sun or a weather proof canopy to keep them dry when they are learning outdoors. We are developing our play times and lunch times to make them more fun and interactive for children, fostering team building and working together and to have a sail shade in place would really help our Fourfields Family come together to share fun, food and frolics!

Fourfields Community Primary School


Tiptree Heath Primary school is quite small in size. Its play area for the children consists of a football pitch and a concrete playing area. Unfortunately there are no natural areas of shade as there are no mature trees in the area. During the summer months the kids have nowhere to get out of the sun. I am chair of the PTFA and we have been trying to raise enough funds to purchase a sail but Covid has made this very difficult. A sail would also allow outdoor teaching to take place throughout the year which is really important as it gives the cover for the children to get fresh air.

Tiptree Heath Primary School


Having a sail that would nestle amid our developed and developing wildlife garden, would allow for learning to be an enjoyable and comfortable experience for all our children shading them from the direct glare of the sun or the distracting drizzle of the rain.

Laleham C of E Primary School


We currently have very limited shade in our playground. With Covid restrictions requiring the children to remain in bubbles we do not have enough shaded areas to accommodate the number of children looking to use the playground at the same time. We do not currently have a solution to this problem and if temperatures reach the levels of last summer some children could be forced to spend their play time indoors to avoid the sun.

Darrick Wood Junior School


Thurlby C.P. Academy would be delighted to win this canopy in order to enhance our Key Stage 1 outdoor area. We are a small school with big dreams but a limited budget and would be over the moon to be able to utilise our outdoor area in rain or shine, which we currently are unable to do. We have been working hard to make a fun, educational and interactive space for our children and this canopy would add another dimension to the area.

We have been joined this year by Mrs Phillips, an enthusiastic reception teacher who is full of ideas and cost-saving measures which can still provide the children with a brilliant and multi-functional zone in which to experiment, learn and play. Mrs Phillips has created a wish list and a canopy is at the top of her list, yet unfortunately is something that we as a school are unable to deliver at this time. Therefore, to win this canopy would be absolutely brilliant!

Thurlby C.P. Academy


Langtoft Primary School is a small village school nestled within the borders of Lincolnshire, it is often overlooked when it comes to prizes and donations in favour of larger local schools in the area. Its size does not compromise the dedication to providing every child with equal opportunity to enhance their educational learning whichever way a child learns. The school offer a variety of ways to be educated and enhance learning be it through play, interactive fun, exploration, self awareness and outdoor experiences. The school’s ethos is that every child matters and their aim is to educate all children to the best of their ability and to equip them with the learning skills needed to meet the challenges of life. The shade would enhance the outdoor area of the school providing cover from the heat and also shelter from inclement weather meaning the outdoor area can be utilised throughout seasons allowing continuing interactive learning and enhancing the children’s education.

Langtoft Primary School

We have a lovely playground used by 650 children in a large primary school. But unfortunately there is no shade and during the summer months many children find the beaming sunshine too hot and have to return indoors. A sun shade would allow us to have a shady spot for the children to play and learn outside.

Bourne Westfield Primary Academy

Our school has grassed areas with little to no shade. Children enjoy learning outside and this shade would provide a great area for outdoor learning to continue all year round!

Old Priory Junior Academy

We currently have very limited shade on our playground. This would provide be great to provide shade where children can go for quieter play. It would also enable some lessons to be taught outside. Our school community including the children would be so thrilled to win a shade. Thank you for offering the opportunity to win this.

Gorse Ride Junior School

The sun shade would be ideal in the new forest school area which we are raising money for at the moment. Outdoor learning and spending time outdoors has become more vital than ever. Alongside mental health and the need for space and time, an area with a shade would be a godsend.

Redhill Primary Academy

We are working on developing our outdoor space for all children as we want to raise their awareness of the natural world around them. Each class is doing a fundraiser to contribute to the work we want to do and a big shade sail would be a perfect addition. Thank you.

St Bernard’s RC Primary School

We have two playgrounds one has a shade on it and is for Year 5 & 6, our other playground for the younger children has no shade on it at all, the sail would not only provide shade but also shelter from the rain when outside. Outside play is important for children’s development and fitness, having a shaded area would improve our facilities which we are unable to do due to lack of funds.

Mildmay Junior School

We are a small village school with a beautiful, large outdoor space. Staff have worked so hard to design our own creative curriculum that regularly uses the outdoor areas. Unfortunately, due to unpredictable weather, this can not be as often as we’d like. The shade would provide shelter in wet weather but also on sunny days where our current protection is very limited. We would love the opportunity to take more of our learning outside. Our pupils also love performing and this could be used as a perfect entertaining area. It would be a brilliant addition to our school.

Puriton Primary School

I work in the nursery at Botley Primary School. Our garden is pretty dire at the moment and the school has no money to help improve it. We have no natural grass and very little shade and the garden gets extremely hot in the summer months so a sail shade would offer the youngest members of our school community a safer environment to play and learn by giving them some much needed shade. Playing outside is a central part of their learning and development and being safe is an utmost priority. We would love to win a sail for our nursery!

Botley School

We are a one form entry semi rural village primary school based in a building mainly dating from the late 1800s. Space and funds are limited. A shade sail would provide opportunities for both play and classes to be held outside particularly in warmer weather. There is no air conditioning which can make the teaching environment uncomfortably hot and the children find it harder to concentrate. Being able to hold classes or play under the shade sail will provide essential relief and improve the teaching/learning experience.

The Parent and Teachers’ Association has had a massively reduced fundraising income during the pandemic which has had a knock on effect for plans to improve the school environment. Some of the outdoor equipment has been condemned and other items are deteriorating. None of these items are covered under the local authority budget and we are therefore reliant on fundraising.

The shade sail would make such a difference across all the school, it would be a delight to win and incredibly well received by our community.

Mickle Trafford Village School

We have a wonderful, hardworking Eco team at Windsor Park. Our main target is to create ‘seed to plate’, getting pupils to understand how fruit and vegetables are grown and not just chosen from the supermarket shelf.

The shade sail would help the pupils with the shade of the sun, or rain while working outside, learning life skills and away from a busy classroom, reading and writing. In the area which we use, we have no shade for the pupils when the sun is shining and getting quite warm, so this sail would allow all the pupils more time with working outside for not only the Eco team, but for other subjects, maybe reading, Art etc….which will promote their creativity, sensory and developing their outdoor social skills with engaging in community projects, whilst also taking care of their Health and Wellbeing.

At the end of our school day the pupils who come to our after school club would also benefit from this too.

Windsor Park Middle School

We are a village school in the heart of West London. We have lots of lovely grounds but very little shade on sunny days so this sail would be perfect for our playground so that children have a shaded area to sit during playtime and lunchtime. It would also be perfect for teaching lessons outside on hot days.

We are trying to raise funds for a reading area outside so that during break times our children have somewhere to go if they wish to read and some interesting and enticing books for them too! The sail would really help with this as they would be sheltered from the sun on hot days. Also from the rain on wet days.

An expensive item such as this is a luxury for a school like us and probably not something we would consider possible due to tight budgets. All schools are feeling the pinch with budget cuts but small schools like ours suffer the most as we cannot share resources among larger year groups.

Cavendish Primary School

The School Council have been looking at ways to improve the key stage 2 playground. The children came up with the idea of a shaded area where they can have outdoor lessons or simply eat their pack lunches in the shade. It would provide an area for the children to enjoy time outside, no matter what the weather is.

Lime Academy Abbotsmede Primary School

Park View has 2 large playgrounds with no shade for the children. We buy gazebos every year but when it rains or is too windy they have been destroyed. We do our best in summer months by encouraging the children to wear hats but there really is no protection from the sun.

Park View Academy

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The school have been a huge support especially this year and the children will benefit massively from an addition like this to the outdoor space they put a huge focus on outdoor learning this would be brilliant.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

It’s so important to protect our children from the suns harmful rays whilst giving them the chance of fresh air whilst in these times of COVID.

Bishop’s Waltham Junior School

It is important for children to get fresh air while learning.

Bishopton Redmarshall CE Primary School

This is a brilliant school, but as a state school require any help they can get towards extras like a sail. Hope they are lucky in this draw.

Bushy Hill Junior School

We recently have had a past student who died of melanoma at the age of 19. We desperately need to teach our children the importance of staying out of the mid day sun and this is the perfect start … in memory of Tom.

Chester-le-Street CE Primary School

Having a shade sail erected in the playground would be so beneficial for all the children that attend the school. Not only to provide shelter during play and lunch breaks but also they provide an extra classroom space during the summer months. To be able to read a story outside is a wonderful experience for all ages. It’s a great space for water play and science experiments. Children can enjoy all kinds of art with less disruption in the classroom.

We are all fully aware of the harm the sun can cause, my husband is currently receiving treatment for sun damage on his face and so we must be much more aware of these results for our children and grandchildren. The benefits of having a sun sail would be a real asset for both pupils and teachers, allowing them to enjoy every part of the school day.

Chingford CofE Primary School

Encouraging children to enjoy and spend time outdoors should be a priority. At a time when lots of children would choose to be on devices we need to be opening their eyes to the outside world. I have seen this school carry out all different subjects outside and I know they have the imagination and creativity to get all age groups outside and learning without them realising it. A shade would be a perfect facility to help them to do this and also act as a reward for all the teachers and children’s hard work especially throughout this pandemic.

Coryton Primary School

The school is in much need of external shade for the children. It’s a small school and winning this would be a lovely addition to the school yard.

Coryton Primary School

For the children to have shade from the sun as the outside area is a sun trap.

Coryton Primary School

Croxteth Primary School would benefit from the shade sail as they have a lovely playground for the children to play out on, however, the playground lacks shaded areas for the children to shelter from the sun on hot days, as the summer months are near this would help keep the children safe and cool in hot days.

Croxteth Primary School

The children are working really hard to build a new garden and allotment area, it would be amazing for them to also have a new seating and chill out area!

Cupernham Junior School (SO51 7JT)

The existing canopy has been condemned and a new one is urgently needed to keep the wonderful children dry. They would love it. Fingers crossed it looks great.

Dovedale School

We have an outside area in Year 1. However, there isn’t any coverage to protect the children from the elements.

This Shade Sail would be an absolutely wonderful addition to this well used area and would be very much appreciated.

Eyrescroft Primary School

Farnborough Road Infant School is a large school with four classes per year group who share and rotate the limited outside space and need to optimise every square foot. Having the shelter will enable more children to utilise the outdoor space which is even more important now given the COVID restrictions. Having the canopy will mean more children benefiting from leading in the outdoor space, protecting them from sun when it’s too hot and providing shelter when it’s good old British weather. Farnborough Road Infant School is a wonderful community school with a fabulous engaging PTA who are always looking for ways to help the children. If they win they will really appreciate and use the shelter to good effect.

Farnborough Road Infant School

A great school, shade would allow students to spend more time outdoors and form new friendships.

Frederick Bremer School

During the summer months it would be additional space for our students to shade, which I believe we lack and a lot of students need.

Frederick Bremer School

The shade sail is important to our school as it’s a south facing school and no matter how much factor 50 we put on our children they still sometimes get burnt as there is no shade at school outside. So this would be a perfect implementation to give them so our children can have shade and cool down especially with the summer coming our children need to be protected and this sail is the perfect solution for that.

Thank you for giving schools this opportunity but I feel this primary school will benefit most as children shouldn’t be exposed to so many UV rays at such a young age and if it is too sunny they have to stay inside when it is even hotter with all windows and doors open.

Garston Church of England Primary School

Glenaire Primary puts the environment at the heart of their education. In a challenging but possibly not recognised area of need within Bradford there is 100% need for support from every agency. Glenaire has wonderful staff they have some of the best access to woodlands etc. Give them more opportunity to keep the outside come into the under/inside.

Glenaire Primary School

Keep children cool in hot summer months ready for learning and a nice experience for something new.

Glenaire Primary School

As the smallest school in London, the children value their outdoor time as it gives the opportunity to have personal space, however they are limited to this when the weather is too hot or wet. The school runs on a small budget which is supported as much as possible by the PTA, however funding, which is challenging to raise with less than 90 families at the school, has been short due to COVID. The school and PTA were previously in discussions about installing a shade sail but the costs were too great. This would be a wonderful prize for the school to win and the children to benefit from.

Grasvenor Avenue Infant School

Greenbank High School have asked to enter this competition for a canopy for the school so I am doing as they have asked and hope they win. It is the best school in our area.

Greenbank High School

To protect our precious vulnerable boys and girls who love being outdoors.

Hadrian School

We are a primary school for children with learning difficulties and complex needs, this would be a great part of our school.

Hadrian School

For the children to play under in the sun, protect from rain.

Hangleton Primary School

The kids want to be outside more but in an area that is shaded when hot.

Hangleton Primary School

This school is a new school and the only one that caters wholly for autism within Sunderland. It is also the school that my little brother has had the opportunity to go to. My brother is seven years old and has always had such a bad relationship with school, refusing to go and really not enjoying it at all. Since joining Harry Watts he has become a different boy. This is due to the staff at the school, they are amazing and cater for all of my brothers needs, they have worked so hard during the lockdown to ensure the children have received their education and stayed in routine which is extremely important for children with autism even when the staff themselves have contracted covid. They really deserve to win this and it will emphasise the beautiful building that it is.

Harry Watts Academy

Harry Watts Academy is a specialist provision based in Redhouse, Sunderland to provide education for children with Autism. It is a new build school and the children are due to move into following the Easter break. The school is a beautiful building and with the outbuildings they have currently the sail would look beautiful within the grounds and give the kids a beautiful chill out area and help with their creative play. Also the staff have worked so hard to ensure that our children thrive in an environment they feel safe and secure in and are all absolute angels! They really deserve to win this.

Harry Watts Academy

Would benefit pupils and also the fabulous school.

Harry Watts Academy

New special education needs school in Sunderland that deserves all the support as will be such a lovely addition for the children.

Harry Watts Academy

Harry Watts Academy is an autistic school and this would benefit children loads.

Harry Watts Academy

My son’s school is a new specialist provision school providing education to those with autism. As it’s a new school building they are in desperate need for a shaded area for outdoor play in all weathers. If they were to win this amazing prize they would be very grateful. Thank you.

Harry Watts Academy

I’ve been pleased with my children’s achievements at this school and would like to give back.

Haygrove School

Haygrove needs a shade sail because when children sit out on the playground at lunch and break it gets hot when it’s sunny. Students wear black blazers that attract the sun and they don’t often remove them at school. The sun sail would allow for more comfortable socialising and might the encourage school to have more outdoor lessons.

Haygrove School

This would be amazing at the school for the reception kids to have shade as there isn’t any at the moment.

Haylands Primary School

Heathcote is putting a lot of emphasis on better mental health, teaching sustainability and a respect for the outdoors and in a post covid time this would support hugely with that. It has a nice and green area where it could set up for a meaningful purpose for the children.

Heathcote School

I think the shade will be very useful for the children in Highlees Primary School while they sit in the sun. Also they can have great outdoor activities and games with this shade.

Highlees Primary School

It would benefit the school and children.

John Watson School

It would be great for the children.

John Watson School

It’s most important as the children can still play out in the sunshine and be away from the sun’s rays.

John Watson School

Yes it’s good for children to have fun playing outside.

John Watson School

It would be lovely for our children school to win this, they have a lovely outside area but not much shade for the children to learn under in the summer. The children love to be outside in the amazing outside space that joylane have available. The school is very committed to all our children and always trying to do their best.

Joy Lane Primary School

For warmer weather this would great for outdoor learning reading etc fresh air is good for the brain the children would benefit so much with such a lovely canopy.

Joy Lane Primary School

The shade will be a perfect addition to the school’s developing outdoor environment and allow the children to learn, play and have fun in the great outdoors without fear of too much sun.

Joy Lane Primary School

This excellent large school tries to do the best for all pupils – the shade would enable staff to provide additional space, particularly during the summer, for outdoor learning and play. Children need fresh air and to get this without the risk of sunburn is a wonderful idea!

Joy Lane Primary School

I think this would be fantastic for the children of kew woods they would absolutely love it especially for the hot summer we are all hoping for this would be amazing.

Kew Woods Primary School

The playground has no natural shade areas. The school was built more than 100 years ago in the dockyard area in Plymouth. There is no capacity for improving the landscape but a resource such as a canopy would make the area much pleasanter in the summer.

Keyham Barton Primary School

It will help keep the children including mine safe from the sun.

Keyham Barton Primary School

A shade would be very useful for our school as it would allow us to keep our nature garden cool.  It would also be nice to enable dinner ladies to sit underneath it.

If it was big enough it could also be used in the smaller playground where the little ones are, they quite often forget to bring a hat and climate change means that the sun is a lot stronger than it used to be giving more chance of sunburn and skin cancer.

We also keep chickens and I know that they would appreciate the shade, we might get more eggs!  Overall it would be a very welcome addition to the playground and one that we would love to win.  I do school reading at Kingsmoor and it would be really lovely to win this for them.  They are such a super school whose PTA work very hard to raise money for all the things that aren’t provided, this would mean a lot to them.

Kingsmoor Lower School

It is important for this school as it’s a fabulous school with fabulous children who love their environment and are such a happy school. This would be a perfect addition for them to be able to enjoy their playground in the height of summer. Thanks so much.

Leigh Beck Junior School

This would be amazing for our school. We are an area where our school is a huge part of the community. We are an area of poverty in Sheffield. The school is the only positive in most of our children’s lives and this would be great for our children as an extension of the classroom bringing the indoors outside. Please please choose mansel.

Mansel Primary School

Protection from rain and sun. Security for the not so confident.

Mansel Primary School

It’s an excellent school and the kids deserve it.

Meriden Primary School

The children in year 2 do not have a shady area to learn outdoors. This would enrich their outdoor learning environment and give more opportunity to enhance their learning.

Merrow CE Infant School

Shade is important to protect the children from all weathers, colourful and different the children will love it.

Merrow CE Infant School

The canopy would be amazing at Middle Rasen school as I know that personally my son loves being outside and learning and know that if they were lucky enough to win then I’d know that he’d be protected from the sun alongside having lots of fun learning.

Middle Rasen Primary School

My nephew and daughter love playing outside in all weather so know that this would be a massive bonus to the children at middle rasen primary school.

Middle Rasen Primary School

This would be amazing for the kids to have more time outside but away from the sun rays, it’s important with Covid to be in the fresh air more and a beautiful sail will add to the safety.

Middle Rasen Primary School

I went to this primary school, with my brothers and sister, and now my niece goes there too! I would like this shade sail to go in the playground so that they can enjoy their breaks without the risk of getting burnt, or in the field where we used to listen to stories with the teacher.

Middle Rasen Primary School

Oakfield Primary School would absolutely be over the moon to win a shade sail at Oakfield they have a large outdoor play area that has no shade. The teachers and pupils have been working hard to achieve there play surroundings and outdoor activities and nature area we are all so proud of all their hard work and the shade sail would just be perfect, giving an area of shade for whoever needs to shade. Although Oakfield staff & children together will come up with lots of different ways to introduce it to outdoor learning and playing.

Oakfield Primary School have worked hard landscaping and renovating play areas and grounds they have done amazing for the children and deserve to win this it would be perfect for protecting children and staff. Oakfield Primary School have gone above and beyond to make the school the place to be.

Oak Field Primary School

Oakfield is a school that is in a deprived area of our town. It has had some issues but its now on its way to being one of the best schools in our area. The shade would be a great asset to the school.

Oak Field Primary School

They deserve to win, a fabulous school in a deprived area.

Oak Field Primary School

I am a parent of three children in Oakmere School, the shade is important for the school because both students and I think parents will benefit from its use. I don’t drive so during the rainy season it’s very difficult and frustrating when I have to stand in the rain and wait at the school gate for it to be opened to pick up my children.

Oakmere Primary School

We are a dual entry school with many children that would benefit from playing and reading under the shade as the summer weather fast approaches. We are a school that would treasure and look after the equipment and would use the area for all ages groups from nursery to year 6.

Oakmere Primary School

It is important for the children to be able to sit under a nice shade sail during story time in those spring or summer months.

Oakmere Primary School

The children love to have access to the outdoor space and we find the glare on their work from the sun very difficult to teach around. The children have all voiced they would love an outdoor classroom.

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School

The reception children are encouraged to use their outdoor area as an extended part of the classroom.  Shade is very important for both children and practitioners as the school day falls during the most dangerous time of the day (11am- 3pm) when the sun is at its hottest. Skin Cancer rates in the UK are growing. So we should make sure that we protect our children’s skin and educate them about being safe in the sun. The children love to play in the sand pit but unfortunately it is positioned where there no shade so I feel the shade sail would allow the children to play safely in the sand pit without getting sunburn.

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School

This would be lovely for our younger children could go out and enjoy outside when they aren’t coping very well in class as a little sensory time in all types of weather and it would also be nice for the other children to see something nice for them to go out in work in as happy children is what we like to see.

Parklands Community Primary School

I think all the children in this school will benefit from this shade, all the children in this school all have special needs.

Portesbery School

This school provides excellent care for the most amazing children. It would provide shelter on those hot sunny days and the cold ones too!

Portesbery School

Portesbery is a special needs school and we have several students with complex needs. In the summer the outside areas of their classrooms are in full sunshine, so for them to be able to access the outside areas and benefit from the fresh air and all the sensory benefits of being outdoors they need a good shaded area. A shade sail would be ideal.

Portesbery School

The shade sail would be amazing for the children at Prenton Primary School to play underneath on the summer days with their friends to keep cool and protect them from the sun. After a difficult year I think this will be so exciting for the children. Fingers crossed and what an amazing competition.

Prenton Primary School

So our children can enjoy our great outdoor space without worrying about the heat and direct sunlight.

Prenton Primary School

This would be a fabulous addition to the large playground area as there currently is only one large tree for shade in the summer months.

Prenton Primary School

The children would love it.

Riverbridge Primary School

The sun shade would be great for the younger children’s playground. It will provide shade in the garden area.

Saltdean Primary School

To keep our children protected and it would be used at appropriate timings.

Sherdley Primary School

Shade is important to protect our children from harmful UV rays, it will enable them to play outside safely.

Sherdley Primary School

We are all a small school who cannot afford a lot of additional play activities for the kids. Playing outside is so important but the British weather doesn’t allow for it as often as we would like. The school budget is constantly stretched but the needs of the kids always come first and the parents and teachers always do their best. Thank you for considering us.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

The sun is dangerous especially to young children. Teachers aren’t allowed to put cream on them in school.

Sherdley Primary School

The shade is great to protect our children from the sun when it is shining.

Sherdley Primary School

Shoreham Beach Primary School is developing their outside area for the Early Years. We have amazing parents who are always willing to help improve our school. Due to budget constraints they have already painted our fence during the holidays and now they and members of the staff team will be coming into school to work to improve the outside area for the Early Years. The canopy will help protect the children from the sun rays and complete this amazing project.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

We are a school that sits 100 yards from the sea. Shade is limited where we are as there are no trees to protect our children. We need something to offer a safe place for our children to be. This shade sail would be an ideal solution in our beach garden. Thank you.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

Please vote for Shoreham Beach Primary School to win one of these amazing shade sails! We have a smaller than average outdoor area and very little natural shade. We desperately want to get the children outside more for lessons but need to make sure that they are protected, sun hats can only do so much! We are right on the coast and the sea breezes wreak havoc, we need to be sure that anything we go to the trouble and expense of installing will be safe, and strong enough to give years of use. A&S shade sails have excellent safety credentials, all the components are weather treated and they have the longest guarantees on the market. Not only will a shade sail give us more usable space but it fits in perfectly with our coastal location and would bring a sense of dynamic fun to our little playground. If we are fortunate enough to win one, we will install it very swiftly so that the children can begin to benefit as soon as possible. Thank you! Every vote counts, please spread the word.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

Our reception area is quite large and holds the sun all day long no shade at all so we would really appreciate some covering by the sale to protect our young ones thank you very much.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

My children’s school is currently redesigning their garden. This shade sail would be a great start to set out a defined area of learning and reinvigorating the garden.

Shoreham Beach Primary School

We have lots of field area but no shade on it. It would be nice if we had a sun shade so pupils could use the field more often in summer.

St Andrews C of E Primary School

It’s a lovely little school with a small hall for eating lunches. The extra canopy would come in useful with extra shade for the children

St John the Baptist Primary Church of England School

I believe some of the schools gazebos broke last year and our school could really do with this new shade

St John the Baptist Primary Church of England School

The shade would be very beneficial to the children during the spring and summer days when they enjoy working outside.

St John the Baptist Primary Church of England School

The shade sail would probably do exactly “what it says on the box” shade the kids from the ever increasing hot sun and a nice area to relax and cool under. Especially as I have noticed lots of children with flare ups with eczema due to the heat, my daughter included. It would give more kids the benefit of just cooling and calming down.

St John the Baptist Primary Church of England School

The sail would be a great help to shade the children in the summer, the sail could be used as a place to shelter when they are outside.

St Mary’s Primary School (NE32 4AW)

So our young children can have shelter when have their snacks outside in the fresh air whilst protecting them from the sunshine!

St Mary’s Primary School (NE32 4AW)

We would use this shade for all our pupils and our nursery children, this would be a fantastic prize to win.

St Mary’s Primary School (NE32 4AW)

This would be great for our School to win. It would be ideal for our children who do need a lot of protection from the sun. Hopefully we are in with the chance of winning.

St Mary’s Primary School (NE32 4AW)

Because this school don’t have any shade in the summer.

St. George’s School

The students would benefit so much as they will be protected all year round when they access the outdoor space.

St. George’s School

Our students would benefit from having access to such a great sunshade for their use. It would enhance their learning and pleasure when in the grounds of the school.

St. George’s School

This school is really good and how much you see the children come on in the time when they are at the school.

St. George’s School

It would give the children more time outside in the summer. As a lot of them cannot move themselves it will enable them to be outside safely.

St. George’s School

It would be lovely for the children to be able to sit outside and not have to worry about sun or rain

St. George’s School

My neighbour’s children go to this school and I love hearing all the children playing in their playground. To have a sunshade would be a great asset to those youngsters who like to be in the fresh air but cannot tolerate too much sunshine. This is a wonderful gift you are giving.

St. George’s School

St. Georges Special Needs school is so caring as well as educational.  My daughter worked there when she lived on the Island and I know of children thriving in that school environment and loving school.

It would be such an asset for those children, some of whom struggle with life, to be able to sit out and work or play under the magnificent Sail. I am sure it would enhance their daily school experience. I am 76 and would be thrilled to see long serving Head Teacher Sue Holman’s School win this much sought after prize.

This Special Needs School has maintained its high standard of love, care and education for many years and they try to raise funds but as we all know cash is scarce. I believe that one young man who went to school there when my daughter worked there now is employed there. Such is the legacy.”

St. George’s School

I would absolutely love for this school to win I used to go to the school and it’s absolutely fantastic and gives you all the help you need.

St. George’s School

Love this primary school, my grandchildren all go there been to some amazing concerts there.

St. Peter & St.Paul Catholic Primary School

Brilliant school.

St. Peter & St.Paul Catholic Primary School

Shade is essential for all children especially during high temperatures and heatwaves. Learners need protection when conducting outdoor activities during hot days. A shade sail will undoubtedly go a long way in not only preventing sunstroke but also preventing skin cancer brought about by too much exposure to the sun and heat.

Learners love the outdoor activities and these should be encouraged in order to avoid classroom fatigue and boredom.

The Echelford Primary School would certainly benefit and also maximize learning opportunities for the students under protective cover in the form of the shade sail from your kind selves. Thank you for your helping hand. Much appreciated.

The Echelford Primary School

I have never seen any shade sail at this school, so I think it is very essential for kids to have one in Thornhill primary School. The kids will love it.

Thornhill Primary School

The school doesn’t have many facilities for little ones and no shade at all.

Thornhill Primary School

The playground currently does not offer much shade to the children, and so a sail shade would provide protection and comfort. It would also provide an opportunity for the children to relax and socialise together in a comfortable environment.

Vernon Park Primary School

The shade would be very beneficial to the children here with complex needs and lovely for them to be sheltered but still enjoying outside activities.

Victoria School

My child’s school is for disabled children who cannot easily shade their eyes. So a shade sail is perfect so they can all appreciate the fresh air without having to squint.

Victoria School

Waddingham Primary School is a small school who care deeply for each of their pupils throughout lockdown the school has remained open for keyworker children while delivering online lessons and during the first lockdown running a food bank. They deserve to win.

Waddingham Primary School

This shade would be a fantastic addition to our small, rural primary school. The children have adapted so well to learning outdoors and this would be great for them to continue this during the sunny months. We have a fantastic headteacher and staff and they really deserve this, they have worked so hard.

Waddingham Primary School

They have done so much since lockdown and would be good for the children in summer to do activities outside.

Waddingham Primary School

Small village school who deserve this shade as very little shaded space in the summer and would allow children the opportunity to work outside in the summer or on rainy days. Allowing them the valuable learning time in the outdoor environment. The school has minimal funding due to being a small rural school. They really deserve something nice to add to their playground or field.

Waddingham Primary School

It would be amazing for the children to be able to use the outdoor space in more weather conditions. We have a lot of children who prefer to learn outside and this would enable us to enhance our provision.

Waddingham Primary School

Waddingham primary has very little shade on their playground which is blessed with the sun shining on it.

Waddingham Primary School

They are wanting to teach more lessons outside and this will enable them to teach in bright sunshine and but not have the children in full sun.

Werrington Primary School

With more lessons and extra activities our school would really benefit from this as there is very limited space for children to do their learning.

Werrington Primary School

I have entered my son’s school because it would be such a helpful addition to the play area and a great help for my son. He is currently in reception year and has a severe visual impairment called Aniridia. Along with limited vision he has severe photophobia and direct sunlight affects the little vision he has and hurts his eyes. The school do not have many shaded areas so this would be greatly appreciated and would help my son to have fun outdoors!

Werrington Primary School

Hopefully a good summer is coming, children can enjoy the sun whilst being safe even for lessons outside. Lovely fresh air and protection as well what more could the children ask for?

Westcott Primary School

To help keep the children safe from the sun.

Westcott Primary School

The children would benefit from this and make the school better for all children and backgrounds.

Windmill Primary School

This school need the Shade sail, because lots of the children need to be outside. There is not enough space inside school for lunch break. They can spend outside to enjoy break even if is a rainy day.

Windmill Primary School

Enables all children to work and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy fresh air with protection.

Windmill Primary School

The playground is very open as we have fairly rural areas, and gets very hot for the children either for outdoor lessons, or sports etc. Would be a great place in the summer heat to cool down for all. Also enjoy the good days.

Wingham Primary School

Lovely village school, I’m sure the staff would put it to good use for the children.

Wingham Primary School

It would be really great if Wingham Primary school could win the shade sale. Our summers are getting hotter and shade from the sun is important when the children are outside. It could be used during playtime for a chill out zone but also used to take out smaller groups for different learning in the summer. Phonic groups, reading groups and many more which would enhance their learning in a more fun way. The shade sale could also be used to encourage game play. Encourage the children’s story making and could be used to enhance drama lessons. Wingham Primary School have lawned areas that would be very suitable to put up the shade sale and it would look wonderful as well as being a really useful asset to the School. There is a footpath that runs along the side of the School which would be seen by many walkers and be appreciated by them as well. It would be a wonderful asset for the School if they were to win.

Wingham Primary School

Because my daughter has ginger hair so needs the shade.

Wingham Primary School

The shade would be used between two classrooms. They have an outside area that gets very warm in the summer and would be great so they could get outside during the summer months. Also one of their themes is pirates so would go really well for that.

Wragby Primary School

Because Wragby School is the best.

Wragby Primary School

Class 2 gets the sunshine throughout the whole day it can be hot for them especially during the summer time, so the children can work effectively they need some shade.

Wragby Primary School

This is such an amazing school both my son and daughter go here. Where my daughter’s class is situated in the summer the sun shines through all day and makes the room too hot. The school would be so grateful for this sail.

Wragby Primary School

Both my children attended Ysgol Llandegfan and it was the best start in life for them. The education was so special, the care and support from their teachers was impressive and life changing. My children are in their 20’s now and still refer back to their amazing school life at Ysgol Llandegfan. The shade sail could be used for the children to have an outside space when it was raining as being outside is very important within their daily schedule. The sail not only looks impressive but serves a purpose to allow any outside lessons to continue in bad weather and for them to enjoy being outside.

Ysgol Gynradd Llandegfan

The shade would be absolutely amazing for Coryton Primary as the children would highly benefit from it. They will be able to sit outside in the summer and do school work and when it’s raining they have a shelter. Coryton desperately needs a shelter as they don’t have one.

Coryton Primary School

My four children and 5 of my 6 grandchildren went to Eyrescroft School. 5 of my grandchildren are now working or at university and one at secondary school. They all had an excellent education there. I have loved joining in all the activities with them but throughout the years have realised there is no covered area in their outside play or work areas. It is vital that they can enjoy being outside safely and a shade sail would be a safe area for them to enjoy. My children all had wonderful memories of their school and I would love to still be able to help with the education there through a shade sail.

Eyrescroft Primary School

Due to corona and wanting children outside more this would really help them to be able to play and stay safe outside more the school is only small but all the staff do a wonderful job. They do a lot outside due to all having a small hall which also doubles up has the canteen. For example, the army come in once a week to do training with the children, they had a small playing field for football and other sports both of them are outside all year round so a shade would be useful in many ways come rain or shine.

Ranworth Square Primary School

I feel shade is very important to our school as the playground and field is very open with farm land backing onto it. Would make a huge difference and keeping the students safe with much needed shade during the summer days.

Reculver Primary School

We have to help as much as possible to support our children. As a manager of a food bank, St Mary’s have been very supportive of us, in the way of food donations. I think it’s good to give back. St Mary’s do fabulous work for the kids and have been marvellous during the pandemic.

St Mary’s Primary School (NE32 4AW)

We have a garden that was designed in memory of a teacher, the shade would be a perfect finishing touch to a very special place for the children to use and staff to remember a colleague.

Mickle Trafford Village School

It would be amazing to have this shade, as so many children would benefit from learning in a nature set learning environment. Rather than in the classroom all of the time.

Sherdley Primary School

It’s important that the children have a safe shaded area for outdoor learning so they can benefit from fresh air and a natural environment instead of being in the classroom all the time. Other features of the outdoor area such as plants and insects can be observed as an integral part of some of the children’s learning such as science or to inspire arts and crafts.

Heathcote School

The shade would be good for kids that want to sit and chat or read. It would help people who need the shade that burn easy, people who won’t just sit and play games. If they had this it would help to let kids choose if they want to run around or chill, it would be in an area where people that want to sit and not run around, a quiet area where kids can chat and read. It could go on a field or playground, it could be used for outside eating and picnics with families from the nursery. If it was big enough they could use it for sports day so the kids can sit under it and not get too hot or burnt while they are waiting for their event or it could be used for outside assembly so parents can have a shady bit to sit under or the kids if it was big enough.

Highfield Primary School

My vote is for Elis special needs school to win a shade sail for the children at Portesbery. It will benefit a number of children with physical and learning needs, this would be amazing for them, and benefit all of the children.

Portesbery School

This is important to Reevy Hill as it enables the children to play happily outside in all weather and get the fresh air they need as part of their daily lifestyle. It helps children to sit together and make new friends as they will find the shade sail a novelty and will all want to play under it therefore forming more friendships.

Reevy Hill Primary School

The sail would be a great piece of equipment for all of the young people to access. Not only would it look great it would serve the purpose of keeping the kids cool from the sun in the summer and dry in the colder wetter months. Dovedale staff pride themselves on making the environment for the kids the best they can and I’m sure that the new sail would be greatly appreciated and admired. Staff are always looking at productive and positive ways to use and utilise what they have available to give the young people more experiences to learn and achieve learning outcomes which with enrich their time in school.

Obviously budgets are tight and it would be a massive plus to win as school funds could be used elsewhere. The kids at the school love to spend their time out in the fresh air both during school planned activities and in their break time. It would allow another area for the kids to access during these times. Thank you for taking the time to consider our school to be a part of this fab competition.

Dovedale Primary School

My son’s school would love this to give the children shade and shelter on the main grassed area to enable them to be out in nature no matter the weather.

William Hildyard Church of England School

Our children have few opportunities for outside safe play. As a school we try to promote the benefits of nature with regards to wellbeing, education and fun.

The sail would give us extra shelter to maximise their experiences and just to make outside play fun on many more days that our English weather allows.

Reevy Hill Primary School

They suffered a horrific act of vandalism which destroyed their garden which the children loved so much. Hopefully it will bring some joy to them.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

Shade is important to protect the children from the strong sun rays, we could use this in many ways, playtime shade, outdoor learning, outdoor reading. Also our school was badly damaged 4 weeks ago and our mindful calm garden was vandalised, this would be amazing for the children.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

Recently my son’s school got broken into and completely vandalised. This would help the children feel like they have an outside to go to again and be able to sit and have fun.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

The shade would provide us with an area the children could use freely in all weathers. Especially after the vandalism we have experienced in our newly formed quiet area. Our children so deserve something nice to show them that there is good in this world.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

Shade is important at Banks Lane so that the children can still play out, but have somewhere out of the sun. Also children with disabilities would benefit from playing in a cooler place, especially if they can’t move around the same as other children. Also, outdoor learning would be advantageous, in a safe and cool environment.

Children can be educated about the environment. How being outside can be more healthy. The importance of keeping out of the sun and in the shade. The effects that too much sun can have on their health and how to look after their health.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School

The school has just suffered terribly at the hands of vandals, the poor children had their peace garden destroyed. This would help to put a smile on the children’s faces again.

Banks Lane Infant & Nursery School