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Entrance Canopy at Idsall School Shropshire

Entrance Canopy at Idsall School Shropshire

  • Size: 10000mm x 4000mm
Motiva Mono

‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’. A powerful quote that resonates with students and staff at Idsall School. Within each student, they rightly say, is the potential for greatness. They just need the right environment and support to grow.

Idsall School certainly provides that environment with an expansive campus that means students have a wonderful opportunity for growth here.

This confidence stretches through to every area of design at Idsall and when they began looking for a new entrance canopy design they found something that matched their values at A&S Landscape.

We installed a Motiva Mono curved roof canopy to a size of 10000mm x 4000mm, leading right up to the entrance of Idsall School. A canopy of this size makes a powerful statement and suggests protection, security and confidence as it guides visitors on a long walk to the entrance, already under their wing.

Finished in a marine blue (RAL 5002) with opal roofing, this canopy looks smart and will last Idsall School for many, many years.

Entrance canopy design is not something to take lightly and this entrance walkway shows quite clearly that a little attention given to the design can take a simple canopy that serves a simple purpose and turn it into a structure that adds to the story the school tells to everybody that visits.

You can find out more about our Motiva Mono here and see a gallery of finished A&S Landscape projects by clicking here.

If you have any questions then our design team will be able to help and if you want to make your own statement entrance canopy design, they can have a full proposal on your desk the very next day.