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Marsh Green Primary School adds entrance canopy

Marsh Green Primary School adds entrance canopy

  • Size: 3780mm x 2200mm
Motiva Entro

Marsh Green Primary School knows exactly who it is. With a motto that reads ‘flying towards our dreams’ and a clear vision for the way they expect everybody to behave and treat one another, it is this ability to be self aware that makes Marsh Green such an inspiring place to be.

However, with such inspiration comes a question. Everybody in the building knows how smart, professional and inspiring it is.

But how about people outside?

A&S Landscape were delighted to install one of our trademark Motiva Entro canopies.

Installing a Motiva Entro curved roof canopy at 3780mm x 2200mm in a crisp white steelwork (RAL 9003) with clear polycarbonate roofing has made an instant impact. We also included Alu-Tuff™ box profile guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-Coat™ colour finish to ensure the entrance was smart as well as functional.

First impressions really do make a difference and the way you present the entrance to your building will say more about you than you might realise.

To test this out ask yourself what you think about each building you go in to today based on the entrance you walk through. If you were to make a judgement, a decision based on that entrance alone, how would you feel about what was inside? The truth is we make these decisions all of the time and to make sure people are getting the right impression of your school or college it is important you take entrance canopy design seriously.

To find out more about our Motiva Entro, click here.