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Dining Area Canopies

Dining outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures and more and more schools and organisations are recognising the enormous positive impact eating 'alfresco' can have on their pupils. When considering outdoor dining in the UK we must also consider shelter from the weather. Dining area canopies will create covered seating areas giving students the opportunity to take a sandwich outside and socialise with friends. This promotes a welcome feeling of relaxation and well-being which in turn has a positive effect on productivity and the ability to learn.

A&S Landscape offer a number of products that can provide ideal shelter for dining and seating areas with options to suit all requirements and budgets. We always keep in mind the aesthetics of the building and the space available for a dining area canopy and can work with clients to make maximum use of the space and budget available. There are many reasons to consider a dining area canopy, many of the schools across the UK we have worked with have required a large outdoor dining area to accommodate pupils at lunchtimes, a cheaper alternative to extending the dining room.

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Dining Area Canopies Ideas

Dining Area Canopies Design Options

Dining Area Canopies - Straight Roof Canopy

Motiva Linear

The Motiva 'Linear' is our monopitch (asymmetric) single pitch straight roof canopy often used for forming Dining Area Canopies particularly where the canopy is located against a building. The Motiva linear canopy is available with coloured polycarbonate.

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Dining Area Canopies - Duo Canopies

Motiva Duo

The Motiva ‘Duo’ is our duopitch (symmetric) curved roof canopy and sometimes described as ‘barrel vault canopy’. Both sides are at the same height, this is a common configuration for freestanding Dining Area Canopies situated away from the building. Any width is possible but 3000mm -6000mm are typical Dining Area canopy sizes.

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Dining Area Canopies - Mono Canopies

Motiva Mono

The Motiva ‘Mono’ is our monopitch (symmetric) curved roof canopy, this is where one side is higher than the other, a common configuration for curved roof Dining Area Canopies that are situated against the building. Any width is possible but 2000mm -6000mm are typical widths.

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Dining Area Canopies - Tepee Canopies

Maxima Tepee

Ideal as a standalone structure the Maxima Tepee is available in standard modular sizes from 3 metres up to a massive 15 metres and with many multiple unit possibilities. These colourful units are manufactured in galvanised and PPC steel and boast integral gutter system and waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant fabric.

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Dining Area Canopies - Shade StarSail

Maxima Star Sail

The StarSail from Maxima is a spectacular combination of a shade sail and Umbrella design around a centre post, a trendy new and innovative design the StarSail promotes a cool and breezy look.

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Dining Area Canopies - Umbrella Canopies

Maxima Umbrella

The Maxima Umbrella is a stunning commercial grade product normally supplied with waterproof PVC fabric, this solid and beautiful design is ideal for covered seating areas and waiting areas.

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Dining Area Canopies - Bespoke Canopies

Bespoke Canopies

Our design, manufacturing and installation capacity allows us to diverge from our regular product designs to accommodate bespoke Dining Area Canopies, the client's specific preferences, a difficult site or the need for associated products and services.

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Dining Area Canopies Prices

As with all our products the best way to get a Dining Area Canopies cost is to talk to us or you can visit our prices page for details of how to contact us for pricing. As a basic rule a straight roof canopy will cost less than a curved roof Dining Area Canopy and a one way sloping roof (as opposed to pitched or barrel vault design) will save on guttering (if required)

Options for Covered Seating Areas

  • Free standing Dining Area Canopies
  • Straight roof Dining Area Canopies
  • Curved roof Dining Area Canopies
  • Side panels
  • Post pads
  • Coloured polycarbonate roof canopies

Dining Area Canopy Designs

No two entrances are ever the same and thanks to our design flexibility we can offer workable and affordable canopy solutions incorporating a variety of different features to allow for almost any requirement but based on one of our standard Dining Area Canopy products A member of our design team can discuss and suggest the best Dining Area Canopy solution to meet your requirements, outlining our recommendations along with a comprehensive estimate.

Café and Food Kiosks

Selling a selection of hot and cold snacks and drinks, Food Kiosks can be used as satellite dining stations on larger school and colleges to relieve congestion in busy dining rooms and keep pupils on site.

A wide range of fit-outs and equipment can be provided to give the ideal set up for your school and to maximise your return on investment. Equipped to sell a selection of hot and cold drinks, and hot snacks a Food Kiosk with shelter can provide excellent additional facilities for snacking students.

Food Kiosk can be finished in a wide range of exterior options including bespoke vinyl wrap or painted finish designed specifically to your requirements. Food Kiosks arrive to you fully finished and equipped with the catering equipment of your choice. Once it has been connected to services it is up and running, ready for operation.

If you would like more information about dining area shelter please contact us today.

Recycling and litter bins

Completed Dining Area Canopies Projects

Walkway Canopy at Kingsbury School Warwickshire

Walkway Canopy at Kingsbury School Warwickshire

At the Kingsbury School A&S Landscape removed an existing walkway canopy and replaced it with a Motiva Double canopy at 18000mm X 12000mm. This extended what had been a narrow walkway and provided a larger usable space which now provides a covered seating area for students.

Outdoor Dining Area at Sir John Talbots Technology School Shropshire

Dear Sirs

A most professional service from design to installation, which has greatly enhanced our outdoor dining areas.

Business Manager Sir John Talbots Technology School

Outdoor Dining Area at Sir John Talbots Technology School Shropshire
Dining Shelter at The Earls School West Midlands

Dining Shelter at The Earls School West Midlands

Outdoor dining areas for students are really important, adding an additional social zone to many schools. This is something we were particularly mindful of when installing this opal roofed dining shelter in the West Midlands.

Read more about this project here

St Peters Catholic High School

Dear Sirs

A & S Landscape did a really good job at our school. The service provided was excellent and the workmen were very professional and unobtrusive causing no disruption to our school day. The canopies themselves are finished to a high quality and look extremely smart. Our pupils love the canopies and use them at break and lunch times. They provide excellent shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.

Headteacher St Peters Catholic High School

St Peters Catholic High School

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Latest Happy Customers

Dear Sirs

Great, the children love it!

Pennington Infants School

Dear Sirs

This project for East Kent College was the first time that we had worked with A&S Landscape – everything went really well. Read More >>

Building Contractor East Kent College LDD Building, working on behalf of Jenner (Contractors) Limited.

Dear Sirs

Very professional service, great product, workmen were very helpful and always on time. Great job. Read More >>

Woodlands Primary School

Dear Sirs

I have used A&S before and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. The cycle store is encouraging more students and staff to cycle to and from school and is used every school day without fail. Read More >>

Facilities Manager Myton School

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