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St George’s Junior School in Shropshire Cover Entrance Area

St George’s Junior School in Shropshire Cover Entrance Area

  • Size: 6000mm X 5000mm
Motiva Duo

The team at St George’s Junior School decided to add an entrance canopy to their reception area. They wanted to create a professional-looking space, which would provide cover from the elements.

A curved roof canopy was installed at the school, measuring a total of 6000mm X 5000mm. The Motiva Duo shelter was finished with marine blue steelwork, which matches the school’s colours and works well with the surrounding buildings. The opal polycarbonate roofing also allows some sunlight through, while blocking harmful UV rays.

Now the visitors of St George’s Junior School have a dedicated area they can wait under, without getting exposed to the weather conditions. Whether they are reading the notice board, using the intercom system or waiting for a member of staff, they can wait comfortably outside throughout the year.

The pupils could also use the covered space during lessons if the teachers wanted to provide an alternative learning environment. From winter through to summer, everyone at this fantastic school can make use of the canopy and spend more time outdoors in the fresh air. We thoroughly enjoyed working at this local school, helping them to further improve their great facilities.

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