It has been a pleasure working with A&S Landscape. We are very happy with the installation and the way the project was handled from start to finish. I would highly recommend A&S Landscape.

Business Manager - Outwood Academy Valley

Based in Nottinghamshire, this outstanding academy needed to find extra space for their students to sit and eat at lunchtimes. A curved roof canopy was selected as a cost-effective method of creating valuable space on the campus, without needing planning permission or a formal building.

The chosen Motiva Duo measures 10000mm X 6000mm and so provides plenty of space for the students to enjoy their lunch outside. The Slate Grey RAL steelwork works perfectly with the surrounding buildings so the canopy blends in seamlessly. The Opal roofing also gives the diners protection from the rain, sun and UV rays, so the canopy can be used all-year-round. The canopy also features Alu-tuff™ guttering, which is tough, durable and long-lasting.

The shelter can be used during break and lunchtimes and gives the students the chance to enjoy fresh air during the day. This has many positive effects and will impact the entire academy greatly. In fact, Outwood Academy Valley was so happy with the finished project they awarded A&S Landscape five stars.

Outdoor dining areas are becoming more popular, as pupil numbers increase across schools. A&S Landscape has installed many dining shelters successfully, our friendly team can advise you of the best solution for your needs. Get in touch with us today.