Woodland House Nursery add Secure Buggy Store

This smart buggy store will perform it’s useful function while looking fantastic.

Project – Cyclo Buggy at Woodland House Nursery

Product – Cyclo Buggy

Requirement – Great solutions come from really understanding the problem and usually, they’re incredibly simple.

Any parent knows that the second you bring a beautiful new child into the world, along with losing sleep and having the theme from ‘In the Night Garden’ running around your head at 3am, you have to contend with a world not designed for Buggy’s.

When you start making expeditions into the outside world you find that every gap gets a little smaller, every path a little narrower.

So imagine what it’s like where the Buggys converge?

At Woodland House Nursery, they had a simple problem. The more buggys that arrived, the less space anybody had. It became congested and they needed a simple, effective solution.

Solution – It’s pretty common to talk about car parks and bicycle storage, but buggy storage ideas are often underserved.

What Woodland House Nursery really needed was a pushchair storage solution. Good job we have exactly that then, isn’t it?

Result – The result is a smart, secure, storage area for Buggys that makes excellent use of a previously unused corner outside the Nursery as well as meaning parents now only need to worry about a million things, rather than a million and one.

Cyclo Buggy offers a smart, safe place for parents to put buggys when going into the Nursery. So when A&S installed this attractive Cyclo Buggy in a blue steelwork it made an instant impact on the way Woodland House Nursery used their space.

Find Out More – If you’re considering a Buggy storage shed at your School or Nursery then A&S have a range of standard sizes. But we also work on bespoke projects; our design team will work with you to come up with a solution at the size you need it.

Take a look at the Cyclo Buggy here and at some images of finished installations here.