Bright red school canopy adds shelter to Wyre Forest School in Worcestershire

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New school canopies brightens playground at Wyre Forest School in Worcestershire

Motiva LinearĀ 

Wyre Forest School has a nice space alongside one of the classrooms which never had a real purpose. Given the unpredictable weather, the space was often unusable. What it really needed was a permanent school shelter so that it could be used by the children all year round. Wyre Forest School caters for children with social and communication difficulties and the option to have some time outdoors is particularly valuable to their pupils.

A&S Landscape came on board. We were delighted to offer some suggestions and design advice to Wyre Forest School. It was decided that the area would benefit from a Motiva Linear steel and polycarbonate canopy. Installed to an overall size of 7000mm x 4000mm, the canopy was large enough to house play tables and other equipment used by the children.

The result is another space available to the children whatever the weather. The school canopy is nice and bright, installed with Red (RAL 3020) steelwork and an opal polycarbonate roof. Should any of the pupils need some quiet time or a space to relax and take in some fresh air, Wyre Forest School now have another space and another option. They may even choose to have the occasional lesson under the canopy. We hope they enjoy it all year round.

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A&S Landscape have a wide range of canopies. Our gallery contains over a thousand picture of our work and you can view them here for some inspiration.

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