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Playground Shade Installed at Portsmouth School

Posted on 31/07/2015

Mayfield School Canopy
Another 8m x 8m Shade Sail goes in at a Portsmouth’s school.

Project – Maxima StarSail – Mayfield School

Products – Maxima StarSail

Another 8mx8m Shade Sail goes in at a Portsmouth’s school. The pre installation visual giving the school a very good idea of what to expect. Click here for more photos of star sails.

Requirement – You’ve heard the phrase ‘try before you buy’.

But it’s not always possible to try something that requires the level of installation of a playground canopy.

Which is exactly why A&S Landscape offer a ‘pre-installation visualisation’ service, with photo realistic renderings of our products in your space. Because the truth is, it can take some convincing to get the approval needed to move forward with projects and we know it is our job to give you the most information possible so you can make good decisions, rather than guessing.

So when Mayfield School decided they wanted something a little daring, a little bold, they rightly wanted to see it as clearly as possible before they took the leap and bought it.

Solution – Mayfield School wanted a playground shade sail to give their students some respite in extreme weather and chose our Maxima StarSail in a bright, bold blue fabric.

It’s a smart transformation but Mayfield already knew that before we arrived on site because we showed them with a high quality visualisation of the Maxima StarSail in-situ.

Result – The result is that Mayfield School were happy with their product before it was even installed and are even happier now the Maxima StarSail is in place.

It offers an attractive and bold design as well as shelter from the unpredictable weather. In a sharp, creative and playful design, it’s an eye-catching addition that encourages curiosity and fires the imagination.

Find Out More – Whether you’re looking for a playground shade sail or other canopies for schools you don’t need to have an incredible imagination to be sure you’re making a great decision.

At A&S we use cutting edge software to help you see your shelter before it is installed. Working with our design team we’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Take a look at more Shade Sails here and at our pre-installation visualisation service here.