School canopy at St Sidwells School in Exeter

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curved roof school canopy 

Playground shelter at St Sidwells School in Exeter

Motiva Mono

St Sidwells in Exeter already had a lovely outside space but it needed some shade and shelter. The aim when St Sidwells began to consider adding a school canopy was to add more usable space for the children and to increase their options for more outside time throughout the year. With so many canopy designs and configurations available, we knew there was bound to be a canopy to fit.

The solution that was chosen was a steel and polycarbonate canopy with a curved roof from the Motiva range. The Motiva Mono canopy measured 10m x 4m to make the best use of the available playground. The roof was Opal, allowing plenty of light through but protecting from UV rays. The posts were covered with bright purple post pads to ensure that the children were protected from any bumps at playtime and these have added a real sense of fun to the already lovely area.

The super new area has indeed added more space. The children have sand and water trays and outside toys that can be stored under the canopy all year round. Now they can even take lessons or story time under the canopy if the weather is kind. What a super new space at St Sidwells School.

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