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Entrance Walkway Design in West Midlands

Posted on 15/02/2017

Idsall School Shelter
At Idsall School, A&S Landscape installed a long covered walkway with our trademark Motiva Mono.

Project – Motiva Mono creates entrance walkway at Idsall School

Product – Motiva Mono

Requirement – When we think about ‘making an entrance’ we think about the way in which we enter a room, the kind of impression we make.

To us, ‘making an entrance’ means a couple of things. Firstly, it means to literally construct an entrance for a building with some stunning entrance canopy design. Beyond that, it also means creating the experience of entering a place.

Do you want a simple, professional entrance?

Do you want a wide, open, shelter?

Or, like Idsall School in the West Midlands, do you want a grand, covered walkway that makes for a welcoming but striking statement?

Solution – At Idsall School, A&S Landscape installed a long covered walkway with our trademark Motiva Mono. Measuring 10000mm x 4000mm this generous entrance canopy design creates a strong, yet attractive statement. It says, ‘we’re in charge here, we’ll look after you’ Finished in blue steelwork (RAL 5002) with opal roofing this entrance canopy works as a successful waiting area as well as giving a striking run to the reception.

Result – The different sizes and lengths of entrance canopy can project a very different personality. A long, statement walkway like Idsall School now have, gives a real sense of confidence, you are protected and surrounded by this canopy far before you reach the actual entrance.

Larger canopies like this can help project a strong and memorable image of the school before anybody has even stepped foot inside.

Find Out More – You are the story you tell people about what you do but you’re not always telling it with words, you often tell that story with imagery. A strong entrance canopy design will keep people dry but also tell them a lot about who are you and what you do. What does your building entrance say about you?

To find out more about A&S Landscape outdoor shelters for schools, take a look at our gallery of finished projects here and if you have any questions, get in touch.