Covered Entrance at St George’s Junior School in Shropshire

St George’s Junior School wanted to provide a sheltered area outside of their reception entrance, where their visitors could be protected from the weather. A&S Landscape worked closely with the school to create the perfect canopy design.

Project – St George’s Junior School add curved roof canopy in Shropshire

Product – Motiva Duo

Requirement – St George’s Junior School in Shrewsbury, Shropshire felt their main reception entrance was lacking a space where visitors could shelter from the weather while they waited outside. The staff also wanted the entrance canopy to feature the school’s colours, so it could fit in well with the surrounding buildings.

Solution – A&S Landscape installed a curved roof canopy in an area outside of the reception building. The Motiva Duo measures 6000mm X 5000mm, so there is plenty of room underneath for several people to stand together at once. The Marine Blue steelwork gives the canopy a smart finish and a pop of colour to the area. The Opal polycarbonate roofing also provides protection against UV rays too.