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Huntingtree Primary School in Dudley Add Playground and Entrance Canopies

Huntingtree Primary School in Dudley Add Playground and Entrance Canopies

  • Sizes: 3000mm X 2000mm | 6318mm X 3000/2500mm | 12153mm X 3500mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Slate Grey - RAL NO. 7015

  • Roof:
    • Opal

Motiva Linear™

To further improve upon the existing facilities, Huntingtree Primary School decided to add several shelters to their site. This would allow the school to get better use of the outside space.

A&S Landscape installed a total of three canopies at the school. A curved roof Motiva Entro was added to the front of the school, to create an entrance canopy. Two straight roof Motiva Linear shelters were added to the playground and the nursery area. Every structure features Slate Grey steelwork, to create a sleek and modern look.

The pupils of Huntingtree Primary School can enjoy some fresh air during their day, no matter the weather conditions. If it is raining or too hot, the pupils can gather underneath the playground canopy and continue having fun. The shelter installed at the nursery area allows the younger children to spend some of their activities outside, in an alternative learning environment.

Visitors to the school are now greeted by a smart, professional entrance signposted by the canopy. If they are using the inter-comm system, they can wait under a shelter, away from the elements. This is a great way of making the best first impression. Parents can also wait under the cover at the end of the day, while they wait for their children.

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