Multicoloured school canopy in Lowestoft

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Coloured roof school canopy

Bright multicoloured school canopy wows children at The Limes Primary Academy

Motiva Linear

The Limes Primary Academy is a new primary academy in Oulton, Lowestoft and is part of Reach2 Academy Trust. As part of the new school building, they wanted to ensure that they had some shade and shelter in the playground.

Alongside one of the school buildings they have built a long canopy, which measures 17850mm x 3000mm. This is a steel and polycarbonate canopy from our Motiva Linear range. It has a straight roof and the polycarbonate panels are multicoloured. These panels make a striking design statement as well as pleasing the children! 

The coloured roofing makes it a fun area and when the sun shines it can throw colourful patterns on to the playground below. How magical. The options for this sheltered space are endless. The children can enjoy lessons outside or sit and chat at break times. They can shelter from the rain or laze away the warm summer lunch breaks away from the sun’s UV rays. There are  many designs, shapes and sizes of school canopies, from steel and polycarbonate like this one, to fabric roofed structures such as Umbrellas and Tepees. These can have shade cloth or waterproof PVC fabric, depending on how that are intended to be used.

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If you are thinking about a similar project, take a look at our gallery which contains more than 1500 images of projects that we have completed. It is a good place to look for some inspiration  You can always call us directly if you would like to chat through the options, we would be glad to help.

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