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Play Area Shelter at Newlands Nursery Preston

Play Area Shelter at Newlands Nursery Preston

  • Size: 5m x 5m
  • Frame: Steel
Maxima StarSail

Newlands Nursery were looking for a playful, adventurous but effective shelter for their outdoor play area. We worked with them to design and install our Maxima StarSail at 5000mm x 5000mm.

They were really aiming to add a flash of colour to the area and chose a vibrant mix of steelwork in a powerful blue (RAL 5002), fabric sail in eye-popping cherry red and post pad in a bright, sunny yellow. It stands out and gives that delightful contrast that is so engaging.

Whatever kind of space you’re covering, the Maxima StarSail offers you so many options. As a creative and impactful design it is going to be noticed. It’s fresh and modern but also really practical.

A square design with two high and two low points, The Maxima StarSail comes in any size up to 8000mm x 8000mm with either Shade cloth or PVC fabric. Both have a variety of colour options (see here for the full details) and by contacting us early we can work with you to get exactly the design that makes the biggest difference to your space.