Coombe Girls’ School Installed a Large Dining Shelter

The Coombe Girls’ School in Surrey were looking to upgrade its premises by installing an impressive canopy that could accommodate and shelter their increased capacity for dining and socialising during break times.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Duo™
  • Size: 24000mm X 10000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Squirrel Grey - RAL NO. 7000

  • Roof:
    • Opal

What was the project brief?

The Coombe Girls’ School wanted to increase its dining capacity so that students could enjoy their lunch break without feeling cramped or rushed to finish and leave. They decided on installing one of our outdoor canopies, to provide a solution that was both cost-effective, impressive, and functional. By opting for an outdoor canopy, they were also provided with the additional possibility to accommodate outdoor learning, host outdoor events such as fairs or concerts without worrying about temperamental British weather, and even rent out the area for local events.

What was our school canopy solution?

Our helpful A&S Landscape team worked with Coombe Girls’ School to guide them through the design process and find the perfect solution for their needs. The school chose to install a large Motiva Duo™ Canopy, with dimensions of 24000mm x 10000mm, the steelwork had a Duracoat™ cover in the shade of Anthracite Grey, and a polycarbonate roof in one of our most popular shades –  Opal; these polycarbonate roofs are virtually unbreakable and remain durable in both the extreme heat and freezes that the British Climate provides, making them a cost-effective and safe roofing solution for schools.

About the client

Coombe Girls’ School is a secondary school based in Surrey, being a single-gender school, their mission is to create a tailored learning experience to develop curious, creative, and confident students. Coombe Girls’ School loves to prioritise its students, and the teachers aim to do all they can to ensure that students enjoy their time there; A&S Landscape are happy to support the school’s goal and provide a canopy to improve the facilities available to the girls, and hope that they love spending break times and lunch times under the canopy for many years to come.

The A&S Landscape Service

At A&S Landscape our clients come first, and our expert team are well equipped to guide and support you throughout the project journey to ensure you are well-informed to make the best choice for your school and bring your vision to life.

Design – you can discuss your vision and requirements with our helpful consultants, and we can help you find the optimal solution – our bespoke designs allow us to adapt designs to fit your space, budget, and size requirements.

Fabrication – All of our steel canopies are manufactured in the UK, and are extremely customisable – meaning we can satisfy a wide range of colour, dimension, and style needs. We only use the highest quality components and finishes to provide you with a robust structure, designed to last, and we are so confident in our products, that we offer some of the longest guarantees in the market.

Installation – Your canopy will be installed by a specialist installation team who will work with you to ensure minimal to no disruption is caused to your site/working day, and will leave the site clean and tidy. We are committed to providing you with clear installation updates so that you are fully informed every step of the way.

To learn more about our process read here.